Workshop and free style meditations

I didn’t know in which section to create a topic) I have questions about creating a workshop (as it is described in “Channeling Circles”) I’m trying to follow the recommendations, but at the same time, I think I’m bringing something else from what I’ve read in other sources. Can someone share their experience of creating and working in the workshop?

Are you asking about workshops where people learn how to channel?

Something like that:

Yes, that’s it. I’m sorry I didn’t give the link. I would like to discuss this with someone…

I realized that I was confused by various descriptions regarding the “energy body” and how to work with it. Basically, I tried to work according to the method of the Servants of Light and realized that this is not exactly what Ra offers. Therefore, I am in some difficulty, should I give up everything that I have read and know about and focus only on the descriptions of Ra? Does anyone have a similar experience of “buridan’s donkey”?)

Here, I think, is an important quote Channeling Intensive 1, Session 1 where Carla talks about working with the energy body and personal transformation.

«It’s not that you have to become perfect. It’s that you need to balance your imperfections and your distortions as you go so that, as we talked about last summer, you keep that energy clear; you keep that power coming through you. The channeling that you do is done because you have a clear energy body, getting full energy into the heart and right up through the top of the head at the crown chakra, the eighth or white chakra, as Carol was saying, the chakra that is beyond the gateway to intelligent infinity.»

I am puzzled by the concept of the “Body of Light”, but unfortunately, the descriptions are very different and I cannot find a “solid foundation” for my meditation practice…

Although I cannot answer your question directly, I believe the answer is the same… maybe…
You are not alone in these thoughts, the trouble is knowing what is real/truth, that depends on your distortion and what you identify with, the practical difference between perception and reality.
Recently I began to question if my thoughts are my own as there is discrepancy between my alignment/thoughts/actions.
I asked the question… “How do I know what the truth is regarding the alignment of the influences on me, my mind, and my actions, here and beyond?” The answer I got was… “When your heart is open you will know…”. So I guess if you don’t know then there is much work to be done. Imagine a world where no one can be deceived.

I really don’t know much about reality, which is probably why I’m constantly collecting a variety of data and comparing what I’ve received. This is one way to find small answers about the nature of reality, or perhaps it is a kind of search for truth. Reality - is it possible to comprehend that it is only through perception? So it turns out to be a vicious circle when we walk between concepts, trying to comprehend the nature behind them. Sometimes it’s exhausting) Often you want to give up everything, but then comes a new round of “search” from which it is impossible to refuse.
I try to somehow be aware of my unconscious processes, so I can’t say that my worldview largely does not correspond to my thoughts and actions. Rather, it makes up my character complex for working on self-awareness. What comes out of this is another question)
An open heart does not help me in any way in communicating with other people, unfortunately. This society is very little adapted for living with an open heart, and I cannot go to the “mountain” or to the “monastery”. Therefore, you have to constantly mimicry living in a society of people. Contact with people (especially with their free will)) quite a difficult task…

PS. Actually, at the beginning of the topic, I asked about the creation (workshop) of the temple. Creating a place for meditation/channeling. Did someone create such a place? There are different descriptions for creating a “temple/workroom”.

Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is the whole point of learning to open the heart from the third density perspective?

I hope you manage to find what you seek, apologies for going off topic.

A very detailed description of these things is found in Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light. She was a NASA atmospheric physicist who became a very prominent healer in the 1980s-1990’s. The book is a presentation of how she sees the energy bodies and how she worked with them for many years.

I think this is probably the main and most difficult job for me, for the current incarnation… You are not the first person who tells me about it.

Opening the heart in communication with other people (to be more human and emotional) this is on the one hand. But there is another side, esoteric, it is connected with what in alchemy is called a “spiritual body” that is activated /born in the heart) and it seems that this task is even more difficult…

I think I read this book in 2007 (I may be wrong), maybe now I will read it differently.

Your answer about visualization and concentration interested me. The temple (working workshop), in my perception, is a tool for working with both visualization and concentration. I’ve come to the conclusion that my imagination doesn’t work very well. I can’t imagine the workroom as Carla describes it. I need to be in a real room for a long time in order to then put it in my imagination and visualize/recall it later at will.

i did the same thing, read it many years ago, then reread and it spoke to me far more clearly the second time.

Visualisation is not my strong suit, I’m better at perceiving kinesthetically, so I add feeling perception to the visualisation. For example, if concentrating on an inverted green triangle, I might add a sense of vibrancy and tingle. This helps me maintain the connection and makes the visual aspect more vibrant.

I want to express my great gratitude to you for the book, it really does not read like back in 2007. Against the background of everything I have read, it seems more than clear and repeats many descriptions that I have read in other books. Including descriptions of Alan Chumak. I don’t think that at the time of writing his books he was well acquainted with Western literature on this subject.

I have not tried to feel the color kinesthetically, but I realized that for concentration I need to clearly feel the space and direction of movement. As in the case of Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, I do it because I trust the descriptions of Jim and W. Butler…

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, if you go the route of simple visualisation exercises (highly recommended by Confederation sources), you might find it helpful initially to give them some motion, as this can help accommodate the unsteady mind. Also, being aware of space, which you mentioned, can also be very useful… Gently becoming aware of outer space, the space between objects, the space out of which objects arise, can help trigger a sense of inner space.

I’m glad you found the book a good resource. Her second book, Light Emerging, is also helpful. Less so, for me, was the third.

I tried to engage in “esoteric” practices haphazardly, but realized that such haphazardness does not lead to positive results. Then, I tried to study according to the W. E. Butler system (Carla refers to his books) W. E. Butler - Wikipedia and Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki - Wikipedia but over time, I realized that studying the books of these respected authors does not give the necessary results. The information just began to overlap one another, and then the effect of “Buridan’s donkey” turned out. I tried to create a temple (a space for meditation) according to the description from the book The Ritual Magic Workbook (Dolores A.N.), but an image from the memory of a real Masonic “temple” that I went to for five years began to overlap with this scripture. Struggling with this situation, I began to think about how to create one accessible and stable image of the workroom, because I felt that it was important. To allocate one place and create one ritual for internal work.

Therefore, when I once again turned to Carla’s description of the workroom, I was again faced with a layering of images and different experiences that are quite difficult to integrate into something whole and working. Especially when all three systems have value, and in general have a lot in common, but differ greatly in details.

If you do not deal with such layers, then you should choose only one system and a description. For example, Carla’s description. So I started asking if anyone had tried to work with this description and what were the results? I asked about Making a Workroom (Session 6) Studying Channeling

I feel that I have not fully explained my question and difficulty)

I will try to unravel the confusing) The working room is needed for quick centering, as well as a ritual for tuning (concentration). I can’t choose the most successful model for this. Therefore, I will accept that this is a personal choice and decision) Recommendations are hardly possible here.

“The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva - page 93

As the student works with these tools, he may have need of some wise counsel to help in perplexing moments - an inner “still small voice.” For the Mind Control student, though, it is not a small voice but a strong one, and not one but two.

In his laboratory he evokes two counselors, a man and a woman. He is told before he begins this meditative session that he will do this and, if he is like most other students, he will have a pretty firm idea of whom he wants as counselors. Rarely does he get his wish; almost never is he disappointed.

I did not meet my counselors for a long time. In my mind I created an office with the typical furniture like a desk, filing cabinet, leather chairs, and so on. When I sit down on the chair with the desk behind me, I am facing a blank blue/ grey wall with empty shelves on a dark vertical piece of furniture. There are two doors. The door to my right leads to a small hallway that attaches the secretary’s room to the waiting area. The door to my left leads to a garden outside where I am still building it in my mind. This is where I can relax and enjoy the scenery. I use this office for spiritual guidance. Not for myself. When I need a feminine guide, Kristen Kreuk enters through the door to the right. When I need a masculine guide, Ken (from Ken and Barbie) enters through the left door. When I need an androgynous guide (or tie breaker) a very bright light appears in front of me. This person is faceless and has blonde hair.

One day I kept imagining this office and over time, little by little I would add things to it. I did not realize what this place was for until I read the above passage from the book. This is when I began to think of who my guides would be and then they appeared to me in my mind without effort. I have only asked for guidance a few times when I am dealing with another individual who is difficult to work with.

I understand visualization is difficult for some people. However, most people can remember things from their past and picture it in their mind. I would work with visualization in this way. How about you remember a room that can be recalled from your past. Work with this room. Take away things that are not necessary and add things you would have liked to see in it. Then one day you may be surprised by two or three people appearing in this room without you trying to create them.

It took several weeks to create my office in my mind and I never knew what it was for. I thought I was just imagining it for fun.

Commenting on the creation of the “office” from Carla’s transcript, and also from reading your guys’ comments.

If it helps, you can use images in this reality/illusion, and use it as a foundation to help you “hold” the visualization.

Oh, thank you so much for the answer! I was looking through the book by Jose Silva, but this passage did not catch my eye.
I also can’t understand why such a laboratory/workroom is needed (In the descriptions of Silva and Carla). In the descriptions of SOL and Crowley, such a “temple” in the imagination is needed when it is not possible to conduct a ritual in a real temple. (Although I might have misunderstood something). What the ritual is, I’m also trying to analyze and understand as best I can. It looks like the ritual creates a habit/pattern for tuning into the “carrier wave” as in radio. But I’m still confused about these ideas,
Although in Carla’s description, the process of tuning (deepening and calming the mind) includes both working with the energy body (gatekeeper) and protection (archangels LBRP) that is, it is a whole set of settings / deepening. It is quite a long process to calm the mind, concentrate and enter into a contemplative state.
While I was writing the answer, I realized that Carla’s description was intended only for deep contemplation, not for ritual practice. Until I started to reason, it wasn’t so obvious to me… Thanks again!

I tried to create such pictures, they don’t work for me. I just don’t get inside the image. Butler suggests training visualization (mnemonics) on one of the sections of the street that you often walk along. In the case of Carla’s description, a holistic concept is important (she said that she perceives the message as a ball/concept, which she then rolls out). Holistic, conceptual thinking inside. You need to get inside the image. (This is me to reason again))