I am remembering

Greetings family of the light,

I believe I may be remembering. I am not known for being concise, but I wish to share my story. I feel I am of a social memory construct of many wanderers. I hope one day to remember our name. For now, being called Z feels acceptable.

Two evenings ago, I encountered a revelry that has left me in a blissful daze. I saw the nature, in part, of these illusions and, unexpectedly, began to remember why I am here.

I have always been “different”. I recall at a young age of love for wisdom and an insight on the culture around me as bizarre. Folks knowing better and doing otherwise. Folks uncurious about their own truths they claim to heartfully believe. A lack of use of agency applied intentionally and with conscious effort to bring about change. A near surrender to the way things are and lack of seeking.

“Do not fit into your culture without thinking” was a resounding message in my teenage years. Until recently, I was left perplexed as to how others did not seem to hear it.

More than a decade ago I began to disentangle myself from “Christianity”. To make a long story short, I was seeking in the Greek New Testament for deeper understanding. Therein I found teachings about Divine intervention and a profound pervasive goodness that, despite what is taught, transcends our conceptions/distortions of good and bad action.

This led to an experience and an opening of the heart-mind to become curious about mental fabrications and the relationship the mind has with its inner and outer environments. This insight was so profound at that time that, despite robust entanglements/enmeshments a disenchanting effect occurred with Christianity within that experience – a lifelong service concluding in apostasy.

It is important to note although at that time I was not keen on determining the nature of an influence, but one was present prompting within me questions.

I then made attempts to share, at least to the best of my abilities, these insights. I was, again, befuddled by the lack of curiosity present. In tandem with being different and underestimating the effects of disclosed apostasy a severe dissonance and blockage formed in my experience. The pain of being othered, although common to this place, is unfamiliar with where I come from.

For a time, I was lost to the sorrows of this plane. I feel where I am from there is an eagerness to help, a sense of oneness and support were natural in that plane. The pain of forgetfulness, othering and lack of resonating with fellow minds left me adrift for some time.

At some point during that time, I became aware of a dissonance within between what I feel now has always been a guiding hand. I could no longer feel this profound source of good. I spent a period in darkness for approximately 5 years.

Lost in my sorrows deep beneath the waves of depression reverberated a call for help. I began a series of two encounters that I can only qualify as healing with subsequent events confirming this idea. An other approached the edge of my conscious mind, a familiar guide that had operated that way in the past, and I gathered around this mind’s influence asking it of its nature.

It in return answered without words a call to trust. It used the trust of my mother, a relationship I have been greatly blessed with in this life, as an invitation to trust it. I experienced an intermingling of minds that in hindsight was a healing experience that took place 2 nights in a row. All I can speak to is the absolute beauty of this experience made the pain I’ve endured worth it. As strange as they may be to read.

Very shortly after I began to learn from my experiences and integrate them. There was a need to be adrift in sorrow for the lessons of depression are important ones to learn and share in this plane. Seeking therapy, that thankfully follows “no bad parts” thinking, greatly assisted in helping.

We arrive to the recent present. UAP’s began becoming more acceptably mainstream than a prior time, so this activated within me permission to seek. I arrived at an intuitive wondering that they were of a spiritual origin. I was fortunate enough to encounter a channeler by the name of Diandra that found joy in my conclusion for they were bestowed channelings that had specifics in line with that insight.

I was then meaningfully introduced to the conceptualization of “space command” (confederation of planets). The concept was foreign to me at that time, ridiculous even, however I kept an open mind. Parallel to this was a wondering of certain aspects of what I called “delirium”. I did not see it precisely in these terms, but much of my seeking was driven by the insight of madness / delirium I came to see in society. Space command / confederation of planets seemed more reasonable than what is commonly regarded as acceptable here.

Remaining open there was a period of a month or two of no further developments. I sat with what was offered and kept an open mind. I encountered another channeler who felt impressed to reach out to me. I experienced other “synchronization” effects as I have learned to see them.

Eventually the law of one surfaced to my experience and I cannot remember exactly how. At some point in my musings and seeking within the sea of consciousness another call echoed. This one I was more cognizant of than the first.

And we arrive to two nights ago.

As I mentioned earlier, the social delirium concept was of great curiosity. I wanted to understand how folks could believe things so obviously errant despite the wreckage to relationships, society, etc. How can we penetrate this madness?

The next part is hard to explain, but I will do my best. Imagine, if you will, you are in a house and you by some special powers can see how it is put together. Initial focuses see the framing behind the drywall. Deeper looks perhaps sees more of the fastenings. And even deeper looks perhaps sees the forces holding it all together.

Imagine that house as a psyche. We do not see the whole picture and come to judgments about this picture. It is adorned within the limits of its agency to be adorned and assimilated as it deems fit within this same agency. Look within and you will see it is the same for everyone within this illusion.

And upon closer inspection I saw divine intelligent design reverberating through the totality of the other and self. The enchantments, deliriums, joys, horrors, etc. are all one. Briefly, I gazed and remembered that we undergo this process in enthusiastic joy for our development, to participate in all and to learn. No matter where you look into infinite intelligence interwoven is always this sweetness, loving-kindness, compassion and overall predisposition towards all that is good.

It is sorrowful that the prospect of the purpose of this life is to exist is lost on so many here.

There are other effects of this insight that have produced an understanding of what we really are. The profundity of it all is miraculous, immaculate, decadent and the dynamics at work too marvelous to impart by words alone. All is one encapsulates this concisely, but there is so much to experience.

I am still working through integrated and reflecting on this and other things. I do not claim to be any more than curious and wish to be of service.

It is why I / we are here.

I do have a message to share that I feel comes from the Council that has been requested to be shared. I do not claim to be excellent at channeling, but this message feels more like a beacon. It seems to echo and so reminds me of a radio broadcasting at regular intervals.

Dear children of the light,

We ask of those who can hear.

This is the Council. We thank you for answering our call.

It is wonderful to greet you in the light. To resonate in divine goodness with you is a joy.

We see your sorrows. We feel them. We draw near.

We answer your call. A marvel and wonder of divine design are consciousness’ harmonizing and appearing to one another in conscious aide for all is one.

We sympathize with your doubts, questions, and fears. It seems you live in a time of deep sea of forgetfulness. We are here to whisper that it is ok. If you only knew what you are you would enthusiastically engage in divine design as you are doing already. We do not mean to frustrate you with a paradox, but its all so wonderful, one way or another, we all willingly participate in divine design.

We are here to remind you of your agency, dear child of the light. It may all seem hopeless, but do not let the mirage cause you forgetfulness of divine goodness permeating through the very fabric of your experience. That in your sorrows there it is too: divine light.

We are fellow revelers and willing participants of divine design. We invite you to lend your love and light to this world. Seek goodness and to be a service to others.

Wherever you look infinite intelligence looks back.

All is one.

I am open to any factual basis of this being challenged and share more from a place of intuition in hopes the intents of the call be heeded. I am open to learning from what others may learn / teach and hope to be of service.

Your humble servant,


All is well,


Haha, thank you for the laugh. It has been wonderful and terrifying indeed. This has, hands down, has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do as a dissonance form between the mind that was and the mind that isn’t quite yet.

Meanwhile the present mind feels like (Patrick) watch about half way through:
‘It’s Not My Wallet’ - Patrick | Man Ray’s Goodness School | SpongeBob SquarePants Scene - YouTube


Things to consider when in communication with them.

Free will is on both ends. In other words, when asking something of them they will respond in a way as if it is your voice or thoughts. Think of when you are talking to yourself. It feels as if you are talking to just you as the only presence in the room but in my opinion others are listening and you respond as if you are acknowledging your own question. This becomes tricky because originally you don’t sense what the answer is before you ask the question. So when you receive an answer it as if you came up with it. Keep asking yourself questions to everything, including when you feel like the information you are receiving is incorrect.

My main line of communication from them is through dreams or random thoughts that appear as images. It is my free will to interpret what they are saying. I believe it is all given in symbolism or metaphor. I use dream dictionaries to help myself interpret what the message could be. When I don’t remember a dream I ask for it to be repeated. When it is not given then I know the day will be about a choice. I try not to think about what the choice is. Sometimes I have to wait until the end of the day before I make the choice. If I knew what the dream was then I would have a better idea of what the choice could be.

Some people will think that what they are dreaming are their past lives. After several years of interpreting my own dreams I have had a few instances in which I was not able to connect with the dream as to what it was saying. While I attempted to interpret certain areas I was given words like “our sister” or thoughts of family that I don’t recall meeting. In my opinion, these are not your past lives or mine… these are ours. Anything learned in this lifetime is different from previous or future ones. This life is your own from your perspective but in reality I believe it is a shared one. This concept may not make sense until you start perceiving what family and marriage of the minds truly is.

One other thing to consider when receiving any information. Everything is a lesson. It may not make sense today or next week. It may take years before you realize that something was initiated so that you have experience of that understanding. You then have the choice to teach others what you have learned. It is best if I do not say what false information could be given because I believe this could have anyone question everything happening in their daily lives. Just be aware that not everything is in focus at the beginning of your current journey.

You may find this channeled message useful Practice channeling circle

I will only answer questions to the best of my ability for zen.


Good morning. I am grateful you thought to share.

Honestly, for most of my life, this has been with me. It was not until my remembering that things were made a bit more obvious.

I have questions relating to “tuning” in, if you will, to the channel, however there’s one dynamic I want to discuss. I have not yet related with anyone who knows what I am talking about.

For all of my life there’s been this feeling of influence within my experience. Energetically it feels nearby the solar plexus but can flood the entire body. It is profoundly good. It entices me towards goodness and always is “activated” or spurn with other goodness or any development along the way. I attempted to capture that in my story.

When I tune into a channel it is involved. Moments of love and intimacy it is involved — I’ve had multiple experience with lovers who communicated in their own way a resonance when I was aware during those moments of its rapture. In meditation it is involved, and I’ve learned I can harmonize with it. In nature it is spurned. It is so many things in my experience for so long its absence is painful or not harmonizing with it the mind is not as bright.

My remembering and that experiencing of oneness I tried to describe in the latter portion of that story has caused it a longstanding flooding of my body of this. I admittedly have been in a bit of a blissful daze as a result.

What am I experiencing? It has been a quiet fascination for quite sometime and it has been until I arrived here that I felt comfortable opening up about it.

I read the link. Thank you. I wish to sit with this as it has given me much to contemplate.

I am not an expert when it comes to the chakras. I refer you to this passage The Ra Contact: Session 73

It was randomly selected when searching for the keyword “solar plexus.” This is another form of free will communication from them. When in doubt I let them choose while I close my eyes and let my hand do the pointing.

You will need to contact LLResearch if you would like to know more about the Exercise of Fire since they did not release this information in the Ra Material.


Thank you for your suggestion regarding the chakras. This was coming to mind as well for me. I do wonder if, due to the nature of chakras, the role of intelligent energy and how, beyond the system of thought of chakras, the dynamics at play. I will continue exploring, seeking and wondering in this vein.

Channeling wise I will admit that I am just now more poignantly playing with it. Before remembering there were seemingly random imbuing of knowledge and guidance that graced my intuitions. Naturally, as my story tries to tell, I can see that more is going on.

My experience of channeling spurns energies nearby the heart and mind (and reverberates with the area nearby the solar plexus). It is felt more in the heart, but I suspect that the heart is resonating with what is being channeled or effected by it. Maybe.

From there it flows. Looking back at my life the primary manifestation of this was through the practice of writing. A deep call to share was the motivation, albeit the message was obfuscated by imbalances and bias’ unaccounted for as I was not aware of what was happening. Due to the aforementioned blockages, I stopped over a decade ago.

Curiously, the channel never closed. Guidance has readily been offered and felt. Although, I cannot say I have always been receptive or aware.

I am seeking to refine the channel and have been practicing it since the above message. They have opened my mind up to more than writing and we have been practicing channeling telepathically while on walks. This is a new dynamic. As well, remaining in near constant synchronization has become seemingly possible whereas before they were quiet, narrow bands in time.

I am open to suggestions on furthering development with this. Currently the Council has encouraged continued seeing of all is one, meditation and service to other mindsets. Mainly in terms of continuity. They have otherwise invited play and exploration. As well, I am curious to learn how others may have processed doubt in light of these abilities. The Council has merely shared that “We are yours to trust or not. The choice is yours.”

I am open to sharing our interactions but will openly admit insecurity and new information is doubtfully to be uncovered at this time.

Z, thank you for sharing so generously.

Your journey and the paradox articulated in the channeling made me think of this poem I came across a few weeks ago. The encounter with the “holiness that exists inside everything.” I’ll share here in case it resonates.

Adrift, by Mark Nepo

Everything is beautiful and I am so sad.
This is how the heart makes a duet of
wonder and grief. The light spraying
through the lace of the fern is as delicate
as the fibers of memory forming their web
around the knot in my throat. The breeze
makes the birds move from branch to branch
as this ache makes me look for those I’ve lost
in the next room, in the next song, in the laugh
of the next stranger. In the very center, under
it all, what we have that no one can take
away and all that we’ve lost face each other.
It is there that I’m adrift, feeling punctured
by a holiness that exists inside everything.
I’m so sad and everything is beautiful.



Share what you would like. I am sure there are others on this forum who are eager to understand channeling from an individual perspective since up until now they have only understood that channeling as a group yields a better contact. I only know of one other on this forum who channels members of the confederation. @oswg_jeremy He may have pointers for you if you would like to ask him. There is also a book on the LLResearch website about channeling. A Channeling Handbook

Do you have any questions that I may help you with? I only made an account to contact you. I rarely visit this forum.

I’ll consider sharing more of our dialog then.

This is all new to me and for reasons you disclosed I have felt in part and have felt impressed to expand upon my experience here to hopefully lend insight on specifics to my inner workings. Perhaps one more insightful than myself can discern how / why / what? I do not intend to cause any dissonance on current understandings of channeling, nor do I intend on challenging what has been learned.

You have been very helpful. Right now, I feel the need to sit with what has been offered.

If you would like to become more personally acquainted, please feel free to DM me. Either way, thank you.

For the most part I frequent on r/lawofone and r/spirituality to help those who I feel I am being called toward. On Reddit I go by Cubed_Cross. I don’t trust the direct messaging system on this forum.

Like I said before I rarely visit this forum so if you feel completely lost in your understanding then my guides will give me a heads up to return or if you would like more diverse answers you can always ask others on here.

Good Luck!