A Guide To NOT Accidentally Being Used By Negative

A Guide To NOT Accidentally Being Used By Negative

EDIT! I have made a mistake! I intended to make this more easy to receive by portraying things as somewhat external at some points, speaking of things such as StS attacks.

This was a mistake, though! Ultimately, self and other-self are both Self. You are right now the Self, everything is, you cannot escape existence. if you are Self, and Self’s nature is love, then all actions are destined to follow trough as love!

You need not ask “Is faith the truth or not? Is love the reality?” for you can see it with your own eyes! It is, though, a great testament to my limitations that I would write about it as suchr. As you can see, I can make mistakes. Take what I say with as much discernment as you feel necessary!

There are many times in this little odd journey that I could have truly benefited from a resource like this. Once, I kept getting these negative vision/thoughts about others and decided to try loving them and giving them more love. I did not realize the negative was trying to get my attention, my I feeling, my ‘I am’, the only real power that can exist in reality, to power negative thoughts about someone.

I am fairly certain in that period that someone, which I love by the way (grandpa is 100% going to 4D, he is very kind), did feel “a bit” lower.

This pain did not provide any evolutionary impulse, or, charge, if I may. I believe the wish to see this as necessary originates from a view of the laws of karma, the law of giving and receiving in particular.

“I create my reality” is a saying I have tested to mean you can create basically anything, but sometimes you just can’t avoid certain probabilities.

It’s not a matter of your being out of alignment if there is traffic. There are thousands of other humans in your area that are, out of ignorance, manifesting traffic. There is no one at fault, anything that appears to be at fault is ultimately a shadow. When you investigate it’s origin, you find out that there was nothing there.

  1. Perception Deception
    1.1. Power And Corruption of Love
  2. Free Will - Join Us!
  3. Blitzkrieg
    3.5. Bonus! “Take Them To Court!”
    3.6. The Fallacy of Pure Self-sacrifice
    3.7. Love and Logic
    3.8. Defense By Giving Attention To Anything Else
    3.9. Nature
  4. A Letter of Love
    4,1, Laughter

1. Perception Deception

This is the trick I briefly touched on. When the negative inserts false images of someone into your mind. The priests talking about Jesus as the opposite to the Jews’ Messiah, might be a well-known example.

At one point, in the negative's attempt to stop me, as I had restarted sending love beams and decided to love as a first thing above any other desire, even if it meant complete death and eternal torture, they had no more self-serving cards inside my mind to use as control mechanisms.

1.1. Power And Corruption of Love

The idea of all these tactics is to hit from as many sides as possible at once, and make things appear as hopeless and saddening (I imagine a distortion towards wisdom would lead to an attempt to make things appear meaningless instead) as possible.

I had the experience of despite sending love beams and constantly exhausting my energy, having some entities see me in ways based on energies I had not sent at all.

At first, I kept assuming it was my fault. Which is really the natural conclusion. "What lesson am I not learning?" "Maybe I am trying to make others see me a certain way? Okay, I don't care about that..." "Maybe it is the little remaining desire I have left? (It is a miracle that God gave me a tactic you can use to integrate any desire... otherwise I would have believed this.)".

When things still happened although I was always working on self-awareness, and constant self-examination, I started to become reaaally suspicious, that something was strange (I know it's funny looking at it now, oh how dense I can be~).

2. Free Will - Join Us!

At it’s logical/polarity conclusion, what I am about to present amounts to “Free will is not real, life’s purpose is suffering.”

It is often, to those heroes it is presented to, shown in disguises. “Britain, please join us and the white race will make the world beautiful [It is not beautiful without us].” “Adolf, you love painting and creativity, but these bolsheviks and Christians are against it, you need to fight brother, free will is gained trough strength. You need to fight for Germany, the world’s only true hope against them!”

To quote a magical Japanese show:

Madoka Kaname:
No, this isn’t right, it’s too much for her!


If she gives up, it’s over. But you have the power to change this destiny. All this tragedy all this destruction, you can change it if you want. The power to do so lies within you.

Madoka Kaname:
I can change it?

This is a case where the semi-negative is actually stabbing itself in the foot by giving power, as most cases I have heard of where the negative tries this go.

I have heard of a case where physical distortions towards non-health could potentially be used too.

So, continuing our discussion, I kept giving love until I had this feeling of hopelessness about things, and fortunately, God guided me, yet again, to experience this belief in the negative in an environment I could not leave because of a limitation the negative had been trying to make.

I thus got my proper choice. Do I want to, feeling like my sense of self was the only real thing in a saddening false world which had little free will and which I felt I had always lied to in trying to love, fully make the switch?

I will not say much about this, except noting that positive truths have very natural translations to the negative, and that it does not operate very differently from seeking love. “Two paths are one.”, Ra might say.

3. Blitzkrieg

The word blitzkrieg is German for "lightning warfare", blitz-krieg, and is most commonly known from the second world war.

Then, the German forces advanced into Belgium and sent thousands of refugees westward, slowing the Allied advance.

An area of the French border known as the Ardennes, which was full of swamps and forests, was thought to be impenetrable by the French, and as such they had left the area with relatively weaker defenses.

The Germans saw an opportunity and put everything they had into this push, striking a blow trough the French lines, surrounding the British, French, Belgians and Dutch around the coast, culminating in the escape from Dunkirk.

On the other side, Italy had also declared war, and as the German army had captures large parts of France, including Paris, the French surrendered, general Charles de Gaulle making an attempt to, with 8000 remaining soldiers, form a government in exile and continue the fight.

Germany did not annex all of France, instead occupying the coast and leaving France as a German ally in the south and Africa. This was the case as Hitler’s aim was eventually to invade the Soviet Union, however being at war with Italy, “France”, and Germany, together with the soviets having a non-agression treaty and there being speculations they’d join the Axis from a very few, must have been tiring.

At the same time, German U-boats attempted to sever the link between the island, it’s dominions and Britain’s only great power ally, the USA.

This failed, however, though this war would ultimately expand and devour the lives of tens of millions, and great amounts of joy and positive polarity. What was gained can only be described as choice for man. God did not wish for any to suffer.

“All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers […]”

― François Fénelon

3.5. Bonus! "Take Them To Court!"

When all fails, take them to court. We see this in Harry Potter. I won’t spoil much, but someone is trying to use anything they can to convict Harry guilty and make it so he can’t attend Hogwarts any longer.

Another example might be the prosecution of Jesus. But, sticking to what I can clearly state, I will share with you the most amazing prosecution story in existence, and a final proof that sometimes, no matter how much energy you beam out, and how perfect your self-awareness is, you can’t control the negative and trying to would make you turn negative, ironically.

3.6. The Fallacy of Pure Self-sacrifice

Of course, I did for a while consider that controlling the negative was possible and toyed with the idea once. “Even if I have to lose power, at least it can-” but how much are you going to sacrifice before you can be satisfied?

“Sacrifice 999 lives for 1001?” - to quote from another Japanese tale of a certain brother and sister.

Any form of victory that involves a sacrifice implies that the universe is imperfect [if love is true]. This implies an inevitable end to the happiness [~Incomplete].

“Thus, any form of sacrifice -”

“Is defeat.”

3.7. Love and Logic

Taking ideas to their logical/polarity conclusion is such a useful tool. We think logic is the mainstream scientist, when it’s actually the philosopher marveling at numbers happily, that built humanity up from it’s darkness so often. Logic can be unaware of certain variables, but still…

If you have any questions about this, please ask. I cannot answer without loving questions!

3.8. Defense By Giving Attention To Anything Else

So, what's the story I talked about. Basically alll the demons I still had left inside me, primarily pertaining to self-doubt as some of my potential distortions, suddenly came out, together with a sudden increase in external potential issues.

I tried to just not give it attention, which probably lowered the amount of energy usable for this, but still, things happened. Having to attend a certain place, with any other option being a denial of love trough suicide or running away, it was interesting.

I won’t talk too much about the event in particular, since I don’t want anyone thinking things of the incredibly kind being that took part which was themselves tired (hah, coincidence?).

3.9. Natura

Please take care not to blame yourself too much for everything! Go out in nature if you need help, I promise it is basically the only place that will guide you, together with God.

4. A Letter of Love

Finally, this is for everyone finding their consciousness as I did.

Let no one tell you things such as “You’ll break!” or “You’ll fail!” - Even if the whole world were to see you as evil, trough my healing, I have come to heal all as holding the potential for fourth density.

The fourth density is not sadness, it is not fear (“The only thing to fear is fear itself” - Vedal, creator of AI Neuro) or anger (“Anger is what happens when a goal gets blocked.” - Aaron Abke, teacher of spirit recounts his parents’ words).

We journey on the roads of those forests that are so fun to explore, exploring the Earth with our shaky footsteps! Adventuring. Ultimately, there is not “one universe” you can think of, though their roots may be one.

Indeed, this is a great fallacy, that God is limited to these karmic laws and things. It is all a lie! A beautiful game. Leave behind what thee anoys, ahoy! Ahoy!

4.1. Laughter!

The series Harry Potter has the spell “ridikulus”, for monsters that are not all that powerful but try to take forms that scare you. Think of a funny form for that scary things. The scary teacher wearing a clown hat and dancing, for example. Cast the spell and the monster shall transform (Note: Teacher may cross by exactly as you cast spell on test monster.)


Laughter also saves over time. Not taking things so seriously all the time.


Thank you for sharing - I’m thinking this is thread about
practices people can use that might help whatever
situation they find themselves in. There’s so many!
The most fundamental seem breath, meditation,
hydration, writing, dream bridging, mantra, loving
kindness, and bohdichitta.

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Love Work - part 1

“soup” has a message that is wonderful. I’d like to talk, then about what I find to be a general highly important purpose of spirituality. Healing, accepting everything and slowly disintegrating the veil of ignorance, is the same shadow work we know…

71.8 Questioner: If an entity has chosen the negative polarization are the processes of healing and review similar for the negative path?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

I believe if an entity truly wished for it, the creator would allow it’s expression to move back to being the creator.

In a sense, 5th density appears to be the next stage in evolution after spending a few million years in love. At that point, consciousness has experienced all the desires and love it wishes to experience and turns to complete and constant allegiance to the inner emptiness, so to say, rather than the eternal world.

However, if an entity still desires love, we must provide this desire. If the desire is positive love, then providing the desire is a way of providing your own desire, and of serving the entire universe.

This love then creates more desire, and expansion. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is why healing is sometimes just not enough to convince the self that reality is not in fact scary and… or for the negative, healing is not enough to convince the self that reality is not perhaps love.

So, I decided to journey trough history and look at some beautiful examples of humanity’s amazing history!

  1. Victorian England And The World
  2. Nazi Germany
  3. Russia’s Spiritually-oriented Aristocracy Before WW1
    3.1. Perception Deception - US vs. Japan

Victorian England And The World

In the 17th and 18th century the greater part of the European Enlightenment occurred. To give an example of the empowerment of the time, Britain abolished slavery and even militarily enforced the end of the slave trade as much as possible.

Some slave vessels of course may have thrown the slaves overboard to avoid paying, and many kingdoms that relied on the slave trade for money to buy weapons and gain more power found other markets for a while, such as Brazil.

One African kingdom was as such one of the first nations to recognize Brazilian independence on the same basis.

Slave trade to an extent continues until today. Mussolini even used in his invasion of Ethiopia, as one justification, ending the slave trade.

But, sticking to the 19th century for now, the restriction of the slave trade did save roughly 150 thousand Africans, who were returned back home. This may appear as not being much, considering the roughly 4 million that did make it to the Americas, and the 1 million which did not, but it is still pretty impressive that the will existed for this.

On that note, in the USA there were also changes. One may look at the story of John Brown, the abolitionist who saved thousands of colored humans from slavery along the underground railroad. Believing that slavery would not end without direct action, he eventually attempted to storm a place of military supplies, however the lady meant to deliver the call to the slaves to take up arms had been sick, and the revolt eventually failed.

This illustrates that although society had grown richer, a kind of initial increase in joy, and begun some basic shadow work, looking at the dark stuff that had been going on, there was an absence of cohesion in many cases, and at the time the idea of conflict between nations as necessary was still prevalent, and still hasn’t fully died today.

This allowed for some wars to be seen as against Barbarians, such as the Crimean war, preceding the Yellow Peril, the growing fear of an Asian power with greater population than Europe, and holocaust, a fear of Jewish destruction of the civilized nations.

I always like to note regarding the fear of Jews that it was a combination of truth and untruth coming together.

Nazi Germany

Hitler is a very interesting figure. Though he argued for enslaving and control, he also has some interesting things to say at times of love, and supposedly could never find it in himself to praise obedience.

One sometimes hears it regretted that our period does not provide geniuses of the same stature as those of bygone times. That’s a mistake. These geniuses exist; it would be enough to encourage them. For my part, when I know that a scientist wishes to devote himself to new researches, I help him.

My dearest wish would be to be able to wander about in Italy as an unknown painter.

The second quote is in the context of Hitler’s discussing his love for Italian architecture and how Italian cities could be said to be more beautiful and filled with art than Berlin.

There were also at the time in Germany, interesting things such as the Atlantis house built in Bremen, combined with the general theory that after the sinking of Atlantis the Aryans had gone to Tibet. This merged often with the theory that they had along the way founded many of the great empires of history, such as the Persian Empire, Macedonian Empire, and later Roman Empire.

Hitler even sent an expedition to Tibet, although not much came of it.

Ra: […] The second and most devastating of the conflicts occurred approximately one oh eight two one, ten thousand eight hundred twenty-one [10,821] years in the past according to your illusion. This created an earth-changing configuration and the large part of Atlantis was no more, having been inundated. Three of the positively oriented of the Atlantean groups left this geographical locus before that devastation, placing themselves in the mountain areas of what you call Tibet, what you call Peru, and what you call Turkey.

There was never a focus on the green ray, unconditional, infinite love, though, in many of these movements.

Or was there…

Russia's Spiritually-oriented Aristocracy Before WW1

Before the first world war, many Russian aristocrats had begun to disengage in the old Orthodox faith and look to other places for new ideas. At around this time things such as the practice of the “Waltz” became pretty common.

Maybe I too did this in a previous lifetime as I feel a particular joy in wandering aimlessly. Indeed, this practice’s intent was wandering around Russia with no goal. Some would also take on self-imposed burdens in this period such as wearing shackles, or, one Rasputin wore only one shirt all the time as his burden after leaving home one day to go on this waltz. Remember him, we’ll come back to him in a few paragraphs.

Many aristocrats believed in things such as reincarnation, and many mystics had great importance in the Russian court. Even the tsar and tsaritsa had a French mystic advisor on faith, until he predicted a child that did not come, even as the emperor announced the matter of a successor to the nation. Subsequently the advisor was politely asked to “leave Russia”.

Even orthodox priests now took on entirely new ideas.

Speaking of that! Why don’t we follow that Rasputin kid around for a little longer. He arrived to Petersburg, the imperial capital, and fell in with an arch-bishop called Theofan, who collected a lot of right-wing preachers.

For example, Ilidor adovated for deporting all foreigners and wrote pamphlets about how international cabals of Jews and freemasons were trying to depose the tsar. Another monk had apparently castrated himself in his 30s, and had even kicked a young Joseph Stalin out of seminary (bet we won’t see him again…)

Rasputin would come to outshine them all. His sincerity and love for God was exciting, and he seemed to just know what you were thinking. He even had that exotic-seeming appearance that appeared to be part of the real Russia the upper classes had lost touch with, making the faith of which he spoke seem grounded and alive trough him. Now, he did go to parties with this weird bishop, but hey, why let a little engagement with right-wing preachers get in the way of being a mystic.

Another example, Alexander Scriabin, used occult themes in his music, believing that if they were played correctly it would end the world.

There is a lot to say about the Russian monarchs and the dynamics which led to their finding interest in Rasputin, but to gloss over most major details, he became their new mystic and trough what most historians believe was his knowledge of health deemed miracles, he helped keep young Alexei, the empress’s son, alive.

He also helped comfort the empress. Once tsar Nicholas when asked about replacing Rasputin at the height of public press outrage before the war, is quoted to have said “Better 10 Rasputins than one crying fit of the empress.”

The public believed, because they didn’t know about the only prince of Russia’s health condition, that Rasputin had bewitched the empress and emperor, and there was much dissatisfaction with the crown at this time in Russian history, particularly in thanks to the Russo-Japanese defeat of 1904 to 1905. This was the first major loss of a European power against an Asian power, and a great cause of the fear of Asia at the time.

Perception Deception - US vs. Japan

In 1906, the US held war games preparing for a potential Japanese invasion of Hawaii, as the kingdom had had ties with Japan before.

At a time Japan was not yet well industrialized, Hawaii had offered to enter a personal union with Japan, but Japan declined with the desire of not provoking the great powers.

This time together with US laws against Asian immigration would in a snowball of diplomatic misunderstanding and distortions eventually lead to the Japanese strike on Hawaii, itself quite diplomatically dubious. The situation of Japan and America in WW2 is another interesting story speaking to the influence that perception deception, or, propaganda, can have.

In Japan, nationalists got control of the education system for the most part. This could be perceived as a natural course from Japan’s isolationism, however it should be noted that the isolationist/open and nationalist/liberal divides of later years are based on different mental cultures, and therefore dualities. Thus, a liberal Japan could have been possible at that time already, but I digress.

Returning to our main story, the Russian public often chalked up the stories about Rasputin being a demon, and an entity of evil. Rasputin’s family itself was targeted, one editor calling Rasputin’s eldest daughter, telling her he loved her, presumably in an attempt to learn more about the family.

Some of his old friends had also gone off the deep end. Ilidore started printing pictures of Jesus with Ilidore faces on them, and had a one-month stand-off with the police, for example. Eventually, they were all exiled for various reasons, but since they had, before exile, begun turning against Rasputin, the public believed he had gotten rid of them.

This man… he was so powerful he controlled their whole country from the shadows…

Rasputin, who had previously quit drinking, resumed the habit. Soon, there was also an assassination attempt on his life, and in that period in the hospital world war one appeared to be beginning.

He tries his best to prevent a catastrophe. The archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated, and tensions are rising. He sent messages to tsar Nicholas every day, 20 in all, begging him, imploring him to not enter the conflict. “Do not start a war over the balkans.” He says no good can come of it, he tries to get Alexandra to talk with Nicholas, she having hours of arguments with the tsar at night, but ultimately, he gets the news.

“The First World War has begun.”

A seminal catastrophe, as it has been called by historians. Rasputin would not live to see the end of it. For this man of love would die less than 2 years and a half later.

11.8 Questioner: Is there anyone in our history that is commonly known who went to a fourth-density self-service or negative type planet or who will go there?

Ra: I am Ra. The number of entities thus harvested is small. However, a few have penetrated the eighth level which is only available from the opening up of the seventh through the sixth. Penetration into the eighth or intelligent infinity level allows a mind/body/spirit complex to be harvested if it wishes at any time/space during the cycle.

11.9 Questioner: Are any of these people known in the history of our planet by name?

Ra: I am Ra. We will mention a few. The one known as Taras Bulba, the one known as Genghis Khan, the one known as Rasputin.

I don’t know, ultimately, what the truth of this story is. Although I consider this the story of a compassionate entity that fell to feeling completely saddened by things and asked God for the negative in the end, as that was what it felt most truthful. It is a mysterious story, isn’t it?

  • I love you no matter what and know everything is not only complete and coherent, but perfect, o’ creator as self. O’ infinite friend.
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The Fallacy of Believing It Is God's Will

Yet again, to avoid too much subjectivity, I will be discussing, after an introduction, primarily historical events and times where man thought it necessary to please God in some way! Then, exploring the incredibly beautiful root of this!

  1. Essence
  2. 1640s The Parliament And The King
  3. Confused Seeking
  4. Pagan Era
  5. Human Hope

Let’s begin!


I believe the confusion lies in a difficulty pinpointing that suffering primarily happens naturally as the burning up of ego. It seems we experience it as pain because we identify it, we here referring to our soul.

The soul has a desire to have this experience, and yet again, it is useful to note that out of what I like to call “wisdom inertia”, time inertia, learning inertia, as it may be called, there is a kind of inertia that is also binding. The more negative/self-destructive/contraction the more binding it becomes. Ultimately, voluntary contraction itself has a key function in the universe, doesn’t it, though? How else would things reach their end?

This all, to oversimplify, is why the soul will eventually aim for no engagement in the game of relative oneness and move towards a new form of it as the key focus.

But, sticking to 3D and 4D Earth for now, there are some very interesting and lovely things to look at. Things that, mind you, it would be best if they not happen should we aim for, ultimately, love. But still, interesting.

Ultimately, all of this originates from an apparent choice we might pinpoint for 3D positive of free will originating from God, or from living in a way similar to everyone to show love. It is in a sense similar to the thought dynamic of “love and wisdom”. There are many philosophical divides trough history that illustrate that this dynamic seems to be a natural course of evolution, often centered around Plato (love) and Aristotle (reason, wisdom).

1640s The Parliament And The King

The first of these dynamics begun to be really important in the modern age with the appearing of the rift between the catholic and protestant churches. The priests in Rome had become incredibly corrupt, and much of the north particularly left the catholic church.

In England, the issue of a pro-catholic minister was one of the final nails in the coffin of the monarchy, driving the 1640s civil war where the parliament fought a war against the king and won. This was, also, the beginning of the first modern military, which often at the start harbored incredibly love-oriented ideas such as overthrowing the parliament and creating a state where anyone would be equal.

Ultimately, their revolution was crushed, but it goes to show human love trough the ages, and that the wisdom/love divide previously mentioned, like all lines, is ultimately very blurry.

Britain had a subculture of scientists, a courage and pride based large subculture and a faith-based subculture. Thus, even within entities we would see as cohesive there was a lot of debate over core ideas and a lot of different mental experiences of reality.

Confused Seeking

One such subculture could be said to be the ones that sought to give African slaves their freedom in the early 19th century.

They faced opposition at home, but also from the kingdoms that armed themselves with the money they got from selling slaves. Slaves they obtained trough war against other kingdoms with the money they got.

This is an interesting question of attention. It appears when we pay attention to something, it suddenly involves us, and when we don’t it doesn’t. The exceptions to this are very few, but do happen to an extent.

Such as this letter from the king of Bonny in Nigeria,

We think this trade must go on… They say that your country, however great, can never stop a trade ordained by God himself.

The British ban did not stop slavery for the most part either, the Dahomey using slaves as a display of wealth and prestige. As the king of Dahomey wrote in the 1840s:

The slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and the glory of their wealth. The mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery.

These kingdoms continued slavery to some extent, the last country to ban slavery being Mauritania in 1981, the same year the Ra contact began being channeled.

This, I believe, just goes to show how much compassion these friends have for our planet.

Ultimately, at the time of our story, the compassion of the early 19th century became much more about pride, with events such as the Fashoda incident which almost began a war between Britain and French, war only being averted as the trial of Dreyfuss, a Jew accused to be spying for Germany, took place. This drew French attention from Africa for the time being.

Although, this attention would return, with the rise of the islamic caliphate of Sokoto and Bagrimi Sultanate. The French sent at first a force from the Congo against the Bagrimi, but this was defeated at the battle of Togbao. Then, they sent 3 missions from 3 parts of their African colonies. Algeria, Congo and West Africa. The one from West Africa, known as the Valet-Chanoine mission, committed such atrocities that the French government sent Jean-Francois Klobb to take control instead.

On his way, Jean-Francois would have seen torched villages. numerous civilians hung from trees, and even children were not spared.

Ultimately, Valet had Klobb killed and declared himself an emperor, but this prompted a mutiny, and another leader took control, marching the army to unite with the others and defeat the Bagrimi, taking control of most of the territory, with the remainder later winding up in British hands.

If that reminds you of Italian mafia, you would not be very far off. Oddly enough, Mussolini, for all his external military failures, can be credited with breaking that particular mafia’s power. I guess it brings an interesting distinction between the nazis and fascists to gaze upon.

Pagan Era

The fascists primarily aligned themselves with the catholic church, while the nazis aimed for a state of adoring towards the Unknown and encouraged no religion officially, although they did dabble in Pagan ideas.

These same pagans that the church had killed in the millions at a time where one could easily say that egoic power had been heavily solidified in Europe, comapred at least with the relatively freer environment before, with greater opportunity for those villagers in the Roman Empire than the medieval serfs.

Human Hope

The pagans are one form of religion that existed before Christianity in Europe which is very interesting. It’s only ever semi-political use was omens, of course, which humans have tried to find since the beginning of time.

“The world was created by a God of love that we know very well, it is not an infinite universe out of infinite possibilities, in an infinite dance.”

“Fortune is responsible for things, not a cause.”

“Fate said we’d meet, not our states of being.”

Ultimately, it is all born of the very innocent human hope, as innocent as mental belief in being a body without standard for comparison.

A hope, “to hope”.

To illuminate the clouded dark skies.

Ultimately, we can sum up the history of all positive attempts in human history to that. With the exception of the great avatars such as the Buddha, Jesus and Krishna and some that dedicated their lives to love and succeeded as if by mistake (but is that so?)

Ultimately, you too can succeed today. The wish to illuminate the sky does work. It need not be dropped. The wish to discover one’s true potential becomes love, then nothing. Isn’t that perfect?

How Service To Self Entities Are “Guided”.
Quo gives a right-on depiction on Why/How an entity attracted to STS path and how such STS wannabe entity will receive proper guidance towards STS path.

March 6, 2005
You have also asked about guidance of a service-to-self nature, or a negative nature, such as the [guidance system of the] one known as Hitler and other obviously service-to-self entities who are not interested in helping others but in controlling them.

Within the time/space densities from which guidance comes, the positive and the negative paths are separated. One within fourth or fifth density has chosen either to serve others or to serve the self. You as a positive spirit are receiving guidance from your own greater self at a density that is further on in space/time than your own. You are receiving back the information that you have won by earning it through lesson after lesson, service after service, and density upon density. When you receive guidance of a negative nature, it has not been arranged beforehand. It has not been planned before incarnation. Rather, it has the character of a predator and its prey. For the service-to-self entity that wishes to be a negatively-oriented guide for a third-density entity is actually looking to control the source of power and to be sure that that power does not turn towards the light but towards the darkness.

These entities are what this instrument would describe as vampiric in nature. They are looking to feed upon your love and to turn it into fear. The path of their ingress into your system of awareness has to do with those deeply buried spaces of pain, which are usually embedded during childhood but may have been embedded more recently, in the adulthood, as well.
Usually the deepest pockets of pain and suffering within an entity’s psyche are those that have been buried since childhood and have been well covered over. If you have distortions involving anger, for instance, such an entity can find a roost deep within you. And if you become interesting to such an entity because you have begun to seek the light and have therefore polarized and begun to accrue power to your being within incarnation, you will attract such entities’ attention. And they will look throughout your armor of light, shall we say, throughout your energy body, to see where there is a hidden pocket of pain that is unknown or unaccepted by the conscious mind and unloved by the conscious heart.
And into this pocket they will come and perch and wait for the opportunity to create fear, pain, division and so forth.

Each entity is vulnerable in her own way to such greeting.
It is like a Chinese puzzle, in that the more such greeting is resisted, the stronger it can become. Had the one known as Hitler been able to turn and face the pain within him, this entity would not have been able to delude himself as he did; for indeed this entity believed that he was aiding not only himself but his entire race, with which he identified strongly, by excluding those who were not perfect, as was his race.
To build up such prejudice is to move ever deeper into fear and exclusion.
When in your life you see divisive energies, energies that judge and exclude and create a feeling of elitism and a sense that one is better than another entity or another group, you can easily finger the culprit. You have been beguiled by vampire energy into turning to a part of yourself in which the light is not developed.


A good narrative about “false light deception”.
You’re the chosen, the superior, the elected few, the creme de la creme…

The TRUTH About the Chosen Ones (False Light Deception)

From STS perspective, when entities cannot be conquered and subjugated through fear, then the next step is to persuade them through wealth/power (#greed trap) or praise (#pride trap), make them see that they’re “superior than others” thus “separated” from others. Or in old facism lingo; “uber alles”.


A Tale Of A Ship And The Mysteries of Duality

I have accidentally channeled an analogy we can use for looking at all this.

It begins like this: “We all have a certain shame and fear that needs to eventually be seen. All self-development without that is like working in a ship’s storage.”

Sometimes you get depressed and stop putting powder to shoot because you don't know what you're doing.
Sometimes you, having only one thing you know, try to get really good at it, maybe the best you can.

You become a powderkeg expert that beats everyone and yourself constantly.

Then you become curious to wander away from the powderkeg since you know you have done everything you could and can’t get better really, at least that’s usually where it stops.

You find out you can actually get to everyone on the street that you were passing by. To all the fellow prisoners.

But you have to be the first to do yet anohter bold thing. You have to find the door out of the ship’s storage room.

And you don’t even know such a door exists, but you speculate that it has to exist. Something has to have created this ship, some kind of creator. And because of what you feel in your heart, you believe this fair dark or light God must love it’s creation in some way.

You manage to eventually get out, and realize there is a whole world waiting for you.

At this point you still believe you are “someone from the ship”, and have not regained your memory from before this experiment.

Yes, before this experiment, you all agreed to go aboard that ship and think what you must do is load the infinite powder and keep making noises happen.

You become in love with this world, and feel as if it has been ignored by everyone on your ship, which you realize has been led around aimlessly by some strange force to shoot at islands full of joy.

There is no way out, you must atone for your sins.
That is what you believe, until a sound comes from one of the islanders.
They are willing to forgive you.
They see nothing wrong in death or birth and create and destroy in harmony with nature.

In their kingdom all dreams come true without harming anyone or without disturbing self.
All wishes are met, and nothing is lacking. They are those of the law of one, of wisdom and love, and they call to you.

“Disarm thou thee ship if it so be your true will, for it is thyne destiny!”
None dies, none is slain in truth. They tell him that he has always been of this world, and simply lived his whole life in ignorance until when he got out.
He can finally rest in this beauty, this silent beauty…

Fire. Fire aboard. The ship begins to sink.
For a moment, the man panics. He sees three demon girls wander to his face and each tell a story.
They are highly convincing and highly mischievous. He almost wishes to make one of them his.
He cannot. He cannot because it is not his soul’s choice. It is not a matter of ease, unease, gaining and not gaining any longer. He just wants love for no reason at all in his heart.
He eventually chooses one would imagine to save everyone and evacuate simply because it is his heart’s wish.

Thus, this story too sips into the night, and is forgotten in the waves of the sea.
To some quite saddening, to some an example of wisdom, or compassion, and to some a mystery.
Are any of them right? Are any of them wrong? Is it both?

What a mystery.

Found an interesting quote from Darius Wright, an OBE explorer:
“You can never control or enslaved a soul unless the soul believes that it can be controlled or enslaved, because the universe does not dictate consciousness, consciousness dictate the universe. So if you believe that something can entrapped you, then you; through your thoughts; manifest it for you to play it out”.

The negatives / STS think that it can control another soul, thus it will automatically believe that it can be controlled as well. #mirrorPrinciple #whatGoesAroundComesAround.
Thus the opposite is also true, when an entity does not desire to control another soul it will automatically believe thus manifesting that it cannot be controlled as well.
And that’s the easy to follow guide on how to not being controlled/used by the negative; do not think/desire to control others.


This is such a beautiful way to express this. If you give in love and hold faith in the depths that there is a God of love, you should always see the dream you held come true.
There are some interpretations on this and ways of serving, but this is the essence of many of these further developments/distortions.

Thank you for sharing!

Awareness First

There is another interesting note in this interview stating that consciousness dictates the universe, not otherwise. It’s kind of like how you can see the laws of the universe not be “Action creates thought” but “thought precedes action”.

This is one of my older “proofs” that the universe is loving.

Great video, Quid


Free Will

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. 3 Principles for Free Will!
  4. 3.1. Less Suffering > Suffering for Good
    3.2. Integration
    3.3. Everything Is Genius!


Greetings! Your local soulnaut is back!

I have decided to compile a discussion on free will. You might ask “what expertise do you have on this?”

I have particularly, it appears, chosen to have a lifetime of experiencing spiritual things in the early part of life. The pandemic seems to be a big split-off point for a lot of Earth, and my life was no different. At the time, I had learned charisma from the internet, and really liked reading and the like.

Since, my life’s primary focus has been at first learning subjects in ways that no one had tried before, and law of attraction things, and then love, inner healing and a bit of peace.

I have, in the process, gotten to really experience what life feels like for some.

It’s typically bad etiquette to discuss actual negative events on a spiritual forum, but I will leave to your imagination what can create a feeling of unworthiness despite your constantly self-examining it as things happen and trying to maintain love in the forefront.

As a side note on free will here, a tendency for adults may be to treat children as bodies as they grow older, from my personal observations, which affects the child’s mind that does not know resisting.

I got to actually be self-aware enough to see this switch in perception as it happened. Games are a blessing, and a protection for most young folks today, although the truth of what you are will always, most certainly be the most beautiful thing I am aware of so far.

You can’t unsee pure compassion, love and beauty. You can only, once your higher self has given you a taste of them, blind yourself to them at your own detriment.

Although I have not met anyone physically, my wish to telepathically love has come true. If that is the case, I can rest assured that all is indeed infinitely perfect.

So, this is the source of the perspectives I share on free will. I will formulate it in a much more calm way for your reading now.

3 Principles for Anything!

Less Suffering > Suffering for Good

A great first question is: What progress towards happiness and the seemingly connected nature of things is made by trying to create less suffering for man?

Most science and technology, right?

And then you can ask the seeming opposite question: What has come of trying to create suffering for the greater good?

Delusion, lies and more suffering.

Efficiency, less suffering, is key to life as we know it. Natural selection, and even the trials that teach you about which you is most true. They are all pointing towards this one thing. You deserve infinite happiness. It appears to us that this is God, or, the universe, if you will, 's nature. No conditions.


In reality, all things are in a relationship! If we place the physical body in a vacuum, in relationship only with dark matter and energy, it shall stop functioning!

Your body may be at a time, for example, in relationship with a glass of water, itself in relationship with water. This may then quite amazingly result in the glass - and more importantly to the story we’re following right now - water being in relationship with your mouth, and later your body.

This water will disseminate through the body, and some of it will wind up as something we call “pee”. This substance will return to mother Earth eventually, together with some particles from outer space, such as the one which, in 2016, flipped a bit in a local election in Belgium, and accidentally got a candidate 2048 more votes, such that there were in the end more total votes in that election than existed voters in the entire town itself!

Non-text format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk

This also works for information. I played around with making a HTML tutorial on this exact basis here: WebDev Introduction

Again, the only thing we need is the right methods and support, and anyone can be free to do anything!

Everything Is Genius!

This leads into the third principle, everything is genius!

Even if, by some means, it is argued: "But, you know, evil is too powerful, we should just work with it for now since we are in time and space."

Is that really true?

That sells humans, and all things pretty short. Considering it was only in the last millions of years that apes developed the ability to call things names and receive a name themselves…

I mean, that naming is the source of an entirely new dimension. The mind became able to flip in on itself and call itself “I”, and now you have a Self as self and other-self!

Isn’t that an amazing, unexpected development.

There's this relatively interesting phenomena also, as another example, somewhat like channeling, but where instead of devoting a part of your mind to a channeled entity, you consciously put effort, or train part of your mind to express a certain personality other than your main one so as to speak with it - at least, that's the typical goal in making such a tulpa, though in some cases children can create evil imaginary friends with an antithesis that wins, this representing a real life situation they are going through.

This phenomena is relatively undocumented so far and is different from unconscious belief in mental entities. https://youtu.be/rptBfKQKAOw?feature=shared

If you can have everyone believe that the Earth's spinning left, then it appears to be spinning left. I mean, it's already just perspective to say it's spinning right!

Isn’t the Earth spinning left if you’re looking from the North pole downwards? Or vertically, or diagonally from space at certain angles? Or perhaps spiraling through time?

Of course, the concept of spin, and spiraling are actually natural to creation, beyond our beliefs. The concept of repetition is familiar to touch-only users of creation, or audio-only users.

In conclusion, we should assume that everyone not only is part of infinity, but has infinite, or at least pretty genius potential.

Humanity, and all things are pretty awesome, and deserve all the free will - efficiency - and loving support they need to shine bright as stars!

Indeed, how can something be a star, without a space to hold it? Without the atoms inside, and without something to receive it’s shine?


I searched for “Bodhichitta” and found this thread,
stemming from an idea Venus might catalyze
unconditional love, Neptune might be an octave
up related to collective compassion, where
historical themes might evolve upon longer
timescales than most people consider.

These themes can be a bit mind bending.
For example, Neptune in Pisces, as it is today,
might present an opportunity despite adversity,
as some higher octave catalyst of Venus.

With that, I’ll share a lyric improv for session 44;
maybe like a second verse or something that
may resonate some abstract idea here.

YOUR INTENTION (Song beat similar
to Alice In Chains, Your Decision)

A time of magic has come along
A Tree of Life to polarize
By your intention
By your intention

Relationships of everyone
These stations may become
By your intention
By your intention

Intense encounters may befall
In our lives
Join hands and hold compassion
As blackened armor

Infinite reached
Our beings beyond
Where strength of will
cause bodily harm
Friends cover
Friends cover

Darkest whims stream in thought
A part of all not afterthought
By your intention
By your intention

Intense encounters may befall
In our lives
Join hands and hold compassion
As blackened armor
By your intention
By your intention

Infinite reached
Our beings beyond
Where strength of will
cause bodily harm
Friends cover
Friends cover

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Scaling to large cultural scales might seem
strange from both a reflective and creative
perspective. It seems easier to regress
some historical scope than progress some
upgraded vision. Maybe history repeats in
ways benevolent aspects are exaggerated.

This is a lyric improv for Law of One
Session 25.

ONE LESS FIGHT (Song beat similar to Maroon Five, One More Night)

Loo, loo, loo, loo, loo… Plus and Minus spark, electricity, divided by sign.
Plus and Minus start, of our conflicts, mixed agendas of mind. Plus and Minus heart, in attraction, unknowing as blind.
Plus and Minus sharp, in our battle, we’re lost from being kind.

So now meditate again, meditate again, letting you renew. Yeah accept limitations, limitations, okay as true. Experience joy in the world, joy in the world, it’s our happiness too. And if you can hug the trees, hug the trees, in kindness of you.

So we’re on again and then off again.
We’re once heartbroken, and then our hearts mend. Until our pattern, we break at the end.
And then wise as friends, maybe one less fight.

Try manipulate us, but we won’t live powerless.
Try enslaving us, but we can’t live reckless. We’ll defend ourselves, but not transform us. We’ll emit green rays, as open in trust.

So now meditate again, meditate again, letting you renew. Yeah accept limitations, limitations, okay as true. Experience joy in the world, joy in the world, it’s our happiness too. And if you can hug the trees, hug the trees, in kindness of you.

So we’re on again and then off again.
We’re once heartbroken, and then our hearts mend. Until our pattern, we break at the end.
And then wise as friends, maybe one less fight. Yeah maybe one less fight. Yeah maybe one less fight. Yeah maybe one less fight.

So now meditate again, meditate again, letting you renew. Yeah accept limitations, limitations, okay as true. Experience joy in the world, joy in the world, it’s our happiness too. And if you can hug the trees, hug the trees, in kindness of you.

So we’re on again and then off again.

We’re once heartbroken, and then our hearts mend. Until our pattern, we break at the end.

And then wise as friends, maybe one less fight. (Yeah maybe one less fight.)

So we’re on again and then off again.

We’re once heartbroken, and then our hearts mend. Until our pattern, we break at the end.

And then wise as friends, maybe one less fight.

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