Why did Ra specifically mention the Russians as wanting to cause domination? Isn't that a violation of free will and discernment?

This is why the work of those organizations who try to preserve the rigorous purity of the protocols handed down through generations of instruments is so important to be maintained. It’s rarely obvious when you’re channeling what’s positive and what’s negative. You see this on the subreddit all the time — folks who make some first contact with the greater nature of their own consciousness in some form, and they become so astounded and pleased with themselves that they don’t critically engage with it. That critical engagement is the crucial thing that our Confederation channeling tradition brings to the table, so that channeling is a kind of (perhaps not peer reviewed but instead) peer-balanced exercise. I would point you to more details from Q’uo on this matter but I’m prohibited.

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“If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this scenario would be made public”…
It was my assumption that it did not prove experimentally satisfactory and / or was countered.

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Hemi-sync is not a method of remote viewing. The method used by the US government was CRV (controlled remote viewing). Hemi-sync is the propriety work of Robert Monroe that uses sound to help induce certain altered states. At some point Robert Monroe helped train people in the Stargate program in altered states of consciousness, this is the only correlation between the two. I don’t think any of them used Hemi-Sync technology for RVing outside of their training.

I’d say yes, a violation and certainly an anomalous transcript, as Ra has evoked the Law of Confusion for much less in the material.

This transcript if really true, could have also put L/L at risk for making this information public.

Maybe Don temporarily comprimizes the channel by continuously asking transient questions and some of these transient answers are not Ra.