EEG for channeling and meditation

Fellow seekers,

The Post and Topic of this thread revolves around what you would like to see with future “researches” and modalities that Rock Creek should consider!

I bring with me a few suggestions today,
about devices that we could use in our seeking.

Before expressing this thought, I do want us to look around and see that the modernity with technologies are undeniable in our daily lives.

Many/most of us are using it (hence you are reading this!) :joy:

So why not explore the options and abundance of the infinite ways to seek, rather than just conforming to rituals, smudging, and paying hundreds for books and “psychics?” etc.

Check this out,

This is an EEG device, It measures brainwaves. (This is only one of many, prices can be lower/higher)

These are the brainwaves detectable by the EEG, ironically coded and colored accordingly :grinning:


The rest, I don’t think I need to explain further, since we all are probably familiar with the colors of the “rainbow,” or “chakras.”

Let say that anyone who claims to be in touch with the “divine/ether”

Now we can use one of these devices that can measure the electromagnetic from the “source.”

Also, for personal use, it enhances ones ability to see results in their meditation, rather than just “guessing” half of the time.
(Of course, some of us are “pros” and don’t need it. But this is about everyone.)

As a fan of Don’s work and reader of the materials, I feel that the scientific pragmatism of Don really brings a fresh breath to “spiritualism/divine/religions” that have already existed through out time. At least that was one of my drawing point towards the Loo,

Similar with how Carl Jung, Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) and many more who traverse this exploration with great minds.

Please do share your expertise in these fields if you feel so inclined,


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Actually I do have an information source(but not the expertise) to share with spiritual seekers who also have an interest in scientific stuff. And this information source is a guy named Thomas Bearden, whom I think have some access to the sceintific secrets behind human-made UFOs(as indicated and related by Ra) and limitless energy.
Well, you might say, limitless energy and even perpetual machines and this kind of stuff have been known to the public for years and not even a single one has succeeded and solved our energy problems once and for all. So do I. But there are malicious service-to-self entities trying to suppress this kind of information in order to continue controlling others and I might be the most lucky one to find these information sources(including the LoO) from the vast amount of information in existence on the Internet and quickly come to discern, successfully, which one is the more truthful, completely based on the most fundamental information source, that is, the Ra Material.
I can help you only so far as to tell you here that any spiritual seeker with scientific expertise shuold check out this guy’s works. We should help out those who are still suffering and working all day long by exhanging their health for money(Im speaking from a less developed country’s perspective).
I don’t know whether pasting external links here will infringe the policy, but you can google search his works.

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I came across this article in February that I feel may be related to this.

  • The study describes it as something which “overlays everything as do many of the intervening gradients or dimensions through which the energies of the universe pass on their way to and from their home in the state of infinity (the Absolute)…To enter these intervening dimensions, human consciousness must focus with intense coherence that the frequency of the energy patterns which comprises that consciousness (i.e., the brainwave output) can accelerate to the point where the resulting frequency pattern, if displayed on an oscilloscope, would look virtually like a solid line.”
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Thank you! I was looking at this page

It has the same feeling as Nikola Tesla’s work, I wouldn’t be surprised if more entities like him are here as scientists and researchers.

The problem with limitless energy or perpetual machines is that the energy they create must come from somewhere. Energy Can’t be created or destroy, only transfer.

But converting Electro waves is one way, Tesla’s experiment is shown below and it works.

The only problem is that it’s not efficient enough like a powerplant or solar.

Thanks for the comment Thinghood, do you do your own experiment on the side? with the information you have received?

This is a really good find Funky! thank you!

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I haven’t done any experiment, due first to my really awkward pratical skill, second to my still ongoing process of understanding the principle behind those things by using my meager free time. And this is why I may sometimes post something in a hurry and maybe haven’t explained my intention well enough. The reason why I believe in his free energy claim is his claims about UFOs and cattle mutilations, which claims are made in the 1970s before the Ra material but are totally consistent with and corroborated by the Ra meterial which was channeled in 1981!

Here are some works written by him in the 1970s. I think as for his source, it may well be the Confederation or some discarnate enttities.

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EEG measured the (average) frequency of voltage changes in the brain.
It’s similar to measuring the frequency of a CPU. (2.7GHz, 3GHz, 3.5 GHz)
The difference lies on while CPU frequency is static (doesn’t change), the brain is dynamic.

It can show “how active” the brain is, on certain areas under measurement of the device.

Meditation is an activity that one took in effort to “silence the mind”.
And research has been done which show that meditation does lower the overall frequency thus activity of the brain.

As it’s ‘silencing the mind’…

So whether EEG can be used to track ‘how successful’ you are on silencing the mind?
I guess yes EEG will help to record the overall activity of the brain.

But it cannot be used to validate this:

Because the one that’s ‘in touch with the divine’, if we want to use the word divine, is NOT the physical brain.
That’s the reason why meditation is an act to lower the activity of physical brain, a.k.a silencing the mind.
So the consciousness (unit) will be focusing elsewhere… other than the signal coming from physical brain.

Similarly, upon physical death, which the EEG will show 0 activity on the brainwave.
The consciousness (unit) will have no choice but to focus elsewhere.
It’s like watching TV and then the TV is broken, we have no choice but to change the focus to other thing than the TV, perhaps the living room, the sofa, the book on the cabinet, the fridge etc…

This is fascinating, thank you! :smiley:

I was looking at the Restatement of the Heisenberg Uncertainty and found the original document saved into a pdf. I included it with this post if anyone wants to peruse.

But for now, here are some screenshots of the first 3 pages of the detailed part of the report that might be helpful. :wink:

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This is amazing! wow, I am actually very drawn to the living system diagram.

I understand the computational frequency that comes from a computer as it analyze and synthesize information.

But I am not sure if it is the same when we compare it to the human brain.

The complexity of the brain is still not fully understood. For example, then would you say emotions are merely “information?” being processed by the brain?

A CPU doesn’t have “emotions” per se.

And what about the “things” that people intuitively “feel” during meditation? are those just computation?

“silencing the mind” seems a bit contradicting too when we look at the diagram above, and watching the video you shared.

Meditation actually brings the person consciousness to the level of gamma.

So it is “heightened perception, learning, problem solving tasks, cognitive processing.”

That is completely opposite of what you said about…

Gamma (the state of meditation with the monk shown in the video) is sitting at 32-100Hz.
Which is the highest frequency on the chart.

The theory is that “consciousness” is defined by the “awareness” of a person.

And that awareness can be categorized under each state-of-mind depending on the frequency being projected.

When we talk about the “divine” it is closely ties to the “consciousness” of a person, not just the physiological part of the brain

it’s a bit confusing when you separate the word “mind” and “consciousness,” but I understand your point.

I just don’t think it’s that simple and can be compared with a CPU completely.

I found this, thought it may help. :wink:

Calvin says such clusters, roughly hexagonal in shape and a half millimeter across, form the basic unit of consciousness. Each contains a parcel of coded information. Each works to recruit neighboring hexagons through entrainment. If successful, each hexagon multiplies into a vast mosaic through the cortex, and the larger the mosaic, the “louder” its firing pattern. Our internal " narrator," Calvin speculates, may simply be a string of the most dominant firing patterns.

Now comes the Darwinian part. Hexagons aren’t permanent. Electric waves of neural inhibition periodically flash through the cortex, erasing hexagons.

Yet once a hexagon has been imprinted by a firing pattern, Calvin posits, it will fat pattern.

Even if erased, the hexagon will respond most readily to future stimuli in the same pattern–whether the stimulus comes from an adjacent hexagon, via entrainment, or from another brain region, via axons. In short, the more often a firing pattern is produced–e.g., the more often the visual cortex codes and stores “apple”–the more likely that pattern will achieve dominance and become conscious thought. just as with a species, Calvin says, “the more a hexagon reproduces, the greater the chance that it will be produced.”

Competition between hexagons maybe how we compare different ideas or objects, with the winning hexagon forming the basis of our conclusions. And when hexagons compete, they try recruiting, or entraining, each other. The struggle produces hybrid hexagons with hybrid firing patterns–thus, hybrid thoughts. That, Calvin theorizes, may explain how we “create novel thoughts, recognize novel or ambiguous patterns, and filter out the nonsense.”

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After digging a little deeper, I came across an article about Embodied Cognition.

Embodied cognition is the theory that many features of cognition, whether human or otherwise, are shaped by aspects an organism’s entire body. Sensory and motor systems are seen as fundamentally intergrated with cognitive processing. The cognitive features include high-level mental constructs (such as concepts and categories) and performance on various cognitive tasks (such as reasoning or judgment). The bodily aspects involve the motor system, the perceptual system, the bodily interactions with the environment (situatedness), and the assumptions about the world built into the organism’s functional structure.

This conceptual reframing of cognition as an activity influenced by the body has had significant implications. For instance, the view of cognition inherited by most contemporary cognitive neuroscience is internalist in nature. An agent’s behavior along with his capacity to maintain (accurate) representations of the surrounding environment were considered as the product of “powerful brains that can maintain the world models and devise plans”.[11] From this perspective, cognizing was conceived as something that an isolated brain did. In contrast, accepting the role the body plays during cognitive processes allows us to account for a more encompassing view of cognition. This shift in perspective within neuroscience suggests that successful behavior in real-world scenarios demands the integration of several sensorimotor and cognitive (as well as affective) capacities of an agent. Thus, cognition emerges in the relationship between an agent and the affordances provided by the environment rather than in the brain alone.

But apparently they are finding ways to “create” emotions with a process called “Influence Engineering.”

Types of Influence Engineering

The three main types of influence engineering include sentiment analysis, facial expression recognition, and voice analysis. Let’s look at them in detail below.

  1. Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis, also known as opinion mining, is an NLP technique that categorizes user/customer data (reviews) as positive, negative, or neutral. It is commonly used on textual data to monitor brand or product sentiment in customer feedback and gain insights into customer needs.
  2. Facial Expression Recognition or FER: It uses computer vision algorithms to detect and analyze facial movements and expressions to determine an individual’s emotional state. FER is often used in psychology and marketing to gain insights into customers’ emotional responses and improve their buying or product experiences.
  3. Voice Analysis: Voice analysis identifies, measures, and quantifies emotions in the human voice. This technique can be used for various applications, such as identifying speakers, detecting emotions or sentiments in speech, and detecting stress or other psychological states based on vocal cues.

Major Challenges of Influence Engineering

As a result of influence engineering, the collection and monetization of personal emotional data pose significant risks to user safety and privacy. Companies that fail to manage or analyze emotional data carefully can lose customer trust. As a result, it affects their brand reputation and decreases customer retention rate.

Let’s discuss some major challenges of influence engineering below.

  • Intimacy: Influence engineering deals with data that is profoundly intimate and personal. It can reveal a person’s behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Sharing this kind of personal data is complex and requires great care from companies collecting and utilizing it.
  • Intangibility: Emotional data can be difficult to understand and recognize. Sharing personal emotions is far more complex than sharing information like a street address, date of birth, or browsing history. Hence, the intangibility of emotional data presents a significant challenge for companies that use influence engineering.
  • Ambiguity: The AI techniques used to interpret emotional data are neither transparent nor easily confirm-able by consumers. Hence, it leaves room for interpretation errors and misreadings.
  • Escalation: The decentralized nature of data collection and the speed at which data can be processed and disseminated means that mistakes can have far-reaching and difficult-to-reverse consequences.

Anyways… I hope this is helpful. :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s actually my point, CPU frequency is consistent and uniform throughout the area (silicon plate).
While brain frequency is dynamic on each area.
Yet the definition of the word ‘frequency’ here are the same the rate of electro voltage fluctuation over time.
Brain is more of a ‘network of neurons and synapses’. Thus I will add the word “network” in reference to the brain.

It’s more of it shows higher amplitude of Gamma compared to Gamma on wakeful state, when the Gamma appears on certain area of the brain network. Yet the overall average activity of the brain network is down to alpha state. Again on average, as the reading varies over time on each part of the brain.

So far the most ‘sensible’ model is the one that came from Yogic philosophy.
Bodies are multi-layered, physical body where the physical brain reside is just a layer of it.

Emotions are generated / processed by the “Emotional Body” (Mano Maya Kosha).
By the word “silencing the mind” is more towards reorienting the focus from the physical layer / physical brain.

Having said that, research has found that audio / sound frequency are more effective as a supporting tools for meditation.

Robert Monroe use it to help people experiencing “Out Of Body Experience”.
Thus experiencing things which are not generated / feed through the physical brain.


it does! thank you for this,

I learned something new and this is very important actually

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Thank you for this Quid, great info!

So would you say that there’s no physical markers, or indicator for those who say they are talking to the “gods” ?

With all the talks about how our brain is like an antenna, you would think that anything that is “outside” and not from the imaginary realm would leave electro-ressonance as it being “transmitted”

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Since Ra/Quo rarely and almost never uses the word god/gods, perhaps due to it’s ambiguity, I try to avoid using such word. From Ra/Quo perspective, which in contrast to popular religion perspective (ie: Xtianity et. al.), everything and everyone is divine. Everything and everyone is the one infinite creator experiencing separation / multitude. #lawofone

Thus if the question is reworded to is there any physical marking detectable in 3rd density realm for 3rd density entity who are channeling message from 4th, 5th, 6th density entity and/or communicating with 4th, 5th, 6th density entity?
I honestly don’t know, perhaps there is some similar pattern detectable from EEG reading, nobody has done such research yet.

Having said that, all of us are regularly communicating with a 6th density entity, namely ‘the higher self’, it came through inspiration and conscience. Thus not necessarily need to be in ‘trance’ mode.
Which makes it more difficult to differentiate the possible EEG pattern of communicating and not communicating with 6th density entity isn’t it? Since everyone is actually communicating with 6th density entity.

Yes Ra/Quo and Yogic philosophy have similar view in that the brain is merely an antenna within consciousness and not the other way around, which is the today’s scientific view that consciousness is inside the brain. Some example from Ra/Quo depiction might be, rock and plant doesn’t have a brain and they are conscious. Rock is 1st density entity while plant is a 2nd density entity.

The word ‘imaginary realm’ might be ambiguous as well, the dreamscape for example is viewed as equally real as waking world, or as equally imaginary as waking world. #thoughtForms

From consciousness perspective, everyone and everything is inside, there is no outside.
The border that separate one entity and the other is semi-permeable, Ra/Quo label it as ‘the veil’ while yogic even deliberately label it as ‘maya kosha’ which means ‘virtual sheathing’ . Thus an entity can actually access and send out information to the other entity as practiced by telepathy or even access the information collected by other entities. This might be strange or rare for 3rd density entities, but as they’re evolving into 4th density and forming social memory complex, it will be more natural and obvious.


Not everyone, I think sts chooses to not listen to their higher-self if I remember correctly.

This could be a marker if it’s detectable by EEG. Similar to how we can actually detect bio markers for psychopathy etc.

This is reassuring to hear, and I think it is the direction we are heading.
But while that is in progress, I feel that the current world is still relying a lot on technologies for our understanding.

Lastly, I don’t think it would hurt if we try to lay down some scientific foundation for the perceived reality we are in.

Galileo’s effort and sacrifice got us out of subjective speculation and very strong belief systems in the past.

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I actually found a study where they used electrophysiological markers of working memory as an index for truth based lies - just as the title of the article suggests.


People prefer to lie using altered truthful events from memory, perhaps because doing so can increase their credibility while reducing cognitive and working memory (WM) load. One possible way to counter such deceptive behavior is to track WM usage, since fabricating coherent lies or managing between truth and lies is likely to involve heavy WM load. In this study, participants memorized a list of words in the study session and used these old words to provide deceptive answers when cued later, in the testing session. Our behavioral results showed that people needed more time to make a deceptive response during the execution stage, and this prolonged deceptive reaction time (RT) was negatively correlated with each participant’s WM capacity. Event-related potential findings showed a more negative-going frontal amplitude between the lie and truth conditions during the preparation stage, suggesting that WM preparatory processes can be detected long before a deceptive response is verbalized. Furthermore, we observed a larger positive frontal-central amplitude during the execution stage, which was negatively correlated with participants’ lie–truth RT differences, suggesting that participants’ efficiency in producing deceptive responses can be readily traced electrophysiologically. Together, these findings suggest that WM capacity and preparation are crucial to efficient lying and that their related electrophysiological signatures can potentially be used to uncover deceptive behaviors.

So… apparently they have “tested’ this before. I have no idea why “channelers’ wouldn’t be open to being tested with an EEG.

If anyone is curious to read more, we’d recommend you click on the link above. :slight_smile:

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Well yes, but it’s still communicating nonetheless… the more exact wording might be choose to ignore.
Having said that there are also 4th and 5th density STS which possibly communicating and inspiring 3rd density STS candidates…
Thus it still fit the criteria of 3rd density entity communicating with 4th, 5th or 6th density entities…
And there are also 3rd density ‘channeler’ which channeled STS entities… and the channeler might not be STS per se… I’ve witnessed a person being possessed by STS entities, or commonly being refered as Demon.

Oh yes there’s nothing wrong with that…
Mind you that at the core of scientific method is ‘testability’…
And the best way to ‘test’ is to experience it yourselves…
As such that Sadhguru has rebranded Yogic method (Yoga), including meditation practices as ‘technology’.
Because it’s ‘testable’ for those who are willing to spend some time and effort practicing it.
A technology that doesn’t need any devices (such as EEG), just your own (multi layered) bodies.


another great find!

yeah, there are definite correlation between the physical and the non-physical.

And they absolutely affect each others.

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