Business as usual inspired by Orion

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Du hast Recht gehaben. Aber diese Platz ist ein bischen tot.

Everyone wants it to be easy. I do too. I’m pretty lazy. Dip your head in water and be saved! It is annoying what is actually required, really both sides are a bit extreme as far as third density wisdom goes. Or the “wisdom” of certain wanderers who have “gone native”.

I don’t think it’s much of a choice though, why would anyone want to be on the side of the enslavers who worship sadism?

As your skit implies, many call themselves spiritual as a sort of fashion statement. Or a way to feel better without doing anything. Just another “decoration” for their egos (and Tinder profiles, hahahaha) and precious personal identities that certain forces leverage to increase division. So, many focus on what divides them from “others” rather than what binds them together. And that along with our entire civilizational system and being led to the slaughter by those who desire power and wealth above all else… and many wonder why this planet finds itself in its current predicament.

I would try seeking out… whatever you want to call it, any reading, yourselves, your own spirituality. Call it spirits, call it aliens, call it god or gods. Despite what much of mainstream religion claims, these entities, the light entities NOT the negative ones, are pretty cool. Find a way to reach true spirituality rather than dressings.

And as our favorite “hawk-headed sun god” pontificates, everything is the divine, the whole is within the smallest, etc. So true spirituality for one may look extremely different from my own experiences, but both can be equally valid. I do not preach elitism, the infinite creator or whatever you want to call it obviously enjoys diversity. There is extreme diversity just on this planet and among your own species, even despite humanity’s tendency towards tribalism and “us versus them” and groupthink.

And now, something entirely irrelevant in the spirit of “there are no mistakes”. Such wonderful diversity just in “art” , and in an age of growing censorship once again as great shadows, like vultures, wait for our current rather unsustainable and unstable civilization to become carrion due to hubris, greed, division, elitism, and hidden hands (shall we say).

Hier hast du eine Antwort. :alien::flying_saucer::clown_face::earth_americas:

Most of these people are not aware to be on the side of the enslavers.
They simply obey and think it is a good thing to do it.
The mind is under control of Wetiko.

Well said.

This leads to the question if this is possible with being part of the STS enslaving system?
I would say no and there are only some eastern countries that accept to live as a monk leaving the system.

Yes - diversity is one way to accept it - so far the individual own/free will is respected.
In the wedic knowledge it is said that the creator will step in at the point that the own/free will is not respected any more - we will see …

This crazy way of anime animation is really funny and a subtle way of critics.

Nothing new any more …

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I feel you on the whole ““wanting it to be easy”” thing. I’m pretty lazy too, haha! But yeah, it’s annoying that true wisdom and spirituality requires effort and dedication. And you’re right, no one in their right mind would want to be on the side of the enslavers who worship sadism.
I totally agree with you on the whole ““spiritual fashion statement”” thing. It’s like people want to seem spiritual without actually putting in the work. And yeah, our civilization is in a pretty messed up state right now, thanks to those who desire power and wealth above all else. It’s a sad state of affairs.
All what I do now is try to keep up with the inflation with the help Financial Planning for Physicians | The Finity Group and maintain a more or less healthy mentality. It turned out to be harder that I used to think.

No - it is not easy - it is complicated, and most of the people don’t want to bother with this stuff.

That’s new…

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No - not really. :grinning:

What’s new from the channelings?
Are there new basic informations from the Q’uo like in the channelings with Ra at the time with Don, Carla and Jim?

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lolI I was just jokingly reversing the statement.

And I understand, I’ve said similar things on other threads and even in my own.

The data collected from my other thread, the Benford’s curve etc. does bring light to the quality, or “consistency” in the channeling work being done.

I am going to post the findings at a later time, but if you would like and has the time, you can look into it and make your own discernment.

I wonder if they can have a channeler that have never read the Loo to channel, and see what comes out.

All the present channelers have read the Loo/Ra materials. So it’s not hard to recite certain philosophy/concept that was already given previously.

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Hmmm - the channelings of the have a different nuance in the way of speech that is being used. But what does this say to us?
From the own understanding the Q’uo are using the knowledge and vocabulary of the brain of the medium / group at the time of channeling, so there should be differences.

This is only a question of the right questions being asked.
The Q’uo normally only answer to the questions being asked.
In the history there where more additional comments within the answers and in the newer answers it seems that more details are hidden with the argument of influence of the free will.

But what’s about of simply connect to the themes from the Ra channelings that where not answered completely, like the Tarot?

What’s about questions to the far history of earth, that does not direct influence the living beings?
As example this could be about other old pyramids, like the one that can be found in Europe.
Or what’s about the old wedic knowledge that is much older then the egypt?

What’s about other alien stuff that is discussed more and more in our times now?
As example about the stories about the Annunaki, as recorded by the Sumerian.

There so many interesting questions that could be asked, but after Don has gone it has been going more and more monotonous in the own eyes. Finally after Carla has gone it is nearly static within only a couple of basic standard themes.

So the channelings of Ra are a very good but static base of knowledge, that represent a facet or specific point of view to interprete the universe.
When you want to learn more you need other sources, like the stated wedic knowledge above.
At this time much is read from Armin Risi and it is fascinating to learn other facets of knowledge and sometimes a wider spectrum of details of things that have been truncated by the Ra.

In the past,
I partitioned for a place for readers to “donate” their questions, and possibly having that question, or (questions) being asked.

I posted a request for that on the old bring4th as well.
I think I made a thread here as well somewhere about letting us pitch in our questions,… but… haven’t heard anything yet…
I don’t know, what do you guys think? we should have a space where our questions can be brought to the channeling as well.

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The place for questions is not the problem - the group to channel the questions is missing.

This shall be not critics at Jim or the two public active channeling groups.
It is good that Jim keeps the material and the channeling itself at live.
(He seems to be always the perfect man of support and not the man of questions. :grinning:)

What cannot be understand is that there are still people learning channeling, but there are only two groups active with nearly the same questions.
That’s it for all this years since Ra?

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I get you on that,

Just curious, what would you ask?

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Do you want to hear more concrete questions?

There is much more exciting stuff that could be asked like about the life in the time/space.
In the book Beyond Human Personality you can read for example a channeled investigation about it and there are much questions left …

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Yeah, I saw those questions above, I am just curious if you had more.

Thanks for sharing that pdf, that is good read!

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It makes no sense to think and write about exact good questions, when nobody will ask them to the Q’uo.
So it would take some time to analyze for example the cards of Tarot and make concrete questions for the missing cards.

A simple question relating the big pyramid near Visoko in bosnia would be, if it is true that this is an pyramid and about 28000 years old. Why there is a tunnel system about 10km?

The wedic sources as described by Armin Risi show a much more detailed picture about the rythm of the universe. He reports for example about a proportional relation of space and time which graphically results in a hyperbolic cone. The statements presented do not necessarily contradict Ra’s statements, but paint an equally coherent similar picture that should be questioned.

When you read the book from Myers you will find an interesting description of the existance in time/space. Again there are commonalities and contradictions that can be questioned. Maybe we can discuss them here?

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I think that if we put our voices together, it will come up and the channeling circle could/should pick it up.
It makes no sense to me why the public cannot participate or contribute to the questioning.

I’ll be honest, those questions aren’t bad. I have no idea about the Pyramid near Visoko or anything about the the Swiss Poet Armin Risi.

I’ll start a thread for us, and with collective calling/questioning. I am sure the Q’uo, Ra group will see/hear even if the channeling circle doesn’t pick it up.

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That’s a democratic thinking, but this is not a democratic process. :wink:

I think it is somehow complicate, because the questions must reflect the interests and mood of the channeling group?

This where only examples for big questions about the history that comes up in the latest time.
Another good theme is Tartaria as maybe latest higher culture on earth.

Armin Risi is more an author bringing old knowledge to the western culture region.

The author, Armin Risi (born 1962), is one of Europe’s most prolific writers and researchers in the esoteric and spiritual field, mainly regarding the alternative, “real” history of mankind. He lived as a monk in Vedic monasteries in Europe and India for 18 years and is both a philosopher and a mystic. more

This did already fail in the old forum at LLR. Just look here. :wink:
You can see the desinterest already here, because nobody else is discussing it.
But of course it will not harm anybody to collect some questions.

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