Group Zoom Meeting

Hello brothers and sisters,

My name is Cristian, finally making my first post here from the old forum. My apologies if this isn’t the proper way to advertise meetings. I am part of a Law of One Group based in Orange County, California that has been ongoing for several years. After Covid we transitioned to meeting virtually through zoom and it has been especially convenient for those who live far, so we have stayed with this format. We have several active members with many more who drop in periodically. We discuss Confederation philosophy, pulling information from the Ra Contact, the Q’uo channelings, and many more sources relating to the Law of One, and help each other to apply these teachings to our daily living, and offer loving strength to one another within group meditations. I need not further explain the obvious benefits of working with others upon the path of positive seeking, so we would happily welcome to our group anyone with any experience with the Law of One, large or small.

We meet every other Sunday, and our upcoming meeting is this Sunday, October 23rd. If you are interested in attending, here is the link to our Meetup page:

Do not hesitate to message me here if you have any questions! I wish you all love and light.

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Hi Chris

Thanks for posting this, and yes I think that sounds fun. It would be nice to see and hear others who are on this path. At this point I’m hoping to attend at least a large portion of the meetup.

Thanks for helping to connect us.


Hey Chris, pleasure for you to make your way to the new forum.
Hey man thanks for letting these guys know about the meeting personally don’t know anyone who’s read the Ra Material in my life so this forum is literally the only thing I had lol.

I’ll be there next week.

Thanks for setting this up. I really enjoyed it and it was great meeting with like minded people. This was my first one, and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Just felt like I was with family.

Fond memories of a virtual reunion

Kev Im so glad you were able to make it. I personally want to go to one of those L/L things and see Jim before he transitions-thats one of my goals.

If you go to the next Meetup gathering and I see you please dont be disappointed:Im a 5 ft 5 fat man named Derick Appling from Wisconsin whos prematurely graying at the ripe age of 25 living in my mothers spare room with dreams of becoming a famous gamer.So…fair warning brother…:stuck_out_tongue:

Again, your joy at the meeting is my joy,hope to see you soon.

Yes Derick (Usernamewho) , I’m also really glad I attended and I’m looking forward to attending again this sunday. Would someone mind posting the details?

I won’t be disappointed if your not disappointed. I’m a paunchy, past his prime, ear hair growing double chin growing flat feet having bipedal meat sack. But the optimist in me would like to remind you that George Clooney is also you, so Good on you! as the Brits say. Or is it Pip Pip Cheerio…

I requested to join some time ago but my request hasn’t been addressed

Hey Steven! I don’t see an application on the site at the moment, please apply again and I will happily accept your entry. I do know one person was denied recently because they said they had not read any of the law of one, so be sure to have read at least some of it so that you may be familiar with the basic concepts and terminologies that we will discuss! Let me know if you encounter any further difficulties.

Hello Derick! We would love to have you attend! I am a gamer as well, and I am currently developing one as a passion project, so we may have plenty of common ground. I hope to see you at the next meeting this Sunday, Nov. 20th

Chris you are too sweet, Im glad Ive found others whove read the LOO. Enjoy your meeting brother…blessings.

Thanks Chris.
I removed my request after a few weeks but have requested again.

Meeting was great :+1: I’m looking forward to the next!

Hello everyone,

I’m so happy to be meeting so many new people who seek the law of one and learning so much from our circle. It is a great pleasure to be meeting with you all, sharing our burdens, and working together to achieve profound spiritual heights.

Since many of our new attendees have expressed interest in ways to be of service, especially healing, our next meeting will focus on practical techniques to balance and heal ourselves, for to be a good healer/channeler I think first requires that one be skilled at healing themselves and becoming balanced enough to a degree.

We will also continue with our routine investigation of one of the 22 archetypes. Continuing from last meeting, this week’s archetype is Arcanum 18, the Experience of the Spirit. We would encourage all attendees to investigate this archetype for themselves prior to the meeting. You can find a link to the image here.

As always, however, the discussions will be an open forum for anyone to throw in topics that deeply interest them.

Our next meeting is this coming Sunday, December 18th. I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces, and I wish you all good traveling on your paths!

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