Samsara and The Law of One

Namaste Brothers and Sister’s.

I have a question in regards to Samsara. For those of you who may not know what Samsara is its the Buddhist term essentially equating to “Cyclic Existence” . The endless cycle of rebirth that all beings are trapped in.

Not only are humans subject to Samsara, but also apparently all of the Divine beings. Their lives, though longer then what we could conceive of, are still subject to Samsara. Endlessly going from density to density. Dismension to Dismension . From the God Realms to the Hell Realms being continually incarnate, never finding true peace.

According to Buddhism the Human Birth is the most auspicious because in the higher level births lives dont have enough suffering and struggle to institute the motivation for change (Lack of catalysts).

I understand that once we progress through the densities that the cycle begins anew, ad infinitum . “I” have “personally” seen this cycle manifest itself to me in visions, and I was wondering if anyone could shed light from The Law of One perspective.

Are the channeled beings subject to Samsara?

Is there any channeled works that speak on ending the endless cycle of rebirths?

What does the Law of One say about the Buddhist notions even Gods being subject to falling back down and having to go through the cycle again?

Any mentions of Nirvana?

Any help would be much appreciated , I resonate deeply with The Law of One, and all of the information I know undoubtedly comes from higher sources of Love and Light, im just seeking to synthesize these Buddhist beliefs ive held with TLO1

It is my understanding that Samsara is describing what Ra called the sinkhole of indifference.

Those not able to make The Choice of polarity are stuck in third density cycles until they eventually make The Choice.

Yes because wanderers who already made The Choice can still come here and get stuck for a while.

There is this.


Yes entities are subject to birth and rebirth…
Experiencing bodies after bodies, but instead of seeing it as ‘endless loop’ it’s more of ‘evolutionary cycle’, where each incarnation session the entity will learn something that makes it’s finite consciousness evolved further.

Yes, in my understanding this is ‘nirvana’ or ‘ultimate enlightenment’. I put my answer below on Nirvana.

Ra/Quo rarely or almost never uses the term “god”, they use the term ‘entity’.

Whether it’s plant or animal (2nd density entity), human (3rd density entity) or even being which often being referred to as “god” or ‘evolved alien’ (4th, 5th, 6th density entity). Ra is a 6th density entity, was experiencing their 3rd density on planet Venus, Jesus or Christ consciousness is a 4th density entity, Demon/Satan/Negative Gods might be 4th or 5th density negative entities, the one who spoke to Moses and claimed to be Yahweh is also 4th/5th density negative entities initially evolved on Orion star systems and so on. And yes they’re also bound by the universal law of ‘karma’.

“Falling back down” might be mapped to the conception of “Wanderer”, where more evolved density entities incarnating into less density realm with it’s less density bodies. Such as 4th density entities incarnating as human (3rd density entity) on earth. Christ consciousness is such example, incarnating as Jesus. Yet the entity will abide to the same game rules of 3rd density realm that they are incarnating into.

I haven’t found a clear information about the density of entity once known as Siddhartha, but he is often being mentioned by Ra/Quo.

Nirvana, literally “blowing out”, the actual understanding differs even among Buddhists.
Some take it as a ‘place/location’ some others as a ‘state of consciousness’.
I took the understanding of the later.
As such, when mapped to Ra/Quo’s state of entity evolution it will be mapped to when an entity has reached an octave or 8th density.

When the lessons of unity have been completed, then it is that entities move into the seventh density, that gateway density of foreverness which allows the movement towards the complete reunification with the one Creator which is completed within the eighth density, as you would call it, thus completing the great cycle of experience, with all experiences gained by each entity offered to the Creator as means by which the Creator has been able to know Itself offered as that which shall become the seeds for the next great octave of experience.

The eighth density is the complete reunification with the one Creator, and is seen by your physicists and astronomers as that which is called the black hole, for within this level of being, all experience, all light, all matter, all of creation is indrawn into the one Creator, so that the fruits of the great journey may be gathered and become the foundation for the further experience and expression of the one Creator.


One way to view this is that all beings are on an evolutionary path which does not cease until one entirely returns to Intelligent Infinity which has no identity and, thus, has no fun either.

So, far as an incarnate lifetime is concerned, the goal, as I can grasp it, is to become as transparent as possible to catalyst, that is, searching self intensely and unceasingly to understand why one responds to ANYTHING with less than pure unconditional love. At the point where one becomes good at this and is continuously in a state of offering divine love as it flows through oneself (that’s the transparent part), then one outgrows the catalyst of this planet and moves on to do other sorts of work.

The term Samsara, as I understand it, has a connotation of being clueless about the process of spiritual evolution. So, becoming aware of this and participating as much as possible as outlined above might be a way to move beyond the cycle of birth and death in a third density format. The idea of people being promoted to god status and then returning here when the merit runs out does not come up, so far as I’ve seen it, in Confederation material, nor does the idea of a human regressing to be reincarnated as an animal.


Intelligent infinity is actually encompass all identities and entities. As the name implies; infinity; which mean has no border / boundary whatsoever.
Thus also all experiences (fun or not fun) as experienced by all identities and entities.
Separation between identities / entities are actually virtual (sanskrit: maya).

I found it easier to be understood using a metaphor of a novel and it’s author.
Metaphorically, all identities in Lord Of The Rings is actually one person, JRR Tolkien, it’s author, Tolkien is all identities and everything inside Middle Earth universe. From perspective of Tolkien, everyone/everything is me, everywhere is here and anytime is now. The separation between Frodo (the protagonist) and Sauron (the antagonist) is actually virtual, both identities are actually Tolkien. When Frodo merged with Tolkien he will instantly realized that I am actually Tolkien and thus Sauron, which was my enemy, is actually also me.

Thus it’s the reason why an entity can connect to the ‘intelligent infinity’ by ‘looking/focusing towards his/her/it’s own self’.


I kind of find really amusing that Mirror finds Intelligent Infinity having no identity, is being no fun either… lol :sweat_smile:

I agree. In addition, there must be some enjoyment involved.

Maybe its like a big quilting bee? The Creator provides the quilting frames and the material, thread, etc. The quilters create designs which express the contents of their imaginations, either individually or collectively. The Creator sits back and watches the evolution of the process with no identity to express and joining in no fun & games, just observing and enjoying the flow of Creation.

In this depiction “The Creator” is really the “Master Provider.” We who quilt are the actual creators. Sometimes we make a mess, sometimes we bridge the material with the supernal and something exquisite is created.

I would say that this process mainly occurs in our meditation and in our sleep…maybe a tiny bit during waking consciousness.

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I like the bee concept…
although… the flicker of Creator inside each of us, probably does, perhaps, enjoy and flows up and down with our own roller coaste… hopefully ?

I think the answers to such questions are simply a function of what we wish to believe. I suspect that enjoyment of a different sort is experienced in the distillation of the experience as compared to the actual drama. But who knows for sure?


ahhhh… the disitllaion, again…