Discussion of magic in the Law of One

The conversation hits some interesting points. I find it weighted heavily towards the masculine aspect of the topic. For instance, there’s a mention of harnessing energy and strengthening the will, but no talk of when it becomes necessary to release the will and abandon self to the energy. Put another way, the topic is not put in the context of deep spiritual transformation, in my view.

Also, it’s kind of funny the way it ends by articulating one of the foundational principles instead of beginning that way.

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Maybe I misunderstood, but I gathered from the podcast you could transform spiritually from what your individual practice of magic is. I don’t know though, I’m a man like those in the podcast. I understand the masculine principle to be active and the feminine to be passive, with an understanding that men have some feminine and women have some masculine principle within them (to varying degrees, unique to the individual).

Perhaps you could share some of the feminine aspect, as it relates to deep spiritual transformation, for our benefit?

I would be quite thrilled to see the kind of podcast @mirror could produce!

So would I!

Actually, I’m not drawn in the direction of didactic discourse. Whereas it seems to energize you, such wears me out. However, I’m possibly six months away from creating text for a website which might contain some material of interest to you. I plan to offer you an advance look at. This seems only fair.


Oh, btw, you do invite feedback, “Tell us how we’re doing.” But maybe you had something else in mind?

For now, let’s just take the interplay between desire and will. If you search llr for these terms, you’ll find a many comments about them. One could view it this way (or another).

Stepping back, you have this fantastic ladder of consciousness, beginning with subatomic particles which are the manifestation which is closest to the “Original Thought,” so called. They appear to flit in and out of existence and they screw around with human experimenters, such as in the Double Slit experiment. They also appear to have some (who knows what) level of consciousness to enable Quantum Entanglement.

From there you have levels and sub-levels of consciousness up through the densities until, at the very top, there is a forgetting of all identity and a merging into single being.

What’s the process of movement up this ladder, or up the spiraling light, if you like?

Each bit of Creation is at some level now, but has within it the seeds of exploration of the next level. The quantum particles can explore combining with others to form larger materials. The larger materials can become elements, can combine to create life forms, can variegate almost endlessly into umpteen variations, can combine to support higher levels of consciousness and so forth. I know very little about exactly why this happens, but I suspect that part of it has to do with what Q’uo mentioned when describing animals moving from 2D to 3D: there is a door left open, and most of us cannot resist seeing what lies behind that opening.

Shifting to our level, person A is on some level of spiritual learning. Person A looks around and sees some amount of stuff on this level and a desire forms to experience some slice of it. (This would be feminine in valence, “that which desires to be experienced.”) A’s will then decides that, yes, I shall pursue my interest there. (This would be of masculine valence, that which reaches.) Eventually, let’s just say, some level of mastery is attained and A discovers some further object of desire.

At the point where all the work done on this level is satisfactory, a door will open to a higher level, and this transition may be smooth or it may be excruciating or something else. Basically, the process is akin to a slow death. It’s a completion of the former identity and the creation of A knows not what. One can feel wholly abandoned during such times, and the abandonment may be in proportion to A’s dependence upon A to get itself through this just like it got itself through the other experiences.

So, here you are, PJN, you can’t use your old identity (which is in shambles) to move you forward, but you have no new identity yet to work with. In other words, that happy masculine aspect that tells you how it thinks it know what things mean and how you should act is of no use. What do you do then?

This we could call a passage of transformation, and one’s life may contain few of these or many. During these times, according this view of things, one’s only recourse is to turn to the feminine and trust her with your very being. This process is inherently feminine and if Person A has not cultivated a decent relationship with this force of Nature heretofore, then this could be a scary event. If Person A has deep devotion to Source of All, to…whatever you can name it, then the passage is far smoother and easier because deeper feeling of love transcending any particular level will have instilled within Person A’s being, and these will cushion the ride through the transition.

Eh, maybe this speaks to your question a little bit?

It does, thank you. I did have to read it twice though, haha. What I love is the serendipity of the timing of this.
Yesterday morning I just began a translation of Genesis (I’m going slow because I want to see how it relates to the LoO material) and it struck me that the Hebrew word that is commonly translated as ‘beginning’ is not only feminine in form, but has its root in the word for head (and I am curious if maybe a deeper concept of crown chakra, aka intelligent infinity).

When I moved to the verb commonly translated as ‘created’, I found it has a more literal meaning of ‘to fatten’ or ‘to fill’, and the agent doing this is Elohim (a word commonly translated as God, but having a root to a concept of ‘strength/power’; the word is plural and masculine in form, and now I’m wondering about infinite energy, or is it intelligent energy?). Long story short, my take away from just this first verse was divine feminine gives birth to the idea, divine masculine shapes it. Or something to that effect.

And of course, my wife and I were discussing yesterday how male and female should complement each other, so all this is good food for thought!

No, don’t take anything I said about your comments as not appreciating them. Such exclusively negative feedback is quite welcome!

The truth is, I have simply been trying to help by offering comments as to how things could be improved. No more, no less. The fact that each time I comment, you throw it back on me and make no reply to any substantive observation speaks more truly than your avowal of appreciation, one might further observe, sir.

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I don’t see how this is helpful towards your current project, but to continue the prior thought, it occurred to me that the process we call death is another example where the masculine, self-driven persona may best take a rest and where one might be well advised to accede to the flow of feminine guidance.

A similar example would be when one presents self for healing…or for channeling…or for silent communion in the inner sanctum of self.

In all these cases, one benefits deeply by opening to the fundamental forces of spiritual growth, a/k/a the upward spiraling energies of spiritual evolution. To do this directly (as compared to just talking about it) requires some practice ahead of time, I would say And this goes to the heart of the oft repeated advice to immerse self in joy, praise and thanksgiving. These emotions resonate into the deep self and create a pathway towards connection with the primal energies of caring and growth ad infinitum.

The fact that each time I comment, you throw it back on me and make no reply to any substantive observation speaks more truly than your avowal of appreciation, one might further observe, sir.

Your observations don’t require any further discussion to my mind – please start a conversation if you want that and I’d be happy to engage.

For example, there’s no avoiding the fact that you’re right that I came from a more masculine approach to magic. That’s what I had to offer, and it’s true that I’m not heavily researching magic from all its various angles. The solution is not to argue with you but to do research into a more feminine approach or perhaps to get a female practitioner on the show.

You’re perfectly constructive, and the fact that you don’t show a lot of appreciation for the work I’ve done is not a huge deal. You don’t really owe me anything, and I’m happy to accept what you offer.

Point taken. I had seen the comments as conversation starters, but I can see now how that would seem ambiguous when viewed from outside my head.

Okay, I’ll start over. Having a commentator with a uterus on this subject would be very useful, I would say. And if it takes a long time to find one, a related topic might be useful, to wit, how a woman views and experiences masculine valence energies as imagined in The Material and how a man views and experiences feminine valence energies. Or, to refine that a bit, how does each actually use these energies to balance themselves?

Secondly, I thought the strongest, most passionate portion of the exercise fell at the very end where John spoke urgently about prayer and you did so about some other basic spiritual tool I can’t remember right now. Pretty much every single Confederation session begins with an expression of the underlying spiritual principles of a topic and then works its way to the more specific stuff. Case in point, Ra began the contact with their bottom line: All is one, otherwise things are simply differentiated by identity. From there they go on to more specific matters.

So, for instance, if the passionate speeches about prayer and the other thing had begun the program, that could have ignited passion at the beginning instead of at the end. The theme of these intros is often that we all sprout from the one and only beginning of all and that we can reconnect to that. Then they go on to how this topic helps in that process. You might think about trying some variation of this in your podcasts.

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On the surface, I agree with you. But, before I even read the Ra Material I stopped believing in coincidence. Now that I believe everything is connected, One, as it were, I look at how I can find that connection.

In regards to this, I had already planned to do a translation comparison of texts for my own benefit. As a side thought, I figured it might be neat to see how it compares to the LoO. Before I started it, I got to watch Jeremy’s video and then read the comments here. I then began my translation and it just struck me that, maybe, just maybe, the very first verse of Genesis could be interpreted like this: With Intelligent Infinity, Infinite Energy created the heavens and the earth.

The preposition commonly translated as ‘in’ can also be translated as ‘with’ or ‘by’ (obviously, I’m paraphrasing with the other, but…). It just struck me, and now I have a new focus for my little pet project. So, in a roundabout way, the discussion of magic, the masculine and feminine, has a correlation to what I just started. :smile:

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I’ve been giving this comment some thought. As I review this sticky catalyst (from my own perspective), I observe my concerns are speaking more to the quality of being than to the doings–for whatever that may be worth. Again, I find no engagement here, but that’s perfectly fair. I’d just commented because I find all this interesting. There’s a concentration of effort and intention and then a release of this into the world. It’s compelling to watch the forms change their contours as the feedback loop of catalyst begins to shape the process. In our end is our beginning…

Dang it, that verb was supposed to read ‘filled’, not ‘created.’

Carry on…