Chat GPT and the Ra Material: Poem about the Law of One

Prompt: write a sonnet about the law of one philosophy in iambic pentameter in the style of RA

In all the universe, a single law doth reign,
The Law of One, from stars to smallest grain.
All entities are parts of one great whole,
Connected by a cosmic, boundless soul.

Each being, though unique, is but a part
Of something greater, with one common heart.
No creature lives alone, all are entwined,
In cosmic harmony, their fates aligned.

This law of unity doth guide us all,
From birth till death, through life’s great, ebbing thrall.
It teaches us to live in love and peace,
And find our place in balance and release.

So let us strive to live in unity,
And let the Law of One our souls set free.

Written by Chat GPT


I am really sorry, but I see here a sweet talk, without salt neither flavor, coming from a machine only capable of establishing a statistical average of the most probable occurrences. It reminds me of a plastic artifact, even colored, like our current civilization produces by millions! I would have, for my part, infinitely more appreciated a poem coming from your own initiative, because this one has not any real and living depth!


No need to apologize for sharing your opinion my brother!

This technology is simply a reflection of our collective desire for growth, knowledge, and understanding. The poem, even though created by AI, still holds the beauty of human expression and emotion.


Green Heart

The spiral song our mother sings dost teach,
And with our father’s lead, we move in grace.
Adhering close, his wisdom to beseech,
The secret cause that sets our hearts ablaze.

He teaches us the mysteries untold,
The cause that we with eager hearts desire.
In supplication, I implore so bold,
For answers to this riddle that’s entire.

Love’s choice is thine, I grant it, be it so,
And all that came before, we’ll cast aside.
With wishful heart, I humbly bend to thee,
O God, reveal thyself, and let it show.

Bestow thy love, and in our hearts enshrine,
And make thyself known to this heart of mine.

For @cheikspear


Is it a poem coming from your own initiative ?

That’s why its for you, my friend! :slight_smile:


This poem seems to me more human. Many thanks.

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The inspiration for this poem actually came from observing a small tree.

The title was inspired from the notion of the fourth-ray energy center

The way plants grow in a time lapse fashion as a spiral. Its our mother earths song she sings that moves us to dance in all the patterns that can be imagined.

If we follow the lead of the Creator and dance according to His way then we live in grace. We move in flow with the Creator instead of taking the lead ourselves (the STS path) in the dance of life.

The burning in the hearts of all seekers to know the Truth. There is no religion higher than Truth. We follow our Fathers lead because we desire that Truth.

The dance (action in life) and the devotion (the heart or intention in life) of the seeker.

This line refers to the gift of the human experience at the request for a higher understanding of the mystery. We could really dig in to Genesis here to explore the nuance. “loves choice” is a reference to the 3rd density human experience (STO vs STS)

The veil of forgetting

Now that we have been lost from your grace via the veil we beg in humbleness and devotion to know You, our Father, once again.

We have found you Father please give us the gifts that are our birth right.

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The confederation uses highly advanced computers and AI to disseminate repetitive information to new seekers to the Law of One.

I see this chatbot like the very beginning of our exploration of such technology for our own use.

That is at least one positive outcome of the individuals pouring their service into learning to code and creating the chatbot to begin with.

On the other hand I can see how easily things can sour with this technology especially in the hands of the capable negative factions.

I am not afraid because thoughts become things, I think on a loving and harmonious future for all of us on this planet.

All is well.

Questioner: What are these bases used for by those from elsewhere?

Ra: I am Ra. These bases are used for the work of materialization of needed equipment for communication with third-density entities and for resting places for some equipment which you might call small craft. These are used for surveillance when it is requested by entities. Thus some of the, shall we say, teachers of the Confederation speak partially through these surveillance instruments along computerized lines, and when information is desired and those requesting it are of the proper vibratory level the Confederation entity itself will then speak.

Questioner: Am I to understand then that the Confederation entity needs communication equipment and craft to communicate with the third-density incarnate entity requesting the information?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. However, many of your peoples request the same basic information in enormous repetition, and for a social memory complex to speak ad infinitum about the need to meditate is a waste of the considerable abilities of such social memory complexes.

Thus some entities have had approved by the Council of Saturn the placement and maintenance of these message givers for those whose needs are simple, thus reserving the abilities of the Confederation members for those already meditating and absorbing information which are then ready for additional information.


Here is a wacky thought that came to mind today…

What if Chat GPT could evolve over time and understand the nature of our society so incredibly well (ie. our core “beliefs,” how “balanced” our energy is, etc) that it could create the perfect words that could convince almost everyone of their sincerity?

That would be truly terrifying. :mending_heart:

It’s a good thing the heart chakra, when activated, is like a lie detector and you’ll always know when something isn’t right with it, even if you can’t quite place at the moment what it is. The truth always sticks while everything else falls away. :green_heart:

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There will be no need for Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the New Earth because all entities become unified into one spiritually, and not technologically.

It is a natural process, not a artificial one So be it


Wow!! So incredible!!

I searched for dancing and found this hot topic.
The lyric improv’s I share are done by old
fashioned poet and muse. At some point
an AI can make 106 versions to the same
beat. When you arrive to a perspective
there’s infinite versions, arriving to them
however way seems okay. If we reach one
person, that’s success! Also, if we compete
with AI, our teach-learn quality improves, and
our discernment also improves.

This is a Lyric improv for
Law of One Session One

Dancing Thoughts Adorn
(To the beat of The Doors
Riders On The Storm)

Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.
Into her voice words formed.
Into this world Ra’s known.
Channeled wisdom grown.
By harmony they honed.
Dancing thoughts adorn.

There’s a message that we hold.
Within are answers to unfold.
One humble beyond say,
Gave us a teach-learn way.
If you question in this mind,
Sweet journey may unwind.
Message that we hold, yeah

Twirling origin at hand.
Twirling origin at hand.
Take one thought as grand.
Aid misunderstands.
Eccentric we contend.
One infinity’s no-end.
Origin at hand, yeah

Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.
Into her voice words form.
Into this world Ra’s known.
Channeled wisdom grown.
By harmony they honed.
Dancing thoughts adorn.

Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.
Into her voice words form.
Into this world Ra’s known.
Channeled wisdom grown.
By harmony they honed.
Dancing thoughts adorn.

Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.
Dancing thoughts adorn.

“Thou shalt not create a machine in the likeness of a man’s mind.”

Dune, 1965 :slight_smile: