Bringing out Pointlessness?

I came across the RA material this year. My study of it has grown my spiritual journey exponentially!!! I am so grateful for things unfolding this way.

However, I am having a hard time navigating through a feeling of “pointlessness” and have been trying to find anything in Law of One that speaks to this.

I will expound a tad in order to be more clear.

Being that we are all ONE, and being that there is no right or wrong choices, and being that everything will naturally join the Creator again…I am both awestruck and peaceful…and yet feeling indifferent and pointless.

These are sincere, curious questions. I am not liking the indifferent and pointless feelings. At some times, I feel like “why bother making goals with my business or seeking the ONE at all if that is where we are headed anyway?”

“What is the point of being a beacon of Light/Love for others if we will all merge eventually anyway?” This is uncomfortable and depressing and I feel I am missing some part of The Law of One with all this.

Or, is it negatively oriented entities trying to distract me from the calling of my heart which prompts me too keep seeking?

If we all merge eventually, my single desires are meaningless…right? Why do we even have desires? Should we get rid of them?

All of this leads me to a very confused place of not knowing how to proceed with life.

I have been a seeker of Truth and Love for at least a decade and yet, the Law of One has opened up this discomfort more than any other line of thought.

What am I missing?

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“Were we to look only at the ultimate goal, we would never take that first step for it would seem pointless. This is no less true for us than for you.” ~ Hatonn

When I get to a similar state, I ask myself: “What else is there to do anyway?”. :slight_smile:

I think that when we feel this way, it is a slight imbalance within the first chakras.

But it can also be used to give us an impetus to find, for ourselves, a reason to exist.

The overriding feeling I get when I ponder such things is that it is supposed to be fun at all times. The Universe is supposed to be fun always. It’s all a game after all.

Of course, it does not seem this way while incarnated here. But it is possible to work on how we perceive this world until such a time when it becomes fun to be here again. Nothing changes, but the idea that it is pointless just goes away, because you no longer need a reason to be here, it no longer needs to make sense. Simply because you’re having fun.

We do not actually have to do anything. Just being here helps even if it seems pointless.

So my advice would be for you to find something you like doing. It does not have to seem useful, it could be playing video games for example. Then set your intent to receive more opportunities to do that which you like doing. This will build on itself until you reach a point where you have enough fun living per se that you get much less often to that state of pointlessness.

That makes me feel a bit lighter…thank you.

Could we look at it as if it were a “play” of sorts? Where we are all actors playing a role…knowing full well we are playing a role and yet still acting it out for the sheer joy of being observed?

In the RA material, it is said (basically) that what our choices are not that meaningful…for example, I could choose to be STO while living a relatively mundane life making ends meet for family at a silly job…OR - I could create guided meditations, write books and give opportunities to others if they ask to awaken. To the LoO it makes no difference???

The latter is what really gets my excitement and enjoyment going! It feels like that is what I am “supposed” to do. And yet other times I am so exhausted by life that I just want to eat chocolate and watch movies!!! :joy:

I guess I get hung up on the “supposed” to.

I am reading through Carla’s transcripts of the intensive channeling info and came across the part where she describes negative entities that will come to temp us or distract us…

So, it feels like quagmire, back and forth, mumbo jumbo in my head leaving me indecisive and frustrated.

I feel such Love thru RA in the Law of One…its so solid in my heart…then I go onto other things and it gets messy.

All the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
– W. Shakespeare

So yes behind every actors and actresses (and also the sets and the backdrop) there’s only one man/woman which plays many parts.

This is the background why some people recommend:

  • You are not the body, you are the one who are experiencing the body.
  • You are not the thoughts, you are the one who are experiencing the thoughts.

Within the illusion, human usually define “Goal” as state or event that could happened in the future, and make that as “the point”, without it they say that it is “pointless”.
The point is actually in “the now”, in “the experiencing” not in what events that could happened in the future or events that has happened in the past.


Welcome friend…
I don’t think you are missing anything, I believe you are exactly where you are meant to be, perhaps this is a part of why you are here, I also think that you already have the answers. What triggers you?
Where do you want to go, Where do you want to be? What do you want? What do those around you want? Are you happy? Do you want change…? So many questions to understand the “you”…
You have not done anything wrong, or learned incorrectly, you cannot get it wrong…

I found with myself, observing and distancing myself from the catalyst play out was a part of the catalyst… I had to be tricked to fall back in and get involved again… but that’s the catalyst…

An old Monk once said, and it was pretty much all he ever said… “look further”

Meditation and nature is good at clearing the fog of the mind…

Edit: I like your avatar!

But doesn’t the Law of One contain the desire to “move ahead” which essentially is a “goal” to merge once again with the Creator? Even RA had a desire of sorts to clean up their karma because of the technology they brought to humans in ancient times that didn’t go as expected…which brought to us RA channeled through Carla. THANK YOU Ra and Carla!

I suppose I am wondering then, is it more of a balance between being in the now with the experience we are having while at the same time going towards what is wanted in live?

Yes every “entity/entities” have a natural desire to merge back with the creator.
Just like every character / role have a natural tendency to progress the story towards the ending in a drama play.
Merging back / the ending means the ending of the character / role, some calls it “ego death”, Ra calls it reaching 7th density. While Buddha calls it reaching the state of “Nirvana”.

  1. Wondering if I am being offered negative opportunities by entities of STS.
  2. Never knowing if I am choosing the highest good for my life and for the others I serve.
  3. Other spiritual teachers (not necessarily of the Law of One) that tell us that true awakening is letting go of ALL desires, plans and goals because there is only ONE of us anyway. That when you get to the place of this kind of realization, you will not want to do anything at all. That it is the letting go of seeking…as if seeking is pointless. Because you are seeking yourself and because you are already yourself, there is no need to seek any further.

Number 3 is a huge depressing trigger and knocks me into the pointless realm because I ENJOY seeking and finding! I LOVE catalyst. I am serious about that. While some catalyst is not exactly happy times, I know with such acceptance that it always gets me into a deeper state of I AM I actually lean into all my catalyst, digging into it as far as I can! THAT brings me great satisfaction.

So, if that seeking and serving others in their seeking was taken away from me, it all feels pointless. And then I begin to wonder if I am identifying with my seeking as a part of who I am and that is why I feel triggered when there is this type of catalyst.

I LOVE self inquiry!
I am passionate about it for myself and offering it to others in different forms. I know what I want to do. I am generally happy. I am always wanting change into the higher versions of SELF.

This is something I have always struggled with. Intellectually, I believe this to be true. But as a practice, it’s something I get stuck on…wondering if what I am choosing in the best for me or my family or others. I am always seeking to do the “best” and be the “best” version of myself that nothing ever feels good enough.

Could you elaborate on this? I’m not sure I understand.

I am ALWAYS looking further.
Do you think there is a possibility that I could be looking further in a detrimental way?

Yes, I do meditate. And I live in nature!

Thanks! I actually created it with prompting an AI art generator.

I have listened to a number of spiritual seekers/teachers who have said they reached “ego death” and they describe the process of it as depressing, lonely, torture…words like that. They describe not wanting anything anymore. Nothing interests them anymore, all desires have fallen away. All they do is sit and stare or observe.

From my limited perspective, these people seem to lack the Love and joy…that spark for life that draws our attention into awe, amusement and deep connection, like that which we find in the Law Of ONE. The people I refer to seem calm on the outside, and yet, in their eyes appears a disconnection and emptiness.

Are they being influenced by negative entities?
What is going on with them?

I ask because there are times when I start to feel myself going in the direction of that emptiness and it does NOT feel good at all. Not like other catalyst that is difficult but I have a deep knowing that it will bring about a deeper understanding of SELF.

Usually, it’s when I listen to the empty/pointless people that I start to feel this way.

Meditation helps me to stay present (more often) throughout the day especially when I do things I love hiking mountain biking painting…
Doesn’t have to feel meaningless

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Welcome here AAR, :love_letter:

do not worry, we all feel some pointless times too, welcome to the club !! :smiley: :rofl:
If I do at times, now, I just sort of get detached and feel ok this is just play, just what we intended to do, incarnating. Then it feels, sort of, just easier to just keep doing small things, in a happier way and be grateful.

But welcome to the club !!!


As with everybody my life is/was complicated, I got to a point where I felt like I was sitting in the middle of a busy city watching like clockwork everything unfold around me, I felt peaceful, I felt uninvolved. It felt like I could see how interactions around me ticked, I could see why that person acted that way, and it seemed that nothing could trigger me, if it did, it was only for the briefest of moments, and the balancing would begin, it felt like my catalyst, the lifelong journey was broken. I felt like I was achieving nothing, I thought I had reached my goal. Did I think I was awake, was I enlightened? So I would spend all of my time, every moment connecting with the source within me, that’s all it felt like there was left to do, it felt good, empowering, faithful to self.

Turns out, that was only a smallest of steps within the catalyst… The journey was only beginning…

Buckle up my friend, use your time wisely to hone and prepare your Love/Wisdom and Wisdom/Love which you feel in your heart, that little light within you is about to burst with all the rays of the Sun…

You are exactly where you are meant to be, have a little faith in yourself, you got it right so far, yes?

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I have had many of these moments in the past few years, and they have been increasing, especially after reading/listening to Law of One info. It is wonderful! The expansive awareness that nothing that happens in front of me, or to me is of any consequence is the most brilliant thing I have ever experienced. It is tough to explain with words. It is almost a sign of relief…a relaxing into the now. Into everything. Not a single worry about anything. In those moments I have zero desire for seeking anything or doing anything, everything is good as it is. There is no need to strive or hustle or create…it feels like freedom unburdened by anything.

This is what I keep asking myself in those moments where all I want to do is connect with source and be the LIGHT for others.
I ask, “Is this it? Did I achieve the ONEness?” Then, when that realization strikes…a wave of darkness clouds the feeling and I feel empty. Not quite suicidal…but almost as if I could sit down on my floor and live out the rest of my life there…not eat…not drink…not take a shower…not care for my family. It is not a good feeling for me. And that is why I made the post. It doesn’t feel “right”.

It doesn’t feel like “normal” catalyst. It feels negative…and it makes me wonder if there is some kind of psychic greeting offering something to me to distract me from continuing on my positive polarized path. Otherwise why would I be triggered by something that is freeing? Unless it is parts of my ego dying and trying to make me feel “empty” or “pointless” in order for it to stay around.

Are you saying that those empowered moments you had/have were just a step in this play? That it’s just the beginning?

This makes me feel all kinds of excitement! Lately, I have been feeling to be more disciplined about my time, to really dig into Love and Wisdom…it does feel like there is something inside of me that wants to explode…it feels so intense at time that I get afraid of what will happen!

You are right!

Although…I still have all those questions…
I was born with billions of questions…It’s an insatiable desire to ask and seek…it never seems to stop no matter how hard I try…so when a thought comes up like “I should just let go of the seeking and the questions” it becomes depressing.

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Ra does actually speak of these in detail…

This part is true.
Desire need to fall away, as the border that separate you with ‘others’ also fall away, releasing the consciousness contained inside the border to rejoin the infinite / borderless consciousness.
Such is the backdrop why Siddhartha said “Desire is the root cause of suffering”.
This might seem ‘confusing’ to entities within the (thick) illusion…
Imagine telling Frodo that he is actually Tolkien, playing the role of Frodo, and everyone is actually Tolkien playing respective role and the difficult part is telling Frodo that he is also actually Sauron, Saruman and the Orcs too. For us (purely observer) this is obvious.


Are there any sessions in particular?

Do you think the feeling of emptiness and pointlessness is within the illusion then?

Often I have found when looking for something in particular in the Law of One books, I end up finding the answer to a question I didn’t know I was asking… I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of that.
I could look for you but that would be answering my own questions. It is all relative to perspective.
I am not trying to be elusive, for me this is kind of really important. Let your own mind guide you friend.

Maybe try breaking of the catalyst

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Thank you.
I will do the looking up. I bought the unified index recently too so hopefully it will be easier subject wise…

What does that mean?

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Oh that was bad on my part… I will rephrase…
Maybe try searching for “breaking of the catalyst”

I think it was one of Don’s questions if I recall…

Um… maybe one more thing that came to mind… Mooji… I think I also recall this wonderful man giving a pointing on the pointlessness… Of course, follow what resonates with you…

I feel your doing really well…

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