Psychic Attacks


I would love to ask for any practices, or ideas anyone has for not allowing dear entities of a negatively polarized orientation from accessing thoughts and memories, and suggesting temptation.

Now, for anyone reading the thread that thinks they might be going through psychic attacks, I would love to discuss them a little in this thread.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks, are, from my experience, the attempt by an entity at a density higher than third to amplify the survival or egoic processes of an entity in the third density. My cat, although anyone else in my life has been a little affected, has oddly enough never really been affected, so, only usually happens very intensely to the third, it seems.

Also, if you spend a lot of time with these negative entities, you begin being able to peak into their thoughts, but you should rather try to ask for the thoughts and wisdom of angels.

You don’t know if what you’re seeing inside the negative entity is naturally happening or if they have constructed an entire narrative for the whole universe that seems coherent with what you know. This has to do with the negative seemingly loving to prey on your feeling that you know it all and that the way you understand reality will not completely change again, and has not completely changed before.

You should never, basically, purely out of good manners, try to “peak” into the thoughts of the negative entity.

The Power of Friendship and Love

To use an example from a famous novel, in the fifth volume/movie of Harry Potter, Voldemort had just returned at the end of the previous volume/movie, but most folks don’t believe it.

The Minister for Magic also doesn’t want to believe it’s true. He’s been convinced that professor Dumbledore is after his job, and wants to become Minister for Magic through spreading fear.

At one point, Harry is walking alone at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, and there he encounters someone that was there, spending time with creatures known as Thestrals, which can only be seen by those that have seen death/the death of someone loved.

One of the lines he is told there is “Well… if I were You-Know-Who, I’d want you to feel cut off from everyone else. 'Cause if it’s just you alone… you’re not that much of a threat.”

Being controlled is not service to others, since all is connected!

You Are Genius!

One reason I am posting about such a weird topic is to encourage anyone, whether they have experience with this or not, to have faith in their truth this year.

It has taken me a little too long to realize that I was slowly lead into a box of forgetting what the past had actually held and feeling little to no love for anything.

If not for watching, online, something I believed was best suited to love, I would have probably decided, logically, using what I knew at the time, that the universe was hopeless.

i would even go as far as to say that you make the universe. Who made all the laws, and things we have today?

If you really want it badly enough, you should be able to discover some new way.

If an individual soul keeps part of their being behind, surely the original creator, or the logos, perhaps, will help, since we know it is infinite love - just believe this one always. I questioned it for you and reached this conclusion for anyone that’s curious through months of confusion and exploring, without ever acting on it, fortunately, darkness.

To conclude this bit: “Everything Is Genius!”

Desire & Control

The trick about desire isn’t that you can’t stop, but it’s that if you make one mistake, the ego will convince you that you don’t deserve any friendship or unity.

Honestly, looking back, I believe in a manner that is quite foolish, I only speak here because I have managed to, through it all, somehow reach 99-100% positive polarization.

I always looked online and felt like when someone said something imperfect it made them no longer spiritually reliable to most folks.

Of course, that I decided to adapt to a standard I didn’t believe in shows a certain ignorance, but seriously! I have done it, and…

It’s a horrible idea!

Also, the Confederation doesn’t need someone on Earth to sacrifice themselves to squeeze out a few drops of wisdom to help the planet.

Although I am happy about spending a few hours writing an “energy book” for any alien friends that want to learn about Earth, I feel like I made more than a few projections out of an imbalance as a prerequisite, on the road to writing that book.

I am happy about it all, but - uhhh… it’s like selfishness for most humans - sometimes you want to move on from something you used to enjoy (half the time).

At least, as a side effect, maybe someone’s higher self will like to lead someone to this thread, and hopefully this serves to annoy Voldemort a bit.

Honesty is important. Of course, besides “Everything is Genius!” (in 4th density, time, anything can become anything - mystery - magic) and “Everything is connected, so don’t get enslaved, dummy!”, a third rule I recommend is:

“Don’t Conquer The World”

Literally, I find this the best way to express it. Your goal is to be honest, but aim for making your honest self peaceful.

You have to love truth more so than you do honesty for honesty to be protected from anything.

It is like a doll. Honesty prevents love for the genius of life from burning out, and truth brings the two of them into balance. I used to believe “aiming for truth” was a far-off Enlightenment-like virtue, but it really is simple.

“Don’t Conquer The World.” and you need no ego.


Postscript: Please, whenever you’re reading this, be jolly. If you don’t spend at least a few days a year intending to be childlike for a few hours a day, when are you going to do it?

Once, someone taught me that programming languages evolve after their programmers. So do holidays evolve after you. You make reality.

Keep the intention going, and you can change anything. The angels are with you. Even when you seem to be unable to create, you can change, and often, that change will actually involve a self of yours that already had that strength and power, though you may be forgetting that.

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It seems like a topic discussed a zillion
times in a zillion ways. Maybe lending
press to inferior things helps manifest
them. Let’s give press in ways
improving the world.

Don’t take anything personally, forgive
others, extend mercy, strive to compassion.
Be loving kind in better chance loving kindness
finds you, like a golden rule.

Drink water may help so many things.
Breathe in ways expanding bliss.
Eat stuff that supports good vibrations.
Exercise in some way that’s fun and full of stoke.
Refuse to be a victim, be a victor instead.
Surround yourself with trusted guardians.


Wonderful. Truly, love in all things is protection.
I love your beautiful poetry, by the way, my friend. On a little side note from the topic, I’ve always admired poetry, and seeing that awesome style in threads you’ve written has actually inspired me to use that lyrical fashion more. Thank you.

I hope you have a wonderful, awesome day, and thank you also for contributing to this discussion with this amazing energy and creativity.