How Much Should We Trust the Material We Are Given?

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Still new here, so I apologize if this is a topic already covered. I’ve been pondering this question for some time, and it’s really been nagging me recently, especially with some of the posts I’ve viewed/read. Rather than hijack someone else’s thread, I figured it best to post my question here.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole with this one, so I’ll try and condense some of my thoughts. Basically, for the sake of argument, I’m assuming that the theory of this life being a soul trap is true. That whatever Logos/Demiurge/Nameitwhatyouwill that received this sector of the Infinite Source has created a prison of sorts, where we are sentenced to coming back again and again to feed both the positive and the negative entities that work for it.

I’m also assuming, for the sake of this argument, that most of the material we have been given is true. Some of it just doesn’t seem to add up, until I looked at it from the perspective of a soul trap. First, the way that incarnating has been described seems to be based on a negative influence. Unless I misremember, we have been told upon graduating into 3rd Density, we don’t get a choice on whether to incarnate or not, until we’ve done it enough and then we can choose to incarnate, or get like some kind of seniority choice.

That doesn’t make sense to me, unless the purpose is to force us into a few incarnations to hitch ‘karmic baggage’. And concerning karmic baggage… Unless I misremember, we were told we chose all the catalysts/experience/etc for this incarnation. Going by that logic, there should be no karma. Everything was chosen prior (in other words, mutual consent/soul contracted), we just forget due to the veil (and have been told that veil lifts when we die). But, if we can be manipulated through fear that we have to rectify these issues (which were technically agreed upon choices), well, then I guess we keep coming back and feeding the warden of this prison system.

Which then brings me to the push for STO. If we are all One, if this is all the Creator, then it should not matter what conscious choices we choose, because we now understand we are the Creator getting to know Itself. Let me first say I infinitely prefer a life of STO (I’ve done the other, mostly unconsciously, its lonely and mostly miserable; I empathize with those who consciously do this). But I realize that IF this is a trap, the best people to convince to keep returning are STO. If you’ve been STS the whole time, you can’t be manipulated into thinking you have karmic debt to repay.

I don’t want to misrepresent myself as someone pushing STS. Some of my meditations recently gave me the word Balance. I don’t mean that for every kitten I save, I drown another. I mean that for me, I shouldn’t focus on STO/STS, one to the exclusion of the other. Rather, I need to consciously realize there come times when STO is appropriate, and there come times when STS is.

I hope this has not offended, that wasn’t my intention. And I’ve been debating whether or not to put my thoughts out here on this forum. I expressed my concerns to my wife and she gave me the courage to do so because she said this place would be the proper venue for it. So, I guess there you go. And obviously, if it isn’t a soul prison we are all in, well, I at least had some fun mental gymnastics.

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Confederation sources recommend meditation when it comes to answering such questions–because it’s your recognition of inner truth which helps you the most, I would add. Seek in inner silence. Wait for clarity to come from peaceful silence.

And if that doesn’t work, then just sitting in peace is a rewarding thing in itself.

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The prison hypothesis is very popular at this time. But we can also look at it as a University. It does not change anything exterior when you choose to see it as a school instead of a prison, you still have to go through the entire program. But it changes your experience of it completely.

Our choice of perspective is extremely powerful. We do have complete freedom when it comes to that choice at least. So use it well. It is the most efficient tool you have at your disposal.


Hi PJ. I’m relatively new here too and new to this way of seeing the world (universe, existence). I just wanted to reply to say I’m glad you posted your thoughts. Expressing them is a way of processing them and this is a good place to do it, I think. Better an attempt at conversation than ruminating thoughts. That’s what I tell myself at least :).

The only other thing I’d say about the veil is that we don’t know what we don’t know. I think there is an element of trust there. Trust in the part of our selves that is on the other side of it. That on the other side of the veil, when in a place of more clarity, wisdom and supported by unconditional love, we decided we had more to learn. I prefer to see it from a growth perspective than a punitive one. I don’t think the idea of karma is really a punitive one, but can be interpreted that way (still figuring that out). In the stillest part of myself, I trust that not fear but love sent and keeps me here. And that I’ll know when I know.

Mental gymnastics can be exhausting so don’t forget to take it easy on yourself :).


You should only ever trust the way you consciously treat others.

Be it with love and kindness, appreciation.

Then all will be well.

All other materials are simply for exercising your contemplative abilities.

Like exercise for your philosophical/spiritual/metaphysical self.

Your morals and conscience should not be based on words, but emotions.

Infinite love/light light/love


This is correct, in Ra’s words, the creator is those who took STO and STS path.

The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self. However, service to others results in service to self, thus preserving and further harmonizing the distortions of those entities seeking intelligent infinity through these disciplines.

As for ‘earth as a soul trap’ theory, from Ra/Quo perspective it’s not true.
Entities choose to incarnate as 3rd density entity (ie: currently human) because they choose to do so.
Entities once in time/space dimension can choose to continue the journey / lesson elsewhere… but many chose earth. Including entities who were not evolving on earth initially, also known as ‘star seeds’.
Perhaps they experienced 1st, 2nd and 3rd density on some planet in Andromeda galaxy and they choose to continue 3rd density lesson on earth. Ra/Quo also mentioned that great portion of 3rd density entities (human) were actually entities which initially evolved on planet Mars.

Having said that, earth is moving to 4th density planet, thus in the future it will stop accepting ‘3rd density students’. And 3rd density entities need to choose elsewhere to continue their 3rd density lessons. Don’t worry there are plenty well actually many 3rd density realms/planet in this universe.


I wish to thank all for the replies. They added clarity to my question and when I went seeking this afternoon, I got answers.

In hindsight, I found it amusing that the answer was staring me right in the face; I think some of the past couple weeks saddled me with some, fog, for lack of a better term.

Anyway, I again appreciate the replies. This is no longer an issue/catalyst/whatever for me. Now, on to the next… :slight_smile:


I just want to offer that you shouldn’t “trust” any of this material. All channeled material is fallible and should be seen as a tool for shifting perspectives and remembering things you already, deep inside you, know.

The Law of One is not a set of 106 sessions. It is a perspective, available to all, that perceiving the universe as a single continuum opens up useful insights that we can then apply to a world that very, very much does not always seem to reflect that truth. That contemplation of oneness and infinity is primary, the words of Ra or any Confederation contact ancillary. And true to form, Confederation contacts have often preferred to confirm questioners’ suspicions rather than provide straightforward answers that tell us “how it is”.


Oh hey Jeremy! Nice to see you made it on here finally. :slight_smile:


For what its worth, I agree with your sentiments. This material reminds me of the Bible. There’s good and there’s questionable. Unlike the Bible, at least this material is in my native language (so I empathize with those learning from this and English is not the primary tongue), so I’m not having to learn a new language just to read the original writing (so to speak).

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This is why I’m super interested in a new approach to introducing folks to the Law of One; it’s something I’m working on right now. I really think it was a mistake to call a specific set of channeling “the Law of One” and think it was a huge improvement when they called the new edition of the Ra material “The Ra Contact”.

The law of one is completely realizable on one’s own, without resorting to any outside material or teacher of any kind. The longer I live, the more I see people feeling and reasoning their way to basically the same values; it’s all how you dress it up. People are realizing it’s just about shifting one’s perspective to realize the mutability of the self and, therefore, the mutability of the self/not-self dialectic. Hence the concept of a self that is newly seen as the other, the crucial insight whose complete embrace makes the resolution of all of our deepest fears of loneliness, abandonment, and privation without meaning. Social memory is the resolution of many of the crises that plague Earth right now.

Once one can achieve the recognition of the vibration or idea of unity/infinity, it’s just a matter of which lens you want to use to construct an approach to the illusion. In a philosophy that values shifting perspective, I think there can be a wide range of lenses one might use. Ra and the Confederation offer a quite commendable one; there may be others just as good or better. Therefore, any theory – channeled from outer planes, inner planes, or from off the dome of an individual – succeeds or fails based on the degree to which it facilitates one’s purest love and light to be transmitted to a given illusory situation under given conditions without violating free will. By that, I simply mean that a theory should be judged based on how it facilitates channeling one’s highest and best into the constraints of our third density lives.

If these ideas interest you, DM me.


Couldn’t agree more.
Law Of One or Law Of Unity or whatever name in whatever language one uses, is merely a label, a label referring to a specific concept; that everyone and everything are one or in the state of unity.
It’s a law like in the law of gravity, thus it doesn’t matter whether one believe in it or not, it’s automatically applied. You don’t need to believe in the law of gravity to make your feet stands firm on the earth ground.
No-body or no-thing is excluded by this law of one.

What we try to avoid is to make a bundle titled “Law Of One” ™ to be treated as a holy book, to be treated like the “Holy Bible”. Given the massive influence of Xtianity religion to the “Law Of One” (the bundle) readers, although it’s understandable that many will treat the bundle as if it’s the “Holy Bible”, and Ra/Quo as if it’s “Jesus Christ” within Xtianity thought construct.


Haha, when you said DM me, I thought Dungeon Master (I’m an old school gamer geek)? What you say makes sense; I’ve often said all paths lead to God. Now, I’m starting to say all paths lead to Source, some are just longer than others.

Regarding the holy book analogy, I believe that’s inevitable. History has shown what happens with major spiritual movements, and this one is no different. Not to mention, Ra said when something positive comes, it must receive balance with negative. Or something to that effect.


Yes it’s inevitable, the negative will definitely do their part, with proven method / pattern of actions as it has done before. But if things doesn’t change, what happened in Ancient Egypt (for Ra) or Middle East / Europe 2000 years ago (for Jesus) happened again today, then humanity as a whole doesn’t move forward isn’t it?
Using classroom metaphor, the student always failed on the same exam…
It’s ok to failed an exam but at least learn from it…

True, but maybe, just maybe, this time, we are learning.

And if not, and the material about this planet going into 4th is true, well, those of us that repeat 3rd grade will be doing so somewhere else.

I liked your teaching analogy because it reminded me of something I came across (I wish I could remember his name) regarding this one teacher, really good, leaving the system and explaining that it was because school shouldn’t be about pass/fail. He said it used to be (or should/could be) that if the student hadn’t learned the material, you didn’t move on until it was mastered. Meaning, the concept of A-F grading is flawed, as well as the concept of sitting everyone in a class and expecting them to progress at the same rate.

Looking at that, and our experience here, I just see a cool analogy. Maybe its not failure so much as, I/we get to move on to the next lesson once we/I master this one. And that sounds better than thinking I got a C in this material (meaning, you barely grasp it, so we’re going to let you move on and hope you keep up). :slight_smile:

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