A little bit about this little self called Patrick

Dear fellow seekers, sisters and brothers.

Here I would like to share a little bit about my little self. This version of you that is currently called Patrick. :slight_smile:

What started my spiritual journey, back in early 2011, was this book:

The Grand Design (2010) by Stephen Hawking Ph.D, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA.

It’s quite readable even for a layman.

In his book our eminent other self is trying to show us that God is not needed to explain the multiverse or our existence. What is demonstrated is that Infinity alone is needed for this, which of course seems evident for readers of the Law of One. It should be understood then that the image of God that the author has is the thunderous immortal old man sitting atop his mountain. :slight_smile: For most of us here God is indeed Infinity itself.

Having been raised in the Catholic faith, I had the old man God image too at first. But growing up, I only kept the God is Love portion of this teaching. Weighting everything I read in the Bible by this idea that God is Love and keeping only the parts of the teachings that fit this idea.

I am a very scientific person and this book was the perfect diving platform for me. Instead of convincing me that a Creator was not needed to explain everything, it opened my eyes to the fact that the Infinity itself had to be the Creator whether this Infinite Creator was conscious of the creation or not.

Then I started reading about an experiment being conducted within hospitals in England where they put messages on top of high shelves and other places in operating rooms, where one cannot normally reach to read. They want to know if those coming back from Near-Death Experiences, during surgery, will be able to give information about those messages. This would provide evidence that consciousness can exist outside of the body. As far as I know, no results have been published yet.

This experiment gave me the desire to know more about NDEs and so I started reading lots of them and was fascinated. While reading those accounts, I started seeing a pattern that was not really part of the stories related. It was a pattern of my own beliefs, scientific and spiritual, up to that point, starting to suddenly coagulate together and make sense.

This marks the turning point in space/time where I quickly started awakening to spirituality. I was not reading on these subjects out of simple interest anymore. I was reading to gather information. My Faith that physicality is not the only reality was now solidifying itself and there was no doubt left in myself about it.

I found myself looking into conspiracies and I am still a member on multiple conspiracy related forums. Then on ATS, I started reading the Hidden_Hand material. This material helped me bridge the gap in between conspiracies and the spiritual nature of our reality. Since, the material refers to the Ra material, I then started reading the Law of One.

For me, as is the case for many, reading the Law of One was like remembering instead of learning. It tied everything together and forever changed this little Self living out this current incarnation as Patrick.

This tidbit from Q’uo was another defining moment for me. Applying this to my life has made everything much simpler and is helping me to remain in joy as much as possible. I sincerely believe this is the best way I can be of service to others and is the best way I can help change the world, by remaining joyful while I interact with others. It brings me a non-judgmental attitude and it colors all my actions/interactions.


Thank you for sharing Patrick. I like that Stephen Hawking played an integral role in your own spiritual awakening. I would be interested in hearing his thoughts about a less religious, less personal God integrated to the concept of infinity.

I can certainly see your spirit alive in these words! And it speaks to what is perhaps my favorite quote from the Law of One.

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self.

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Hawking’s Infinity as the “creator” of the multiverse is not intelligent or aware. He’s just saying that our existence is guaranteed since all possibilities have an existence. So there is no Creator per se in Hawking’s views. All that is required is Infinity itself, he says. In a sense, I think Ra could actually agree on that since the first step of the Creation is “Infinity became aware”. So Infinity is still the only requirement in the Law of One. It was there “before” it became aware. Of course, there is no “before” and that is the mystery. How it became aware and Ra is basically trying to tell us that Infinity becoming aware and all the following “steps” are all truly simultaneous. So it is not wrong to say that Infinity was always aware since being aware was always a possibility and so always had an existence.

Just curious. How would you describe the love of the Creator as it is experienced by or known to your inner self?

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The “tidbit from Q’uo” made me smile, really made my day, thank you ! :smiley:

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Thank you for sharing you story.

I think its funny that people consider Infinity as unending numbers, or mostly tangible
considerations. Or even rather potential endlessly playing out. The only thing that exists is God(you). The only reason these circumstances are being explored is we(you) decided to. There is no other to do these things. Even technology is some play on time-conscience where you are standing in the gap and filling in the spaces, there is no other. Infinity- the doer as a description that cant be understood because from our viewpoint we cant see the real ins and outs.

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Thank you for the Quo quote, I’ve just read Ra mainly. It is VERY fitting for my wife who I made a thread about. Quantum physics was part of the non subjective material that rendered evidence the weird feelings I got reading Ra the first time, having never been spiritual or interested in such texts before, indicated something important.

I’d highly recommend https://www.reddit.com/r/UFObelievers/comments/qqm46w/taking_the_quantum_leap_of_faith_the_us_army/
I think it’d be up your alley.

Keep shining higher density spirit, the love of an actual wanderer is warm fire to bask in for native humans like me in Antarctic times, infinite knows our neurotic species needs all the help it can get, teaching us to think from the heart can anecdotally be useful if said native wishes to be helped.


Thanks for sharing - super interesting and love your writing style.

Regarding physics… really recommend a recent documentary ‘A trip to infinity’ as well as an older doc ‘Colours of Infinity

Have a great day :slight_smile:


I experienced similar things as this.

I was personally triggered by the issue of ‘hooliganism’, dazzled and confused on how a group of people could hate and hurt other people merely due to differences in favorite football club. I found out that the answer of that is ‘strong self identification towards a specific football club’. The pattern repeat itself and appear in ‘religious fanaticism’ and through reading about WWII the same pattern appeared again in the form of nationalism (mixed with racism).

Many years past since then, until I stumbled upon the Law Of One material through odd circumstances, and the first phrase that I read was:

all things are one,
that there is no polarity,
no right or wrong,
no disharmony,
but only identity.

Ra gave me a ‘framework’ for better understanding on the how and why.

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Even some suggestions of solutions. :wink:


The awareness on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ might help to better understand the context, thus accepting the ‘issues’ thus a ‘solution’ might not even be needed, as there is none. However there are ‘temporal things’ that can be taken to lessen the negative impact, albeit temporarily.

The Law of One, Book III, Session 62
Nearly all positive channels and groups may be lessened in their positivity or rendered quite useless by what we may call the temptations offered by the fourth-density negative thought-forms.
They may suggest many distortions towards specific information;

  • towards the aggrandizement of the self,
  • towards the flowering of the organization in some political, social, or fiscal way

Football clubs with little fanatical fans doesn’t have hooliganism problems.
Religion with little fanatical member doesn’t have fanaticism / terrorism problems.
Nation with little fanatical citizen / weak national identification of it’s citizen doesn’t have ‘right wings’ problems.

And each of those ‘identification construct’ will have an ending in some way, nation will fall, religion will be abandoned and forgotten, football club will face bankruptcy or disbandment.

The solution is at the individual / entity level, as this then lead us to “Karma” and “Attachment”.
Do not attach yourself to something that is impermanent.


So nice to know you a little more Patrick!

I want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put into maintaining this community and the one back on Bring4th.

You do more than well :sparkling_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Infinite love/light light/love

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