Governmental & Societal Structures

Our friends of the Confederation have something to say about this recurring topic. After all, this topic affects us all in our daily lives and one of the aim of this forum is to help seekers find ways to apply Confederation teachings in their own daily lives. In other words, living the Law of One within the context of our current governmental & societal structures.

I am saying upfront that no political or conspiration-oriented content will be allowed in this thread because the focus is on how to live within the current governmental & societal structures while applying the teachings of the Confederation in our daily lives. So details about all the faults of our systems would only detract from that goal. Instead the focus is on sharing how each found ways to live happily and comfortably within the systems that we have here and now.

So then, I thought this Q’uo session would be a good opener for discussions on this topic.

I will dissect that session’s opening statement and share my understanding of it. This should provide ample opportunities for comments, counter arguments and sharing examples of how we seekers personally deal with this.

“government is not of the ray wherein spiritual concerns are addressed”

This basically means that sinking in the mire of details of our systems is only detrimental to addressing our spiritual concerns we may have with those systems.

What we wanted to learn about ourselves when we took this incarnation. All the catalysts we programmed before coming here. All the help we wanted to provide to this planet. All of it is already planned in a way that takes into account whatever system the seeker will be living under during incarnation.

“The perceptions govern the experience, not the catalyst.”

How you decide to perceive the system you are living under will decide how the system will affect your life.

You can be happy in Russia. You can be happy in Canada. You can be happy in China. etc…

“spiritual government is government by complete individual consent”

Nowadays, because of the Internet, the door would be opened for such a system to exist in 3d.

How would we get there you may ask? Basically, Q’uo’s proposal cannot be made to happen by merely tweaking the external world. We need to work on ourselves collectively until such a system naturally occurs. Which is another interesting subject, but is not really within the purview of the subject of this thread (How to be happy within the system we have here and now?).

“for spiritual seeking, it is to be remembered that one is always free”

Someone living in North Korea is still able to experience whatever spiritual catalysts that was programmed. They can choose to relate with their fellow countrymen as free people, whatever the intent of their government is.

“there is no government which may interfere with the polarizing done by the spiritual seeker except if the government destroy the physical body of the seeker”

Obviously, if your incarnation is ended, this interferes with your programmed catalysts. Although, it is my personal belief, and Q’uo is hinting at this here as well, that any ending to an incarnation is already one of the possible exit that was programmed before incarnation or at least planned for. It can be a surprise, but not a mistake.

“The truth lies not among the fallow fields of men’s imaginations and actions, nor within fine words or great governments”

The truth always remains above any “fine words” we may use and also I cannot find much to comment here because I find myself overcome with positive feelings when reading this passage. It’s just too beautiful! :heart_eyes:

So I’ll end this first post on this:

“There is no government that may help or hinder in the seeking”


This is really a great subject Patrick.

I am re-reading a really thrilling book titled Freeze Order. It deals with Russia, a country that the author in fact loves. But the author, a man born in America but living in the UK, who started by creating an investment fund in a Russia many , many years ago, one day decided to see how the taxes that he paid were used by the Russian government.

It’s a thrilling book which reads like a novel by Le Carré except it’s very factual . It’s also very inspiring, and somehow spiritual as you observe how some people behave, whether in communist or capitalist system, and under great stressing situations. Indeed no system of government will prevent you from making choices and polarizing the way you decide.

Great thread Patrick, thank you.

The book was published within this last year but I am already re-reading it as it inspires me to no end…


I read your posts and answers and every time I want to write something, but then I realize that I don’t want to say anything, discuss, convince… Nevertheless, every time I ask myself the question, after all, Karla attended church, but there are very few discussions on the issues of faith and the life of the Church here on the forum. Few people know about the history of the Church, few have immersed themselves in the dogmatic issues of the Church, in Church law, in the decisions of Ecumenical Councils. But many of the answers of both the Ra and the Quo are based on the work of the Church, not the State and the Government. Ra regularly switched Don’s attention to the Creator. The tradition of a deep level of interpretation of the Bible has been preserved, it is strange that almost no one discusses it on the forum.

ps. I wrote this to the fact that all the so-called magical orders in the center had a Church in their foundation, whether it was a Gnostic church, a Liberal Catholic, or some other…

In my perception, the Law of One is primarily a magical text

And to the question of Russia, you do not live here and cannot appreciate the local collective consciousness, or the complex of social memory, to put it in the words of Ra. What you see on YouTube is the fantasies of bloggers, one of the types of perception of an individual, and one of the ways to develop a channel. This is where I finish my speech)

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Good stuff Patrick,

The channels does point out the obvious from time to time, but I never seem to be able to find the fundamental answer to “why” is this creation this way.

the readings you shared raises a few questions on my end that I hope we can explore.

If all governments suddenly poof, gone, and no longer exist tomorrow…

Would anarchy, chaos, and the nature of man going to reinstate another form of government?
As in, the strongest will be in control, etc. etc.

Instead of having a transparent integrity within every living humans to not do a brother, or sister wrong?

Ever wonder why?

and not from a superficial level… like “survival of the fittest” or “the veil keep us from seeing the creator in all.”

but deeper,

The deeper I dug for this answer, I find myself “Why-ing” the infinite creator all the way to “his office” and find myself sitting across from the infinite creator asking… “why?”

Not because I stand for light or dark, good or evil, right or wrong, or share the bias of any part of the dualism that permeate in all within this version of creation…

Just … Why? god? why?

Of course, the eternal answer within this mystery is “know thyself.”


At some point… this “I” will swoosh all of that ever was “thought of” and sitting by myself in a dark room… and think…

“hmm, why did I go through all of that… anywho… Let’s go again.”


And now there is a Patrick, and a Jayce… sitting in front of a computer, talking about this existential topic.

You know Patrick… For me, I just look up, and with all of my sincerity… I says

“I hope this is what you wanted this time…ahh you know what, it’s ok… I love you regardless”

That is what keep me happy and comfortable…


Yes I believe I understand where you would like to go regarding a discussion about the Church. This too is a form of government or at least a societal structure.

I may not have lived in Russia, but I was raised in the Catholic faith. Where my church uses fear of Hell as a fear-based measure of control.

And yet, I think that for the purpose of this discussion, those details are not going to prevent a seeker from doing the internal work we came to do.

You could provide us real life examples of people living in Russia and still being happy because they made that choice to focus on the positive around them, even if the negative aspects would seem to be more visible. What are their tips and tricks. Etc…

I can do this exercise regarding the Church.

I remember being 6 years old and listening to a priest telling us that God is Love and how much he loves us and all is Love. And within the same sermon that priest started explaining how God would judge us and separate us into the living and the dead. Where he would condemn the dead to an infinite and eternal torture chamber.

I remember thinking: “but you just told us that God is Love!?”. While I was growing up, the negative aspects of the Catholic faith never was able to stick to me, because every single time I made the choice to be aware only of the beautiful and inspiring aspects of the Bible. My father is afraid of Hell and as a child I spent many efforts trying to show him what it really means that God is Love.

Two person experiencing the same faith, the same priest, reading the same Bible. But one who is filled with joy by all the beautiful and inspiring teachings from Jesus and the other that is afraid of his God and arranges his life in order not to attract God’s courroux.

So what the Confederation is explaining to us here is very relevant indeed.

How we interpret the messages of the new testament is very much our choice.


Patrick, I approach the question of the Church theoretically, without allowing myself projections in relation to priests. I just read a lot and against this background, I can afford some comparative analysis. I do not think that a priest in the church will tell you in detail about all the deep nuances of the philosophy of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, I think that with due diligence, or impulse, a person should figure out matters of faith on their own. Like any person seriously studying anything. I’m already starting to regret very much that I got into the conversation again)

“You could provide us real life examples of people living in Russia and still being happy because they made that choice to focus on the positive around them, even if the negative aspects would seem to be more visible. What are their tips and tricks. Etc…”

Are you interested in ordinary people, or people you hear about from the media and YouTube blogs?

If it makes you uncomfortable, please know that there are no expectations for a reply. I may ask questions, but please understand that these are for everyone and there is no pressure or expectation for anyone to answer. People should participate only if they wish it, for example if they think they can help inspire others to apply such things in their own lives.

I get the feeling that you could provide many details about the Church. But for our discussion here, all the study you have done on that subject, would you say it is now hindering you from seeing the positive aspects of religion? Or if on the contrary, this is helping you help Christians around you use their religion in a more positive way?

Yes ordinary people. For example, from what Q’uo is telling us, those living in the countryside might have an easier time seeing the positive aspects of their society compared to those living in the cities.

I cannot speak about examples for Russians. But I can speak about the ways Canadians can be unhappy. I see people who were born here that are so miserable that they take their own life in order to escape their misery. I see others immigrating to Canada and living in exactly to same type of life conditions, the same type of jobs, the same type of issues with their siblings, relationships, broken hearts, money issues, etc… Yet these immigrants are truly happy to be here. What is the difference? The difference is all a question of perception. Not much is different externally, but their internal story is different.

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It’s better to silence here. :rofl:
Otherwise a debate on principles of interpretation and dogma would follow …

Patrick, thanks for the answer. At this stage of my life, I see positive aspects in religion. I talk to my friends about Christian topics and they listen to me with interest. My experience shows that you can only communicate with people who are willing to listen to you. When a person can ask questions on a topic, it’s just a holiday.
Ordinary people living in Canada are the same as ordinary people living in Russia. I have friends living in Canada, the States, Germany, they are the same as they were in Russia. But people are looking for a more prosperous external environment. In material terms, yes, it is probably more difficult for an ordinary person to live in Russia. If we talk about problems, then probably the quality of a person’s inner life depends on desires, requests, expectations. For me, internal questions about the meaning of life have always been more important than material issues related to the comfort of life. Although, of course, living in a beautiful, stable, comfortable environment is much more pleasant.


Ra told us that none of it is actually required. We are playing this game by choice. Not just the 3d game, but the whole game of the octave back to the Creator. Even Ra in sixth density is playing that game.

The way I understand it is that our portion of the Creator, while sitting “outside” this Creation, looked at this game from the outside and developed a desire to play inside it. So by choice we entered the game and we wish to win it by becoming all there is once more. Ra also mentions that it is possible to take a direct exit if that is what is truly desired by the whole self. The whole self awareness that is already sitting in mid 7d (mind/body/spirit complex totality).

Our “mind/body/spirit complex totality” could decide it had enough and release in a moment.

The kicker is that this has already happened and what we are experiencing is just the small trace we left while holding the desire to play.

This is a very good point. This “nature of man” that we have been led to believe is basically bad by default.

It is not the case, whatever science has to say on the subject. The vibrations of this world were lowered by us to a point where any entities entering this world inherits a lot of baggage. Even such things as predatory behaviour in the animal kingdom is due to our own doing within this solar system. Due to our collective choices.

It only appears so because of the anomalous circumstances of this quarantined world hosting many different groupings from other failed 3d. We are not one people even in time/space, which is anomalous.

But yes our peoples have a set of negative biases that they do not embrace fully and they also have a set of positive biases that they do not embrace fully either. Thus creating all kinds of issues.

This is what we have observed yes. Destroy the systems and we will build a new same things. Every attempts to fix things externally does not seem to work for us.

Fixing things in the external world is not wrong. Outer and inner affects each others. But for us on this planet it seems not to work if we start with the outer.

So the alternative is to instead focus our efforts on “fixing” the inner. Which means working on our biases in order to finally embrace one set of biases over the other (negative or positive).

Personally, this is what I am working on and wish to inspire in others.

Haha! Yes I do the same from time to time. :smiley:

But as you say, I think each of us can only ever answer this ourselves. Who else would? There is no one else!

Instead, I find it more fruitful to understand why I wanted to enter this game. Is it only so that I then want to get out. Some who espouses the prison hypothesis would say that we were lured into this Universe and once here we discover that we are trapped. I think this vision of things is particularly useful for the negative polarity. And they would certainly like all to espouse it.

I chose to see it as a school instead. And we keep ourselves in the game because we really want to get that “Post PhD”. It makes much more sense to me. After winning here, we can basically go and help any other Universes because all their issues are trivial compared to what we experienced in this one. We can co-create skillfully everywhere else. Etc…

Yep, this is analogous to me saying that I give myself to the One Infinite Creator as an instrument so he can manifest his perfect will. The “he” who is actually me while seeing all, instead of the me that sees nearly nothing down here. :wink:


Hi Vasilisa, I didn’t mean to have a knowledge of Russia, forgive me if my post was hurtful, I was just so interested in the experience of that writer, I really know practically nothing about Russia…. and do not really read blogs or social media on Russia.

The only in fact somewhat real contact I may have had, lol, is that when I was thirty I loved a writer in france who had been born in fact in Russia, thirty years before I was born. He was quite an extraordinary writer. His memories of Russia dated back to his birth in 1914 but then emigrating with his mother in 1925 so those memories were far back.

Again, all apologies if my post was hurtful in any way…

Jayce, just like Patrick, this from you , ’ I love you regardless …" is much the same on my part, lol


I think this is what is called faith…)


Everything is fine flofrog. My reaction is natural, like any person who loves his homeland. Politics is of course very interesting, but I am always in favor of looking at the culture of the country and through the eyes of the most ordinary people…What is not so interesting)


Oh I totally agree… in fact if I visit a country what i especially love is just follow what others do, as in go to a cafe, to a library, to the bakery, way before visiting well known sites, how persons live their normal days…


The source of happiness is not outside of you but inside of you.

This description from Sadhguru said it best.

The source of joy is within you; you can take charge of it. When you are fundamentally joyous, when you do not have to do anything to be happy, then every dimension of your life – the way you perceive and express yourself and the world – will change. You will no longer have vested interests because whether you do something or you do not do something, whether you get something or do not get something, whether something happens or does not happen, you will be joyous by your nature. When you are joyous by your nature, your actions will rise to a completely different level.

It is definitely time we look inward and see how to create personal wellbeing. From your own experience of life you can clearly see that true wellbeing will come to you only if your interiority changes. At present, the quality of your life is not determined by the clothes that you wear, the educational qualifications that you carry, the family background that you come from or the bank balances that you hold. Rather, the quality of your life depends upon how peaceful and joyous you are within yourself.

Whether one is born in poverty under Rome occupation with brutal repressive regime of Herod and it’s Sanhedrin like Jesus. Or in extreme wealth and luxurious castle like Siddhartha, the source of happiness is always within you.


I so love Sadhguru. :green_heart:


This can be interpreted in the exact opposite way as you think.
It is that we manifest all the distortions of the “world” we experience at this time.
Of course this is not necessary, because it is only needed to stop to manifest them.
But most of the beings are not able to realize / comprehend what they are manifesting.
They manifest within the believe of an deception.

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Yes that is an interesting point of view.

Then again, realizing and comprehending what we manifest, and just realizing that one is indeed manifesting per se, is still inner work for a seeker, isn’it?

Which means that instead of believing we are slaves, we could start manifesting that we are free and then the systems around us would reflect more and more our beliefs that we are free.

And in any case, what the Confederation is telling us here as that we can still find ways to live freely in any system.

it s interesting , elements in this conversation relate to what once the Maharishi said,

" I put myself in order and the world rearranges itself around me." which seems at first a very self-centered assertion, but then speaks about the illusion we have about separation… lol