Discussion on STO willfully sending energy to STS entities. Aiding the enemy?

Thank you Kevin for your reply. I was not sure of the one detail which was what density these entities reside in because you had said (I thought) that you were attacked before. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
If I understand you correctly and hopefully I do, you lower your own vibrations to allow them to feed? Oh gosh! That reminds me of throwing meat just outside of your fence to feed hyenas and hoping that nothing too awful will happen to you. It seems as if you have a handle on things however as nothing has resulted in the situation too terribly bad. If I could make a tiny suggestion that may be beneficial (or not); keep your vibrations high this will lower risk of attack in general. Lowering your frequency even in this experiment places you at risk plus I would think it is healthier for you to keep those good vibes flowing as much as possible as it promotes good health, good thoughts, good deeds and protection! If you send out love just allow any and all to take clear advantage of the love you have to offer and not the love you think they need in order to survive. Trust me, anyone that is in need of love will be lifted up by this intentional desire to love “all there is” in general without bringing into yourself lower frequencies which may drain your battery. Thank you very much for the reply and best wishes always.

Service to Others is serving those other than the self, and who could be more other than the self for an STO being than an STS being? I would argue that the more STO entities help STS entities, the more they reinforce their polarity or at least challenge themselves to defend their polarity choice in the most extreme of circumstances. They challenge themselves not to play favorites. If you’re only of service to people exactly like you, or to people who will do things for you in return, that’s really nothing special- even Jesus said it! STS beings do exactly the same thing- help their friends, people that they like or identify with, and people that they can get things from in return, either because they see them as identical to the self, or because it’s beneficial to them. How often does true, selfless, unbiased, unconditional service even occur? Maybe not very often at all! Perhaps that’s why we all remain here, and why the galaxy remains as it remains. So I argue that it’s absolutely admirable, if not preferable, to be of service to negative entities as an STO being.

But what does it actually mean to be of service? Is it to give people what they want, or to give them what they need? I haven’t fully parsed through the material, so it’s difficult for me to unequivocally answer. In general, I’d say that it’s to give people what they will. Can you will what you don’t need, even at the highest level? Unfortunately I’d say that the answer is yes. But then again, if you’re willing it at all, in some sense, you need it by virtue of the fact that you do. So maybe it’s impossible for you to have a will that’s wrong for you, or wrong in abstract. Your will can only be wrong for others.

It’s your personal choice as to whether or not you want to help someone and whether or not the benefits outweigh the downsides. I’d say that in general, the benefits of projecting negative energy don’t outweigh the downsides most of the time, but variety is the spice of life and everyone should get what they want every once in awhile, unless it’s really so terrible that it’d infringe on others’ rights. Not all of our favorite foods are good for us, and for negative entities it just so happens that their favorite food is the vibration of anarchy and terror.

Do we have the right to live without negative energy? I would argue no, as negative energy is a natural thing that has the right to exist along with the rest of the energies represented in the universe. However, you could say that violence and theft are natural things too, so it seems that we really don’t have any rights at all, except for the right to exist, as everything that exists and arises is natural. But can you still have the right to something that’s impossible? Or can you have the right not to experience something that’s inevitable? We can try to respect each other to the greatest extent possible and grant each other rights, which exist in that when something is granted to or denied from someone else, there are times when it seems almost inherently “in the right” or “not in the right” despite the fact that having the opposite scenario become true is natural in some way or could have some understandable reason to arise. And there’s also a difference between rights and ideals.

It’s ideal for everyone to only experience the energy they want to experience, and that’s exactly what you offered. Since you weren’t around anyone else or didn’t direct it towards anyone else, it shouldn’t have had much of an effect on them. But maybe in STO, where people don’t choose to incarnate into duality (if we even all choose?), it could be seen as an infringement to create negative energy. Then again, there might even be entities there who every once in awhile, want to be around it! What’s the policy on that- do STO beings ever indulge in negativity together? I would love to know. I think a lot of people have an automatic distaste towards dark or lower frequency energy as if it’s inherently bad, but it’s simply an energy like any other. It might be worth trying to ask Q’uo if sustaining negative or low frequency energy in situations where it’s preferred reduces positive polarity. Is the polarity about the relation, or the frequency of the energy? Because if you’re having fun at the expense of others, couldn’t this been seen as negatively polarized? It seems very complicated. There’s the phrase “doing a disservice to someone” that would seem to offer guidance, but now that I think of it I haven’t clarified what the word “service” even means at its face. My attitude on this is that just like we have Halloween once a year, we also have to have the day that negative entities get their food. But after the clock strikes midnight, the ghouls and goblins are turned away from the door no matter how impressive their costumes may be, and it’s back to business as usual.

Dieu omg I’m so glad you were able to meet my friend/stranger/brother Mr.Kevin. He’s not perfect by a long shot but hes so sweet and considerate once you get past that shell of his…(Of course I don’t know this as a fact but, meh, I’m a glass half full kind of gal)

Alright Mr.Dieu let’s learn and grow and “dance” together! I feel like I’m gonna learn so much talking to you, I can’t wait! (Lol :slight_smile: ).

The basis for said dissent is as follows.

If I went back in time and killed baby Adolf Hitler there are two theories of moral adherence that would generally be perceived:

  1. That I would be morally upright in said action in hindsight of the alleged “destruction” this individual had cause throughout history.
  2. This act of infanticide would be viewed as an heinous working of moral culpability.

The question therein would lie “Which is the true point of view. Would I be right to kill a baby if this individual would ultimately go on to be a murderer of insurmountable multitudes? Or perhaps this is notwithstanding, for an baby is a baby is a baby.” I call ones attention to the observation that regardless of the perspective of rightfulness is to be upheld the act, in and of itself, remains the same. Only the outliers surrounding thatof is what is constructed and de-constructed for the ultimate adjudication of said act.

This is magick in its purest, most primitive form…its nature of benevolence or malevolence is unilaterally coupled with the intent, state-of-mind, and or will of the potentiator.

In support of this school-of-thought I submit into the discussion/mode of disagreement excerpts from Cornelius Agrippa’s The Philosophy of Natural Magick, which is required reading in reputed Orders of the day and the days of old such as the Fraternas Rosae Crucis, The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn, The Ordo Templi Orientis, and or The Hermetic or of the Golden Dawn:
“Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole Nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other.”
-end quote-

Next, I would like to formally adopt into this discussion/mode of disagreement Dieus’ definitions “Love”, “Black Magician”, and “Energy” in the context of this discussion.

Working under Dieus’ framework of “energy” (“Energy is vibration, it is me, you, all that we are”) it ought be uncontested that everything is, in fact vibration.
In support of this thesis I submit excerpts from an widely used ritual of the Golden Dawn. “Thus is the Balance of nature maintained, for this Mercury is the beginning of all movement. This He, this She, this IT, is in all things, but hath wings which thou canst not constrain. For when thou sayest ‘He is her’ he is not here, for by that time he is already away, for he is Eternal Motion and Vibration.” - Also Contained in The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order by Israel Regardie.

And an excerpt from Law of One, Book 3
“…Sound vibration complexes have power before time and space and represent configurations of light that built all there is” -Ra, Law of One session 74

So then…Everything is energy and according to my Brother/Other-Self Dieus definiton of the same energy is vibration, and according to Ra and Israel Regardie (Israel Regardie is one of if not the most highly respected occultist in the mainstream occultic community, he was Aleister Crowleys ‘star pupil’ and his work in the field of alchemy and ceremonial magick is unparralled) energy, light, and vibration indeed would go hand in hand to the extent that it could sufficiently be argued that they are the same thing.

Under this standing I now adopt and heretofore call to attention Albert Einsteins equation of energy: E=mc(2).

Here we observe Dr.Einsteins theory that Energy is mass multiplied by the speed of light vortext into itself.

So if we are to agree that “energy” is not merely all around us but everything itself then, in consideration of this internationally accepted theory as provided by Dr.Einstein, let us say that in this case the mass be “wisdom” and let us also imagine “love” under the agreed defintion in this discussion/mode of disagreement be included in Einsteins equation.
I shall now provide an definition adopted for this thesis

Wisdom: knowledge coupled with experience and acuity of discernment.
Love: Good-faith will untowards an individual.

So if the mass (m) in E=Mc(2) be “wisdom” and “love”

It may easily be conceived in a base exemplar that the more “wisdom” -which is to say experience amixed discernment and knowledge- and “love” -this being affection and adornment transmitted from one variable to another- an individual has the more “energy” an individual may posses.

Let us now decompass “wisdom” into an micro-cosm which we will liberally title “Ceremonial magick”. It is to be acceptably noted that this decompassing is befitting for it is widely enough accepted that to perform “Ceremonial magick” requires “knowledge coupled with experience and acuity of discernment”.

And in this de-compassing of mass we would now compound this “wisdom” I.e “Ceremonial magick” and compound it further still into Dr.Einsteins equation, this exacerbation including the “wisdom” of the Solar Adorations, Invocations of the Arch-Angels, The Ritual of the Rose Cross, The Body of Light Technique etc…
In addition with the compounding of this “wisdom” would we now exacerbate into Einsteins equation “love” under my and my Other-Selves defintion. This exacerbation including an “love” so intense that it leads to abilities in and of there own.

Now, under the late Cornelius Agrippa’s interpretation of the usage of magic as provided in the previously- stated quote
“Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue…whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other.”

If an “Black magician” were to make an attempt on an “white magician” third density entitys’ life to no avail due to the “psychic defenses” implemented as exampled above (Body of Light Technique, Qabbalistic Cross, Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram,etc.) amixed the “love” said magician were to have for this entity it would quint-essentially under Mr.Agrippas theorem unite the virtue of this “Black magician” through the application of itself into the “White magician” and her/his love, thus de-polarizing it to whatever varying degree.

Now, perhaphs my Other-self prepares his self to counter noting that this “Ceremonial wisdom” indicated by the while magician can be upheld without “love”, in the event this rebuttal be made I provide the proferr:
In an instance such as this the “Black magician”, though failing in its/his/her attempt to conquour or control the “magician” and this to an degree being de-polarizing, will not de-polarize to as an critical degree as if the “Black magician” were to witness its/his/her efforts defunct from an “White magician” of whom knew the same material as the indifferent magician but coupled it with “love” for the “Black magician”.

In short, in the one example the magician would send of an signal/vibration, one being “You cannot touch me.”. In the second the outcome would be “You cannot touch me, but I love you. I would die for you. I would give you the shirt off my back if it ever came to it, but you cannot touch me”. In the latter-most example the “Black magician” would come in contact with not only the strength of the “White magicians” “wisdom” but also feel the “love” laced around it,

leading, arguably, to a stronger “White magick” altogether.

Example 1: When an Ceremonial Magician within “The Fifth” came for Miss Carla (Rest-in-Peace sister, I wish we had more time.) Ra made an comment that they were not able to defend theirselves against it mystically. This inferrs to an substantial degree that that this entity was de-polarizing due to more than just not being able to “make them stop channeling”. Mister Don (Rest-in-peace) was constantly, and heart-feltedly, asking Ra “How can I/we help this entity”, “What is the state of the entity”, “If there’s anything we can do to help this entity aside from die, please let us know and we’ll get right on it”. This “Black magician” was not as powerful as they feared but as Ra had explained they did not have the power (Occultic wisdom) to banish this entity more or less indefinitely and thus, the inroads of this entity made it into Mister Dons already existing paranoid schizophrenia.
This is indicated due to the fact that this “Black Magician” was being sufficiently “held at bay” with just the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. If one is merely an occultic prospect, nary an neophyte, he or she will know that the LBRP is the foundation of an mystics arsenal, the beginners ritual at best. The LBRP, though effective, is novicial, requiring little to no preparation at all and yet…this ritual was enough to probably save Miss Carlas life. Had they been schooled in the field of the hidden arts, even just tad further, this “Black magician” would have quickly been banished in the name of EE-AA-OH-EH. But even still their love for one another, for Ra, and for their craft was enough to de-polarize this entity. He was able to aid Mr.Don in his suicide but he did not aid his self in his mission and over four decades later he now knows it. Ra made it to where individuals other than Carla can speak it it/her/him in a direct way the ancient Egyptians just weren’t ready for. He’s just a small, angry man who wants the world to bow down to him and will kill anyone in his way to make that happen. I wish he incarnated into my density, I’d have a field day with him because there’s something I’m discovering/remembering about the third…something that makes it so special and unique from the others…all the densities exist here.

The first and second obviously, but the incessant love of the fourth, the wisdom of the fifth, the manically angelic of the sixth, the totality of the seventh, the cycle, the “game”, its all here, right before our eyes on the human level. If he were before me, in a flesh and blood body with an memory wipe just as I that man would be miserable and I know it. Because he can’t control his environment, he can’t have his way, like a little child. Just me me me, and he’d die over and over and over again living hard incarnations one after the other and he knows it. I’d love to be able to touch the incarnate energy of someone so dark, so powerful,so childish, so stupid! So unbending lol lol. But I’ll settle for a demon. Anyway…

Conclusion: In conclusion this…is how “love” can help it along its evolution. Whenever an STS comes across its adverse polarity, either one of two things will happen.

Either it will de-polarize then and there or it will polarize, or as we say, “harden ones heart”. But perhaps we shall look upon the ever so slight notice of such an entity, that little voice in its head that asks “If I’m in the right why need I harden my heart at all?” Yes indeed and as this entity, so smitten in its own childish ignorance plunders further does that ever so small voice get just a little louder until it is so loud that it demands an answer and alas, the change is finally accepted. The brighter the adversary the stark the depolarization. Thus, its one thing to deny an negative entity its request for the withdrawal of free will, but its quite another to deny it but all the same sending love. This is Compassion, laced with strength.

Innocence protected sweetly by Power. (Amen)

I rest my position.
-end of thesis-

Okay okay okay first I want to say sorry about last night, I was super busy and couldn’t get to the forum and I was, like kinda bummed out about it, y’know? Cause,like, I dont know ANYONE whos read the Law of One Y’know? So,like, I just want to make,like, a good first impression. So I just wanted to, like, just say sorry cause I know you’ve been waiting but hey here it is…hope you like it if not I do apologize sincerely okay? Just try to go easy on me if you don’t like it because I really wanted to give you something you could work with Y’know? And,like, Im hoping you like it but if not,like, no pressure, its totally fine haha we’ll just chalk it up to the internet language barriers haha. In a while crocodile lol :).

Dieu, hey brother I need to digress from our debate friend lol ( :slight_smile: ). It may be better not to state why but certain things are more important than my hunger for formal argumentation with an intelligent mind such as yourself…this forum is not just to be served by the people around us, but to be of service. So…making sure you guys are stimulated is more important than my needs.

I’d humbly ask you tell me your thoughts on what I had already sent you then I’m going to forfeit the debate, I’ll concede to your point. I’ll send something harmonizing with your thesis on the thread later on.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the occult is its a lot like getting your law degree: there aren’t different types of law degrees no matter what university you go to, its all “law” and once you get it you can do whatever you want with it, go into whatever venue of law you want. The occult is like that so… once you’ve responded to my thesis I’ll finish it up and bootstrap off what ever your reply is using an occultic school-of-thought that’s aligned with your beliefs.

There is one thing I want to ask your permission on once you do get around to responding, and first let me say I understand fully about secrecy and its importance as well as its precedence, but I want to at least learn something directly from you as an result of having met you if I can be so imposing, I think its an important aspect of two people engaging in thought provoking conversation as well as life in general…
So can I maybe ask one or two questions about some of your comments once you’ve digested what I’ve sent you?
There’s no big reason for why I ask, I just…I don’t know…I just want to learn at least one thing from you before we say our goodbyes. Its whatever one way or the other haha.

Enjoy your Saturday Mr.Dieu. And please be well, but then again, I know you will.

Nova! This ones for youuuu siiiiiiiis!!:

Hey I read your post and its hella thought provoking, got some questions I’d like to maybe ask about your contribution.
Okay so how would an STO affirm its own polarity in time of pressure though, I mean, wouldn’t they kind of want to polarize the other way if things get to tough generally speaking for survival?

But yeah I do get what you’re saying about STO’s and STS’s being the same from, like, the point that they both help people who help them but wouldn’t the difference be if even if an STO didn’t get help they’d still give help? So I guess my question to you is is the value of an act based on the criterion of the hypothetical depth of the actors compassion to the one who’s they’re given to?

The other thing you said that was crazy cool that I wanted to ask you about is…so like…if something can never, at its core like you said, “be wrong to yourself, only to others…maybe…”, then but like, how do we fit that into and school of thought that other people are, I guess kinda apart of you know what I mean? okay so like, if I think to myself that everything I want is good if Isay it is because I say it is but someone else is like “No its not because I say it isn’t” are they apart of me to where they could maybe be right and therefore they/me would be or is like, no they are still wrong so just I/me am right?

Id also like some more information regarding what you were saying about “Not having any rights other than the right to exist” cause,like, if something doesnt exist then how can the contemplation of something having an right be?? Like, doesn’t something have to be in order to have the right to anything thats interconnected to it? So like, how does something have an right if it…like…isnt?

Annnnd last but not least towards the last thing part of what you said…
If during Halloween the ghouls and goblins have to turn back then…what’s the difference between a ghoul and a goblin? lol lol…don’t answer that lol

Alright Nova have fun and talk to you later.

Hello to all of you from Türkiye. The last time Carla was in the world, I joined the live chat rooms. It’s my first time browsing the site since then. my god, what a lot of stuff. The easiest way to start somewhere is to say hello. Best regards, friends. I am currently reading a wandereres handbook. I have read ra materials in the past… It’s good to see Carla’s energy on the path to struggle, wisdom again in wandereres hanbook.(I’m using google translate, sorry for grammar problems…)

I think it is important to know the difference between a confused individual, someone who is trying to polarize negative and someone who has polarized as the negative polarity. There seems to be some confusion circling around these traits of soul expression.
“Jesus said it”…said what? You did not quote what Jesus said, Nova. Could you quote where he said to help evil and darkness to survive and flourish?
To my best recollection, he fought against these entities going against the priest class of his day and the government and this resulted in his death. He, however, did help people who were sick with so-called demons and physically illness, the poor, the widowed, the orphaned and the spiritually lost “if” they desired his help.
It is not recommended, even by Ra, to feed negative entities from 4th density and upward so I would assume that it could also be unwise to feed negative entities here in 3rd density and in the lower 3rd density Astral planes. It could make one physically ill or even cause them to die. Of course, this is their choice, always. I will leave it at that. The way one handles their energetic life and physical life is the choice of the inhabitant.
To talk of the Will is another discussion and I want to respect Kevin and stay on his topic. Thanks for your reply.

There is a lot to unpack here but I think I would rather keep it as short as I can. Also, I do not want to get into a debate about philosphies. Beliefs systems are really a personal thing and I leave that up to the individual practioner. Magical systems are much the same way. I will just leave that here as well.
White Magicians get attacked. A wonderful example of this comes from Carla herself. Of course Jim too and resulted in Don’s death. So unfortunate. We are unsure of the black magician who helped cause this depolarized.
Dion Fortune and many others have written books concerning protecting oneself from psychic attacks. These attacks are rare but if one is practicing magic the risks are extremely high and it is likely that eventually you will catch the interest of an entity in the Astral, Inner planes or higher densities. It is wise to know that love is the best protection and even has the ability to halt the wheel of karma.
Going back to the OP, I still believe it is best to allow to flow upward as far reaching as the 7th ray thus leaving the body and entering the universe where anyone desiring this love can take full advantage of it leaving those who close off the heart chakra to pass on the offering. Raising one’s vibration increases vital energy, health and heals not only the individual producing it but heals all who want it. And decreasing one’s energy places them at risk for illness, low vital energy and attack.
Many of the schools you have mentioned use magic as you stated. The quality may vary but yes, they all used magical systems and some of these schools were more effective than others. The heart centered magical system IMO is the most effective and the wisdom centered magical systems effective but for a far different reason. The HOGD fell into disarray as you may well know due to the members being a little heavy handed on egoic issues for lack of a better word. Maybe we could say “lower personality issues”.
Mercury/Air…this is a clue to movement and its element is Quicksilver. I won’t go into alchemy or the element of air as it is too much to cover here. However, air is something that is present everywhere but cannot be seen. This has little to do with the OP regarding the lowering of vibration and I want to be respectful to the OP.
You had interesting things to say. I cannot say I didn’t like it. It is how your mind works and it would be rude or even mean spirited for me to say, “it was no good”.
Btw, it may take me days to answer as we are all very busy. No worries if you do not answer or even if you never reply. We shouldn’t worry about such things.
In ending, I think I stand firm when I say that higher vibrations are always the best choice and maintaining a high frequency is both healthy and loving.
Regarding Adolf…he was unable to polarize and resides in 3rd density lower Astral planes.
We should never kill a human being of any sort especially a child. Just as the Creator allows the Game to play out, we should too. Adolf taught the people a lot about what it means to mass exterminate a people because of cultural differences an invaluable lesson to humanity. Aleister Crowley was also unabe to polarize and sits in the 3rd density lower Astral planes working out his own insanity until he is healthy enough to reincarnate once more. Another lengthy topic of people who had mix matched vibrations who also practiced powerful forms of magic that destabilized them. Anyway, I digress.
Thanks so much for your reply Username. Have a blessed day and best wishes to you!

Hi Dieu9, Nova, Username who and welcome Ali !

Thanks for sharing your insights, perception and wisdom, and thanks for the kind words. I think part of how we are interpreting this situation with a slightly different flavor may be due to my trouble expressing the event and my intentions in a coherent manner. When I write it like that, it seems like it would be fairly easy to do, but even if I made up a fake timestamped chronology of events and my emotions and intentions at each step, I would still fall short. So many different levels to consider this from, and that was my dilemma that led to the initial post seeking the perspectives of others, and here again, thank you.

When I think of the overarching perspective of oneness and considering the gift of perceived individuality, we really seem to be pushing the boundaries of experience, up to and including blowing up a planet. We play all the roles on the stage, both light and dark. A compelling drama where we play victim and perpetrator. Yet, I’m here typing this in 3D where the drama of light and dark are playing out. Where there is plenty of painful catalyst for those who wish to grow faster and experience more by working harder so to speak.

So, I think I’m getting off topic again… In my initial post I was wondering if, as a 3D being I should simply focus on helping to spread the light and shun or defend against the dark, or if it was appropriate as an STO advocate to send some love to the STS side. I have a general sense of what may have occurred in some of my previous past lives, and it wasn’t always STO… Lots of STS experience, and bellicosity so to speak, and I can relate to the uneasy and somewhat hand to mouth energetic existence of that side.

I realize there is a risk involved, and I only do it when I feel led (and in the mood) since it takes time and mental effort to ramp up a protective mindset and then briefly, maybe a couple minutes try to radiate a lower frequency of love, and then end it and rebalance so to speak. It’s a small window of time, where I give willingly and don’t allow my energy to be taken. I’m not advocating that anyone do this, and I was leery of even posting it on this forum where someone may be tempted to try and connect with negative entities or experiment in potentially dangerous ways. This was an experience and a service I wished to have. I have felt the STS side exerting influence from time to time, but I believe it is unrelated, and has happened from time to time before even attempting this.

The psychic attacks in my case tend to involve what may be considered in the following example. If we visualize having an angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other, during times of perceived interference, that devil on the shoulder grows much louder, eager to encourage the feelings of sadness or anger. Maybe someone cut me off, and there is an influence trying to goad me into getting angry, and probably in the hopes of me acting out and then causing more negative energy to be emitted from the thoughtless driver. I also have the normal cycles of up and down, due in part to celestial cycles and position (I use an android app which tracks the cycles based on my birthday, and it seems surprisingly accurate for the most part the app is called: Adepticadian for Law of One ) I say this to acknowledge that we have many different things that affect us and our frame of mind. Seems like constant cycles of change, like a boat moving up and down on the ocean waves.

I think it got confusing where I started to use the term energy and love interchangeably. This thread has become soooo long and convoluted, and many of my consideration of different aspects are stated in that sea of paragraphs. I can’t even keep track of what I’ve said so far :thinking:

We all survive and flourish on love energy so to speak, in different formats. In 3d part of that format is the ingestion of physical food, in other realms food may take different forms. I used the term energy since the commonly referred to interaction between projecting love and negative entities is that it will repel and depolarize them if they are in close proximity or if high frequency love is directed at them. This was a very effective defense that Ra mentioned to the group as a means of protection, and not as an offensive act directed to those who have a different polarization than us, or are considered an “adversary”.

I’ve read elsewhere where some seem to enjoy the power of trying to project love at negative entities not in the means of defense, but in the hopes of depolarizing them or sending them scurrying away. This sounds like someone trying to use a magnifying glass on ants, or imposing their will and judgement on the perceived STS entity or side. I was trying to send them “love” energy in a usable and accessible frequency range. I respect their choice and very lonely and difficult roles, and wanted to hand them a little food, not to punish them or assert my own negative influence due to my limited and immature perspective. Will I only try to assist those that believe what I currently believe?.. Will it embolden and energize them to go on a rampage and torment my fellow STO friends? Will giving 5 dollars to a homeless person be used for good purposes and buy nutritious food? It’s not up to me what “people” spend that energy or money on, may very well be drugs or alcohol and I know that before doing my tiny act of kindness. I don’t begrudge them for not having their life together, for not being smarter, or not being raised in a stable home with good role models. Everyone is just trying to get by, and the veil gives it such a cold an lonely feeling to those who struggle.

The thought of doing many of the things the STS side does may turn my stomach, yet I value their contribution to this grand everything, and realize they are actually taking the difficult path so that we can experience this polarity, and this extreme polarity right here, right now. I’m grateful to be able to grow at an accelerated rate on Earth, whereas it would take much longer in more of a “candyland” evolution, and we would never truly understand the depths and possibilities of strong polarity. As wise as Ra is, with the benefits of experience from a whole society (social memory compex) and a broader 6th density view of the cosmic landscape, they still appeared to lack an appreciation of just what strong polarity is capable of, and how power or knowledge tends to condense towards humans eventually trying to use these gifts of love to fulfill their own selfish or controlling agenda’s.

I think in future incarnations, those of us who are here experiencing this “insanity” will be better able to relate to, and serve others who are also being tossed about in their experience of stormy seas.

I’m both positive and negative so to speak, with a hand on either pole. I feel like this give me much more energy, and I willfully direct it in various STO endeavors, one of the primary ways currently (I believe) is to try and radiate love and light as some sort of beacon here, plugged into 3D physicality. I still wince a bit when I write love and light, it just feels a bit hugs n’ kisses NewAge-ish haha. I also liked the story of the one who came here as a witness. That sounds very plausible and I believe you. Sounds like a fun mission, part court reporter and GoPro :laughing: Probably lots of beings across the cosmos who can’t wait to tune into the next episode of Earth, and see what shenanigans we’re up to. I can imagine some fun teasers for upcoming Earth episodes. Deep announcers voice “This week on planet Earth…”

Hows that for some off topic convoluted rambling :rofl: :rofl:

Again, these are just my current opinions, perspectives, and musings.

I hope you, my AWESOME brothers and sisters have a great day and can relish the beauty of this reality and our deep meaningful bonds with each other. We’re comrades in the highest sense.

You are the Captain of your own destiny, not a passenger. Take the wheel.

Lol Kevin, O’ brother, there’s nothing wrong with getting off topic, you see how respectful and mindful we all are in staying in line with your query even in an heated debate lol -smile- so get as off topic as you may, we’ll be right here with you lol lol.

Yes sir, and even if the five of us (including Ali) were sitting around a table having this very conversation over croissants and pekoe tea, due to your delivery, may I term it, the confusion sort-of-speak would still present its self- the difference of course only being that said mis-interpretation of communication would have been untangled sooner in that person-to-person venue,

But, tis one of the joys of these forums my brother: because of your misconception it also allowed us to further delve into the micro-contemplations that you, as you state, already had pondered long before messaging, which not only builds polarity and camaraderie, but wisdom. -shrug-

It also brought Dieu into the digital conversation albeit a little latterly which gave me the opportunity to taste sort-of-speak the aura of an incarnate entity schooled and learned in the same system of magick as I that is also in resonance with the LOO and because of that I thank you, the experience was (Kevin brace yourself man…) delicious.

But yeah it does go without saying that you know…you were trying to explain many different things in two sentences lol but that’s okay. Umm, try to think about or remember right? That in a certain angle of looking at it there’s and difference between energy (Notice I asked Dieu out the gate his context for the word to avoid what happened in your thread in our debate), love (Dieu connotated your usage of love being the act of “loving” although was perceptive enough to acknowledge that “everything is energy” and thus subconsciously at an indeterminate point of our debate changed the point of dissent from the transference of your “love” “I don’t think love is a useable energy for an 4th Density ‘Black magician’” to the lowering of your frequency in the process of said transference which would have made the debate defunct even if we decided to continue as I wouldn’t have debate about the vulnerability of lowering ones frequency prematurely, my spirit wouldn’t have been/wasn’t attracted to that particular kind of debate at this particular time/space), and AURA, which we can maybe horribly sum up as the totality of our chakras.

So…let’s see if we can think about it like this…

Everything is energy right? My words are energy, my music is energy, my thoughts, this book sitting on the counter over there the words in it. This website, the words transcribed in it. The little earth with the sun on top of the page when we click the site…its all energy. So theoretically it could be accepted that there are many types of energy or classes.
As you stated, on one end, you were asking if it was conducive to the balance of The One Infinite Creator to send “Aura energy” (Hey STS’s I love you guys) and “Astral/indigo-ray energy” (Boy I got a good nights rest! I’m ready to sieze the daaaay! You know what? I think I’m gonna go jogging today and I don’t know why). You were asking both of these questions in one but look…anyway…umm…“aura energy” can’t be stolen sort of speak?? It can be…infiltrated…if that makes sense which I know you weren’t asking about so lol…

As far as lowering your frequency to affectuate the transference of this “aura energy” I promised my brother Dieu that I’d harmonize with him so that’s what I’m gonna do…
Every human being has a frequency that we generally operate under: Every last one of us. And this frequency allows us, in part, to be “glued” to our bodies you know?? So its like… When you lower it you are diminishing the astral field sort-of-speak that keep us all generally protected from psychic attack.

If were thinking about emboldening an STS entity by sending it “aura energy”.

U have two people who give you a hamburger. The one is known to be a shiester, a conniver, a charlatan.
The other is kind and…just really awesome.
Both people just came to you out of nowhere and just gave you a hamburger.
The act is the same but your energy output surrounding that those incidents is completely different because of your knowledge of these two. On one you make take it but check the bun to see if he spat it in. On the other you just eat it and it may even taste a little better because of who it came from: that’s how it is with “aura energy” when the frequency is lowered. To keep my promise to my brother I’ll leave it at that.

Kevin its been a while since we conversed and a part of me wants to type how I talk (using “like” a million times lmao!) with you but it is not my intention to have you read it even though you’d hear if we ever talked in person. Lol

In any case man, its great hearing from you and I’ll speak with you later old man, enjoy your Sunday.

Haha, thanks UsernameWho, I hope you have a great day as well, and enjoyed your jog! I miss running, but the knees and feet won’t have it, so sweat and pant for me will ya?

Yes, you guys have given me a lot of wise counsel, and I will heed it. You and others seem very well versed in these aspects and knowledge. I definitely don’t want to take silly risks for little or no benefit. I think I was “trying it on for size” and didn’t perceive any warnings or hesitance. I had asked in meditation a while back if this was appropriate, should I be doing this, and I believe the answer was “If I wanted to”, so like usual, not a lot of guidance, but I have found that if ti’s something I should avoid, I feel a STRONG no. I need to learn more and meditate more before attempting this again me thinks, and like it was an interesting and new experience, so, like it may have gone badly, but I’m just hoping I didn’t pick up any “passengers” cause like that would be cause for concern.

You use your “likes” as much as you please! Just because I have a hard time typing like I speak, doesn’t mean you should hold back. I think it would give me, and us, a truer sense of your personality and energy. I love that you are so energetic and passionate, love you bro! and all other bro’s and sisters, and miscellaneous androgenous beings.

On another unrelated thing… I downloaded the text to speech program Speechify. There’s something that I find hilarious listening to Snoop Dogg read the law of One. Gwyneth Paltrow is cool too, in an Ironman sort of way. David Attenborough gives it class. He’s the British narrator who did the planet earth series. Jim also reads the LOO on Audible in case you weren’t aware. I usually listen to and from my work commute.

Welcome Ali_Kuruuzum, you’ll find that we welcome grammar problems with equal love as your own thoughts !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey Kevin, UsernameWho logging in.

Lol Don’t think just because I’m young I’ll be the first in line to do a four-lap mile lol lol.
There was a time when I was a workout guy but between you and me that was only for the ladies I’m not even gon lie to you. My mom dated an nutritionist and he taught me about balance so I don’t go hard as I use to at the gym and thank God cause I looove my barbecue…uggh…so good.

But,y’know, towards the mystical side of it all sir…y’know… I hang around a lot of occultist and they can be very…eccentric haha. But for the ones who are really REALLY good at what they do, like, were talking people who can make lightning come out of their hands at will and what not: a lot of these guys are very serious you know and I remember when I was still living with my parents and the world just seemed so big and wonderful haha!

Now I’m older and I realize the world is small as hell (lol) but the feeling never left me, and I’ve learned that that feeling has a purpose… Long story short I use magick to help people, that’s why I study so hard big brother. I want to heal, and bring smiles on peoples faces and…there was a time when I thought this power I gained was maybe…not for me? Like, it was not something a lowly human such as myself should even have the capability to do. But fortunately certain people in my life showed me the balance between the Godly and the mortal and I’m so lucky to have them (My real life occultic family). Theyre really old but bro…I wish you knew them…these people have souls younger than me lol lol theyre just good people is what I’m getting at lol.

I told one, I was like “One day I wanna be just like you” and I don’t think he knows how serious I was when I said that because, y’know we don’t talk everyday, he doesn’t get the chance to see how much I study-we all have our own lives, you know how that goes…
When the previous age of the occultic community passes on the torch to us I want to be ready, but more importantly, I want to be worthy…in a certain context its selfish to have those notions but, there are worse ways to be I suppose…

Its one of the reasons I enjoy how you take everything in stride in your path, secretly for me its an reminder for me to do the same lol. To enjoy my path, even when I mess up or can’t do or get what I want right away. You are a role model Kevin, at least to me you are…but that’s neither here nor there…

Lol I laugh to myself when I tell people on this forum “I love you” lol lol. BRO! That shiz is so funny…
Just like everyone I envision how an individual will react when they read my content yeah? So, like’, I can see people reading that and…just cringing lol lol! Like “Who the f-- is this guy why is he telling me he loves me I don’t know this person from a can of paint” its like my little inside joke (I’m laughing as I’m typing this to you lol lol lol).
But…you know… Mr.Kevin I think there’s something to be said about the climate of our culture in this day and age, you know? Words have power, and I don’t mean in just the occultic way or any of that mystical stuff lol.

I mean in a real way: Words, what you say has power. I can be the catalyst for someone whos depressed killing theirselves to causing someone to pursue a career and follow their dream. And, see, the thing is…I grew up in a very modern, middle-class culture so we were doing selfies and living off social media before it was even cool, that’s why I know what kids are going through. Vaping wasn’t a thing when I was coming up but hell…we did about everything else, you know what I mean?

So, its like…as time went on we just, stopped caring about not only what we said but how it was said you know?
And its like, sometimes if we’re not careful we can get caught up and just take the power of our tongue away from ourselves. If you and I are out with the guys…I might go out to the club or something, you might have we’ll say card night with your friends and so me and my friends were getting drunk just going crazy right and one em might be like “Bro…I love you broooo” or you might lose a hand and one of your friends rakes in your pot and says “Thanks for seeing the hand through to the end Kev…I love you for this” with a goofy smile lol and we brush it off like “hey,they’re just talking” and we know that.

But its important to at least sometimes put meaning in what you say and do, you know? Because…that’s what language was created for right??? So that we can transfer what’s in our soul to the next person so its like, by diminishing the value of words we vicariously have diminished the value of ourselves lol. That’s why when I say “I love you” I know no one is gonna believe that someone they don’t even know behind a picture of Harley Quinn actually cares about them lol, I know they won’t…and that’s the joke, but anyway -shrug-

I love you back mister Kevin and when you say it, type it, speak it, shoot it, or however you transfer that energy, I know you mean it…and thank you for that.

Bro, I’m so gonna download Speechify. Can’t believe there’s an app like that. You know who I would want to hear read the Law of One on an audible? Freaking Ru Paul lol! Dude, that shiz would be so funny lol lol.

Well big brother you are my first post of the night so I’m gonna read up on the rest of the crew and see how I can help them. Please stay warm okay? Its cold as hell in my State and if your joints are a little not-what-they-use-to-be this chill can really cause them some irritation. Two more days until Thanksgiviiiiiing lol.

Talk to you later sir. And please, let the love and light of the One Infinite Creator be with you lol lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey good morning UsernameWho,

Thanks for the kindness and love, love you too Bruh! Hope you are staying warm, and have a good Thanksgiving everyone. I think it’s great that you are passionate to engage others and give them love and encouragement.

That’s what I hope to do, and if nothing else I might just have an opportunity to be a little friendlier or kinder to to a cashier so I try to keep that in mind. Bigger situations where I think I may have more of an impact are fewer, but I usually run across people casually on a daily basis, so I try to be mindful of looking out for little opportunities, and learn further lessons on patience and not judging, which historically has been a big struggle for me, but I’m slowly making progress. If a cashier at the local gas station seems to have an attitude, I try to remind myself that I have no idea what they could be going through, and if they have a lot of stressors in their life, they could very well be handling it better than I would. Sometimes my initial reaction might be a feeling of agitation, but I’ve found most of the time if give them a warm smile, and ask how their day is going, it seems sometimes to brighten their mood a bit if they get the vibe that someone seems interested in them as a person, and not just as a biological interface for a service.

I don’t take everything in stride, but that is what I aspire to be better at. It’s fairly easy for me when life is going smoothly, and when they aren’t I struggle sometimes, but at least I have that goal to aspire to, and remind myself that life if full of challenges, and in hindsight they are rarely as overwhelming as it may appear in the minute. It’s easy for me to sound calm typing a post here, among friends, trying to encourage and just say hello and enjoy the fellowship.

Yes I agree the kids nowadays have their own set of challenges. I wonder what things will be like as my grandsons grow up, but I’m feeling optimistic. Kids don’t seem quite as cruel as when I was a kid, and they seem to be more open minded, and not quite as tribal or Us/Them. I guess social media is a big part of it. I also wonder if a big part is the shifting energy they are on Earth at this time. It’s seems to be driving some people off the deep end, and it seems lately there is a mass shooting almost daily. If it wasn’t for what I’ve learned from the LOO, forum members, and other sources, I’d be very concerned and even scared about the direction things are headed, but it REALLY helps to know there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

It helps to encourage me, and hopefully you that we are in the final few minutes of the Superbowl so to speak. I think being here at this time, able and willing to help is a great honor. It really makes me happy that we have an outlet to encourage and support each other, when we find the troubles of everything around us trying to wear us down. It also helps when I remind myself that I can do more good here, than if I was on planet Candyland.

After we all cross over, I imagine we will have a lot of great stories and laughs, at how crazy Earth was at the end of it’s cycle. Whoa, dude, that was intense!

Hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving, either with family or realizing that everyone is actually family. We are never alone no matter how strongly that illusion may appear to us, and it makes me feel good knowing that people care about me and show me kindness as I try to pass that along in return. Just imagine what it would feel like if 50% of the population was extra kind to each other for one day. It would be so mind blowing, and I think most would be like wow, that was so great, lets try doing it again. Perhaps we need a critical mass of assertive kindness… Just pondering stuff before my full dose of caffeine, aka- ramblin…

Kindness feels good to give and receive

Good evening on my end Kevin.

Yeah, you know…its not hard to get into the maelstrom of judgmentality: Its easy and I know you know that sir.

Thing is lol actually we have a lot of really judgmental souls the only difference is some people -points at you- are just honest enough to put their crap on front street and trust lol…telling someone’s energy through letters or posts isn’t as hard as some people think it is, actually its kind of easy but I can understand how it could be difficult for people, I do understand.

But you just couldn’t let me have my moment with you huh??? Mister “I dont take everything in stride” I was tryyyying to put you on a pedastool sir, gosh! (Lol lol!). Of course I tease…

Look man, I can’t really remember what you or I were doing in the Universe before this one, this memory wipe is extremely thorough okay? But what I can say is that we aren’t there anymore brother, we are here. We have thoughts, we lie, we curse, we hate…that’s what is with us now in the here and now along with the Light we had/have in the previous octave as the LOO community calls it and these feelings-they have power, for so many reasons Kevin.

Good God Kev this is the SECOND time you showed me what Mr.Patrick would call your Left Hand side, or Pillar of Severity (basically your dark side mwahahahaha) and the first time you did that I didn’t respond which in real-life I would never disrespect you by not doing but “something” instructed me not to so I didn’t…but since you have, for whatever reason, given me the God-given honor of having to go through that energy a SECOND time I’ll tell you what I would have told you before lol.

Think about it like this…The only reason you and I have met: are here talking right now is because of a book, The Ra Material. I could literally live right down the street from you just as much as we could be hundreds of miles apart and we would never have the knowledge or even base awareness that each others possibility of energy (Our Lives) was outside the mere realm of possibility and actually, to whatever extent, somewhere, in existence had Carla and Don and Jim not made that specific book. This book is not a New York Times bestseller lol so that means you and I both had to be born first of all and that means someone had to have it before we read it or it must have been laying around somewhere or in that shelf on the far right of that bookstore no one hardly goes to anymore because we don’t do libraries anymore lol and we stumbled across it and the pretty blue and white on the spine with the Egyptian hairyglyphs attracted us to pick it up and someone said " Oh shiz! Is someone actually being possessed by the Egyptian Sun-God?" and the rest was history…Even if the first time you read it was on the internet, still, you had to be searching for “Something” and that led you to it. We are not popular by a long shot.

So if it were not for those very small incidents within our lives to just barely have brought us to this book and thereafter this forum and so on and so forth, Mr.Kevin you would have never have had to have dealt with me sir.

And every person of whom I’ve come across who’s read The Law of One: The Ra Material (I have met only a few in my life and this was in passing) they all say the exact same thing “This is the Truth, you gotta read this book!”

But there are so many people in our planet right? So many. And these people try everyday, to find that “One Thing”. You have people who enroll in monasteries and never leave just studying book after book after book, putting their bodies to the core in disciplined diets. You have people who go to Bible schools for years to get degrees to become experts in what they are “looking for”: You have people everywhere crying out to “Find that thing”.

You know how in all of our movies we have these stories about how this “peasant this…lowly that” that came from the bottom of the ruff and now, here they stand in the Royal Courts- before the Dukes and Duchesses and Marquess’s and Royal staff as one of their own after a long hard journey of strife and perseverence? And they all sit there around him with their impeccable suits and dresses, staring at him, scoffing at him and leering in disgust. One says :“How did he even get here?” Another says: “How dare he be in this room, this lowly born scum” Another: “This is not how this works, he is not one of us!”.
His ways are not theirs, he doesn’t eat with finely precision such as they. When he speaks you can hear the dialect of his countryside origin. His sense of humor isn’t as dark and antagonizing as his new Royal counterparts. But yet, here he stands: In a suit just as crisp and tailored as the highest ranking member in the room, his hair smartly cut, but not with hair-fine precision that is typical for a man of his newly-achieved rank. and the component that no one is talking about, that takes that rage that is already so hot and at its roiling climax to a level so deep so incinerating that it makes them all want to bare their canine teeth is that…they can’t do anything about him. He has, somehow, found a way within their inner circle and they all are well aware of the unspoken knowledge that once you…no… IF, you make it through, you are here to stay. Now, they haven’t came across an “Royal member” like him before because if they had they wouldn’t be so upset with such a notion, they would merely say “Oh so-and-so is just like him”, but no, it is well-understood when it is precedented that no one of his background was ever meant to end up in this part of “The System”. So my question to you is how, how did he do it? You have people of his background everyday pining for his spot, everyday… Everyone wants to be where he’s at…so how…why…him?

You’ve had poor people try and he was once poor so thats not it. You’ve had people indulge in the desperate and he was faced with desperate circumstances so that wasn’t it. You’ve had hundreds of good people with honest virtue try and they all failed and he, too, was of pure heart so that wasn’t what landed him in. You’ve even had individuals blessed with the fortune of good luck and, yet, “The System” was created and set up to master individuals with this component to ensure that they do not cross the undesired threshold so it would seem that not even this is the ingredient to this mans arrival. What did he have that the millions before him did not? What?

I won’t type what that “Thing” was but he made it and the reason he made it is because despite the precedent of the typical “profile” for people of his Royal counterparts, The System has room for him. That’s why he’s here, because The System has room for him. And the rest of the Royals knew that it was possible for someone like him to become apart of their Court, deep down they all knew it was possible under just the right…outliers…shall we say. But here he stands, and here he is, in every sense of the statement. He may belch after a meal as to where we do not but that does not diminish his status because to get to the Royal Court you must have an certain level of “…”. He doesn’t participate in many of our most important historical Royal traditions as we do but if one of us were to ever challenge him in a honest battle of swordsmanship you will witness that this mans skill with the sword is on par with us because to even carry his rank signifies that he has the same level of “…” that we do. He has succeeded where everyone of his previous coterie
has failed because of that “…” and because of that even though he may not be exactly like us, his essence is on the same wavelength as ours because the other unspoken matter of it all is that it is because of “…” that we are even Royals to begin with. And therefore, the truth of the matter is even though we may not be able to talk to him as we would nearly ninety-eight percent of the other Royal population, he is just as much an member as any one of us, and the solemnly and quietly pondered understanding between them all is that this man, in his own way, is even more so an member as any one of them.

(Lol!) Long story short right??!! (I am so sorry about that Kevin)
You do take things in stride…even though you don’t, because you try brother. And that’s what I mean by you’re a role model lol. Its not because you’re perfect brother, its because deep down, just like me, we are trying so hard…so so hard brother. If I ran into you for the first time Kevin and you didn’t see me behind you and the first thing I saw was you say something derogatory about people of the same-sex orientation (Im not gay,by the way) and you didn’t know that someone of whom youve been conversing with on this forum was right behind you when you made that comment I would love you just the same, why? Because you are trying Kevin. See, you could lie to me and tell me that you think good about something that in actuality you are thinking negatively about, but I sense that you could never lie and tell me that there was ever a moment when you didn’t “try”. And I don’t mean “Yeah, I use to just not give a f–.When I was younger I use to not care about nothing if I didn’t like you” No…I mean deep deep deep deep DEEP down Kevin. DEEP down, in our lowest brother, when we were strangers to even ourselves Kevin we always cared. Deep down, we always tried. That’s what I mean Mister Kevin. And if you hate who you were on some level sir im sorry but you are going to have to do that by yourself because I can’t walk that road along side with you, because I think you always tried.
“I don’t take things in stride.” “Sometimes my initial feeling is one of agitation” " …lessons on patience and not judging, which historically has been a big struggle for me," Good God Mister Kevin how arrogant do you really think I am!??
You think I don’t know anything about what it feels like to hate?? To be angry? To think you’re better than someone because they have darker skin than you?? To view women with the same weight as the bottom of my shoes??
Well I hate to break it to you but I do, and more…

We are doing our level best with little to nothing Kevin and so if I were looking for perfection, then, yeah, a online blog about Love and Light is about as good as it would ever get for me, you’re right…

But we are so much more than our mistakes, at not just at any given time, but EVERY given time.

When I called you a role model I gave you power in our “association”. When you said “I don’t take everything in stride” and described the outliers of supplementation of that statement you gave me that power back, because I know the reason why you did I’m not gonna attempt to give it back to you lol. But what I will do instead is humbly let you know that all that you said about yourself does not change one bit what I feel of you. And I will softly leave it there.

Lol I can’t wait for the SuperBowl I hope those Saints go all the way this year (I don’t know a damn thing about The Saints lol lol lol!).

Thanksgiving is gonna be so nice.
All I can say is…carrot soufflé. Lol!
I’m not really a coffee drinker, but hot chocolate is so good.

Well Kevin, I’m gonna check out the rest of the comments and see if I’m needed or hopefully I can learn something from one of these guys…-shrug- the journey never stops I guess haha -smiles-

I’m gonna leave you with a quote, try to penetrate the inner message…
Its a fairly easy one so…try not to over-think it ;p

Happy Thanksgiving Mr.Kevin.

“Love you. Unconditionally”-UsernameWho

HI Kevin!
Think of Love as a power from the Creative force and Light as Wisdom. Then it takes the new agey-ness out of the phrase…4th and 5th energy center in order to eventually make contact with the 6th energy center which is union. Radiate love from the 4th ray and it will go out to all that need it and want it.
Yes, I am with you…if someone is in need, give what your discenment says to give and nevermind the end result.
I think we all need to stay safe so that we can continue our journey.
Our dark brothers and sisters do not really desire love and trust me, they create their own power, their own light through various means of control and caculated manipulation of others. You never have to offer them to feast on your energy because they will find energy by taking it from whomever falls victim to their schemes. Everytime they terrorize another, they are eating someone’s vital force. Love of self over self is their lifestyle. We do not have to defend against anything, just walk in the light, LVX!

Good morning UsernameWho and Dieu9, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! To put a different but fair spin on it, I think both of you are role models, seriously. Offering love and compassion with a desire to help others (me included thanks) make the world brighter, and not only offer encouragement to the people you touch in your daily lives, but also shows them an enjoyable and beneficial way of living. I have a feeling both of you are friendly to the people you meet, and that can be powerful inspiration. When I interact with a friendly, mentally present stranger it always brightens my day and encourages me to try a little harder.

I need to constantly remind myself to actually engage. It’s so easy to just interact with people on auto pilot, with the “hi, how are you” ---- “I’m fine how are you?” typical exchange with just brief eye contact as I’m really thinking (or worrying) about other things. When I try to actually make meaningful eye contact, and give a smile, it’s sharing a bit of love, and not just courtesy. I know I talk about that a lot, probably because that’s an area I’m trying to be more mindful of, yet it’s a tangible way I can at least attempt to brighten someone’s day.

Usernamewho, thank you for all your kind loving encouragement. I deeply appreciate it, and hope to give that back in return. You touched on so many good points, I would have simply had to quote most of the post haha. Dieu9, yes I am re-aligning my perception of these words and their truer deeper context. The opposition does resort to many unsavory tactics, and like you said walking in the light is the best option and is a safe place to be.

Have a great day, and holiday season. Soooo much to be grateful for, even if we are experiencing pain and loneliness, it’s comforting to know that it’s just temporary, and an experience we wish to have for our development as useful and capable beings who will spend lifetimes relating to, and helping others who go though painful loss and loneliness. My heart really goes out to the ones that believe as I used to, that there is nothing more than biological existence. This time of year can be really difficult for some.

Hey Kevin! I don’t want to be a role model, I would rather just simply be with you as a like minded brother/sister who has the same goal in mind, right? You have the answer, I have the answer, Username has an answer and together we have the total but separate, we have but half truths. Support from like minded seekers is extremely important because many of us walk alone.
I like what you said about the passerby…
Yes, we should try to remain present and literally “be there” and not elsewhere. The world needs the wanderer to “be there”. Looking another in the eyes, being totally with them as you engage this will leave them with something that will be difficult for them to find in the world of people who are sleeping, never seeing them. And your true glance could be the catalyst that awakens a tiny portion of their sleeping self. Though they may be asleep, your consciousness has the ability to awaken them just as it does for the second density creature. So, I agree with you. We should practice a real mindfulness when we are in public!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Kevin. Hoping your Thanksgiving was delicious and nice. I don’t celebrate the holidays. I respect those that do however. I know Thanksgiving would be my favorite because it involves sharing a meal which is very important for families to sit and eat with one another.
You also seem extraordinarily kind hearted. Thank you for your kind words.
Be kind hearted and how was it that Jehoshua expressed it? Let me see…
"Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16, KJV ).
Yes, there it is! "wise as serpents
Have a great day, many blessings Kevin and Username.
In, L.V.X.

Omg Dieu that was soooo sweeeet

Many blessings!! Swear that made my night

that makes mine too !!! :wink: