8th density ---> Will our memories survive?

Do you think our memories and personalities will be preserved after we pass into the 8th density and reunite with God?

I searched for an answer to this question and found an interesting answer in the text of an insider who described himself as a member of a group following Lucifer’s activities.

There’s an interesting question in question block #84.

Question: If an individuated soul were to release every aspect that formed the basis of the individualization, every belief, identification, and thought, would that soul cease to be individualized and so realize it is All (i.e, reunification with the Godhead)?

Answer: This is more or less accurate, though even in reunion with the Creator (Godhead, as you say) an individuated soul retains its “individuality;” it is complicated to explain with words.

This insider’s answer seemed vague and unclear to me. He seemed to agree with the author of the question that reunion with God happens when you give up all thoughts and things that form your identity. But then what “individuality” is he talking about?

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These two non-LLR Q’uo transcripts may be helpful:


Yes “my memories and my personality” will fade.
It’s however the ‘claim of ownership’ or the ‘my’ that will fade as ‘limited identification’ fades away as ‘separation’ also fades away.

But the memory of the experience (thus also the change of personality of virtual avatar over time) is always preserved.
Preserved “here” (and there everywhere)…

I don’t understand why my memories should disappear? How can something disappear in infinity and unity? Roughly speaking, if there is an infinity and I am in it, what limitations can there be for me to access everything in infinity?

It is not “your” memories per se.

Memories require the flowing of “time” to be made.

Things that happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year, past life/lives… are “memories.”

Who “you” are, is beyond memories. You always existed, and were here, is here, and will be here.

You stepped into a virtual world, dawning your avatar, and now are associating “this” memory with “you.”

all memories are stored, in the Akashic record some may call it.

It doesn’t simply “disappear.”

You are someone who is no longer the 5 years old in the past,

You are someone who is no longer the 10 years old in the past,

Yet, all those “memories” exist, and here you are, accessing them and choosing your next action based on your previous knowledge (memories.)

Ironically, you are accessing everything right now in infinity.

The only dilemma I see in your queries is that you are associating the infinite “you” with the finite “you.”

Therefore it is natural for “it” to ask… “What about me?”

I hope this helps,

WIth much light

Thank you for your interesting reply. After reading your words, I am a bit confused.

So what you’re saying is:

Who “you” are, is beyond memories. You always existed

If I have always been, always existed, in what form then? I.e., why do I need to live my life, to be born on earth? It logically follows from this that I needed it, i.e., something is already known about me: I may lack something, i.e., I do not possess something. And we can say that I incarnated on earth to fill the need in something.

Okay, but then I don’t understand the meaning of these words:

Ironically, you are accessing everything right now in infinity.

If I have access to this mysterious infinity, why do I need to come to the material world? Well, roughly speaking, I’m leading my thought to the fact that if I am, as you say, a part of infinity, then it turns out that I’m already super-duper cool and I don’t need anything, I already have absolutely everything, I have achieved absolutely everything, but, as you see, I was born and now I’m talking to you, so I’m not so super-duper cool.

The only dilemma I see in your queries is that you are associating the infinite “you” with the finite “you.”

I didn’t quite understand what you mean by this, but I try to express myself in simple language and speak as straightforward as possible. I don’t understand how I can exist forever. I mean such a concept of eternal existence I understand only in the sense that there is some very beginning of my existence. I imagine it as follows: somewhere inside of incomprehensible eighth density, or simply speaking infinity, I suddenly woke up or realized that I existed. And having no knowledge of myself, I began to explore everything around me, came into the material world as in fact the only place where I could in fact come. This is a logical concept for me.

The point is, I’m not denying that I’ve been somewhere all this time. I’m just saying that there must be some beginning in my awareness. I mean, I see it this way: I was initially resting in some place completely unconscious, and then suddenly, inside that infinity, I suddenly realized myself as separate, and decided to sort of separate myself from that infinity, or you can say separate from the one creator, in order to explore and understand what I am. And that’s exactly why I use incarnations, because I need this experience, which I initially don’t have. This is kind of “I need the material world.”

Why am I the way I am? I mean, why do I like sad music, but someone likes funny music? Are you saying that it’s all about these “memories” that aren’t really part of my “real” self? Do these “memories” affect my tastes in life? Or is it the influence of my real self that is beyond my memories?

Then I’m interested to know how you see yourself as “real”, I mean, in what words would you describe this “I”, which, as you say, is beyond the influence of memories?



Your question will bear fruit from the seed you have sowed. In time.

No one can tell you what you lack, or what you need. Only you know this, and the catalysts in your life will give you many opportunities to discover your answer.

A candle I can light for you is… Do you know love? Can you describe it? do you feel it without thought? Where does it take you?

You are speaking from a place of contrast…

The contrast of duality.

You speak from a place of form… And you question it… Yet, you have a concept of the “formless.”

Have you taken the middle path?

You are, quite exquisitely and beautifully cool actually. :blush: One in an infinite, unique.

Have you ever experienced “time dilation?” It usually occurs when one’s adrenaline is pumping. Life/death situation, car accident, psychedelics, etc.

This is difficult to conceptualize when the body has an expiration date.

If you are associated with your body, then when you die, your flesh, your bones, everything that is physical. Doesn’t it become something else? Nothing is destroyed, Nothing is created, only transmuted.

In that sense, aren’t you eternal?

That is “if” you are associated with your body.

But if you are associated with your mind, then when you sleep, are your dreams the eternal part of your mind?

Do we dream when we die? or is this a dream?

Now the last one… The spirit… How do we even begin with this…

Well… it starts with… Who are you?

Do you know?

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This passage is beautiful, and it is sprouting, so I am isolating it for you to observe its beauty.

Imagine you are creating a character in a video game, or d&d, etc.

You choose different “background” stories, traits, and so forth of your avatar.

You then play this character within its confine and its limitations. With all of it’s “likes” or “dislikes.”
All of these things are “memories” of the system. That is why on this planet, what you like, dislike, do, not do, achieve, not achieve, life-stories etc. etc. Your “path” in life, has been walked and will be walked by others.

Even your name… Robert is/was not the first “Robert.”

Through this, you are learning more about “you.”

Although your “avatar” is not the “real” you. It is a combination of choices you have made for you to partake in this game of “form.” The game of incarnations.

The “real” you is probably something indescribable in this world.

Imagine if the video game world was “real.” And you try to explain our world to a video game character. It wouldn’t understand. Because of its limited parameter of existence.

The biggest difference between incarnation and “video games” is that you are fully convinced that one is real. But that is not a mistake, or wrong, it is by design.

So you can genuinely make your choice from your heart. (This is a density of choice)

I don’t try to describe it, It is gone the moment I speak about it, and yet, it is always there.

I am real because I am,

I am that I am.



Thank you for your answers.


I would really like to see it… I have no idea what I really look like if it’s even possible to “see” this unique part of infinity. But there is a reason for this, and I will write about it at the down.

No one can tell you what you lack, or what you need. Only you know this, and the catalysts in your life will give you many opportunities to discover your answer.

I also came to this logical conclusion because, since I am unique in the context of a piece of infinity, my vision of the world and my thinking are still unique in some part. This applies absolutely to all people and all living beings. And since everything around us is alive, I find this uniqueness simply beautiful and aesthetically astounding.

A candle I can light for you is… Do you know love? Can you describe it? do you feel it without thought? Where does it take you?

I decided to answer here why I don’t know what I “really” look like.

I subconsciously avoided meditation in every possible way, and it seems that I have some kind of subconscious fear of it. Maybe I’m afraid to see something inside of me. But still, somewhere inside, I understand that I need to meditate to find out the answers to my questions, because I understand the “specifics” of my questions, i.e., only I can answer the question of why I exist, as well as the question of why I chose this particular eye color, and so on.

I also find it very interesting that my dreams have never been in any way related to my spiritual seeking. I mean, I see dreams about absolutely meaningless nonsense, everyday routine, and absolutely nothing mystical, paranormal, and so on. This makes me sad, but at the same time, I began to suspect that there is some kind of barrier inside me that prevents me from diving deeper into myself, and I am forced to float on the surface of my everyday, routine dreams.

The only thing I find interesting is that in my dreams it’s always dark, it’s dark outside, the streetlights aren’t on, and often in my dreams I would try to switch on the electricity in the house but it wouldn’t work, the flashlights wouldn’t work either, and there was a darkness all around that frightened and depressed me.

As for love, it’s a difficult feeling for me. I feel unnecessary and superfluous most of my life, the care of my family helps me, but this feeling of inner loneliness sits deep in me. I am very often visited by anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness, but I have learned to more or less “turn off” thoughts, turn on music, and be distracted in extreme cases. Maybe I’m afraid to meditate because I’m afraid to be alone with my thoughts. But all these fears are too weak in front of my desire to find out why I exist.

Have you ever experienced “time dilation?”

Yes, it happened to me a couple of times, but for me, it wasn’t something paranormal or weird. I kept my sanity and calm.

Who are you? Do you know?

One day, I tried to think seriously about this question. I tried to meditate seriously for the first time, and a strange image appeared in my mind.

I saw a very, very ancient tree. I can’t even describe it in words, I just felt something incredibly ancient and wise, and I had an image of this very, very thick old tree rooted somewhere in the soil for a few seconds, but it was an intense feeling. I experienced a sense of strange, very, very serene calm.

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Good stuff. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, these are very beautiful words.

They get to the very core of why I wrote this post – to get to the bottom of what we’re all really doing and what’s going on.

Usually Q’uo answers seem the most human to me, or I just like the logic Q’uo uses, it’s like they look at the very core of things and speak concisely and precisely at the same time. To me, it looks aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest.


Now “you” (or “I” from your perspective) is identified towards a human and a tree.
Triggered by a collection of “memory”.

Just like tree, human body will also become dysfunctional, then who/what is “you” (or “I”) when such event has happened?

According to Ra, this is what “you” really is; and this is the ‘core’ concept of the Law Of One.

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation.
You are unity.
You are infinity.
You are love/light, light/love.
You are.
This is the Law of One.
– The Law of One, Book I, Session 1

Or the same law, retold in different way:

The Law of One , though beyond the limitation of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that
All things are one,
That there is no polarity,
No right or wrong,
No disharmony,
But only identity
All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite Creator.
– The Law of One, Book I, Session 4

The memory will survive, but the identity / identification change throughout time.

I think we need to understand better our own nature if we are to understand how we continue our existence from Octaves to Octaves.

Here is a great discussion that can help one be in an helpful frame of mind before delving deeper on questions of memory survival.

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Right. It’s just like reincarnation: we think naturally that it means I will reincarnate in a different body, time, culture, etc as I conceive of myself now at this moment. But think back to your early years when you were young; were you really the exact same person as you are now? Of course, there is a continuity. But you had different horizons, different problems, a different setting In which you created yourself and your experience of the world.

What is unique about us, I’d argue, is not our personalities or specific traits. It’s something deeper, something more ideal and ineffable that our personalities channel based on how we learned to express our energies. And at that basic level of learning in childhood where all the foundations of incarnate personality were assembled and integrated, we weren’t doing it self-consciously; our self was almost being constructed as a mixture of willful creation, coping mechanisms, chance experiences that left a mark, etc. I’m not saying, we don’t have any qualities that we bring incarnation to incarnation; only that we in this moment with this veiled consciousness are not in a position to necessarily understand or appreciate it

Now if you follow me that who we really are, and therefore who we really incarnate as comprises a wide breadth of possibilities, then imagine a situation where the very basis of creation is changing. Take one big example: incarnating on a planet with a different approach to the archetypal mind, a different Logos. Will we really be recognizably the same person when the very means by which we expend energy on a foundational level gets warped so absolutely?

The mystery is that what is essential in us is the same, but again: we are in no position to appreciate it when we’re under the veil. This is why I think channeling is the appropriate way to think about incarnation: we are kind of feeling out different ways to express that essential self with new features, qualities, behaviors, hangups, talents, distortions, etc. This is how the Creator affirms and experiences the infinity of consciousness, through our illusory separation where each unique facet of the Godhead processes itself through a new experimental reality.


On the topic of consciousness, memories, and beyond.

I can’t help to feel the recalling of loved ones and fond memories with souls that are close to us in this incarnation.

Tis the season,

Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Uncle, Grandma, grandpa,

let us transcend the past, without rationalism, without thoughts, and with love.

Make that call to someone special, that could feed you, or be fed with love.

Much love everyone,

Happy holidays :heart: :sun_with_face:



Happy holidays!

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My analogy is ocean that produces drops flying and returning back to the ocean.

You don’t exist as an individual, knowing this experientially is yoga, Sadhguru

According to Q’uo, every event unfolds under the watchful gaze of The One. Each succeeding moment and experience is inherently positive; therefore, what we commonly term as a “memory” is recorded and processed by The One.

The true inquiry lies in determining whose memory it truly is, and if an idea or thought constitutes a memory, who is the rightful owner. Pursuing this further, according to Q’uo, individuality within the 3rd Density is somewhat illusory and transitory. Our thoughts emanating within our “mind” originate from the Creator’s contemplation (stemming from the Original Thought).

Therefore, also memories from life are not exclusively stored within individuality. Memories are indirectly acquired through individual experiences. Any memories an individual retains can be relinquished and freed from after death and further life, if individual choose so, thus preventing them from becoming burdensome baggage.

Concerning The One’s memories, nothing is ever lost, nor can it be lost, for everything resides within The One. It was, is, and forever will be. Nothing escapes. The Universe/Creator perpetually expands infinitely, evolving, albeit without necessarily attaining infinity itself, as it is a concept somewhat indistinct.

Also notice: “social memory complex.”

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