Why did Ra specifically mention the Russians as wanting to cause domination? Isn't that a violation of free will and discernment?

This is why the work of those organizations who try to preserve the rigorous purity of the protocols handed down through generations of instruments is so important to be maintained. It’s rarely obvious when you’re channeling what’s positive and what’s negative. You see this on the subreddit all the time — folks who make some first contact with the greater nature of their own consciousness in some form, and they become so astounded and pleased with themselves that they don’t critically engage with it. That critical engagement is the crucial thing that our Confederation channeling tradition brings to the table, so that channeling is a kind of (perhaps not peer reviewed but instead) peer-balanced exercise. I would point you to more details from Q’uo on this matter but I’m prohibited.

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“If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this scenario would be made public”…
It was my assumption that it did not prove experimentally satisfactory and / or was countered.

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Hemi-sync is not a method of remote viewing. The method used by the US government was CRV (controlled remote viewing). Hemi-sync is the propriety work of Robert Monroe that uses sound to help induce certain altered states. At some point Robert Monroe helped train people in the Stargate program in altered states of consciousness, this is the only correlation between the two. I don’t think any of them used Hemi-Sync technology for RVing outside of their training.

I’d say yes, a violation and certainly an anomalous transcript, as Ra has evoked the Law of Confusion for much less in the material.

This transcript if really true, could have also put L/L at risk for making this information public.

Maybe Don temporarily comprimizes the channel by continuously asking transient questions and some of these transient answers are not Ra.

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Because the question was asked in 1981 when the Soviet Union was an empire, and empires are imperialist by nature. If the question was asked in 1920, Ra would have said the British, if the question was asked in 1600, Ra would have said the Spanish, 1940 - the Germans… and so on and so forth.

The Russian Federation of today is not the Soviet Union. Many races and nations on the planet at one point or another have harbored (or is harboring) imperial ambitions.


I support this statement above.

Today’s Russia, although it is not easy to call them good, positive or STO, at least in my opinion, is a country currently enclosed and there are forces that want to destroy them or dominate them. This case they are the ones fighting for survival, and the so-called West is the dominator.

The Soviet Union was different. It was brutal and exploitative to the countries they occupied.

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For the Russians the current conflict is existential, they are fighting for their future existence.

NATO wants Russia destroyed, and should have been disbanded after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Yes, unfortunately, the war is about to spread, including to a country like mine, Poland. Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, is to join Ukraine. Such, at least, are the rumors, but it is known officially that the government will not admit it.

This is sad and pathetic, because enough that the very aggression of the Americans is reprehensible, but they also want to take advantage of smaller countries by buying their rulers and use these countries as the cannon fodder.

In Russia, too, there are many internal differences. For example, Western Russia is more pro-Western and they are not fond of Putin and co. Western Russia meaning Moscow, St. Petersburg and what is west and south of these cities.

Russia will probably move on Europe, only when American troops officially enter Poland and Ukraine. The possibility is that the conflict won’t resolve in Europe but internal conflicts arise in Russia and will be to Russia, the true Russie will be only be what’s east of Siberia.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that NATO will gain anything special. There are other things going on like the return of the ice age and ice and snow will cover northern Europe and cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow will not be habitable anyway as the weather and climate collapses.

So all will be well in the end. In the end, the Creator works in such a way that He calms and harmonizes things, lowers those who jump up in aggression and domination, so to speak.

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Like most others I believed all the Western propaganda at the start of the conflict… now I know better. :slightly_smiling_face:

From a bigger picture perspective, there’s a new world waiting to be born - multipolarity - and an old world - unipolarity - who won’t go away and relinquish it’s hegemony. We can only hope that it never goes nuclear.

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Well, Russia also has its propaganda and also lies, except that the U.S. is the real master, in this. The US is like the Third Reich on steroids. And, unfortunately, they have absolutely no inhibitions, they are very effective in controlling the masses, to the point that many people on the planet think that the US is the real salvation for the world and the one normal and true power. Total lack of logical thinking, but this is the reality, people are like hypnotized.

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I think you will enjoy this interview. What makes Jeffrey Sachs such a valuable voice in all of this, is that he was there when it all happened, when the Soviet Union fell. He sat in the room where Mikhail Gorbachev announced the end of the Soviet Union.

He says he had big plans for building a world of peace, but he says he was naive. The US had other plans.

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This forum doesn’t do politics anymore, which is a good thing. :slight_smile: So I’m going to slip out again.

The saga of polarity continues…

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I know Carlson. :+1:

Oh, that’s OK. I’m shutting up too in that case, at most we’ll talk privately.

In general, it’s good that this forum has restrictions when it comes to talking about politics, because it attracts CIA trolls and the like. They’ll aim to take over, or destroy this forum if they consider it a threat to their politics, so we’d better focus on spiritual work and yes that’s ultimately the most important thing.

Although I am open to private messages if anything happens.

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Even though the picture is pretty dark, I’m seeing some amazing people showing amazing courage!

A good podcast is The Duran and a great Youtube channel is Dialogue Works. There’s always people fighting the good fight.

We’re seeing the worst of humanity and the best of humanity in these times.

All is well, as Ra said. :heart:

Or my personal favourite: “We suggest a minimum of the distortion towards concern.”

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Sachs is the villain of that story, not the witness. He was instrumental in the plundering of the Soviet economy, the creation of the oligarchical class, and the economic shock therapy that created a drop in life expectancy for the first time in the developed world.

US and Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is among (although not the only) crux of the problems.
When the world is safe and secure, MIC will become bankrupt.
When the world is unsafe and warlike, MIC revenue will increase.
Which is the effect of today Russia scenario, Euro countries boost their military spending, and who they bought their armament from?

Now here’s the US Monetary → Government → MIC value chain map.

  1. Government run their budget in deficit to sustain hefty military budget.
  2. Government issue Bonds (debt) to fund the deficit.
  3. Central Bank (Fed) bought the government bond by issuing currency (USD) → Inflation
  4. Government spend the debt to buy armaments from MICs.
  5. MIC donate to politician’s campaign for the election.
  6. Politicians formed government
    [Repeat to 1]

With current system there’s no way politicians will not support any scenario to incite war around the world. They just need to ensure that the wars are not fought in US soil, as that will erode their electoral support.

I recently read America: The Farewell Tour by Chris Hedges.

It was a sobering read. Since societies are very complex systems, there are many aspects to consider - socially, economically, politically and culturally.

But in a nutshell, unchecked power and insatiable greed has destroyed the US empire.

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Speaking to the topic, I think there’s a universal
effect at play which is also apparent in art theory.
That is, dominance resolves conflict. That the
principles of art might be used as creative tools,
might speak of the idea, see a Russian and see
the infinite creator. See a Ukrainian and see
the infinite creator, etc., etc.

The negative polarity is known to be quite clever.
Much of Russian culture stems from winning
chess games, thinking many moves ahead in
ways throwing an opponent off track. (I think
one of the earliest AI systems was computer

It may be that Ra’s evolutionary course didn’t
offer the preponderance of negative catalyst
apparent in the world today, and as I may have
suggested before, Ra’s observation of how
negative catalyst transpires may somehow
render them more tolerant to that which seems
abhorrent, rounding out gaps formed by some
choice of accelerated evolution.

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I think Ra’s prognosis about the immediate future was pretty gloomy.

Fortunately after all this, it will be a positive fourth density planet, so there’s a happy ending. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I would lie if I said I’m not deeply affected by the extreme suffering of so many millions in war zones. It always occupies my heart.

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