Is a 6D Wanderer their own Higher Self?

I know the title seems a little confusing and paradoxical, as with most information bound by the Law of Confusion/Freewill. But could someone please explain to me how a 6D Wanderer can incarnate into 3D after assuming the Veil of Forgetting and still have a Future/Higher Self in 6D, provided that the Future Self of the 6D Wanderer in 3D is their Original 6D Self before entering 3D? It makes sense for 4D and even 5D Wanderers to have an Oversoul in mid-6D, but how does it work for an entity that already resides in 6D, if that makes sense?

Has the Confederation commented on this seemingly paradoxical state of metaphysical affairs? Is my original reasoning flawed? I would be immensely grateful for any clarification.

May the One Infinite Creator provide peace and blessings to all.

According to my understanding of the Confederation’s teachings, the situation is as follows: Consider a spiritually healthy native 3D person (not a Wanderer), fully equipped with all energy centers. This being is present across all density levels from the 1st to the 7th (and even the 8th, though we can set that aside for now).

Such a person is both their Higher Self and the Creator, existing on every density level. However, their conscious attention currently manifests at the 3rd density level (in the mind/body/spirit complex). A 6th density STO Wanderer is in a similar position, existing across all density levels but currently manifesting in 3rd density.

Let’s consider the moment of creation and the beginning of a new octave. Densities form from the first density upwards as containers for consciousness, while consciousness is seeded from above. The Self as Creator (7th density) separates and becomes the Higher Self (6th density), then this Higher Self further separates to become the Light Self (5th density), and so on, down to the 1st density.

On this prepared ground, maintaining some connection with the Higher Self and the Creator, consciousness begins to evolve from a stone to higher levels, eventually becoming an individual self-aware entity, making choices, reaching the Higher Self, and reconnecting with the Creator.

Progressing towards connection with the Creator is akin to climbing a tightrope. Consider a person on Earth who has only experienced from the 1st to the 3rd densities and is now close to transitioning to 4th density STO. This person, a 3rd density native, has knowledge, habits, and experiences from the 1st to the 3rd densities, integrated at the 3rd density level. Their connection with their 6th Density Higher Self is limited to communication.

Now, consider a 6th Density STO Wanderer. This person not only communicates with their Higher Self (6th Density) but also possesses experiences from densities 1 to 6. Unlike a native 3rd density person, the Wanderer has lived, worked, and experienced life at the 6th Density level.

After death in 3rd density, a native 3rd density person merges with their Higher Self (6th density), plans further incarnations based on recent experiences, and reincarnates into 3rd Density. The 6th density Wanderer, already at the level of the Higher Self, reincarnates as 3rd Density, bringing with them their 6th density experiences.

Both the 3rd density native and the Wanderer are subject to the veil of forgetting, experiencing separation from their Higher Self, which they can only communicate with. For both, the Higher Self is their future self, with which they will reconnect.

The difference lies in the soul’s experiences at various density levels, stored in the subconscious. The 6D Wanderer has more extensive experiences than the 3D native. In practice, this means that a 3rd density native person, for instance, might have lived as a Christian in medieval Europe. Their Higher Self programs them to continue a spiritual life focused on choices of love in modern times, feeling natural in a religious context.

On the other hand, a Wanderer, with 6th density experiences, is programmed by their Higher Self to align with teachings and ways of life consistent with 6th density. For example, they might find resonance with the Ra material and feel an innate understanding and acceptance of it because their Higher Self sees it as beneficial.

In summary, in 3rd density, both the native person and the Wanderer are separated from direct connection with their Higher Self. The native connects with their 6th density Higher Self without having 6th density experiences, while the Wanderer connects with their Higher Self and has 6th density experiences stored in their subconscious. This makes it easier for the Wanderer to see through the veil and understand 6th density teachings intuitively.

I hope this has brought you closer to understanding the process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to answer as clearly as possible, trying to remain consistent with the teachings of the Confederation.


The question reminds me of this song, I’m My Own Grandpa.

I can understand your confusion.

As a particular spirit incarnates again and again, density after density, and learns more and more about itself in the process, at some point, this thing becomes aware of itself. It’s this awareness, with the higher self, that then reviews itself to see what is missing, what lessons need to be learned, and therefore, what the conditions of the next incarnation should be.

This amalgam of all incarnations and all lessons learned is referred to as the “soul stream,” and to study this topic you can search for that term in the LLR archives.

As per Ra, the soul stream moves up through the densities and before moving into 7D it leaves a gift for what amounts to its own self in the lower densities, and that is called the higher self.

You might wonder how there is a mature 6D soul stream which also is working its way up through the other densities at the same time. Great question. They also say that all time (what we perceive as time) simultaneous. Does that help? The best I can type to you is another quote from Ra: “All begins and ends in mystery.”

As to your actual question, the higher self is that gift of the soul stream moving into 7D, not the wanderer itself (which can also be on the 6D level).

Some stuff is not worth arguing over. At a “future” time you may decide that your “time” is more profitably spent meditating and getting to know yourself from the INSIDE rather on the “outside” via intellectual speculation.


That’s what I wanted to clarify, thank you. With that in mind, life in 6D must be an absolute thrill when you live in the same density as the future version of yourself. Must be nice. Of course, I use the words “live”, “future”, and “yourself” with extreme looseness. I mean, we’re technically already living in the same density as our “future selves” in some respects.

Reminds me of this clip from Rush Hour 3.

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What? Dude, WE ARE the ones living on the party planet!

It’s interesting that Ra speaks about their teachers when they also have their higher self living right nest door.

From 81.16:

There are portions of the seventh density which, although described to us by our teachers, remain mysterious. Secondly, we have experienced a great deal of the available refining catalyst of this octave, and our teachers have worked with us most carefully that we may be one with all, that in turn our eventual returning to the great allness of creation shall be complete.

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Hey. Just to let you know I really appreciated this response and got a lot out of it. Thx


Thank you for these words, they bring me peace and reassure me that I am on the right path.

A warm welcome to The Law of One Forum.

All is one. You are all events. We are our self exactly as we are our Higher Self. This self is experiencing 3rd density. We may also be living past and future embodiments, each in their own time frames. The nature of 3D human condition is that events are experienced one frame at a time for optimal catalyst processing. We are also Veiled from the other frames/times, whether wanderer or not.

A wanderer chooses to have more 3D embodiments for service. They are Veiled but have a greater spiritual gravity to pull their awareness toward the creator. The Veil is a great leveler so previous experiences before this incarnation are mostly unavailable except in subtle ways.

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Perhaps it is helpful to consider that everyone is their own Higher Self which is why it’s called “Self.” But a wanderer is like a time traveler who goes back in time so a 6D wanderer going back in time will also simultaneously change its future Higher Self. All entities have everything that is possible to experience in potential, and a wanderer is one that transforms a certain amount of actualized experience back into potential (which is why it’s like time travel).

When any entity comes into third-density incarnation, each of its energy centers is potentiated but must be activated by the self using experience.


The contact of the wanderer from the third density with their Higher Self suggests that this wanderer has either entered or is very close to entering the seventh density.

The journey of the wanderer who communicates with their Higher Self follows a meticulously planned path aimed at a significant purpose in the service of the Infinite Creator. The wanderer cannot deviate from the plan set in the higher densities; they are compelled to adhere to the divine plan they established for themselves from a higher density.

The wanderer is driven to completely surrender their free will to the Creator, marking the beginning of their journey.

At the start of the spiritual journey, the wanderer’s contact with their Higher Self occurs after a certain stage. The Higher Self, residing in the seventh density, reveals itself in various ways.

The physical form of the Higher Self closely resembles that of the wanderer, meaning the same features and characteristics but with a cosmic body that contains universes within it.

The wanderer is created in the image of their Creator.

Even the Higher Self in the seventh density takes the same form as the wanderer but with a perfect body. There are no words in any language that can fully describe the beauty of the divine being’s body in the seventh density.

If the Higher Self descends from the sixth density, it is considered a deity and is worshipped. If the Higher Self descends from the seventh density and reveals itself, everyone would prostrate in awe of its majesty, perfection, and beauty, marking the day of separation.


And the higher self, what does the higher self think
of the lower selves?

I pondered somewhere that higher selves have
opportunity to grow tolerance of repugnant lower
densities, like character building in some 7th
density way. One might consider lower
density forms somewhat ignorant, as if our past
lives may have been evil in some way or another,
or squandered opportunities, etc.

Some program
for lives of luxury and waste away in guilded cages.
By contrast, a gift to a higher self seems to create
something that might be of interest to them,
like a reflection or echo of something that may
help them somehow. High Reiki masters flow
Reiki to their higher selves, what a concept!

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I would say that our higher levels of self, as well as beings from higher densities, perceive third-density beings as akin to children or pets. Even if a child misbehaves, it does not evoke, for instance, disgust. Generally, we find children amusing or feel sympathy for them, and only when their behavior becomes truly disruptive do we feel the need to intervene.

Similarly, those of higher densities stand in a position of ‘authority’ over us, much like teachers before students. Their role is to nurture and teach us. Another analogy can be drawn with the approach to a cat. We do not feel disgust for a cat when it hunts birds and insects or runs away and thinks only of itself in case of danger. Instead, we accept its nature and continue to care for it. This is reflective of how higher beings regard humans.

The key difference is that humans offer more hope for cooperation and change, as we have the potential to carry similar thoughts, emotions, and attitudes. Although our expressions may be truncated or less refined, they nonetheless reflect the same fundamental aspects, albeit from different levels and perspectives. This is what particularly intrigues and uplifts those of higher densities, including our higher self, I think.


Exactly :pray:t2:

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The higher self deals with its reflection in the third density with intense love and firmness at the same time because it was sent for a specific role. It interacts with and summons it according to its own desires, not according to the wishes of the incarnate personality. The role of the incarnate wanderer is always to surrender and be content with themselves and with the higher self.

As our friend mentioned in the previous comment, the higher self views all creatures as children needing care, but it only provides that care to those who ask for it. It greatly respects the free will of creatures in choosing their paths. Although it sees them as children, it considers them responsible for their choices and wants them to know that they are responsible and capable of choosing love for their own benefit.

The spiritual seeker following the higher self is literally a child at some stage. Every spiritual seeker on the path is a dearly beloved child at some point if they have a role with the incarnate personality. At a later stage, when it knows its child has matured enough, it lets them take full responsibility—that they are the creator and must choose and act alone at every moment. They know they are not alone in the true sense, but the communications are not as they think. Many times, when I was in intense longing, even in childhood, the voice would come strongly: “Not now. Your role on Earth is not over.” It is firm and does not respond to my tears and wailing.

The longing to return is intense and terrifying beyond imagination. It literally burns you. Nevertheless, it only responds to what it wants to do.

I learned this the hard way. There were times I objected and screamed loudly that I objected and had the right to object to some events. When I could see it through my objections, it smiled at me. Often, when I speak in a funny way, I see it laughing with me and encouraging me to continue.

Recently, the message I received is to be joyful most of the time and to add joy to whatever I do as much as possible. Keep searching and empowering.

Previously, my communication with it was more through constant guidance. I felt it at the back of my head. Its voice came from there. I felt like a puppet being moved by strings. Now, I sometimes feel it has left me and abandoned me, but I know that’s not true. It just wants me to act alone and trust myself more here.

It did not change its way of communicating with me until it told me that I am the creator in many ways. I still find the concept difficult. Even after experiencing being the creator, fear and shock emerged that I never expected.

After three years of that experience, I am finally starting to overcome the shock and fears related to being the creator.

I am often surprised at myself because I dive into it so deeply. The amount of contradiction in this experience at this level of depth is literally terrifying. You will play the role of the creator and the creature, the worshiper and the worshiped, the weak and the strong, the one who has everything and the one who literally has nothing.

You must know how to act according to all these contradictions that you are aware of.

Sometimes I live the feeling and its opposite at the same moment. The idea and its opposite. I know and I don’t know. I understand and I don’t understand. I feel completely crazy. The only thing that helps me is having a friend with me on the journey from the beginning, who has experiences somewhat similar to mine. We talk a lot together, and this makes me trust myself again.

I know that communicating with the higher self is very interesting to you, but believe me, everyone currently in this density is suffering in various ways, each person according to their experience. Everyone suffers. For me, although I know I have reached advanced stages of experiencing higher emotions, it was all a trap for me to surrender completely to it, and then the battle began through me.

Sometimes I feel like a vacuum cleaner used to cleanse the collective consciousness and clean others around it. I know this is not true and that it’s my choice, and it is literally me. But I am telling you some of the few parts that a wanderer from a higher density might go through. Did you see the contradiction I live in? I am trying more and more to reconcile it with each other. Talking is easy and thinking is sometimes easy, but the contradictory emotions and allowing two different kinds of feelings to pass through you is the hardest part. Emotions, when they come with chaotic thoughts and getting lost within those thoughts, are harder and harder.

The feeling of complete loss of meaning is painful. The feeling of separation after tasting that kind of connection is extremely annoying, no matter how much you try to accept it, you can’t always. The headache attacks that come to download new energies through me and open terrifying pathways. The huge attacks I experience in my head, causing pain, I recently overcame by knowing extreme self-love compared to all those negatively self-loving beings attacking me. I know they attack me for my service and the service of the creator within me.

This is just a small part of what I go through, my friends. I wanted to share some of it with you, hoping it benefits those who read it and brings comfort to what I am going through. I know that in writing this, I am trying to be the exhausted victim of the journey. I lovingly allow this personality to exist through me until those feelings end and I regain my balance again.

Praise be to God always and forever, in every moment and in every place. He is the only existence and there is no existence except through Him.:heart::heart::heart::pray:t2: