Question regarding densities and dimensions

Ra describes that it is their understanding that there are 7 densities all having 7 sub-densities that each individual fractal of infinite consciousness that is us experiences throughout our evolution towards Unity. Ra also states that they come from the 6th dimension, but perhaps they state density - I’ll have to check unless someone can clarify for me - in the the first or second channeling session. I have heard other channeled perspectives stating they come from dimensions as high as 13 and as far as they know from their perspective, after that u can return to Source that is becoming that which we can best describe as Unified-Infinite Intelligence, and possibly this means doing the whole thing over again but possibly as a completely different Universe unlike the Creation we here are experiencing. I know dimensions typically refer to a mathematical/geometrical state of composition and densities are more metaphysical(quantum)/intelligence realms.

So finally my question is: what is the relationship between these two frames of reference or are they interchangeable in definition? My lack of understanding stems from the little knowledge I have in this life experience of the mathematical dimensions beyond 4th or possibly 6th if it is as time as an infinite line as a quantum has infinite variations which we can call timelines and the 6th dimension is where all possible quanta are assimilated into a singularity. From there I have no clue or as Ra would say, “Your definition is mostly incorrect.”

I’m gonna put a slight spin on what you are saying that might help you.

You can think of the densities as markers of soul evolution and the nature of that evolution.

Dimensions facilitate that process in a more “tangible” way. I say tangible even though the nature of a dimension could very well be purely metaphysical in nature. Dimensions are the playground that we are shifting through in our journey through the densities.

Ra uses “density” rather than “dimension”.
Yes density is a marker for evolution of “consciousness unit” a.k.a “soul”.
7 density as marker of evolution from beginning until it reaches an octave by merging back with the source / the one infinite consciousness.
And some how it also correlate with:

  • How much love / light, light / love that the unit can contain.
  • The opening of the 7 chakra. 3rd density correlate with 3rd chakra.

I tried to avoid using “dimension” as it is quite useless to discuss about “dimension of experience” that cannot be experienced by 3rd density. As there will be no word that can describe it.
Ra is a 6th density “Consciousness Unit” thus it’s a conglomeration (Social Memory Complex) of many identities (6 million plus more or less) that once went through 3rd density stage experiencing separation of each identity. Ra is at the same stage as your own “higher self” which is also a 6th density “Consciousness Unit” a.k.a Social Memory Complex, where your current identity is one of them.

Thank you, I do appreciate your responses and though I did already align with your perspectives on the matter as far as the course my understanding of what you have written is true in that densities are in reference to the process of one’s evolution in consciousness, it was helpful to see the way in which others’ explain the dimensions. I like the “playground” analogy, which resonated quite well with my understanding. Always good to find a shared perspective as well as new ways to help better articulate these perspectives, a task I sometimes have difficulty with especially when trying to share my perspective with those unfamiliar with this degree of perception or level of distortion. Any further thoughts/perspectives on this matter or any other points to ponder over are welcome to be shared and will be heard or learn/taught by this version of self. Thanks again. I see the Divine Self in You.