Presenting new information in channelings vs information from channeler's mind

I would like to ask everybody’s opinion upon channelings. I find it important because when someone does the channeling, one of of criteria of validity for me is presenting new information (the information that the person didn’t know before). I think in fact many people are not channeling but presenting information they already know, maybe it’s taken from subconsciousness or alternatively from Higher Self. So to my opinion if the channeler pronounce geographic name he/she didn’t know (I’m excluding cases when he still might know it from TV etc. but forgot) it’s a forcible argument for valid channeling. Ra from time to time were scanning mind and marking it out, so I’m inclined to consider the rest as an information from Ra but not from Carla. So what’s the problem here to say geographic name? Maybe it’s because of telepathic channeling which is not “trance” one. In this case if it’s so, it depends so much upon channeler knowledge, it’s not possible to transfer information that channeler does not know. It’s a huge limitation and requirement to the channeler not in sense of vibrations etc., but simply in sense of knowledge. Do you have any opinion on this?


I think this is about Free Will issues and the difference between STO and STS. I think saying it in contrast between STO and STS will be best…

If one were to channel an STS entity, the STS entity would be dominant, which means it would transmit what it wanted to transmit every time. The only thing the channeler needs to show her/his permission for such a thing, for example, through commitment and openness to contact, then the STS entity has full scope and can communicate in such a way that will allow him for a lot, including manipulate the person who is channeler into various ways.

An STS entity can say things about private matters potentially violating the well-being of other people. STS can share ready-made answers that may potentially interfere with independent investigation of the truth, but for the STS being, this will not be a problem, as long as the will to be open to contact has been expressed at the earlier moment.

And when STS uses an instrument, he uses it as an extension of his own self. STS can put his own thoughts into someone else’s head, extending his consciousness to someone else’s body. This is already a form of possession really.

STO is delicate and in no way forces anything that would be alien to a given instrument.

Using the instrument in a way where the instrument would lose itself or dissociate for the channeled entity by surrendering will, or become the carrier of thoughts or images or emotions alien to channeler, would simultaneously become subordinate to the channeled entity, and thus somehow dominated and at the same time showed a certain level of being possessed, and this is contrary to the STO.

STO can only enhance the natural way of being of the instrument. STO is more one with the instrument and uses the best and highest self of the instrument.

Channelers in particular who, for example, use “primitive” methods of channeling, such as Ouija, very easily open themselves up to external STS forces that can more easily intrude and take over such contact. The STO entity may not even be interested in such a channel because there is no unification and connection to the heart of the instrument.

Let me just add that STS, due to the lack of restrictions on self-expression (provided that the initial consent for contact occurs), can give a lot, a lot of knowledge, regardless of things that would already be a violation in the case of STO. Such STS entities can be very appealing due to the fact that “you ask and you get.” However, on the other hand, the STS entity will also use such a situation for their own purposes, after all, this is how STS in their nature.

So, to sum up. STO uses the best self of the instrument, the building blocks come only from the instrument, and the consciousness outside the instrument operates on it. STS does what it wants, it has its own building blocks to “create” an instrument according to its taste.

This is how I understand it, I hope I helped something.

I will still edit and add something, because an interesting metaphor flashed through my mind.

STO assists. STO waits for your step and then takes its own step. That is, suppose, you choose what book you’re going to read and do it, and then STO can assist your consciousness in extracting the best from that information you’ve absorbed into yourself.

STS dominate. STS takes its step first and only then do you take yours. STS chooses what book you should read and then directs you to STS’s preferred interpretation of informations.


Sure, thank you very much for the reply!

Exactly. I’ve been always known it, but you extracted information from my unconsciousness to consciousness. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m returning to the example when instrument has no familiarity with those regions. Do you want to say that Q’uo knows the region’s name but cannot give this information (because of free will)?

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Yes, Q’uo know the names of these places because they recognize that the instrument does not know them, and in order to be able to claim a lack of knowledge of a region and its name, you must first know it by self.

And they can’t give this information, because it comes from the general attitude of STO (including respect for free will).

To build an analogy for this situation, I would put it in such a metaphor:

A child is putting together a puzzle. The child assembles the puzzle without prompting in the pattern of the already completed puzzle. The child is like us. The adult has pattern of completed puzzle. The adult wants to help the child put together the puzzles that the child is having trouble with. The adult is like Q’uo. The child goes to the adult, the adult arranges this puzzle for him, but at some point he states:

“I have put together for you the part of the picture that you had a problem with, however, I can’t go any further because I am having difficulty finding the puzzles to complete the picture. You need to find these lost puzzles, then I will help you with the rest of the picture and we will discover its next area.”

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You’re right, that Q’uo know. So I think it’s correct in this certain situation. But generally, do Q’uo say only information that channeler already knows? If no, why this certain information was not told? It looks so unimportant to me. If yes, I doubt there’s so much sense in repeating one already knows. It’s not even questions to you, rather rheutoracal ones reflecting thoughts.

Well I am wondering about many aspects of this myself. In general, I also found things in Q’uo that I hadn’t seen anywhere else and they made deep sense to me, so Q’uo is more than repeating existing information.

I think the point is that there are specific situations like those with this geographic land that cannot be expressed other than by a direct name. Such a thing then relieves you of your own research, perhaps Q’uo’s expectation in this regard was for the instrument to fill in the gaps in its own ignorance before it would become part of a channeling session.

When interacting with such an “omniscient” source as social memory complex takes only direct and obvious cues, it relieves you of your own work and search. Chenneling should inspire rather than be a typical source of knowledge. Descriptions related to spirituality plant certain concepts and ideas in the mind, which everyone can develop in their own way, and then the risk of breaking free will is negligible.

It is also possible that there is also an other version of events indirectly suggested by Q’uo. It is possible that it was simply that the name of these former lands and kingdoms were some little-known names that would not have made any sense to the instrument. Hence, Q’uo retreated into delving into this and giving unfamiliar names, not making any sense to the viewer. Or they gave up on it, because discussing it in a general way looking for some references to familiar things to finally point out those lands they had in mind wouldn’t be that much worth it from the perspective of limited time/energy for a channeling session.

Thank you for these suggestions. It is very possible.

Adding some thought on it. I cannot avoid comparing Ra’s channelings with these ones. Ra always say very straight forward as much as possible and that’s why I love it.

Here Q’uo say they “have difficulties using place names”. They do not say like “we examine this query for the Law of Confusion and find ourselves out of the boundary”. I read words as they say and they do not say about Law of Confusion, they say it’s difficult to use place name, so they would like to use.

Maybe I’m too idealizing. Q’uo might say odd thing just because, and they are not perfection. Or maybe it’s just a transfer error.

Maybe because it’s a conscious channeling, the channeled entity need to rely on the conscious memory of the channeler to ‘translate’ a ‘concept’ / ‘idea’ in this case particular geo-location on earth to become a series of muscular movement (lung, tongue, larynx et. al.) thus producing a proper ‘vibrational sound complex’ / ‘sequences of audio frequency’ understandable and relatable to the listeners.

There’s another ‘hint’ that it seems the channeling start with image / visual perception of the place and when within the ‘instrument’ already familiar with the (common) name of the place, the instrument can spell it out correctly.

Since Kashmir is a famous ‘vibration sound complex’ which the instrument is familiar with, maybe due to India-Pakistan conflict and also Led Zeppelin’s song.


They do not express this explicitly, while these difficulties may be due to the fact that they are approaching the Law of Confusion/Free Will boundary and therefore begin to encounter difficulties. On the other hand, this is just one hypothesis.

Sure. It could be. It may still be about something else.

Either way. Thank you for your point of view which is valuable to me.

Interesting conclusion. Thank you.

I just realized that it’s important to remember that Q’uo, as a group of entities from a higher Density, perceives our environment differently and struggles with things to interact with us that we don’t even fully realize. Sometimes strange and “illogical” situations, in the perspective of 3rd Density thinking, are in fact real things, while to fully comprehend this one would have to be there and look at it from the perspective of such a Q’uo.

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Another similar case might be first to send visual perception of Eiffel Tower and then the familiar name Paris.
And how does the familiar name “Paris” being generated to audio frequency depends on the conscious memory of the instrument.
If the instrument is a brit he will generate “Parees”
If he’s a french he will generate “Paree” (with a gargling “R”)
If he’s a chinese he will generate “Balee”

The issue might occur when the instrument had no clue on how to pronounce / generate the audio frequency of a name / concept.


Thank you for good points. I think it’s makes sense to classify types of channelings (if it can be classified), because it may depend on it. I’m still not sure, but it looks to me there are two types: 1. Telepathic communication 2. Renting body or part of it.

On the other hand I know:

  1. Telepathic channeling like Q’uo’s one.
  2. What Don calls (tuned) trance telepathy.
  3. Don’t know correct name, but it’s when channeler makes different synchronization sounds and pronounce speech in between.
  4. Also don’t know correct term, automatic writing (in Spanish it’s called la escritura automática).

I don’t know if any or all of these four types can be either (full) telepathic or what I called renting body. Or either can be mixed.

Why I find it important. Because telepathic contact means some distortions while another one is direct speech limited by natural obstacles. Also it might be telepathic contact sending certain words or sending images. For example Ra say they use English and cannot use any language:

85.15 Questioner: Thank you. Do you have use of all of the words in the English language and, for that matter, all of the words in all languages that are spoken upon this planet at this time?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

All this creates a bit of mess. If Ra needs English words and the contact is telepathic (even being trace one) are Q’uo using English words? If so, why not sending the “place name”?

I think the term ‘instrument’ described it well.
Imagine trying to find a note on a piano, where the “key” for that note do not exist.
When the instrument has a key for the intended note, then certainly it can be used.
Thus who/what is the instrument, and it’s collection of knowledge also play the role within information communication. In this case geographical knowledge.
Quo mentioned India as a name, wherein India refer to a geographical area as big as the entire europe, the same as Africa, that’s perhaps due to the instrument has no more detailed reference of names to be used to describe particular area within that region.

If Ra is channeled through let’s say a Chinese as instrument, definitely Ra’s message will be channeled through Chinese language. And name places will use it’s relevant Chinese names, if it exist. The same as Quo or other entities.

Another good example is how the word “Heavenly Father” is used when Ra/Quo described the Jesus story.
Never ever in Jesus lifetime he used the english word “Heavenly Father”, due to the fact that even English language as we know now did not exist yet. In british island during that time people either uses Gaelic/Celt language (totally unintelligible with today’s english) or Latin since Rome already have presence on the island.
While Jesus either spoke in Aramaic, Greek, Latin or Hebrew.
But from the memory bank of the instrument, they can find the “Lord’s prayer” wherein the “Abwon D’bashmaia” is translated as “Heavenly Father”, thus they use those as a mapping between what actually said by Jesus and what is commonly known by the instrument.
Now what if the instrument, has no conception of “Jesus” or “Lord’s prayer” in his/her memory bank? The best thing to do, is to find the nearest concept within the memory bank which is similar or near to what Jesus meant by “Abwon D’bashmaia”.

Thank you. I found curious that when I wanted to tell you about what I called “automatic writing” I was not able to do it. Sending expression in Spanish does not make sense, in English I don’t know the “piano key”. I was not specific enough to tell you what I meant, for example I could say “a way of chanelling when person sits down, release all thoughts and allows hand to write whatever it can and translating words into paper from someone in this way”.

Ra do not stop on this and try to express place like this:

95.13 Ra: I am Ra. We are gratified that this query was offered to us for there has been a concentration of negative thought patterns at a distance north to 10° of north, approximately 45 of what you call yards extending therefrom to all four directions in a rectangular but irregular shape.

We ask that the garlic be strung approximately 60-70 feet beyond the far verge of this area which is approximately 57 yards from the dwelling on a bearing north to 10° off north.

Q’uo could do the same but didn’t do for the same reason as I didn’t do.


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your topic in this forum, my brothers. We’re reading your deliberations with much interest. We thank you so much for discussing us in your group by the intensity and the energy of your seeking.

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There’s something called “Mental language” or sometimes also called “Spirit language” which is universal through all form of consciousness. And that’s what’s being used within telepathy. It’s not in a form of a vibrationary sound complex.

I put forth an example of 3rd density entity communicating with 2nd density entity here.
Anna Breytenbach, Communicating with a Leopard.

Definitely the leopard doesn’t communicate using english, yet Anna need to explain what’s being transmitted by the Leopard to another human using english. Thus she try to find the nearest English words and sentences in order to describe what’s being felt and thought by the leopard.

Now imagine when Anna is then asked to ask further questions to the Leopard.

  • Where were you held captive?
  • Is it a zoo?
  • Who is the director of the zoo? What’s the street address of the zoo?
    While the Leopard has no such ‘conception’ within his memory bank and thought.
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Well given the context of the narrative that being quoted was “The Journey Of Jesus” and given to the fact that Jesus didn’t carry any GPS device during his travel. Even Jesus himself will not be able to point out the latitude and longitude of his travel.
What’s being stored in the “Akashic Record” is the memory containing impression, emotions, thoughts, feelings, images, audio/sound from the perspective of involved entities. And I suspect that’s the database where Ra/Quo fetch the information from when asked about an entity which today’s being referred as Jesus.
That’s also perhaps the reason why Quo can flash the image of mountains and sweet water and it so happened the name of the region did not change, Kashmir and it also so happened the instrument also familiar with the name, thus able to speak it out.

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81.33 To be aware of the nature of this communication is to be aware of the nature of the Logos. Much of what you call creation has never separated from the one Logos of this octave and resides within the One Infinite Creator. Communication in such an environment is the communication of cells of the body. That which is learned by one is known to all.

I have another opinion about the GPS etc. Such information can be restored if there’s a desire. Images and impressions can be matched with the relief, he should meet other people who has own records etc. Jesus himself should be analyzing the past and now should know, considering the impact he did on the planet his life should be studied enough by others. And even in forth density life length is 90000 years not saying about other densities, so they have much more time on investigations. So without solid proofs I’m confident the information itself is not lost. Q’ue said literally they have “difficulty using place names with this instrument”. I don’t know what kind of difficulty it is, maybe it’s a spirit language problem as you pointed in the Leopard video (thank you for video, though there the situation is reverse, it’s not Anna should ask Leopard, but the Leopard should ask Anna, so comprehension problem lays on Leopard), but you just didn’t outlined well enough the Spirit language issue itself.

But being the “Leopard” I’m trying to understand the message as much as I can and come to conclusion that Q’uo didn’t pay much attention to it because of the Spirit language difficulty as they (most probable) didn’t expect much attention (=I’m too idealizing them) on it, or there’s a transfer error or Q’uo do not have access or resources to such detailed information.

Well another intriguing questions should be for example:

  • Why did Quo uses the name “India” (Or “Africa”) since such name did not exist during Jesus time.

During Jesus time, they use the name “Bharata” or “Jambu Dvipa” to refer to a region which is now known as India. This is also rarely used, as people directly refer to a specific name (ie: Kashmir or Pataliputra rather than the continent.)
The name “India” was first coined by the British around 18th-19th century, after the “Indus river”, which is oddly not located in India but in Pakistan.

To me this shows that Ra/Quo uses the information in the instrument’s memory map to state something. For example: if the instrument is George W Bush, Quo will say that Jesus travel around Middle East, since the instrument think that India is part of Middle East.

Another intriguing question will be:

  • Why Quo uses English name for places?

For example he refer “China” among the name of places, while Chinese never uses the term “China” for their own area. They use “Chung Kuo” with translated meaning “Middle Kingdom”. To me it strenghen the hypothesis that Quo uses the instrument’s memory map to refer towards a concept.

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Well yes it can be done, but does it worth the effort?
Given the main point of the passage is not “Lat / Long of Jesus travel” but what Jesus learned during his travel. And how those learning can benefit / inspire the listener in their spiritual journey.

I imagine the effort will be something like this.
Ok first, query the AR database from perspective of this entity “Jesus”, the results came out it shows Jesus walked 3 days until they arrive at the port of Baarshemakh, that port is non existence nowadays, it has sunked under the sea. Tough luck on finding the today’s name for the port.
From there he met the ship captain named Simon who agreed to take Jesus on board for his travel. Onboard Jesus felt sea sick thus hard to pinpoint the exact route.
Need to query the AR database from perspective of “Simon”, to plot the ship exact route. Alas “Simon” knew nothing about ship’s position as he slept most of the time on the ship and he trust the navigation of the ship to another guy named “Xerces”.
Ok need to query the AR database from the perspective of “Xerces” then…
And so on and so on…

Who knows maybe Jesus is now busy “wandering”, giving “STO example” on other 3rd density realm? As he has did many times in the past?

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Yes, you’re right, that’s why I also mentioned the possible resource problem. And Q’uo are from forth density, right? So they’re in space/time while Ra should be from time/space what makes dramatic difference. I will wait for another example of chanelling that can bring light on it.

Indeed interesting. If using as you supposed the Akashi Record it should contain old names.