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Hello friends, this is my first post as I just joined the community a couple of days ago. I am interested as to your favorite sessions and why if not too much to ask. I have read through all of it once and I am currently at session 99 on my second reading. This time I have audible and listen while reading each session. Thanks in advance.

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Dont really have a favorite lol

Hello @Acer please share which books are you reading. I have been looking for the law of one series. I’m not sure if it’s best for a beginner. I’m keen to hear about your reading journey. Which book did you start with ?

My favorite is the poker game analogy.

My Current Favorite:

The athanor of Earth works because you cannot see through the veil completely. You cannot know the larger picture. You cannot think your way into grasping why you chose the catalyst you chose and why you chose the patterns of important relationships and solitude and all the issues of your life as you chose them. And perhaps it is only a short cut to tell you that it was well planned and that you can trust yourself and your higher self as the planners of the incarnation you are now experiencing.


Love to hear thoughts or random digressions on these (materials I’ve read):

*Dolores Cannon- Convoluted Universe I
Some of A Course in Miracles
_Lots of Edgar Cayce (I’m an A.R.E. member)
*The Power of Now ~Tolle
*Law of One all 106
_*Taming the Tiger Within ~_Thich Nhat Hanh
**Science and the Akashic Field ~*Laszlo
*The Five Levels Attachment~ Ruiz
_*Reality Unveiled~_Masri

Any recommendations?

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Hello Acer, welcome here !!

lol, I was an A.R.E. member too for quite a while, back into the late 80s. I found ARE after reading Cayce, of course. I used to receive their newsletter and they had printed the meditation from John Randolph Price on global healing, loveliest meditation ever.

Love Thich What Hanh and Tolle.

You might want to have a look at
Man’s eternal Quest by Paramhansa Yogananda, a series of his talks, all quite beautiful, andhumoristic at times…
And then I really love Michael Newton and his Journey of Souls and subsequent books…

Lovely to see you

Thanks, Frog