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Q’uote of the Day
November 28th, 2009

" What do you gain as you become more aware how it feels to be you? You gain freedom and peace. You have no need to defend. You have no need to protect. You have no need to explain. You are. And who and what you are is a creature of such beauty, truth, worth and life that any container of words or concepts that you might attempt to use to say, “I Am and I hold you, you are the one infinite Creator” [is inadequate]. But that infinity, that Creator-ness is unique to you and is the gift that you give to the infinite One. It is, therefore, beyond price. "

Another motivational quote following on from yesterday… Just need a beaming white light from the heavens to shine down upon you. Well maybe it is and way of confusion is preventing you to know :sweat_smile:


Q’uote of the Day
September 7th, 2003

" …One of the blessed aspects of third-density incarnation is the ability to feel pain, the ability to be confused, the very precious ability to lose the self and to be forced out of the mental constructs of a lifetime of learned untruths and half truths that your outer civilization offers to each of you. "

“It may seem perverse for the self to cheer for the self when the self realizes it is greatly confused and stumbling and wandering, as the one known as S has said, and yet this too is a blessing.”

Total acceptance! Enjoy the way of confusion, more confusion the better then can relish the silence more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haha Ahhh the absurdity and paradoxes of spiritual seeking…


Q’uote of the Day
June 14th, 1992

"We are those of the positive path. We are also dusty pilgrims who have searched long in the shadows of hope and faith. We do not expect third-density entities to be without fear. We simply ask entities who wish to live in faith not to be afraid of their fear, not to be ruled by their fear, but to accept this fear, to love this fear, as part of the universal self, and to move on, leaping foolishly into the next step in blindness and in faith. May each of you find each step to be one which is offered to the infinite One as a gift, a testimony of love, for if the Creator is love, then the choice of fearlessness is always correct. "

And here is some more…

“The decision not to attempt power over another is made when the entity grasps that there is no need to have power over others, for all of creation expresses its power in the self. All magical work, therefore, is done upon the self. There is no need to manipulate, teach, control, move or advise other entities. The need is only to do these things within the self, disciplining the self to a more and more balanced and clear acceptance of the universal nature of selfhood, and therefore choosing lucidly and clearly to serve others, to withhold judgment of or control over others, and to practice loving the self, accepting the self and allowing the errors perceived within the self to be self-forgiven.”

An just a little extra…

“Yet to those few who know themselves well enough not to judge, not to control others, but to work on the self, to these few come strength, magical power and illumination of incandescent light which shoots through that darkness of metaphysical field like lightning. The world, as this instrument would say, cannot see that lightning. Only each individual pilgrim upon the positive path who moves into a life in faith, a life without fear, may be illumined. It moves through one, it does not stay with one. And such entities are channels of joy and peace.”

The finale

“We encourage each to be patient, [forgiving], accepting and slow with each fear that keeps it from progressing. Take time to work through the balancing of that fear, overcome it never, but take it within the self, love it, accept it, and gently, strand by strand, part the curtain that keeps the self from progressing fearlessly. This is slow work but it moves one ever towards the truth, the good, and the beautiful.”


I kind of like the ‘dusty pilgrims’ …


Q’uote of the Day
January 19th, 1997

"…It is our humble opinion that the most efficient way to bring the world to peace is to learn peace within the self, for as you think, as you are, so your universe in toto is also, for your consciousness is as a field and each bit of fear that you are able to let drop, each time that you find your heart expanding, the consciousness of your planet is being lightened. There is no lag time between the open heart of self and service to the planet, that lightening of the consciousness of planet Earth. You came among these entities of flesh and bone. You took that flesh upon yourself and buried yourself in a world of shadows because you wished to make a difference. You heard the sorrow of those who dwell with you now. And you wished to stand among them as a witness and as one who was a channel for love. This is your great chance. These are the days you hoped and prepared for, and now the time is upon you, and how quickly, my friends, it is going. Is it not? "

The question for todays transcript. “How can we live from the open heart?” is answered quite well by this empowering quote! Surely tho there can be some more yes? Well why not, this next part is a nice lil metaphor on polarity which is very closely tied to the open heart… Well actually its not little, its rather elaborate :wink:

"If there is a weight hung in space it is, first of all, going to respond to gravity and will hang directly downward. If the pendulum that this represents is very heavy it might take a great deal to get it to sway from side to side. And the first time that the effort is made to swing towards one or the other extreme will most likely be barely sufficient to break the lack of momentum of the downward hanging pendulum, and there will be just a slight movement. What happens with most entities, and this includes those who seek most earnestly after truth, is that [with] the effort made to polarize towards a radiance of being, a generosity and an openness of being, there is an equal and opposite reaction that contracts against fears and makes separations betwixt one thing and another in order to feel more safe. This brings the pendulum back so that there is a slight movement towards service to self. And the pendulum never gets very far in either direction.

What you hoped to do as you attempt to work with you own consciousness in order to accelerate the rate of evolution of your own spirit is to be enough consistent in opening and radiating love that the pendulum begins to move more and more towards the extreme. The more polarized the reactions, the more obvious it will be to you when you make an error. And this means that it can be very poor judgment to become involved in gauging one’s polarity or assessing one’s progress. You have heard that a watched pot is slow to boil, and the over-concern with how one is doing in polarizing will actually be a brake upon the very activity that you had hoped to emphasize.

So the first thing that we would suggest to those who wish to open the heart and to live in the open heart is to refrain from attempting to give the self a spiritual grade. Avoid thoughts of how you are doing. They will come regardless of whether you encourage them or not, but it is your choice if you are wise to allow those thoughts to come and go, for within the illusion that you have worked so hard to enter it is almost impossible to be aware of how one is actually serving. One must simply serve in faith and allow that faith to be sufficient."

Now with living with an open heart here is a very helpful reminder…

“There is within your earthly condition a great array of choices which face you every day, every hour even. And it is easy to begin to look at the things that occur and to think these things have no spiritual nature. “These things are of the world and do not need my attention but only my activity.” And yet we say to you that all things are full of the Creator and by this we mean every stone, every bit of earth, every iota of the wind that blows, and the rains that fall, every diaper changed, every dish washed, every chore, every onerous task, all of these things are instinct with the magical, utter life and that life is love. And the life within you is love also.”

Yes living in open heart may seem a big challenge at first… but as you rest in that frequency… that vibration, it becomes simpler and simpler as per the pendulum example above."

An for the sprinkle on top… From Carla in an interview…

“The vibration of the Creator is within all of us, and we, as the Ra said, we please ourselves by distorting that vibration. But we can also come back to that vibration, and it is within all of us. So the idea is to lesson our distortions, to let joy come up within us, to let all of those things that are infinite and that makes us one have a place in us, and have a free run through our bodies and out into the world again so that we’re really lighthouses. We receive the light from the Creator, and we don’t close our hearts to it. If we don’t do that, then the light just funnels through and just roars out into the creation, and people don’t understand sometimes why they enjoy being with someone who’s filled with joy and who is a lighthouse. They just know that it’s nice to be next to them, and the reason is that their vibrations are so comforting.”



Q’uote of the Day
July 31st, 2007

…Keep the light touch and the sense of humor, that your good life may never become a heavy life, but rather that it may radiate and be as light as light itself.


Really interesting meditation, Quan, thank you.

At one point it says ;

Therefore, when thinking of the Middle East and its issues, may your concern be to affirm and confirm that there is peace, love and compassion that is stronger than the dragon which is thrashing its tail at this time. For dragons shall die. But those values of love, unity, hope, faith and joy shall live forever.


Q’uote of the Day
February 12th, 2006

"…Everyone at all times is receiving the love and the light of the one infinite Creator and is transducing it to a certain extent as it moves through the energy system of the chakras.…If you, as a crystal being, have come to a point within your incarnation where you are relatively restful and content within yourself, then you are probably allowing a good deal of the light of the one infinite Creator to pour through your system undistorted.Discontent and worry is the one perturbation that will most effectively destroy the energy of light. Consequently, as you work to be more and more comfortable within your own skin, you are not being selfish. You are not taking too much time for yourself. You are, rather, working in service to the Creator and to others by clearing your own energy system. It is not selfish to do this work but rather of service to others. "


So reassuring when facing shadowy aspects of self.


Q’uote of the Day
November 28th, 2004

" …We encourage you to choose to trust the moment and not to project into an uncertain future. At this moment all is well and if you must look into the future then look with hope. Think to yourself, I might be surprised at how well this will go. Visualize positively, if you must go into the future and whenever possible we encourage you to remain at peace and at rest and very alert and watchful for the universe is speaking to you. "


Happy new week! Lao Tzu:

The Tao is always at ease.
It overcomes without competing,
answers without speaking a word,
arrives without being summoned,
accomplishes without a plan.

Its net covers the whole universe.
And though its meshes are wide,
it doesn’t let a thing slip through.


Thank you for the quote happy new week too!


Q’uote of the Day
April 16th, 2006

" Let your lives be about love and you shall make of your world the heaven it surely is. When you walk through the gates into larger life you shall only see more of the same, my friend, for you have been there all the time. This day you are in paradise. Believe it and act on it and let the word spread that heaven is on earth today. It is in your hands. It is on your lips. And it is in your heart. "

This incredible story before the quote just has to be heard too…

“we find in this instrument’s mind the example of an entity named Dietrich, who in the Second World War was condemned for preaching the gospel and put in prison. These entities were on starvation rations and were expected to die. This entity knew code, and he would tap out prayers and encouragement on the bars of his cell and other entities who knew code would carry on and pass the word. He would do this every day. He would create services and prayers that sustained an entire prison block of entities through the Second World War. He did die a natural death, but not before he had carried with his love and with his faith an entire community of imprisoned souls into light and love simply because he kept talking, the only way he knew how, about the only thing that mattered to him, which was love.”


So this might sound strange, but it speaks to this reorienting to hope found in this channeling so I’ll pass it along if it’s useful to anyone else. I have this coin in my mind labeled “what if” on both sides. If I am caught in a ‘what if’ mind loop of all the bad things that could happen, I stop and flip the coin to the ‘what if’ side full of possibilites and pleasant surprises:).


It is a type of balancing exercise like talked about in Law of One…well similar principle. Thanks for sharing.


Q’uote of the Day
January 16th, 2005

"…We would ask entities who are looking at themselves upon the spiritual path quite simply, “Who are you?” …This is the essential center of that which draws entities to the path of seeking. Please realize that on this path you are not gathering as much as allowing things to fall away. The deep and true tones of your identity and your right process come clearly, plangently, sometimes plaintively and sometimes triumphantly, but unmistakably, from time to time there will come a moment—this instrument loves to call them “crystalline moments”—that ping like a bell with a very clear indication of meaning and resonance and in that moment, whatever the realization is, it is easy, it is effortless; and you realize that you have reaped the harvest that has been in process for a long time. You finally hear and feel and see the work that you have done but you never know when that moment will come. Such is the progress of one upon the spiritual path. "

Time to pickup a shovel… and start to dig a bit deeper to uncover and unravel this quote further…

"Pitfalls, for the new entity to the path, can involve impatience and that reaching and grasping that are the indication of impatience. These are not difficulties that will end or sideline the spiritual seeking for an entity but such impatience does get in the way of a creation that is set to respond to your needs but in a timely fashion. This means sometimes that one must wait. It is very difficult to wrap one’s mind around the necessity for simple waiting.

The one known as Jim was speaking earlier of his delight at finding the time during the off-season of his work to sit and soak in the silence, allowing the creation to speak as it would to him. This willingness to let oneself drift in the flow of the moment is a great resource for all seekers. The entity, Jim, spoke of sitting at sundown and allowing the light slowly, gradually, to fade away, listening to the sounds of the creatures of the day as they quieted down and listening to the creatures of the night begin to sing their night song and just allowing all of this creation to roll past his eyes and his ears and, walking into his abode at the end of that time, feeling curiously invigorated and refreshed. This model of patience is a great one to carry.

Realize that when a spiritually-oriented question is asked within, the answer may come in the next fifteen seconds but it also may come two weeks or two months later. Energies have been set in motion that now must be trusted. Moving from the question to the trusting and the waiting is a great skill to learn. When you sense impatience within yourself, gently remind yourself that in spiritual seeking there is no time.

As the seeker becomes more sophisticated, as learning builds upon learning, the pitfalls of the path can change. If you are one of those who feels that she has had some experience walking this path, realize that your pitfall may well be knowing too much or feeling that you understand. There is truly no end to the evolving self. As things fall away from you and you become more able to penetrate deeper within your consciousness, you will repeatedly find that you need to release concepts from their stricture. You need to be able to allow new insight to change your carefully built-up intelligence about yourself and the world around you. Do not hold on to your identity or your knowledge in the face of new information. Rather, place aside that which you feel that you know and enter fully into the investigation of that which resonates for you. Do not see it as something that challenges your information, but rather, see it as something that may well help you evolve and put into a whole new pattern the information that is still good for you. When experience mounts up, it is as though some entities were carrying around their entire history of experience and attempting to add everything new in on top of this large pile of acquired information from childhood and previous years. It is a good idea to keep that cup of selfhood tipped out and emptied so that it may receive new wine, new information."

It comes back this quote …
" Ra: I am Ra. It is absolutely necessary that an entity consciously realize it does not understand in order for it to be harvestable. Understanding is not of this density."


What an awesome set of q’uotes. Thank you Quan!!!


Q’uote of the Day
December 26th, 2009

" …The positive emotions such as joy, admiration and love of a romantic or friendly nature are feel-good emotions that are hardly ever evaluated or judged. Nevertheless, it is very helpful when working with positive emotions to pay attention to them also. For just like the negative emotions, the surface of a positive emotion is only the beginning of its intensity, its clarity and its vitality, and it is to the spiritual seeker who focuses on such surface emotions such as joy and allows them to expand and, as we said before, to tell their story around the campfire of the self as it experiences itself that the gift of positive emotions shall come.Likewise, when experiencing the seemingly negative or shadow emotions it is quite useful to behold and allow the awareness of these surface emotions to remain, not pushing them away because they are uncomfortable to behold, but rather gazing at this dark color of emotion and asking it to clarify, to refine itself, to become more pure. "

" it is very helpful when working with positive emotions to pay attention to them also."
Yes an by doing so you can only encourage them to occur more as a path of learning…


Q’uote of the Day

February 9th, 1986

" What a treasure your hearts are when they love. I beg you to love. It does not matter that you do not love perfectly according to your own judgment, it does not matter that you do not love all the time. It matters that you see your inner state of love as the cornerstone of your existence, your seeking and your destiny, for this universe is one thing and one thing only—it is love, the creative love—the one original Thought is love. It is within your heart that this love is reproduced so that you become creative also. "