Of visions and protection

I feel like there being a preface here that of course I am the supposed negative entities to be discussed here, this is just something for the mind and for allowing it to focus on I rather than fear-inducing visions.

So, yeah- eh, has the mind for you seen any entities which appear to be at first trying to pretend they are here to help bring your attention back to the I or even helping you face fears (which, ha, that is already not real, this little salvation story) and then use the attention they’ve gotten to attempt the imposition of fear? The way they appear is pixel-like and if you’ve ever seen colorful outlines around people the colors resemble that.

Well, it sees also pixel-like at times if it is focused on in the part of the manifest it is more used to, though as of now this helps bring the realization when it isn’t seen that all is one.

It feels like this is an attempt to discourage the mind from looking at reality/I given that the last 2 days involve focus on I, the same I that lies beyond the character of “you”, “she”, “he” :D.

I am sure reading this can also impose things onto your mind… and that feels worrying… but there is a deeper calling to ask brothers and sisters for help. I don’t ask for any hate towards these expressions of our self which may be called, simply for what is known by your character about what my character knows as barriers or protection of some kind.

Side note: This feels a bit funny, it seems the body is laughing, how wonderful the world is-

Welcome, your message is interesting. I do not judge an entity by their choice of service, all are one, and are loved as one. We are unique.

Yoda: “Hard to see, the dark side is…”
There is one tool in your possession to help guide you, your heart. An open heart without identity can see the path.

Some people have their catalyst lead them straight into the bulls path, but that is a part of their learning. That is the unseen choice we make.

I dispelled my fear of demons/dark/negative entities at a very young age, I was a child and for all intents and purposes I challenged the one plaguing my childhood. I released my fear of it and it went away. I learned that darkness’s only strength is our vulnerability to it.

Dealing with the trickery of the darksides manipulations, perhaps for the mechanations and for understanding may serve a positive purpose, the more we focus on the darkside though, the stronger it becomes. and as a wise man once said…
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
― Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Regarding service to self entities as people, I have looked deep into many of them, and there are many kinds just as there are service to others.

“Things are neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”
I struggled for a time when my thoughts, feelings, and actions did not align, I would think terrible things, but fortunately I couldn’t act on them, there was something that wouldn’t allow it. That is who I am. Realizing the source of where these thoughts come from, consider, they may not be your own, you may be picking them up, the world today is full of “traps”.

Resistance to others perceptions…? The world is a reflection of who we are, perhaps it is necessary to spend time with self, the more we can understand self, the greater our perspective of serving other.
To heal self, is to heal other.

I hope I may have contributed to your path, I had a little difficulty with interpretation, my appolgies if I went way off the mark. I look forward to hearing more from you.


wondering how you feel? in a genuine way. my first thoughts, are this.

and with no assumptions or … literal as I will ever be, the body, that is the thing I wondered over. …
and also, it is hard for me to … be myself and just say the things I would to a person in a safer or … more… whatever, space than this is, yet, for me.

after that, recently … I had a … very inspired bit of thoughts that I wrote out to a friend in small telegram place… we speak often of the Law of One and like things as well as our own lives and such.

and then… as real as it was… as brilliantly spoken as I … kind of thought it was:)) … I did not send it. Because I checked in and clear as day… it wasn’t from a place of Light and Love. I was … taken aback. It’s … not a thing one way or the other… this event as far as occurrences … I write every day and always have. But I keep these things… in random unseen places. so… to dump out like that… and then feel prompted to check in … and then… despite the wisdom it seemed to be … in. Wise words or not… there was a clear nope in my mind. And so… I let it go. I felt good to not be attached to doing so.

in this, I am sharing it because… finding the places to release attachment to outcome… gives me a sense of Truth that is, it brings my … there is less attachment to being right or seeing things any way because it comes from with in me, what I understand and that practice of familiarity to that connection replaces places with in about what I experience that may be uncertain or have elements of fear, with Love.

As to seeing an actual pixelation with my eyes… as a kid, when I closed them… at times I experienced this in a way that is hard to describe. Every one got very flat, like flat like coins. But it has been a very long time… 35? years since I recall that feeling/image in my mind.

Facing a fear… it is… I patch the holes that I see it could travel through, since it gives me to notice of these with a Love… patch. Like… I picture filling in nail holes or bigger with that filler stuff… whatever it is called that goes in pink but turns white… with Love. I just plug it up and seal it shut. There is no war. There is nothing to fight. Love just… fixes it. I don deny it, turn away… I don’t try to anything other than notice the space, the gap, crack… be with myself in it and just get to healing the place that needed my attending with in and know that it can be done.:slight_smile:

However you receive my reply… I hope you hear that … how ever you are, I care:) and that… even if I misunderstand the words you gave, I am … I feel often … uncertain about being my self in moments when I want so much to be. Thanks for just saying what and how you desired to. That’s brave and a good reminder that we all can be:)