Why Aren't We All Doing THIS?

Isn’t it funny that so many of us know so much about densities and polarity and Fourth Density and so on, but so few of us seem to be actively trying to - ahem - “bring4th” the coming so called New Age. Some people are focused on this work, but I wonder why so few of us seem to be doing so directly?

Now, in terms of this instrument’s vocabulary, we can then say that you are working with the combination of the energy of the open and sacred heart, as it creates a crystalline-like effect of spreading out the light or the sound or the vibration or the mystery, so that an entity to be healed can live, dwell or experience for that momentary time in that environment, with your ability to hold in a steady state the point between space/time for the physical world and time/space for the metaphysical world. This creates a flavor or a kind to your ability to act as a catalyst for healing in which the person is not simply healed by his own choice, choosing a less distorted balance in mind or body or spirit or any combination of those,

but also in which that entity can choose to spiral with that energy into that point at which he may gaze upon that world of the fourth density and, in complete freedom, if he wishes, to choose to take a part in being in that environment, thus bringing heaven to earth, within the momentary point of sound, vibration or mystery, which is the environment which you have created.

Special meditation .

Not everyone can play at a virtuoso level, of course, but we can support those who do. I wonder why we’re not more focused this way? It is simple, in one sense, and very much to the point in terms of what folks seem to think they have incarnated here to assist with. So, why are we not focused on bringing 4D here now through opening our hearts to the higher reality and bringing that down to Earth?

Food for thought.

I don’t think there are merely “few of us” who are doing the work what I saw is the contrary.

This is a complex orchestra and every one has their role to play, some playing their cello, some striking the gong, no role is ‘smaller’ than the other, thus the work that seems so simple and ‘non virtuoso’ such as striking the gong is playing a very important role in the orchestra.
Yes it can be perceived that nobody is ‘focus’ as the word ‘focus’ usually perceived as ‘focusing on one role or instrument to play up to virtuoso level’.

Opening the sacred heart or the heart chakra shall bring forth compassion, forgiveness and other manifestation of unconditional love. And I saw that on the rise recently through millions or billions of simple manifestations performed by millions of players, each doing it with their own unique ways.

Yeah, that’s all true. And yet…

I guess what I’m responding to is not the degree of viruosity but the fullness of commitment to even beating a gong, if you like. That is, doing that ,or whatever, with such a clear sense of 4D that brings visceral cogency to the experience. I mean, if N was doing that 17 years ago, why aren’t we doing so now? I feel like maybe we’ve lost our way a bit? Maybe? I’m just observing and wondering. That text gave me a strong sense that 4D is to some extent within our reach, so why am I not grasping it?

I’m sorry but who is “N”?

The orchestra is complex, I expand more on the orchestra metaphor, it also requires people working backstage for the make up and costume, many people cooking meal for consumption, driver driving bus to took everyone to the orchestra, mechanics to fix the buses up to it also require people to sit on the audience seat enjoying the orchestra and give their applause. None of those role are ‘smaller’ than those who appear on stage. All of those people are fully committed performing their distinctive role for the ‘orchestra event’. What’s happening “on the stage” is merely the “tip of the iceberg”.
Yet for the ‘untrained eyes’ the orchestra is limited to only those who took the role “on the stage”.

Please be careful to follow New Age ideology.

Part 1

Part 2


Here translated in german:

Do you stack the Confederation material with the rest of the New Age ideologies?

I think I can speak to my experience here. I’m gonna use the symphony analogy but I’m gonna instead focus it to just my own Mind/Body/Spirit complex.

I consider myself a wanderer here to raise the planetary and collective vibration towards that of 4th Density. Up to now (the last 5 years or so) I’ve been on a path of gathering. I’m finding the instruments and I have the people to play the instruments, but It’s like I haven’t asked them which ones they play. So the cello player is using the gong and the pianist is fumbling around with a saxophone. This gathering phase is about getting the necessary information and downloading the manuals in order to get the symphony in good working order. It’s like, “OH MY GOD! You’ve been a pianist this whole time? Why have you been wasting your talents on the sax?”

That’s sort of the thing with 3D. There are things that need to be done sometimes that isn’t bathing in higher densities, in order for us to do so at a strong enough level that we pierce the veil into those experiences.

What if you’ve been playing the gong for 17 years before realizing that you were the cello player? It’s not like the experience with the gong was a waste of your time, as you still learned to coordinate with the symphony, and you’ve probably always looked at the cello players with a certain respect and high regard. But now! Now that you’ve realized your role as the cellist, now you can do the work you were meant to do. You just weren’t meant to play the cello until that moment.

That’s sort of me with my gathering phase. I have lots of work to do here, but first the foundation needs to be created. Something solid I can hold onto and really build concepts and mental structures on top of. As much as I want to just go out and do these things now (aka. be the cello player) I’m not meant to yet. I’m still beating the gong with the symphony (gathering information).

I guess it depends on the reasons why one would want the positive 4d Earth to appear among us.

If it is to escape the problems that we are having on this 3d Earth or to escape our own catalysts, then I don’t think this would manifest.

If instead, we are done with our 3d catalysts and are truly ready to live on the positive 4d Earth, then that would have much more of an effect.

But in my opinion, it would bring you up to the positive 4d Earth and not bring it down here with us. This way it lets others continue to work with 3d catalysts while there is still a tiny bit of time and energy to do so.

I too am probably beating the gong but in a much more cohesive manner than even 3 years ago, I’ve always wanted to play guitar. Being human there will probably always be a part of us that feels like we should be doing more.

Hmm. If someone plays celestial music in a park, that doesn’t prevent the thrash metal heads from following their own passions, does it? Rather, it offers a taste of what we all might turn our hearts towards. I imagine that the same goes for subtle work, for bringing down vibrations of pure harmony, as it were. It offers us a sense of what we might otherwise turn our hearts towards when we’re not busy being distracted by 3D affairs.

It strikes me that this could be a basic daily exercise for one who feels devoted to the work of bringing 4th 4D. I’m going to try it and see what happens.

Regarding the sites offered above by @tadeus , I see the work I’m describing as different from taking sides against the darkness. Darkness is clearly a necessary part of the picture, otherwise you offer no meaningful contrast with which to delineate form.

She’s a filmmaker for whom that Q’uo reading was done, Nia somethng-or-other.

Ah, I did not realize you meant this metaphorically. :slight_smile:

It is my impression that the transitions in practice are often very fluid.
Since the confederation itself has warned about the New Age, the dangers and problems associated with the New Age cannot be warned often enough.

A really nice analogy.

“What if” questions will not lead to helpful answers, because the things has happened in a different way. There are a couple of reasons for it and it is easier and better to accept what happened.

This is the (only) crucial event that is of interest from my pov.

I’m not clear on why the role playing is so important. (“Are you not all things?” 44.6) Can you explain?

In terms of what’s most important, I expect that varies greatly from individual to individual, depending upon which area you are emphasising when it comes to Ra’s three basic steps towards spiritual developement. (74.11)

1.  Know yourself.
2.  Accept yourself.
3.  Become the Creator.

And it seems to me that implicit in step 3 is “accept all things”. Certainly not an easy step. :wink:

Expanding on this symphony analogy.
The majority of the stakeholders involved in the symphony doesn’t even know a single thing about music. Only ample minority shall perform on stage.
The chef who prepare the meal loves to cook and he knows nothing about music.
The bus mechanics loves to fix buses and he knows nothing about music.
The make up artist loves to make people beautiful and he know nothing about music.
So does the costume designer, the stage sound engineer, the concert hall mechanics, the cameraman, the online ticket sales programmer etc… etc…
Yet each play critical role for the success of the symphony.

In bringing the ‘positive 4th density’ one doesn’t need to know about ‘ascension’, ‘soul evolution’, ‘ra materials’, perform channeling, etc… one just need to open up their heart, the heart chakra. Practice compassion, forgiveness, love others, love their life and love what they’re doing. That’s enough. As each shall have their own distinctive role to play. And no role is ‘more or less critical’ than the other role.

I take your point, Quid, and I appreciate the pleasing paradigm, and I wonder, will all that happen because you typed it on an obscure website on the internet? All of that could happen in an instant, true, but that seems unlikely. What then, I wonder?

Hmm, where did this thread begin…?

Oh yes, it had to do with discovering 4D in meditation and bringing this down to our little planet. As Patrick pointed out, this may well involve acceptance of all…and other such things. So, what now?

How do we discover and unveil the axial pivot around which your pleasing paradigm revolves, I wonder? How do we help establish the balancing of forces therein revolving?

This is a great big question, I realise, but…well…why not ask, I ask?

I would answer this with “This is part of the 3D experience”.

Of course it varies from individual to individual, because experience is individual.

Yes - but maybe acceptance is to leave step 1 and 2 simply behind?

We are in the hot phase of the Great Reset and there is more and more division.
More and more is acceptance is needed each day - how will you find the time, space and room for 4D meditation?
It is hard enough to keep up with the current changes and not get lost in the maelstrom of events.

This is a really good question.

Lets say for the sake of argument that the balancing of the energy centers and the 3 guidelines for the disciplines of the personality be what can expedite the process of discovering 4D in meditation.

Since experience is individual and each mind/body/spirit complex expresses Its own archetypal expression of The One Infinite Creator, does step 1) Know yourself, not become a journey in understanding those distortions specific to the self? Looking deep enough into the shadow elements of Self and doing so from a place where were are not ignorant to our own faults. Anything in the shadow really is a sign that we have not mastered Step 1.

For me, I had to look really hard at The Trickster archetype. I had relegated it to the shadow and when I made this realization I had to look really hard at some of the Archetypes that I deemed negative. How does a STO entity use The Trickster in a way that wasn’t inherently manipulative, and scheming? I’ve only seen it come out in negative ways because I had pushed it deep into the shadow. So now working with it and bringing it into the light I’ve started to see ways to heal that shadow element.

So first I needed the awareness of something being in the shadow, because I put it there (Step 1). Then I had to accept that thing as a part of me ad bring it into the light (Step 2). Can any of us really say that we have fully healed our shadow, or fully explored Step 1 and 2? I feel like there is a tendency like Tadeus said to leave Step 1 and 2 behind. Seeing yourself as the One is a vital step in the process, but can we truly embody the totality if we haven’t eve mastered our own, separate self?