Ra Tarot (I created images for the Archetypes)


I first learned about the Law of One about a decade ago between Reddit and Bring4th and devoured the material and companion texts.

What stood out more than anything else to me was always Ra’s unique interpretation of the Tarot. Something about their approach resonates deeply within me and I have since devoured everything there is to know about Tarot history with an emphasis on its eventual Egyptian origins and interpretations.

While all decks somehow reflect on the underlying original archetypes, I have always felt the need for a contemporary visual (and tactile) companion to help fellow adepts grasp the Ra approach to Tarot. Elements like densities/colors and the particular ways of pairing the cards are unique to Ra, and seem especially important navigating the archetypes.

So I took it upon myself to design this deck. I spent a good few years conceptualizing it, but always fell short as an illustrator. Thankfully ChatGPT and DALL-E have a remarkable grasp of the underlying texts, and thus could be used to generate imagery which accurately represents the concepts described on each card by Ra.

I am excited to share with you all this deck first hand and for free. These designs were finished only days ago but I’m looking for all kinds of feedback from you. The Ra material means the world to me and I want to treat the research with utmost care. I haven’t reached out to L/L yet - and I’m open to your input.

I tried a few different processes for creating the deck and landed on: 1) ask ChatGPT to analyze each Archetype page and extract the keywords that best describe the complex in unique terms. 2) these keywords were then attached to a DALL-E prompt which asks ChatGPT to “consider the matrix of the mind and the following keywords, generate images which represent the concept”. I requested an Egyptian style in order to “ground” the imagery from being too ethereal. Colors were also guided by specifying a palette.



Matrix of the Mind:

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Great Way of the Spirit

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Reading suggestions:

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Full spread:


Using the Ra names is a good idea. I find the traditional names are overly specific and have too much stigma and bias associated with them.


Fascinating application of AI. Thank you for sharing!

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absolutely lovely. thank you for sharing :green_heart:

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Color me impressed! Beautiful and interesting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. I like the Significator of
the Body image creation. This is the hanged
man commonly depicted suspended upside
down. Here, upside-downess comes by way
of reflection. When I think about this
archetype, it reminds me of dichotomies if
wholes. For example, powerful yet powerless,
or suspended and suspenseful, etc.
And here it’s upside-up and upside-down.

Our reflections come in many forms and
we might not recognize ourselves as
upside-down in our reflections, or else it
takes some time to pause and see ourselves
in our reflections by others.

Also, in the liberation following experience,
may come a recovery from something
stressful - creative endeavor can have
cycles of stress and recovery where we
stand back and admire creations.

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I am considering the idea of creating a course on each archetype. I love your images and was wondering if you would consider allowing me to use the images on a licenced to use basis?

Thanks, and regards,


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Of course that’s OK! I am also working on a design variation that more closely resembles the existing “egyptian style” tarot decks used by LL Research in the sessions. Would love to help out with the course if you want.

Thank you so much - would you be able to send me the images via e-mail or Dropbox or similar? I would also love to use your existing “Egyptian style” tarot when they are ready. Regarding help with the course, I’m authoring a book called The Great Way - The Traveller’s Journey. When that is complete, my idea is to take each archetype in order, providing a module on each, for a Udemy type course. How would you like to help?



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Hey Hugh. You can download the high resolution images for free on the Gumroad link. LMK if something doesn’t work.

Not sure how I can help, but maybe if you want a second pair of eyes evaluating the content.

I searched for Hermes and found this thread. In reading Doreal’s Emerald Tablets “Becoming Thrice Greatest” is mention of Egyptian Ba and Ka which goes together with Ahk. A pelican is sometimes seen gliding upon the
spindrifts of waves, producing a stoked feeling. The created experience may be Ka, the flight might be
Ba, and the stoke may be Ahk. This talks to the
Great Path of the Spirit, “The World” which might be
considered a testament of transcendence via Mind, Body, Spirit posing connection to Thrice Greatness. Think about surfing the waves on the Sun’s Corona, alongside Ra, how would you do that?

On a side note:
Here’s a picture of a fairly simple 3-D printed Calabri-Yau!

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sorry for not responding earlier - you mentioned the Gumroad link, where can I find this?

No worries.
Here: Ra Tarot • Digital Deck • Tarot for Self-Initiation
Also: Aesthetic Hermetics

The Calabi-Yau reminds me of a simpler idea,
Zernike polynomials which orthogonally superimpose
to mathematically describe wavefront distortions
existent in optical systems used for things like
telescopes or microscopes to better see the
universe. Some metaphysical analogy might
likely describe aberrations in vibrational space
of human existence, i.e. tuning as a discipline
that flattens aberrations for better seeing.

I forgot to mention, the magic word “ZIN-URU”
mentioned in Doreal’s Emerald Tablets “Key of
Time” reminds me of Zernike polynomials.
Sometimes low order aberrations can be nulled
by combinations of canceling higher order
aberrations. Metaphorically, people may have
some distortion bias one way that gets nulled
by other distortions. I think part of Carla’s
tuning challenge, testing the contact to check
for congruency of Christ consciousness helped
her put at ease her concern, manage her fears,
which improved her channeling connections.
Others who channel fearlessly, may not need
such double checks, however the quality of
Carla’s messages are something to admire.
I think she somehow personally tailored her
tuning approach to null her distortions, and
this is analogous to an optical instrument
that is diffraction limited, for clearest possible
seeing of the light coming through.