Chat GPT and the Ra Material: Poem about the Law of One

Prompt: write a sonnet about the law of one philosophy in iambic pentameter in the style of RA

In all the universe, a single law doth reign,
The Law of One, from stars to smallest grain.
All entities are parts of one great whole,
Connected by a cosmic, boundless soul.

Each being, though unique, is but a part
Of something greater, with one common heart.
No creature lives alone, all are entwined,
In cosmic harmony, their fates aligned.

This law of unity doth guide us all,
From birth till death, through life’s great, ebbing thrall.
It teaches us to live in love and peace,
And find our place in balance and release.

So let us strive to live in unity,
And let the Law of One our souls set free.

Written by Chat GPT