I Found My Personal Answers. God And Seth. My Path. Part 1

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What you are about to read is what I have been looking for a very long time, slowly and with difficulty, fighting my desire to give up and stop any search. All this is very exhausting for me, but I still want to find answers to difficult questions.

I read a lot of materials, I wrote down my own thoughts, comparing them with what I saw in a lot of materials. Among all that I have read, what you will see below most closely matches the conclusions that most resonate with me. I will try to give my personal comments on the material that you will see below.

So, below are excerpts from the channeling sessions, “Seth Material”.

So, what I was trying to understand, more precisely, was to figure out who I was in the beginning, before the creation of the universes? I was very worried about this question. I wanted to understand the reason why I am the way I am, and also why God decided to start creating universes? And after a long search, I found something very interesting, which, for the first time, did not cause a feeling of rejection inside me.

Is it possible that the world was created in just seven days? I doubt it very much. Is it possible that the world arose from “nothing”? It resonates very much with me, but you will need to first determine what this “nothing” is.

According to Seth, the birth of the cosmos occurs at every moment. That is, the initial action of creating the cosmos takes place right when you read these lines. And there is no definite point from which this universe, this universal mind, this universal consciousness arose. This universal consciousness is located inside any particle of existence, regardless of whether this particle meets the conditions, so that we can say that it is a living organism. That is, this consciousness is even inside the ordinary chair on which you are sitting.

Our physical reality largely depends on the state of dreaming, and I personally know very well how bad it feels when you don’t get enough sleep throughout the week. And just as living creatures are dependent on sleep, the first cells or the first particles were physically materialized and actualized (that is, they began to exist) only due to their inner reality of consciousness. That is, it means that when something first began to exist, it already had certain properties inside itself that it took with it from non-existence.

That is, it suggests that universal consciousness “existed” even before what exists was formed at all. This is a delicate point. I used quotation marks because the term “exist” itself is used together with the term “time,” so before the creation of all universes, it would be more correct to say that universal consciousness did not exist, but the point is that you need to define what non-existence is. Before the creation of universes, we could indeed say that universal consciousness did not exist, but the fact is that it was, it was “somewhere,” and this “somewhere” is non-existence. And non-existence is a place where there is no time, there is simply no time. A place where there is absolutely no time is not so difficult to describe. One could say that this is a place where everything happens for an infinitely long time, but it is more correct to say that this is a place where everything happens simultaneously, at one moment, infinitely fast, absolutely everything, all kinds of events that can ever happen, all at once together and in the blink of an eye.

This very moment, when consciousness has formed itself into materiality, cannot be explained logically. This moment can be imagined as a bright flash of light that appeared everywhere at the same time. This light is what we call the universe. That is, there is no single point where the universe came from. She appeared everywhere at once. This universal consciousness, this universal light, was not merely at every point, but was also conscious of its existence and of the conditions shaped by its presence. Every infinitesimal particle of consciousness cannot be destroyed and has an infinite chance/potential for creativity and development.

Session 797, March 14, 1977

Your universe did not emerge at any one point, therefore, or with any one initial cell – but everywhere it began to exist at once, as the inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that ‘impregnated’ the entire physical system simultaneously.

You are stuck with questions of where such energy came from, for it seems that unimaginable energy was released more or less at one time, and that this energy must then run out.

The same energy, however, still gives birth anew to the universe. In those terms, it is still being created. The electromagnetic energy units, impressing a probable physical field, contain within them the latent knowledge of all of the various species that can emerge under those conditions. The groupings ‘begin’ in the invisible universe. You can say that it took untold centuries for the electromagnetic energy units ‘initially’ to combine, form classifications of matter and various species; or you can say that this process happened at once. It is according to your relative position, but the physical universe was everywhere seeded, impregnated, simultaneously. On the other hand, this still happens, and there is no real ‘coming-in’ point.

Session 797, March 14, 1977

You distinguish between consciousness and your own version, which you consider consciousness of self. When I speak of atoms and molecules having consciousness, I mean that they possess a consciousness of themselves as identities. I do not mean that they love or hate, in your terms, but that they are aware of the own separateness, and aware of the ways in which that separateness cooperates to form other organizations.

They are innately aware, in fact, of all such probable cooperative ventures, and imbued with the ‘drive’ for value fulfillment. Every known species was inherently ‘present’ with the overall impregnation of the visible universe, then.

It’s interesting that any thing has an understanding that it exists, and also has an understanding of exactly what role it plays in a big big mechanism. And it’s interesting that things initially have a desire for values, for some kind of cooperation, in other words, an agreement to be a detail, part of the mechanism. I will discuss this point a little later, but already now the idea is gradually opening up that our entire universe consists entirely of those particles and details that fulfill their free will, that is, simply put, you and the chair you are sitting on are free at the most fundamental level, and at the most fundamental level, you and your chair wanted to be in this particular universe. And exactly in the form that you are in now. Therefore, you are a person, and a chair is a chair.

Session 797, March 14, 1977

Because each hypothetical, conceivable portion of the universe is conscious, the Planner is within the plan itself. There is of course no ‘outside’ into which the invisible universe materialized, since all does indeed exist in a mental, psychic, or spiritual realm quite impossible to describe. To you your universe seems, now, objective and real, and it seems to you that at one time at least this was not the case, so you ask about its creation and the evolution of the species.

What is being said here is that we are in no way separate from “God.” We are not separate from this mind of the universe, we are part of the universe, but we are also part of what this universe came from. There is a reason it says mental connection, because Seth is implying that our entire universe is mental, that we mistakenly think that God is distant from us. God is literally inside our minds because we are God, just one of his infinite faces. And the beautiful thing about this fact is that faces can resemble each other, and it often happens that soul mates are found.

Session 798, March 21, 1977

The child, laughing with joy and awe at the sight of the first violet understands far more in the deepest terms than a botanist who has long since forgotten the experience of perceiving one violet, though he has at his mental fingertips the names and classification of all the world’s flowers. Information is not necessarily knowledge or comprehension.

This leads to an interesting reflection on the nature of negative entities that remain in fifth density without moving to the sixth density level. On the one hand, it seems that you know a lot, a lot of information, but you can still miss those moments that are not visible due to the constant search for logic, meaning, and ways to use cunning. In simple words, a negative entity will avoid something that simply breaks its pattern of thinking. I think that the negative essence of the fifth density is quite intelligent and aware of the possibilities of the sixth density, in other words, aware of the ways of goodness and unity, so starting from the knowledge of white, it gets black. In simple words, to get black, you just need to make the absence of white (that is, to make the absence of all colors, that is, to make a denial of the very nature of the universe). This is neither bad nor good, it’s just to reflect on how Ra said that someone just likes the night. We will talk about this a little later, but it is our original inner nature that affects us, and as I wrote earlier, it cannot be destroyed.

Session 798, March 21, 1977

In a larger level of actuality, then, there is no beginning or end to the universe, and at that level there are no contradictions. There is no beginning or end to the psyche either. You may say: ‘Granted,’ yet persist, saying: ‘In our terms, however, when did the world begin, and in what manner?’ Yet the very attempt to place such an origin in time makes almost any answer distorted.

Thus, the nature of the infinite god, or, in other words, the purpose of the infinite god, is the constant, eternal action of becoming.

This god is genderless and timeless, being both transcendent (non-physical) and immanent (physical).

Session 883, October 01, 1979

all-that-is, before the beginning contained within itself the infinite thrust of all possible creations. all-that-is possessed a creativity of such magnificence that its slightest imaginings, dreams, thoughts, feelings or moods attained a kind of reality, a vividness, an intensity, that almost demanded freedom. freedom from what? freedom to do what? freedom to be what?

the experience, the subjective universe, the ‘mind’ of All-That-Is, was so brilliant, so distinct, that All-That- Is almost became lost, mentally wandering within this ever-flourishing, ever-growing interior landscape. Each thought, feeling, dream, or mood was itself indelibly marked with all of the attributes of this infinite subjectivity. Each glowed and quivered with its own creativity, its own desire to create as it had been created.

All-That-Is knew of itself only. It was engrossed with its own subjective experiences, even divinely astonished as its own thoughts and imaginings attained their own vitality and inherited the creativity of their subjective creator. Those thoughts and imaginings began to have a dialogue with their ‘Maker.’

Thoughts of such magnificent vigor began to think their own thoughts – and their thoughts thought thoughts. As if in divine astonishment and surprise, All-That-Is began to listen, and began to respond to these ‘generations’ of thoughts and dreams, for the thoughts and dreams related to each other also. There was no time, so all of this ‘was happening’ simultaneously. The order of events is being simplified. In the meantime, then, in your terms, All-That-Is spontaneously thought new thoughts and dreamed new dreams, and became involved in new imaginings – and all of these also related to those now-infinite generations of interweaving and interrelating thoughts and dreams that ‘already’ existed.

Session 883, October 01, 1979

So beside this spontaneous creation, this simultaneous ‘stream’ of divine rousing, All-That-Is began to watch the interactions that occurred among his own subjective progeny. He listened, began to respond and to answer a thought or a dream. He began to purposefully bring about those mental conditions that were requested by these generations of mental progeny. If he had been lonely before, he was no longer.

That is, the whole point is that those particles that were inside this inner universe already had certain desires by their very nature. And by “mental conditions,” we mean universes, or more simply, worlds, or planes of existence, in which these very particles wanted to be, following the call of their unique nature.

And this connection is mental, that’s the whole point. It seems to us people that we are far from God, but the whole point is that we have this connection with him, with God, and all our sufferings on a fundamental level are chosen by us. All these trials were chosen by us, we just agreed to them. And even after realizing this fact, we can still continue to want it. The whole point is that you need a sincere desire to stop something, and then no evolutions through density will be needed, absolutely nothing will be needed, just your desire, and you can just go back to the infinite source and cease to exist. For as I have already said, this whole universe consists entirely of infinitesimally small particles that wished to exist in this universe, it is their free choice to be in the role they want.

Session 883, October 01, 1979

Your language causes some difficulty here, so please accept the pronoun ‘he’ as innocuously as possible. ‘It’ sounds too neutral for my purpose, and I want to reserve the pronoun ‘she’ for some later differentiations. In basic terms, of course, All-That-Is is quite beyond any designations having to do with any one species or sex. All-That-Is, then, began to feel a growing sense of pressure as it realized that its own ever-multiplying thoughts and dreams themselves yearned to enjoy those greater gifts of creativity with which they were innately endowed.

It is very difficult to try to assign anything like human motivation to All-That-Is. I can only say that it is possessed by ‘the need’ to lovingly create from its own being; to lovingly transform its own reality in such a way that each most slight probable consciousness can come to be; and with the need to see that any and all possible orchestrations of consciousness have the chance to emerge, to perceive and to love.

In simple words, there is you, and for you, there are particles of consciousness as unique as you, realizing their place in this world, and these particles are called atoms, and these atoms form your physical body. I have an interesting idea that the composition of these atoms, these particles of consciousness, may be sifted by us at the stage of creating the body, so that the final vibration of the atoms resonates with our original vibration with which we came from non-existence. Hence, our unique appearance.

Session 883, October 01, 1979

All-That-Is, then, became aware of a kind of creative tumult as each of its superlative thoughts and dreams, moods and feelings, strained at the very edges of their beings, looking for some then-unknown, undiscovered, as of then unthought-of release. I am saying that this mental progeny included all of the consciousnesses that have ever appeared or will appear upon your earth – all tenderly couched: the first human being, the first insect – each with an inner knowledge of the possibilities of its development. All-That-Is, loving its own progeny, sought within itself the answer to this divine dilemma.

When that answer came, it involved previously unimaginable leaps of divine inspiration, and it occurred thusly: All-That-Is searched through the truly infinite assortment of its incredible progeny to see what conditions were needed for this even more magnificent dream, this dream of a freedom of objectivity. What door could open to let physical reality emerge from such an inner realm? When All-That-Is, in your terms, put all of those conditions together it saw, of course, in a flash, the mental creation of those objective worlds that would be needed – and as it imagined those worlds, in your terms, they were physically created.

All-That-Is did not separate itself from those worlds, however, for they were created from its thoughts, and each one has divine content. The worlds are all created by that divine content, so that while they are on the one hand exterior, they are on the other also made of divine stuff, and each hypothetical point in your universe is in direct contact with All-That-Is in the most basic terms. The knowledge of the whole is within all of its parts – and yet All-That-Is is more than its parts.

Divine subjectivity is indeed infinite. It can never be entirely objectified. When the worlds, yours and others, were thus created, there was indeed an explosion of unimaginable proportions, as the divine spark of inspiration exploded into objectivity.

The first ‘object’ was an almost unendurable mass, though it had no weight, and it exploded, instantaneously beginning processes that formed the universe – but no time was involved. The process that you might imagine took up eons occurred in the twinkling of an eye, and the initial objective materialization of the massive thought of All-That-Is burst into reality. In your terms this was a physical explosion – but in the terms of the consciousnesses involved in that breakthrough, this was experienced as a triumphant ‘first’ inspirational frenzy, a breakthrough into another kind of being.

The earth then appeared as consciousness transformed itself into the many facets of nature. The atoms and molecules were alive, aware – they were no longer simply a part of a divine syntax, but they spoke themselves through the very nature of their being. They became the living, aware vowels and syllables through which consciousness could form matter.

Session 883, October 01, 1979

But in your terms this was still largely a dream world, though it was fully fashioned. It had, generally speaking, all of the species that you now know. These all correlated with the multitudinous kinds of consciousnesses that had clamored for release, and those consciousnesses were spontaneously endowed by All-That-Is with those forms that fit their requirements. You had the birth of individualized consciousness as you think of it into physical context. Those consciousnesses were individualized before the beginning, but not manifest. But individualized consciousness was not quite all that bold. It did not attach itself completely to its earthly forms at the start, but rested often within its ‘ancient’ divine heritage. In your terms, it is as if the earth and all of it creatures were partially dreaming, and not as focused within physical reality as they are now.

Now, do you see the point? You’ve been you since before the universes were born. And it’s insanely beautiful. To know you’re you, to know it’s not for nothing, to know that everything is fine. :blush:

It’s also interesting to realize what this “ancient divine heritage” is. Basically, in simple terms, it’s what you inherited from god. It’s your nature that sets you apart, even if your face looks a lot like someone else’s. This is a very mysterious topic, because only you can fully understand yourself.

Session 883, October 01, 1979

For one thing, while individualized consciousness was within the massive subjectivity of All-That-is, it enjoyed, beside its own uniqueness, a feeling of supporting unity, a comforting knowledge that it was one with its source. So in the beginning of [your] world, consciousness fluctuated greatly, focusing gently at the start, but not quite as willing to be as fully independent as its first intent might seem.

You had the sleepwalkers, early members of your species, whose main concentration was still veiled in that earlier subjectivity, and they were your true ancestors, in those terms.

Session 884, October 03, 1979

I used the term ‘before the beginning,’ then, and I will speak of earth’s events in certain sequences. In the deepest of terms, however, and in ways that quite scandalize the intellect when it tries to operate alone, the beginning is now. That critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening, and you are being given life ‘in each moment’ because of the simultaneous nature of that divine subjectivity.”

So, from this, it can be understood that “before the beginning” of the material worlds, All-That-Is contained the infinite direction of all possible creations. Physically, the potential of galaxies, solar systems, planets, ecosystems, species, sexes, etc.—all things, all processes—have always existed in a hidden form within some non-physical field that can be called non-existence.

There is an interesting koan on this topic.

A Zen master asks his student,

"Without thinking good or evil, in this very moment, what is your Original Face?

Show me your Original Face, the face you had before your parents were born

Quickly, quickly, without thinking right and wrong

Before your parents were born

What is your original face?"

Next, we are talking directly about what goals the particles of consciousness pursue.

If you have read up to this point, then you obviously care, and you have enough self-control. Even if what I am writing seems strange, I will still ask you to look at all my efforts under the eye of intuition.

Session 884, October 03, 1979

For the terms of this discussion of the beginning of your world, I will deal with known qualities for now – the atoms and molecules. In the beginning they imagined the myriad of forms that were physically possible. They imagined the numberless cells that could arise from their own cooperative creation. Energy is boundless. It is exuberant. It knows no limits. In those terms, the atoms dreamed the cells into physical being – and from that new threshold of physical activity cellular consciousness dreamed of the myriad organizations that could emerge from this indescribable venture.

Value fulfillment itself is most difficult to describe, for it combines the nature of a loving presence – a presence with the innate knowledge of its own divine complexity – with a creative ability of infinite proportions that seeks to bring to fulfillment even the slightest, most distant portion of its own inverted complexity. Translated into simpler terms, each portion of energy is endowed with an inbuilt reach of creativity that seeks to fulfill its own potential in all possible variations – and in such a way that such a development also furthers the creative potentials of each other portion of reality.

In those terms, then, there was in the beginning an almost unimaginable time in which energized consciousness, using its own creative abilities, its own imagination, experienced with triumphant rambunctiousness, trying out one form after another. In the terms you are used to thinking of, nothing was stable. Consciousness as you think of it turned into matter, and then into pure energy and back again.

Subjectivity still largely ruled. Like an adolescent leaving home for the first time, individualized consciousness was also somewhat homesick, and returned often to the family homestead – but gradually gained confidence and left finally to form a universe.

Now because All-That-Is contains within itself such omnipotent, fertile, divine creative characteristics, all portions of its subjective experience attained dimensions of actuality impossible to describe. The thoughts, for example, of All-That-Is were not simply thoughts as you might have, but multidimensional mental events of superlative nature. Those events soon found that a transformation must occur, if they were to journey into objectivity – for no objectivity of itself could contain the entire reality of subjective events that existed within divine subjectivity. Only in that context could their relative perfection be maintained. Yet they had yearned before the beginning for other experiences, and even for fulfillments of a different nature. They sensed a kind of value fulfillment that required of them the utilization of their own creative abilities. They yearned to create as they had been created, and All-That-Is, in a kind of divine perplexity, nevertheless realized that this had always been its own intent.

All-That-Is realized that such a separation would also allow you to bring about a different kind of divine art, in which the creators themselves created, and their creations created, bringing into actuality existences that were possible precisely because there would seem to be a difference between the creator and the creations. All-That-Is is, therefore, within each smallest portion of consciousness.

In the beginning of the world the first basis of physical life was largely subjective, and that the state of dreaming not only helped shape the consciousness of your species, but also in those terms served to provide a steady source of information to man about his physical environment, and served as an inner web of communication among all species.

Session 886, December 03, 1979

In the beginning there was instead, once more, a divine psychological gestalt – and by that I mean a being whose reality escapes the definition of the word ‘being,’ since it is the source from which all being emerges. That being exists in a psychological dimension, a spacious present, in which everything that was or is or will be (in your terms) is kept in immediate attention, poised in a divine context that is characterized by such a brilliant concentration that the grandest and the lowliest, the largest and the smallest, are equally held in a multiloving constant focus.

Session 886, December 03, 1979

The universe is, as I explained, always coming into existence, and each present moment bring[s] its own built-in past along with it. You agree on accepting as fact only a small portion of the large available data that compose any moment individually or globally. You accept only those data that fit in with your ideas of motion in time. As a result, for example, your archeological evidence usually presents a picture quite in keeping with your ideas of history, geological eras, and so forth.

Session 886, December 03, 1979

Atoms perceive their own positions, their velocities, motions, the nature of their surroundings, the material that they compose. Your world did not just come together, mindless atoms forming here and there, elements coalescing from brainless gases – nor was the world, again, created by some distant objectified God who created it part by part as in some cosmic assembly line. With defects built in, mind you, and better models coming every geological season.

So our physical senses provide a flat view of reality, limited to physical surfaces. However, they are extensions of our inner senses. Thus, every form of energy and matter uses inner senses that work “outside” of space and time (nonlocal). The inner senses are part of a vast inner communication between all species. Our cells also use inner senses.

Thus, the psychic connection between existence and what is in non-existence works continuously and constantly, but more about this in the potential second part.

For now, Gratefulness to those who have read to the end. :blush:


This is a very minimalistic and beautiful app for me, even more than that, I am pleased that it has a translation into Russian.

That’s basically how I train my memory, using this kind of mnemotechnics, creating all sorts of stories and anchoring them in my imagination. :slight_smile:


very useful and thanks

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Strangely I sometimes find myself reading backwards, or bottoms up, where “”reading this far”comes first. This stream of thought reminds me of the Ouroboros, a circle shape of a snake eating its tail. We’re commonly grappling with entropy which suggests things fall into disorder and as countermeasure, we apply attention to render order. I think of the head of the snake as attention, and the tail of the snake as the end of order and attention, disorder and entropy. So if the universe cycles from perfect order into complete disorder, maybe the head and tail meet in some other dimension, like the circle of the Ouroboros is twisted into an infinity symbol or something. We want to arrive where the head meets the tail but it’s not accessible.

I believe that our universe is just moving from disorder to order, because as you know, the galactic logos sets the time and, in general, the conditions when and how the level of space will be increased. and the whole space gradually raises the level, getting closer and closer to unity and order, that is, to god

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