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Hey all, I’m pretty new to the Law of One but I have been devouring the material as of late. As I’m sure many of you can relate, I have felt a resonance with the teachings of Ra from very early on in my reading and I’m currently almost done with the Ra Contact very much ready to keep going. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed though by the vast amount of reading material there is out there so I’m looking for any recommendations on what a good next step might be.

I’d love to become more familiar with other Confederation channelings, but would it be better to just start from the beginning with the L/L Research archives, or would it suffice to just read Voices of the Confederation? Or is the more recent Q’uo channelings better because it’s newer and might relate more to what’s going on now?

Or might it be a better idea to go deeper first by reading some of the auxiliary explanatory material offered like Living the Law of One and A Wanderer’s Handbook? I have purchased the Concept Guide but I’m expecting this to be more of a reference book than something I read from beginning to end.

I know ultimately only I can decide what the best path forward is but any thoughts y’all might have on what a good “reading roadmap” might be post-Ra would be worth considering. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Welcome to this corner of outer space.

I expect you’ll try a little of all of that. What I find most useful–after some years of doing the same–is searching the channeled stuff by topic. One things leads to another and you can wade into it as deeply as you can tolerate. This approach has served me quite well., much more than reading the channeling sessions in series (which took a rather long time).

Best of luck with it.

Ah nice, I hadn’t realized you could search the entire archives, that’ll be a really useful tool I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. Thanks

When you get to the llresearch-dot-org website, click on the magnifying glass and there you can begin.


In my opinion, this Living the Law of One: The Choice is a great companion to read with the The Ra Material. There is also a great source on YouTube Original Audio of the Ra Material. Cheers!

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Welcome. Just adding my 2 cents of solidarity. I’m also a new-ish reader of the Ra material. I felt a bit overwhelmed about how to keep exploring and absorbing with so much available. I actually did both suggestions on this post: searched by keyword on the LL site and read The Choice.

Another avenue is the podcast Living Love & Light. Each episode is a channeling from the LL transcripts chronologically. Makes a good soundtrack to the daily commute.

Bon voyage :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s what I was leaning towards so I think I’m gonna go with that, thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome! Just checked out Living Love & Light and I’m gonna start listening tonight :slight_smile:


I would 2nd this. The Choice 101 has been a great asset to my journey with the LoO


Hi ejay

I’m new to the Forum and, yes, familiar with that Ra resonance, and what a relief it was to have all my own questions answered after years of searching through other materials for something that made sense to me!

I found it really helpful to re-read the Ra Material / Law of One books, at intervals, more than once as each time they took me through ever deeper layers of understanding and contemplation :slight_smile:

I’ve done the same with Voices of the Confederation and the Wanderer’s Handbook (which was so helpful to me) Also, as background to how it all started, Secrets of the UFO.

All that said, we all have our prefences in seeking, particular to our own journeys, so I’m sure you’ll find your way as you tune in to all the resources available. I’m older so prefer physical books I can make notes in or highlight poignant (to me) paragraphs :slight_smile:

With much Love & Light
Debbie (UK)