Daily Q'uote from L/L Research Channeling

This morning I was reading something relating somewhat to that, paying attention to positive emotions…

So this is from the Aaron/Quo dialogues, session 4,

“ Because you are human you constantly fall short of the ideal, and yes you constantly ask yourself to let go of that edge onto which you were holding and strike again to cross the sea of truth. It is a very courageous act, and yet you rarely give yourself notice of the courage. You perceive the fear that asks you to hold back, and you miss the bravery and love exhibited each time you take a new step.


Can you learn to cherish that self who so bravely tries again and again ? Know that in this physical manifestation you cannot reach that perfection toward which the self yearns and finally come to an acceptance that reaching that perfection is not necessary. Rather, the yearning is a tool to build the strength and faith so that one begins to understand one’s inner perfection. “


Thank you flofrog, the latest transcript ties nicely with what you have said… and also ive enjoyed the lastest transcript so its a good chance to revist it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With your first paragraph of quotes…
"…There is no work you can do upon the outer level to become more worthy, more what you always have been. There is instead the releasing of the illusion that you are separate from that, and in so doing, from the perspective of the incarnate actor, one discovers and experiences this sense of infinite worthiness,
“…having consciously realized the infinite worth of your being by virtue of your existence within the creation as a child of the Creator and as the Creator, your worth is constantly meted out by your illusory perceptions of meeting standards, whether your own or others.”

In relation to the essential yearning (as a tool to understand ones inner perfection’) in the second paragraph…

“Imagine, my sisters and brothers, seeing and experiencing this wholeness in yourself and in those you meet, knowing that however they may be showing up upon an outer level in the moment, their true nature underneath that outer appearance is already of a nature which is complete. Whatever you may do in your incarnation, whatever heights you may achieve, or depths to which you may sink in your despair, your essential nature remains. You continue a path of self-discovery that includes changing and transforming the outer nature, but so that it may make greater contact with the inner nature, that the outer nature may more transparently reflect that which is already within.”


Q’uote of the Day
February 15th, 1998

" Most within your culture are aware that heat is a vibration, light is a vibration. Most entities are not aware that all things are vibrations, and certainly it is not a common thought within your Earth plane that qualities, consciousness, essences and energies are vibrations. Indeed, if one could choose one term to describe the manifested world it would be vibration. The first vibration is that infinite Love of the one Creator, and each of you is a system of distortions of that vibration. "

And just have to throw this one too… from https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1976/0118

"my friends, the basic vibration of the Creator, perfect love, is a vibration which is given not only through us, but through your aides and guides, whom you would call angels, through your own inner self, through teachers upon your own spiritual planes, as you would call them—everywhere, everywhere, my friends, within the creation. This original Vibration of love is reality. In meditation you are seeking not an electromagnetic wave from us; you are seeking perfect love. What we can give you in this channeling wave is a means of service to others. Also, it is, as we are well aware, a comfort to some of you to know that we are present. For, indeed, our presence is a supporting one in that we love each of you, and wish only to comfort you and help you through your experience.

Seek beyond these words. Meditate to perfection. What this channel gives to you in words is only a poor physical food for your physical mind. Spiritual food, my brothers, lies in silence, in contemplation, in what you would call prayer: in listening to the original Thought of creation, the original Vibration that, out of nothingness, created all that there is. Listen now to the silence again. And listen beyond words. I will return to this instrument after a little while."


Q’uote of the Day
November 23rd, 1986

" The nature of being is such that one cannot know the Creator except by being with the Creator, or, more accurately, perceiving the being of self and Creator as one. This is done only through the surrender of the self to the great Self. Thus, the most efficient use of being is the surrender of that being to the higher will of the greater Self, the greater Being, the greater love, so that these things which the seeker does are channeled through the seeker from an infinite source of compassion and creative love. The uses of creative love are subtle, and service to others has never been easy to penetrate. What seems to be of service is often not; what seems to be directly not of service sometimes is. What seems to be worth doing, may not be—and vice versa. Creative love has an infinite capacity and patience and may burn long after human energy has given out. "

AN here is the penultimate sentence…
“The nature of being is such that one cannot know the Creator except by being with the Creator, or, more accurately, perceiving the being of self and Creator as one.”

And now for the Law of One quotes…
" Ra: I am Ra. This is the plan of the One Infinite Creator. The One Original Thought is the harvest of all previous, if you would use this term, experience of the Creator by the Creator. As It decides to know Itself It generates Itself into that plenum, full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifested to your perceptions as space or outer space. Each generation of this knowing begets a knowing which has the capacity, through free will, to choose methods of knowing Itself. Therefore, gradually, step by step, the Creator becomes that which may know Itself, and the portions of the Creator partake less purely in the power of the original word or thought. This is for the purpose of refinement of the one original thought. The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself."

That last line… creator experiences itself… So if you experience yourself as the creator well there you have it… That also ties to heavy emphasis of service lies with being not doing an what you create…

“understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things.”

An further to that… its having that balance, so all energy centers are equally important… " The precision with which each energy center matches the Original Thought lies not in the systematic placement of each energy nexus but rather in the fluid and plastic placement of the balanced blending of these energy centers in such a way that intelligent energy is able to channel itself with minimal distortion."

So do not think yourself to meditation… as the original thought can not be known when thinking other thoughts. Hence focus always about silence in this material. Silence in a loving way perhaps :wink:


Q’uote of the Day
January 24th, 2009

"…See yourself as a creature of love. See all other things as creatures of love. And see the action you take towards another self or a situation in general as partaking in unconditional love. Love, love, love: love as subject, love as verb, love as object. These are the practices that shall bring you ever closer to your goal of living in unity in a world of your own making that is a world of love. "


Q’uote of the Day
March 13th, 2010

" And, you are one in your ending, for you are fellow pilgrims walking through experience after experience, gathering the sweetness of every flower, the poignancy of every sadness, the horror of every tragedy, witnessing, amassing, sorting, analyzing, using the experiences that you have, constantly transforming yourself by that which you choose to see, that which you choose to understand, that which you hold and that which you release. Your path, while unique, has an inevitability in its general arc, for you shall, in the fullness of time and space, circle back to your source and be taken up again in that Creator for whom you yearn, for whom you live, and for whom you are gathering these experiences, these impressions, these moments of pure witness, these transformations that change the Creator’s knowledge of Itself. "


Q’uote of the Day
February 4th, 1996

“Receiving the love offerings of others is the greatest gift you can give and is won by giving in service to others. When you reach the point at which there is no difference between receiving and giving absolute and unreserved love, then shall you be ready to learn the ways of wisdom. Until then, you must learn these lessons that seem so opposite: how to serve others, how to accept service from others. Yet are you not looking in a mirror when you gaze upon another? Is that entity not looking at the Creator when he gazes back at you? Is this not the essence of your being?”

Ahh some very poignant questions at the end of this quote… Well its best to sit with that and end the quote there… But well for an after dinner mint, a extra finishing touch to refresh, heres this too “this is an illusion, for all things belong to the one infinite Creator, and as you give and as you receive, you are simply moving the energy around.” … another thing to ponder and contemplate on… food for thought.


Q’uote of the Day
February 20th, 2000

" As you seek for your guidance you need to follow that intuition that you have within you and those feelings that come from the heart… It is not an intellectual source. Guidance is not heavy on logic. Guidance can be paradoxical and, in many ways, can offer varying views on the same subject. …Guidance is…connections made within the self that enable the content of the deep mind to be moved close enough to the conscious mind that a translation of concepts into words and thoughts may take place. "

And here we can continue on this discussion of guidance…

" in order to prepare the ground for connecting with guidance it is a very skillful idea to place the self in the act of meditation. This is a tremendous commitment and it is a life-changer. This entity, for instance, is fond of saying that she does not meditate well. What she means is that she cannot completely shut off her earthly brain. Bits of conversations and music continue to filter through all efforts to shut down the noise of the mind. However [true], this objective concept of the self as not being good at meditating [is], this instrument would be the first to express the powerful work that meditation on a daily basis has wrought in her life experience. And indeed, any entity who has meditated for any length of time is aware that even a little of this silence of mind is a powerful accelerant of the process of spiritual transformation.

We would strongly recommend, therefore, that any who wish to connect with their guides do this in the context of daily meditational periods. Remember that although each of you came into incarnation fully aware of all of this that we are saying, during the birthing process the veil of forgetting dropped neatly and usually completely over the consciousness so that within the incarnation the path back to the metaphysical universe must be retraced step by step, and, in addition to the general confusion of the Earth plane, much must be unlearned from the standpoint of the metaphysical universe that is included in the cultural training of young entities. Many are those who have said that adulthood is that period wherein one attempts to undo the damage sustained during childhood. Much needs to be unlearned as the view shifts from the earthly and physical to the non-earthly and metaphysical. In one universe there are things, tables, people, planets, stars. In the other universe there are energies, thoughts, ideals, and as a metaphysical entity you are one who is, as opposed to the physical entity which [is one who] does.

Here is the nuts and bolts of guidance… why working on one self can be very important…

"in addition to the general confusion of the Earth plane, much must be unlearned from the standpoint of the metaphysical universe that is included in the cultural training of young entities. ’

Of course its a generalisation… some may not have had that cultural training but then where is the fun in unlearning :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Q’uote of the Day
November 21st, 2009

"When one is attempting to live the Law of One…one is attempting to live a fully human, fully balanced life, one that values both wisdom and love, not valuing one over the other but looking always for that point of balance whereby the decisions that are made in ethical choice points are those decisions that enlarge and enhance unconditional love. "


Q’uote of the Day
December 29th, 2007

"The benefits of being in a physical body that works in third density have to do with your not knowing the truth. You have deliberately placed yourself in a situation where the truth is not obvious. It is not obvious that all is one. It is not obvious that this one thing is love. It is not obvious that each of you is a part of the creative principle, an ineffable and inextricably intertwined part of that one thing that is all things, the one great original Thought of unconditional love that is the one infinite Creator. Why would you wish to place yourself in a position of unknowing? My friends, you wished to learn and you wished to serve and above all you wished to choose. And all of these things needed to be done by faith, faith in things unseen and unprovable. "

There is actually a fantastic story talking on this theme in this 2020 practice transcript, It may be a bit to long to include here so here is the link.


Its more like a narrative an commentary on third density life, well worth the read if the heart beckons it…


Q’uote of the Day
December 29th, 2007

" …Each of you has awakened from the planetary dream. And each now wishes to know how to use that increased and enhanced awareness of the truth more skillfully. This is your situation. In terms of the world, the consensus-reality physical world, you have no way to prove that which you feel is true. It is as though there was, on solid land, only the ordinary; only the uninspired; only the flat black and white of unenhanced living. And yet the enhanced version of life cannot take place upon the solid ground. Therefore, in order to begin to express a life in faith, the seeker must gather his forces together and choose to leap into the midair of the unknown, embracing the mystery, affirming that which is not seen, and finding his feet only after he has made the choice to believe that, indeed, all is well and all will be well. "

"Each of you has awakened from the planetary dream. " an what a dream it is :wink:

The next part… “What a blessing it is to wake up! And yet, what does one do with that awareness that there is a metaphysical universe that is so much more real than this illusion which is called planet Earth that it creates of the lifetime a completely different experience?”

Now come on Q’uo… ‘a completely different experience’ those words are surely understated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Q’uote of the Day
September 18th, 1994

" …If you are…overwhelmed by…negative experiences, we en"courage the allowing of this being overwhelmed. If there are the tears, cry them, cry them all and respect each drop, respect and love those mute expressions of grief, anger, sorrow and rage. Accept the excesses of feeling that shake and seemingly hurt you. Know that these feelings are justified, that these feelings are protected, that there is time for these feelings to express. And work with the self to encourage the eventual completion of expression of the feelings involved. We encourage each to nurture the self through these difficult times, allowing and even encouraging those tears, the raised voice, the angry motions, all the silly, childish, acting-out that is involved in being overcome by emotion. For within this opaque, deep illusion, there is no other way to complete and then balance negative emotions.

An there you have… take not, jot it down on notepad, type away on the laptop or press away on the phone
"For within this opaque, deep illusion, there is no other way to complete and then balance negative emotions. "

Just finishing watching a amazing heartfelt tv series, reminds me of what was said father to daughter how he apologised that took 10 years after wife had left her body to release he should have cried with her when it happened and gone through the sadness together to let it all out. Instead lived a zombie type life… It took his wife to come back in another girls body before leaving again to realise that!

Image of a sponge comes to mind… squeeze the sponge very tightly let all water out, then what happens? It pops back to shape again, balanced again.