SPLIT: Yogi's earning a living

I’m starting private yoga next month. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit expensive when you are alone with a real yogi, but I think it’s not really yoga without this level of personalization. I have a friend that might join me. So that would cut the cost in 2 while still retaining enough personalization.


why does it cost so much? It shouldn’t cost hardly anything for someone to teach or to give their spiritual fruits to another. If the yogi uses their spiritual fruits as a source of income, should they? Isn’t that what the world is for? All the great spiritual teachers have barely charged a dime or nothing at all. That would be strange if Q’uo asked for a sacrifice of any resource to impart spiritual concepts to your members or to you.

It is quite possible that I could have found a yogi who has no material needs of their own.

But in my opinion, whether the Universe showers me with abundance so that I can afford such a service or whether the Universe showers a yogi with abundance so that they can teach all freely, it comes down to the same thing. The Universe has enabled this one way or another.

For all we know, that yogi might very well be charging those who they know can afford it in order to teach freely those who cannot.

Incidentally, channeling Q’uo does ask for sacrifice. If we consider personal time to be a resource. The channeler prepares itself for days before a session while sacrificing personal endeavours.

I am curious, entity known as Patrick, what is it you desire to learn or to become through this endeavour? What treasures do you seek form the yogi or from the experience?

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Every start of year it seems I always have similar new year resolutions. They are normally related to affecting the physical vehicle via changes on external actions.

This time around, I figured it would be a better idea to act from within first and let this filter out to the physical vehicle.

So it seems to me that real yoga provides a good set of methods to go about reconfiguring the whole self in a more holistic fashion.

Now in plain English. :wink: I want to lose weight! But this time I won’t diet and exercise for weight loss, I’ll do yoga so that better nutrition and better physical condition comes naturally and organically.

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What’s your yogi’s background? Is he a bear? (kidding) Is it some take on Ashtanga Yoga or Bhakti Yoga or Kundalini Yoga or something else? With what lineage is he affiliated? Or did he make up his own yogic identity?

They went to india for a couple years in early 2000s and continued training here in Québec up until now.

It looks like it is Viniyoga. A hatha yoga based on Patanjali’s sutras.

But I made it clear that I wanted to focus on all yoga aspects (Karma, Bhakti, Rāja and Jñāna).

So we shall see how that goes. The first session is in a few weeks.

That’s funny, Viniyoga world headquarters turns out to located close to where I am. As far as I can tell, it seems to be physically based and not much concerned with Bhakti and Jñāna. But, you know, they say that studies of modalities of talk therapy show that the modality is secondary to the quality of the actual practitioner. So, I hope you do find someone who can truly and skillfully lead you right to the things which would benefit you the most. Please give us a report in a few months, if you you wouldn’t mind.

Yes although that place also provides entirely philosophical sessions.

My future yogi is nearing her 70s and after my talk with her I think this whole process will be useful for me. She is an old colleague of mine now retired.

But I will certainly report back on my experience. :slight_smile:


Sure, as long as you are only paying for his incedential needs such as food, clothing, shelter; but the yogi if he desired to live a more comfortable life should have a full-time second job or live poor like many of the ones in the past have lived. Passing on free knowledge should really be paid forth and given to the worthy student for free while the student pays for small incedential costs of living for his guru. This is a personal observation based on non-profit schools of initiation and past gurus (Not like SadhGuru who lives wealthy and among the elite and priviledged or some mystery schools).