Seeking individually vs group in 5th density

Ra said that in fifth density you can seek individually or as a group.
Would an STO person choose group always?
Or would there be a reason for an STO to seek alone?

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My understanding is STO can and may also choose to tackle 5D as an individual, although I’d be curious to know the rough percentage split of how many choose group or individual. I would guess the individual route may be more rare.

I think it would be a very serious personal choice, made with the help of Guides/Counsel, depending on what your specific soul needs for its best balancing and evolution. Maybe someone who too often relied on others or didn’t trust their own intuition or wisdom needs to go on that journey?

You’d still be practicing STO, so there’d still be lots of interaction with others, but I wonder if you’d be limited without having the thoughts/knowledge of a social memory complex to draw on? But then again, you don’t have the veil, and obviously a much larger perspective is available to you, so it wouldn’t be like individuality as we know it in our current experience.


If I remember correctly, Ra describes 3rd desnsity as making the choice (between STO and STS), 4th density is the density of love which can lead to some ‘foolishness’ including martydom and 5th density as the density of wisdom. Where entities learn the wisdom of self love (as the creator - not to be confused with STS). and this is why seeking might be done individually. Here

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