"Thought forms" (What are they in your understanding?)

As the title of this topic indicated,

When you guys read about “thought-forms” in the channeled materials, what do you understand them as?

Are they “imagination?” like fictional characters in books, movies, and shows from entertainment medias?

Are they like “shadow puppets?” and you are making “woof woof” sound because you made your hand looks like a dog, or a bird?


What sources do you have from the materials that explains them?

Your contribution can help others further their understanding and perhaps even overcome their fears/phobia of “demons” or “fairy-tales” creatures/entities like dragons, vampires, furries etc. etc.


I remembered reading about the entities mentioned above as purely “thought-forms.”

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I believe thought forms are intelligent energy that is under direction. They might not be sentient.

There are Egregores too, which are thought forms created by the group mind.

They typically would exist in the Astral.

Hmmm, interesting topic, and not something I have really explored much thus far. As I understand this, like AntroHeart mentioned, when a group mind creates an “entity” of this nature, it’s called an egregore. When a single individual creates an “entity” like this, it’s called a tulpa in theosophical lore.

One example I can now think of where this has happened in real life, was in Alexandra David-Néel’s book Magic and Mystery in Tibet (1929). She created such a thought-form. Apparently the thought-form, or tulpa, has the same polarity as its creator, so if the person is negative polarity, the tulpa will also be negative polarity, and vice versa. The tulpa also draws its life-force or vitality from its creator, so when the person who created the tulpa dies, so does the tulpa apparently.

Again, I know so little about this sort of stuff, but I just thought I’d mention this interesting example I came across once.

Here’s wikipedia - Tulpa

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Thank you anthro and wuwei! I looked into edgregores, and they are interesting, it also led me to other findings of philosophical topics that I havent explore.

Wuwei, that is interesting, that gives more insight into children’s imaginary friends.

Perhaps, they are not so imaginary afterall, and are truly a creation of a child.

78.7 Questioner: Thank you. In utilizing the energetic displacements of thought-forms energizing the instrument during contact most efficiently, what specifically could we do?

Ra: I am Ra. Each of the support group has an excess of love and light to offer the instrument during the working. Already each sends to the instrument love, light, and thoughts of strength of the physical, mental, and spiritual configurations. These sendings are forms. You may refine these sendings until the fullest manifestations of love and light are sent into the energy web of this entity which functions as instrument. Your exact sending is, in order to be most potent, the creature of your own making.

thought-forms can also be used as a “energetic” tool.

So what arises for me in my seeking is that “thought” is literally just that, but there is an energetic mechanism behind it’s creation.

If we look at it in the manners of physics and biology, when you use your mind/brain to solve a problem or to do any mental activities, you are actually burning calories, thus you are “exchanging” your body’s calories (fuel) for the “thought.”

In this case, you are transmuting energy into the thought or mental work.
“Nothing are created from nothing”

Therefore, thoughts doesn’t just come from “no-where,” but it also requires energy for it to be produced. The framework of a creation.

Then you have the “form,” which is a “creation” of that energy used. “Thought-formed”

So, “thought-forms” seems to be a form of energetic solidification without the ruleset, nor is it materialized enough to abide to the laws of physics completely.

In theory, an adept could hone and practice in transmuting such energy onto a certain level of existent, where it would affect the material world…


Was reading Jim-kent’s post, and found this,

Thought Form – A pattern or persistence of thought that in some cases can exhibit persistent metaphysical or physical characteristics separate from the original thinker. Physical characteristics may include visual or material beingness. Thought forms can be created by entities consciously (typically higher-density beings) or unconsciously, particularly by the collective unconscious mind.


Okay, I think I see where you’re going. I mistakenly thought from your original post that you were specifically referring to thought-forms that manifest as ‘physical entities’ in our reality, and that’s a domain I haven’t paid much interest to. The Alexandra David-Néel example I gave above was frankly a little unsettling to me when I read it back in the day, despite being very interesting.

Absolutely, thought is energy, if you will, since we’re all “dancing thoughts in a ballroom in which there is no material”. Imagine the fourth density thought-wars…

Yes, but aside from these magical practitioners and their shenanigans, on an everyday level we are constantly creating with our thoughts, energetically empowering or disempowering others, and ourselves.

I’m actually reading Seth Speaks at the moment, and he weaves his way wonderfully through this particular topic - thought. It’s really insightful, I can’t help wondering why it has taken me this long to give Seth a go.

Thank you for sharing about Seth Speaks! I am intrigued.

On the other note,
I’ve learned over time that when discussing a topic, it can “revolves,” or “evolves” in a rhythm like musical octave progression.

It can start from one note and evolve, changes to another within it’s octave.
And then revisiting it at a later time, it can be at a “higher,” or “lower” pitch(understanding) just like musical octaves.

This concept of perception has assisted me greatly as I visit, and/or revisit materials/post/conversation, etc.

On another note, I am with you on the magicians/magic shenanigans. In my opinion, I feel that the whole “Harry Potter” takes on metaphysics are somewhat convoluted, like clouds shaping, casting lightning bolts, and spoon bending etc.

It always brings me a chuckle and reminds me of this scene from the movie “year one” with Jack Black,

Although, there is an element in metaphysics or “magic” that stands true to me, and that is the power of “causality” aka, karma. In theory, it is possible to bind to your “enemy” for eternity until that karmic tie is broken through “forgiveness” or completing ones lesson through love.

On another perspective of this metaphysical topic,

I’ve seen some “weird” things in my life, and tours oversea as a soldiers, but no matter how “magical” a “shaman” or magical person we came across, at some point, this person has to poop, and we catches them with their pants down, lol.

I view all magicians, “self-identified-other-than-human,” but existing in a human body being… Ultimately just another human being with a tad bit more enthusiastic with their imagination.

Basically, most are the wizard of oz. I find it comedic how the infinite creator (god) play a very humbling lesson in all 3rd density beings with the necessity to excrete foul waste from it’s vessel.

“hot girls don’t poop, they cry” I heard this when I was younger, and thought that the most beautiful and benevolent people (Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc.) doesn’t pop a squat at some point and try to hold their breath. :rofl:


Although there are definitely “unexplainable” elements, like recent ufos sightings of “gimbles” and our naïve understanding with quantum physic.

In a logical view, we can understand that they are possible “technologies” of another advanced lifeforms in the cosmos.

In a way, scientific experiments resembles “magical” work to the laymen and gullible folks.

Just for S*** and giggles, year one was an amazing movie :joy: and I want to end on that note. :green_heart: :pray: :rofl:

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There’s a book dedicated to this topic.

Thought Forms, Annie Besant C.W. Leadbeater

Each definite thought produces a double effect:

  • a radiating vibration
  • a floating form.

As every entity is a finite piece of the one infinite creator.
A (temporary) bordered / finite consciousness of the one infinite consciousness.
Thus the ‘power of creation’ is inherently built within.

The physical universe as we’re experiencing now is also a ‘thought form’.
This forum as we’re also experiencing now is also a ‘thought form’.
The identity (Quid, Jayce and others) also a ‘thought form’.
Even this message is also a ‘thought form’.

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oh! Oh my god! yes! I saw this book long ago and it disappeared from my attention, now it’s back!

Thank you! I love this

I do understand you (I) of the all in all.

This is the temporary foundation of my current understanding, and there is more (or less) to it.

Thanks again for your url, :pray: :green_heart: :blush: I bookmarked it

All that can be imagined is. This is why it has value to guard or be wary of one’s thoughts. You bring into being when you focus your energies. It’s like the seed of creativity. The seed can grow or not. It requires nourishment or… some manner of sustaining the process of becoming, the intention.

I can and do send love to many who are not near where I am and they experience this. This is a bit of a thought form, I think. It can be what the seed is created to be. It can be much vibration is given to this and, I think, a wave pattern might be seen in some form. But… it’s like creative feeling with intention… …

I think, if a thought is given much of your awareness it comes into being in some timeline. If you can imagine it, some where, it now is. Thus, to guard the thoughts.

I think, to feel an image is … it seems much more real to me that to give it a physical shape, to define it, or confine it to what little I have for reference where I am in this moment in time-space.

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While I believe this to be true. One should not dwell too much on that concept in my opinion, since we have enough to cope with in this world while incarnated in 3d.

As Ra said, things that should not be acted out in the “physical” illusion, because they would be antithesis to the positive polarity, should instead be acted on in ones mind.

So if we remove that tool, that our mind offers us, then we are left with nothing to process and work with our shadow self.

I don’t know about the typing out the words “mind/brain” and how it fits in this context. Would you care to elaborate on your contextual meaning between the balance of mind/brain as you typed it out with a forward slash between mind and brain.
I am also not understanding the context of the terms “physics and biology” in the context of thought forms.

Whatever is real here is very, very real there in time/space. Where our thoughts, all of them take some sort of form; even some of them having some consciousness connected to them much like what we would term a poltergeist which is a sort of energetic and emotional thought forms with a certain amount of consciousness and can be directed to “do” even if the possessor has no real conscious awareness that it is directing this particular thought form. Some have semi-consciousness while other thought forms do not. Some are plesant such as sending an abundance of love to another while some are destructive in nature like sending hate to your enemy.
Everything is energy or light, which is energy and energy ca accumulate and be directed at a particular target, or not. The brain has little to do with this unless we are trying to bring this into our objective reality by using one of our 5 senses. If we are not trying to use one of our 5 senses, then it is contained within the mind only.
Manly P Hall has a lecture paper that is excellent on thought forms.https://www.amazon.com/Unseen-Forces-Spirits-Specters-Threshold-ebook/dp/B07P9N9F25

Yay more books! Thanks Mr.Dieu. getting it asap

Hi Dieucau,

Thank you for sharing your reading and thought.
In regards of your questions about mind/brain, the context behind what was typed is a simplified and quick thought on how to relay the complex function of the physical organ, the brain. At the same time comparing and connecting it with the “mind” in a fashion that is close to the law of one.

The archytypical mind, the “mind” that is a creation beyond the spirit and body. The “m/b/s” terminology often used in the materials.

How that tied into my post is from my own personal observation and opinion on how I see the “body,” the “brain” is a “physical” thought form, and the mind is a “invisible” thought-form.

I hope this answered your question

and for physics/biology. It is a similar manner, but we are talking about two materialized “forms” that was thought of by thr logo, the infinite creator, etc.

Hi there Jayce! Maybe I will read your post once more because I may have gotten something mixed up or misunderstood what you were trying to convey and if I did, I apologize in advance.
I am much like yourself and see the brain sort of like a computer (the CPU) so that thoughts and feelings, etc…can be experienced through the senses while we are in a physical body. I am going to read your post once again I probably didn’t pick up what you put down.

ha ha
No seriously, you will enjoy it. It’s a short read and look into his tiny book about the Pineal Gland. Its like $6.00 USD.
best wishes Username

no worries! :blush:

What I put on the forums most of the times is not so linear in it’s own nature.

Feel free to share your thought and or questions! it’s good to see things in different ways, nothing I say is truly right or wrong anyways, just what it meant at the moment it was created. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess we are all musing at this point, huh?