What is the meaning " process of harvest "

Hello, I have a difficulty to translate this Question and Answer of RA.

6.11 Question : How did they come here ?
I am Ra. They came through the process of harvest and were incarnated
through the processes of incarnation from your higher spheres within this

What is the meaning of through the process of harvest ?

It seems that the time of harvest attracts many entities from higher densities.

So maybe Ra is saying that the process of harvest is what got the entity’s interest and then they decided to experience it on the frontline by incarnating.

No, specifically in this session, Ra answers about the entities of Maldek. Not all entities can learn lessons in one incarnation, harvesting means that entities have learned the lessons of density and are ready to move on, receiving lessons from other densities/dimensions. In the case of Maldek, the planet was destroyed and not all entities were able to pass the necessary third density lessons.

The incarnation takes place through the higher spheres of density, it seems that explanations for this process are in the Secrets of UFOs for the authorship of Don and Carla

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As my understanding the question He ask how did they come , are they use UFO/Space Ship , or they used Teleportation ?

And the answer is process of harvest meaning as I understand, someone die on Maldak and reborn here on earth .

I think Don was testing a hypothesis from the Secrets of UFOs. The data he obtained by regressive hypnosis. It describes the element of both incarnation and UFO transport.

We don’t know what happens between incarnations, in my opinion Western and Eastern approaches are very different. For example, the research of Theosophists does not correlate with the research of Buddhists…

It seems that what we experience in time/space is so different that we cannot explain it in Earthly terms. So we can only try to explain it using our current beliefs while incarnate.

We are people, how else can we explain? Especially to explain so that you are understood?

it does attract wanderers from higher densities so that they can help with this harvest.

But 6.11 does not say anything related to higher densities. Higher realms refers to 3rd density time/space or inner or angelic realms (or wherever we are between incarnations) in this transcript.

It means dying and re-incarnating based on violet-ray emanations. Judging from Ra’s use of the term “harvesters” and talk about inner planes and guardian entities, and how harvest is automatic, the process is “assisted” where other entities ensure that the violet-ray is expressed to its fullest potential so that the person being harvested has a better chance at progressing to the next density.