Who Has Chosen My Path For Me?

In this post I want to touch on a topic that is very important to me and worth thinking about.

In this channeling (Q’uo on Memory as a Feature of Creation - The High Altitude Receiving Center) Q’uo says:

We would now turn our attention to the manner in which the Creator’s relation to itself, such as to enable the continuity of Itself with Itself to be registered as a process of growth, development, deepening, or realizing Itself, can be conveyed into the creation which enables this realization to take place as in a mirror. The key is the sense in which there may be a retention for purposes of reflexive movement within the Creator, and the manner of the creation is such that the first moment of it is the sense in which the One Infinite Creator is infinitely dispersed into so vastly many different ones that the unity appears to be in question. And thus we have free will in this fractal way we have described.

The newly minted elements of the Creator, as we might call them, are thrust out so far from the Creator that the distance seems itself to be infinite, but we would suggest that this distance is best understood as a kind of psychic affair, to invoke the nearest analogy that we have available, for we are not here speaking of spatial distance so much as distance in the sense that the Creator in the creature is unknown to Itself, unavailable to Itself, other than Itself. And in this otherness, in the very early stages, those stages that we have called first density, are, to one who did not know better, largely inert, largely bereft of anything that you could call consciousness, largely bereft of anything that you could call memory.

But it is here that we must make the first beginnings in understanding the way that something of the order of memory takes shape. For within the first density, we find that we have the coalescence of light in its first found form so random a coalescence that yields substantial matters; we have now planetary bodies, for example, and upon these planetary bodies, there begin to be processes at work, as the winds blow, the fires rage, the earth resides, and the waters ripple. And all of these processes produce over time, change, and the changes over time tend to mount one upon the other, so that the effect is a very slow, to be sure, but discernible process of reshaping the planetary conditions in such a fashion that at some point upon the planet life may indeed arise—that is to say, that which you recognize as life, for indeed the whole of the creation, in the broader sense, is living.

But when organisms of first a minute and then a more and more complex nature begin to arise, you have the possibility of memory which is not merely registered in some type of geological record but is retained within the organism, and indeed the whole of second density with its organisms, primitive and more advanced, small and large, is characterized by processes in which bodies evolve to more and more complex forms on the basis of that which has gone before. Therefore, that which comes after plays off in a particular way that which has gone before, and it is in that fact alone that the possibility of complexification rests. Eventually, there come to be animal forms in which behaviors themselves are more and more complex, and more and more imbued with intelligence, awareness, variability of response. To some extent, the variability of response within organisms is highly stylized, for one can expect individuals of a certain species to behave in such a way that the parameters of that behavior are describable from an outside point of view, and they are said therefore to be the instinctive endowment of that species. But what that suggests is that a kind of species memory is at play, and the fact that evolution is possible at all means that that memory is indeed a living thing, even to the point that the instinctual endowment may be creatively played upon through individuals enjoying that particular endowment.

And thus, there do come about animals upon the surface of your planet which has been so long evolving that are capable of such variability in conduct and behavior that the factor of individual memory becomes essential to the process of the intelligence displayed in the variability of that conduct, so that it might be successful. And the more that factor of variability becomes central to the way the organism functions, the more it becomes possible that that organism will become self-conscious. And at that point the relation to the Creator is creatively embraced for the first time on an individual level. That which you know as your third density, that which you enjoy as we speak, is such a manifestation of a consciousness endowed with a memory, and in being so endowed, becomes responsible for the continuities of conduct and development of selfhood that that potential of individuated memory carries in train.

As far as I understand the words of Q’uo, after the Creator separated from himself a certain substance, within which, as a result of the interaction of light with light, planets were formed. Then, on these planets, life in its simplest forms began to form. I assume that even in these microorganisms there was initially a striving for growth, a striving for evolution, and I assume that such a striving for evolution is initially inherent in the properties of light because, in fact, planets and all subsequent life were formed from light. And I guess that this quality, this desire for growth and evolution, was put into the light by Infinite Creator from the very beginning of the process of very first separation. So, in microorganisms, there was a drive to move upwards, and for evolution to take place, there had to be some kind of foundation on which it all rested, so I suppose that species memory came first. As I understand it, it is something like DNA, when a living creature is given data, roughly speaking, that a cat should have a mustache on its face, four feet, data on the structure of its organs, and so on, then after a long evolution the rudiments of new individual memory appear, i.e., a cat can remember its owners, remember familiar smells, and so on. Individual memory begins to develop.

And I’m just trying to understand the very first moment when I first separated from the Infinite Creator and began my first density, i.e., I began to be in the material world.

I.e., there was a moment when I very first separated from Infinity.

  • What made me separate the very first time I separated? It turns out that Creator separated me by force?

  • Why did I separate to a certain place, why to this place in the universe, to this galaxy and not to some other galaxy? Who chooses this path?

  • What made me realize I was separate? What made me realize that I am part of the Creator, part of Infinity?

  • In what form was my “true self” when it first separated from the Infinite Creator?

What kind of memory did I have at that time, and was I able to have one at all?

I’m wondering what you think about this, how do you imagine your very first separation from the Infinite Creator? And in your opinion, who do you think determined your path?


You have to do it your way,

love you Dima

“I am self” determined the path.

A poem written by Rumi about 800 years ago.

I died to the mineral state and became a plant;
I died to the vegetable state and reached animality;
I died to the animal state and became a man;
Then what should I fear? – I have never become less from dying.

At the next charge (forward) I will die to human nature
So that I may lift up my head and wings and soar among the angels.
And I must (also) jump from the river of the angel:
Everything perishes except His Face.

Once again I will become sacrificed from (the state of) the angel;
I will become that which cannot come into the imagination.
Then I will become non-existent;
Non-existence says to me (in tones) like an organ:
Truly, to Him is our return.
― Muhammad Jalal ad’Din Rumi, Masnavi

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The deeper root of mind is not altering memory, but that is not to say that it is not aware of what was memorised by the parts of mind that are actively experiencing (thus recording new memories).

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I wonder what happens to Wanderer’s mind and memory when he moves from planet to planet.

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These are all really good questions.

But the nature of it is biased, it is difficult for others to answer.

No one or nothing made you separate. This question is about seeing it from a separate perspective.

Meaning it does not encompass unity.

If you love someone unconditionally, would you say “Who or what made me feel this way?”

Perhaps it is to understand unity, to have unity there is a need for the opposite, to balance, to have contrast.

No one forced anyone. We all chose to be here, some bit too much than they can chew. Took on too many “classes” this semester and is struggling. (That in itself is a lesson in wisdom)

The veil… Once it is pierced, you will no longer play the blame game and realize that…

This topic could even go deeper as in… The “higher-self” assists in designing each incarnation for the compartmentalized-incarnated part of itself to learn, to grow.

But if the incarnated self does not grasp this or simply disconnects with it’s higher-self… Then no matter how much “knowledge” or material gains in this life one can achieve.

There will be a deep dissatisfaction which propels oneself to seek again, and again, and again…

Again, this is internal, and the higher-self knows about it. Just ask.

Or one can dive into the natal chart of astrology and understand one’s “syllabus.”

But the catch with that is if you don’t fully understand astrology, you are going to dig your hole a bit deeper.

you exist and you question… This is a realization

Ask yourself, who is doing the questioning? Why?

The beauty of this is that if one can pierce the veil,
(although it does require a progression of one’s spiritual path)

Then one can stop the confusion, the “not knowing.”

Ah, you know what? I remembered coming across this video when I was responding to another thread about nde. I hope this helps.

There is no physical or human way to explain this, other than “realizing” that there is no “separation” to begin with.

What you wrote and what Patrick elaborated are “memories” of the operating system.

I believe I have used human computers as an example somewhere before, and it is something that can come close to “enough” to explain this.

The entirety of the genome “Tree of Life” is a database that is its own beast.

It will abide and formulate “life” on planets, to create chemical bodies for the spirit/soul to incarnate into.

This goes as far as even one’s linear continuity cognitive behaviors (as you have described above about a cat)

The “I”… don’t “imagine” this separation, it knows, and it is not the “priority” at this time because the underlying important lesson is to choose your path.

To choose, one must ask oneself…

“Have you even begun taking the curriculum yet?” -Emanuel saying to Ram Dass

“You are in school, why don’t you try taking the curriculum?”

To simplify that,

Ever hated someone in your life? made enemies? heartbroken? disappointed because of another?

Well, where is that relationship right now?

With all the entropic chaos and violence mounting, can “I” still love everyone?

Can you love Putin? Trump? Can you love the “self?”

These are only a few subjects in this great school.

But if one chooses to always hang out in the recess yard, and not go to class, then slowly but surely, one will be the only one left of it’s class.

The feeling of aloneness, separated, idleness, questioning, seeking on the “why?”

Even though, the door of this school will never close and patiently awaits.

On the other hand,

I have these two videos for you to explore if you feel so inclined,

Much light,

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The beauty of this is that you will find out… In time :blush:

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78.26 Questioner: The choice of polarity being the unique circumstance, shall I say, for the archetypical basis for the evolution of consciousness in our particular experience indicates to me that we have arrived, through a long process of the Creator knowing Itself, we’ve arrived at a position of present or maximum efficiency for the design of a process of experience. That design for maximum efficiency is in the roots of consciousness and is the archetypical mind and is a product of everything that has gone before. There are, unquestionably, relatively pure archetypical concepts for the seven concepts for mind, body, and spirit. I feel that the language that we have for these is somewhat inadequate.

(all is to my opinion)

If you go up at the level of the Creator you will see it’s you who forced you. Yes, it turns out.

The end point is destined from above and it can’t be change. The path is been chosen by oneself.

The veil.

I guess it’s typo in the question in the word “made”. To realize it one can 1) unveil and there are numerous ways of doing it 2) do what one need to do and after the reincarnation one will be closer to realizing.

Higher Self at a first approximation if counting from 3D side. If counting from Creator side I guess it’s hard to say.

I don’t understand the nature of memory unfortunately.

Thank you. I began to realise that no matter how much I looked around, all the stars aligned for me to look inside myself.

I’ve read in several credible sources that we are self-made. It’s still a mystery to me.

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Answer should be here I think. Can you rest forever if you have mystery?

That’s an interesting thought. Now I was thinking about it, because really, if the creator suddenly realized that he was somewhere, but didn’t know his nature, then sooner or later he wanted to study himself. And according to Q’uo, he decided to do this by dividing himself into infinitesimal particles, which can be separated from himself and then brought back, but on return they will be filtered, returning only the most necessary information. I wonder where the rest goes? It’s not clear to me. I don’t want to disappear, I want my personality with all my pain to be preserved at least somewhere in this infinity

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You will never and cannot disappear, by “you” here it means the consciousness.
Your current personality (the figure that you saw in the mirror a.k.a avatar) will disappear in due time. The consciousness is temporarily play the role as “the figure that you saw in the mirror” in order to have an experience as “the figure that you saw in the mirror”.

The “experience” as “the figure that you saw in the mirror” will always be stored in the “Universal Cloud Database of Experience” (a.k.a Akashic Records). Anytime the consciousness and/or any of it’s finite part (consciousness unit / CU) wanted to re-experience “the figure that you saw in the mirror” and thus makes the avatar “alive” again it’s always available there.

“the figure that you saw in the mirror” , your uncle, your grandpa, Jesus, Hitler, Himmler, Genghis Khan, Siddhartha, Ra, Quo all are ‘avatar’, avatar of the consciousness. The experience of consciousness as ‘avatar’ is always available. Ra/Quo many times answered question regarding an avatar labeled as “Jesus”, it can because “Experience of Consciousness as Jesus” is always available in the universal database.