Why Wait? Harvest Yourself NOW!

Dialing down the incandescent burn of our conscious mind which guides us through the day, a subtle afterlight emerges. It shows us a way to slide between rational knowing and the utter unknown, into a living realm of imagination and intuitive knowing. This place offers reflections of self known to the deeper being. Here we may begin sorting through the produce of our lives, such as the effects experience has had upon us, and begin tossing out what we no longer need as we collect for harvest all that is truly precious to us.

We are drawn to inspect the things which scare or repulse us and we are unable shake them off, for these, likewise, are reflections of ourselves, all of which can eventually be balanced, as all things, with loving acceptance.

As the garbage pile diminishes, we are drawn increasingly to the reflections of self which elevate us to lighter ways of being self, and these form the harvest which we offer upon the altar of our inner heart. That harvest becomes the soil within which we replant ourselves to begin again in a field redolent of kindness, softness and gentle humor.