Q’uo - May 23, 1999 - Completed Beings, or Logoi

I thought I’d pose this channeling question for discussion on the Logoi, or completed beings.

R: Are the completed beings, the Logoi, within time and space or do they stand apart from it as shepherds who then drive the others until all becomes one again and goes into another creation?

Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Your latter assumption is more nearly correct, for the Logoi entities are without time and space; that is, they are as the shepherds you have described which care for those who are within their provenance. These Logoi entities are entities of completion who, themselves, have not partaken in the progress of evolution from first density to second and so forth but, from the beginning of the creation, are entities of completion, who look upon the previous octaves of beingness for the seeds that shall grow into the next octave of beingness.

Is there a further query, my brother?

R: So because of their completeness of being the Logoi have the ability to perceive other octaves of experience and I guess it is their choice that they stand apart rather than become part of the Creator?

Q’uo: I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Rather than saying that it is their choice it is more their nature as a given that they are one with the Creator yet are enough different that they have the ability to harvest that which has been learned in previous octaves of experience and expand upon these seeds, these lessons, these crystallizations of being, and to partake in further octaves of being.

These completed beings never progressed through the densities like most beings have. They have the ability to use the harvest of every octave to expand into the next octave of creation. But how does a completed being do this without experiencing creation itself? I always believed the experience of one illusion was far more telling than just seeing all the outcomes of all the illusions.

I’d love to hear any thoughts on this topic you may have. Love & light to you all, my friends.

Perhaps by accessing the data/recording of experience itself?
Which record all aspect of the experience thus accessing it will be similar to experience it yourselves minus perhaps the “free will” of making choices. Maybe it’s similar to watching super realistic VR movie. Watch it, experience it, but not able to make any choice/decision on how the story will goes.

Beside “logoi” There’s another type of entity called “angel” who never went incarnating thus in some aspect similar to “logoi”. Any thought or other definition about “angel” is appreciated.

From: Saturday meditation
What makes angels unique is that they have never left the vibration of the Creator. They have never departed from the one original Thought of unconditional love. They have never incarnated and they never will. While they have characteristics that can seem to be like a personality, to say that angels have a personality is to anthropomorphize 1 incorrectly.

Angels are love. Angels are love responsible for realms in a hierarchical manner. There are those which work with your sub-Logos, the sun, in creating the archetypal mind and the blueprint for the densities in this particular creation.

I agree with this assumption.

This leads to further questions:
What is the Akasha Chronicle and is the local Logoi the “manager” of it?
What will be the view of an Logoi that is harvesting so much experience of bellicosity and work of Orion?

This leads to the questions:
To what extent are the actions of a Logoi determined by his experiences?
Do different solar systems with different Logoi develop in a completely different way?

We are sub-sub-Logoi ourselves. So in a sense we are the Logos experiencing its creation.

Does the Logos experience pain and pleasure in the same way that we do? I don’t know how it can handle so much pain.

Through us it does. I remember Q’uo saying that Jesus was able to become the Logos itself experiencing third density for long swaths of time.

Q’uo also said Jesus sacrifice helped mitigate the ever-expanding joy and agony of Creator.

Akash actually mean ‘space’ in Sanskrit, or the equivalent greek terminology might be ether.
And lately we have a new term dubbed “Fabric of Space and Time”.

Thus akashic record / chronicle might be akin of “Universal Cloud Database Of Experiences/Events” available anywhere at anytime containing events/experiences experienced anywhere by anyone and at any time(line).

And Quo description of “Logoi have the ability to harvest that which has been learned in previous octaves of experience” indicate that “Logoi” have universal access to the universal cloud database.

What it makes out of it or ‘expand’ over it might be different for each “Logoi/Sub Logoi”.

Not completely / 100% different, but each always have it’s differences to make it ‘unique’.

You have brought it even better to the point.

Or maybe the Logoi can be seen as this “cloud database” of experience.

A good explanation could be that the creation only differs ins details and so they all have roughly similar starting conditions.

Thank you for all your thoughtful answers, I appreciate all the perspectives offered here greatly. :slight_smile:

I like this definition. It resonates to me as true somehow…

Thank you for sharing this, I was unaware of this channeling before, it’s very lovely. :heart:

You would think that this is the only way one can actually truly empathize with pain, is to feel it yourself, so I would have to say yes to this question. The pain in this place is particularly heavy, I understand deeply how much it can hurt to feel the vibrations of this planet.

Every ‘entity’ or ‘identity’ is a subset of the data stored in this universal cloud database a.k.a akashic record. Just like a computer is a subset of internet and a networked 100 computers is also a subset of internet.

The separation between ‘identities’ are guarded or realized by ‘data/memory access isolation’. In Ra’s lingo this is dubbed the ‘veil’. It’s through this ‘memory isolation’ you can separate between your current identity and any identities that you assumed to be ‘me’ in your past lives. It’s also through this ‘memory isolation’ you separate ‘me’ and ‘not me’ a.k.a ‘others’. When let’s say you recalled one of your past life memory as “Linda” you will say I am << my current identity >> and also Linda.

On miniature scale this can be objectively be observed on a person with Multiple Personality.
Many personalities sharing the same physical body. Each having it’s own characters, like and dislikes and “isolated memory”. Once the ‘isolated memory’ has been penetrated those many personalities within the same physical body will merged, giving birth to a new ‘unified identity’ with access to any memory of the merging personalities.

That’s the background why ‘separation’ thus ‘identities’ are actually ‘virtual’.
Once all layers of the veil / memory isolation has been penetrated you will realize that:

  1. I am the one infinite creator.
  2. I am everyone and everything.
    And that’s the core message of Ra’s law of one.

The Law of One may be approximated by stating that
all things are one,
that there is no polarity,
no right or wrong,
no disharmony,
but only identity

All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the infinite Creator.

In the same way we do? I think not in that we tend to self-identify with emotions, that is, literally “take them” personally. Logoi are aware of everything within their purview, but their sense of self is likely beyond what we can easily imagine and they are not “taking” things to themselves and identifying with them in order to deeply, personally process the catalyst. Their duties are more of theatrical administration rather than those of an individual actor upon the everlasting stage.

The Logos allowed for tremendous excruciating pain to exist. Knowing it would experience this itself. I’m not sure what it was thinking.

Logoi are looking at an hugely expansive picture of things, so if increased difficulty in one spot corresponds with faster and deeper learning, on their scale, this makes sense. We’re told that our perspective post mortem is similarly far more expansive than our incarnate understanding. No one likes to suffer, but sometimes its useful to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Pain is a catalyst that is being programmed to guide certain evolution path for MBS complex.
Or using simpler yet metaphorical language the sense of pain (and pleasure), is a feature that is being programmed into the VR game to guide the action of the player in the game. Such feature is intentionally being programmed by the game programmer (the logos of the game).

Within the driving game “Need For Speed” there’s no sense of pain when the player crashed the car into anything. Thus nearly all players tend to speed up and drive recklessly. To induce certain behavior of ‘driving fast’ yet ‘not crashing’, the game programmer (logos) decided to introduce a new feature to the game, every time the player crashed the car, a light electric shock is delivered via the controller to the player. The next version of the game is released and the programmer observe how this feature change the behavior of the player within the game.

Most players now drive more carefully, knowing that the action of crashing the car will have the consequences of experiencing an electric shock. But there are few players who still drive recklessly with goal of crashing the car and experiencing the electric shock and making other players to also feel the electric shock as they actually love the sensation of receiving the electric shock.
The ‘feature’ is available for all players but what they ‘make’ out of such feature is left to the free will of each player.

But pain like cancer isn’t chosen by a person like crashing a car in a game.

Extending “Need For Speed” Metaphor above, the feature ‘electric shock’ can also be experienced by player who has drove diligently yet hit by a reckless player.
This, by design, open opportunities for:

  1. Revenge, thus the player will again and again continue to play the game trying to find the reckless player for revenge.
  2. Players to organize themselves in a form of playing the role of the ‘police’ to guard other players from being hit by reckless players.
  3. Forgiveness, where the crashed player forgive the reckless player, however this might resulted in the ‘crashed player’ who gave the forgiveness, to quickly logged out from the game, as he has no more attachment to any event that happened in the game. (ascension, harvest, mokhsa)

Are you saying it’s beneficial to have no interest in ascension, harvest or moksha/liberation?
The ones who got enlightened were striving for it.

“Mokhsa” / “Liberation” / “Nirvana” is “Logging out from the game”.
Both Logging Out or Logging In have it’s own ‘benefits’.
Just like “Playing The Game” or “Exiting the Game” have it’s own benefits, there’s no right or wrong.
Initially many players think that to 'Win the Need For Speed game" is to be the fastest, the badest, won every race, having the most flashy cars, most prize money, etc…
Which is not incorrect either, as the game was designed by the programmer to give virtual reward for attaining such state. But there will be time when a player will be no longer interested to stay in the game (no attachment), been here done that, and just want out.
And the player will realize that the ‘pain’ is virtual, the car is virtual, the road is virtual, everything provided by the game is virtual, even the other players are also virtual.
Actually he can easily ‘not feeling the pain’ by just letting go of the controller as the pain is virtually created by the game.

What still remain is the ‘memory / data on experiencing the game’, all the ‘pain’ and the ‘pleasure’ and anything in between. And the player will say thank you to the programmer for developing the game which enable him to have ‘the experience’.
The programmer will receive feedback from the players and analyze all of the experience to create another game a.k.a upgraded version of the game.

Next time let’s combine the excitement of car driving on Need Of Speed with gun shooting (thus Grand Theft Auto was born).

That’s the gaming metaphor for
Logos have; the ability to harvest that which has been learned in previous octaves of experience and expand upon these seeds, these lessons, these crystallizations of being, and to partake in further octaves of being.