Unintended line of text in session

Hello fellow wanderers,
I just read a segment on the mothership (LLResrarch Library) wherein Carla sighs and asks Ra about a line of text that “appeared” in one of the books that neither she nor Don or Jim had intended to have printed in there. the last part is my assumption based on there being zero cross-references to that specific line of text anywhere that I’ve been able to find anyplace else in the Ra Contact or indices. It goes as follows:

"104.25 Questioner: [Sigh.] When we got our introduction back from our publisher to the book which was originally called The Law Of One, in the introduction Carla had been speaking of reincarnation and there was a sentence added. It said, “For although originally part of Jesus’ teachings they were censored from all subsequent editions by the Empress.” Would Ra please comment on [the] source of that being placed in our introduction?

Ra: I am Ra. This follows the way of subjectively interesting happenings, conditions, circumstances, or coincidences.

We would suggest one more full query at this time."

Can anyone comment on the Empress’ insertion, and comment on who exactly Carla is referring to? The archetypical Empress? I thought this entry was very strange, which I also considered Ra’s answer to be. Uncustomarily vague I thought. Thank you in advance. I’ve noticed several incongruencies throughout the material, but this one is by far the most unseemly.

I believe the Empress being referenced must be Theodora of the Byzantine Empire who was on the throne with Justinian at the time of the Synod of Constantinople. A few quick google searches seem to indicate if reincarnation was on the table at all (and that is disputed) this council put the kibosh on it. Apparently, Theodora was a bit of a tyrant and this decisive expurgation of reincarnation from early Christianity may have been on her whim, perhaps as an ultimate “F you” to Origen, who was purportedly reincarnation’s biggest proponent at the time and whom the Empire executed. More here.


Thank you very much for the link and interesting response! I greatly appreciate it!

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