What have resonated with you? What have you left behind? (The Law of Uno)

Hello seekers and readers,

This thread is to explore a more subjective viewpoint about the materials.

Out of curiosity, what have resonated with you in the materials? and what have not?

This could be taken as linear or non-linear. (Something that didn’t resonate, and you find it to be later, or vice versa.)

I am curious if we all have have similarities in our study with the law-of-one.

This also open different perspectives to view the “distortion” of how Ra, Q’uo, Social Memory Complex understand and disseminate the materials.

Or I should say, their “version” of viewing creation, the infinite creator. Etc. etc.

To start,

For me, what resonated the most was the talk of “duality” in all, the polarities.

When I first started, this rang truer than anything.

The reason is because everything in life seemingly to be in “tandem,” or “two.”

Day/night, life/death, positive/negative, right/left, male/female, the two hemispheres, etc. etc.

So these early understanding of the world I exist in would naturally help me understand what the materials was talking about, especially when it came to polarities and the dualism nature of creation.

The part that didn’t resonate with me was the transition between 3rd-4th. Etc.
The talk about 4th density beings that are coming in, or dual bodies.
Talk about big-foot, Etc.

The council of 9 and Andrija Puharich, etc.
Some stuff from the tarot talk.

This is just from the original trance channeled materials,

For the conscious channeling… Well there’s a lot of “hit or miss” stuff there too.

But so far, the talk about Mormons and that Joseph Smith got his materials from “aliens” was confusing, and unclear. (What aliens? positive or negative?)

I feel there were information that were purposely avoided so there wouldn’t be lash back from other religious entities. I wished that there were more queries within that category… e.g. Who was Rumi? or Osho? etc. Maybe even sadhguru?

I find some of the talk that revolves around people wasn’t resonating much because the materials talk about “some” people, like Hitler, Crowley, Rasputin, Patton etc. But others were avoided, especially if it would step on somebody or other organizations toes. And of course, the “infringement of freewill, etc.”

Materials on those things were wishy-washy, so it didn’t resonate.

Please feel free to share yours, perhaps there are gaps, here and there that each of us can bring to the table and share our experiences.



I learned the path to unity is through duality. By empracing my polarized nature I can seek to further my evolution. So too that of the other-selves I am fortunate enough to know.

The paradox is we are separate but whole, within and without, solved in unity.

Living life day to day, moment to moment, is living the law of one.

That’s what resonated for me.


That’s beautiful Mrwho,

I appreciate you sharing that. It does bring the concept of “catalysts” and spiritual growth into perspective.

I too, resonate with that. Everyone, no matter who, all have some kind of “catalyst” in their life journey.
The Loo explained this very well, and it gave me perspective into a lot of the dharma/karma understanding from other spiritual teachings.

In turns, it ties into “reincarnation” study that I was exploring right before finding the Loo.
(University of Virginia Psy. Department, Professor/psychiatrist Jim Tucker. For anyone that is interested)

Mrwho, was there anything that didn’t resonate? or you didn’t fully grasp at the time, and now making more sense?


I found all the material interesting. In fact, after reading it, I felt like a lot of puzzle pieces I had been collecting over the years finally came together (but not all of them). What resonated most with me was the whole point of this density is to learn love.

While I found all of the material fascinating, I felt everything else was secondary, maybe even given as a distraction. I guess I questioned why some of the material mattered if the whole point was clearing the way to learning unconditional love (but I also understand that it may be what someone else needed). I no longer resonate with choosing polarity either. I believe now its more about balance between the polarity of self-love and otherself-love.


I have a thought that may seem backwards to your question.

I feel like I had an understanding that I’ve lost as time goes on and I gather more experience. When I first read the law of one I saw complete oneness with creation as my immediate goal.

Clearly wanderers are temporary, they’re transitional. Most are 6th density like Ra. So when all is said and done earth will be host to almost entiely 4th density beings.

To me this has a deeper holographic meaning. There will be less need for balacing forces and more need for experiential ones at a state of “lower conscious awaress”.

All this to say, it may be more in line with the original thought to live life in a way that may be more polarized than harmonized.

To seek unconditional love and understanding, to seek to serve the creator in other and self.

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I read the Ra materials for the first time this past summer.

I think I had the most visceral response to the hands-off (can I say chill? :grinning:) demeanor of Ra. We have no dogma to offer. There are no mistakes. All is well. My life experience has included a lot of controlling, fearful behavior masquerading as love (and I include myself in this as a controller at times). So Ra’s love-filled detachment from a need to control stood out.

Also, I’ve always had a deeply felt sense of being surrounded and supported by unseen forces. I converted to Catholicism as an adult partly because I wanted to hang out with “the Saints”. Understanding that the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ includes wise and compassionate aliens is… :exploding_head:

The Maldek experience fascinates me. What did they do to themselves? Particularly the explanation that they were unreachable for so long. That the confederation members looking to provide service couldn’t find a way to help untangle.

What I have the hardest time understanding at present is the “mechanics” of the energy body and working with intelligent infinity.

I also have a hard time getting a mental foothold on the experience of non-duality. (I suspect my problem lies in that sentence.)

I don’t resonate with the pyramid discussion. I understand the curiosity but don’t see an application that makes sense for me.

With the tarot, I had a really specific and intimate relationship with it as a language for communicating with myself before I read the Ra contact. So I haven’t been able to understand the framework Ra presents for working with the deep mind through the tarot.

Thanks for htis post. I really enjoy hearing what resonates (or doesn’t) with people.


This is so true,

In one of my “mystical” experiences, basically I was very lost, or not realizing why I was here.

The “feeling” and the “message” that washed over me and overwhelmed all the doubt I had at that time was literally. “To love.”

I think I understand what you are trying to say,

I share the same sentiment, and it always lead back to the statement Ra made about how “all” things are “distortion” from oneness.

Even with everything (densities, octaves, etc.) It is truly a transitory experience for the all to go through.

You’re very welcome Melissa!

I have similar curiosity for the incidents with Maldek, and the thing that probably could help explain this is from the book Oahspe. I remember skimming through once and came across some statement about the “entities/angels” that visited the planet was fascinated by all the “lost souls” that started clinging onto them, and they said something along the line of… And I paraphrase. “My god, look at the amazing infinite possibilities in creation! We cannot believe that such predicament and entanglement can happen to these souls.”

That gave me a picture or “insight” on what the confederation “saw” or “experienced” when they first found out/visited Maldek, or perhaps even with Mars, and discovered the souls that were caught in the knot.

I really want to read the entirety of the Oahspe though, to understand more about what happened.

The energy body and intelligent infinity is a really good one. I used to compare it to how animals just “know” where to go or naturally have “knowledge” right at birth. I could be wrong and mixed this up with evolution theory though.

Pyramid discussion is interesting as well, and I am in the same place. Sometime I would go back and forth with some stuff from Graham Hancock, and what was referenced in the Loo. But for the most part, both sources does somewhat conclude the “technology” is no longer “aligned” or a bit “off” from it’s original alignment with the current astronomy.

Tarot is fascinating for me since I study it, and also studied a little bit of Crowley’s interpretation.
Jung’s “red book” strangely provided a lot of understanding as well towards the subject. (You should check out his book if you get a chance)

I’ll have to check out Oahspe!

If I’m honest on the pyramid subject, I think my lack of resonance is partly due to how my brain works. I really enjoyed Graham Hancock’s work as a way of exploring the mysteries of the past. But for me, even with him when his explanations get too technical or mechanical, I can’t latch on easily. Sit me down next to a campfire and tell me a story and I can weave it through my mind in interesting ways for days but give me anything that requires a schematic kind of understanding and I struggle. I don’t know if this is an area of growth I should work on or just the way I operate in the world :). I think probably the latter.

Thanks for The Red Book recommendation! I read through it with a podcast that was discussing it a couple years ago. It would definitely be worth spending time with it again. It works on me the same way poetry can–using words to get to the wordless places. I’ll have to go back to it with the Tarot in mind and see where it takes me :).

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Pretty much all of it resonated with me. The few things that did not are:

  • The monolithic structures being built by ETs, even though extensive archeology strongly suggests they are built by humans.

  • Inconsistencies in how Ra restricts their response to avoid free will infringement.

  • A lot of harvest-related transcripts.

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