"The True End of Humankind"

This passage is so exquisite, so beautiful, that I cannot refrain from sharing it. It shows in a very terse fashion how spiritual evolution turns upon love. This is a snapshot of the upward moving spiral of consciousness: greater love is imagined and this leads to yet more expansive opportunities to explore love.

Eventually, each spirit decides to seek a love that is greater than the love it has been able to manifest, that it may know it and thus manifest it. This is the true end of all ethical thinking and spiritual seeking. This is the true end of humankind—to learn well enough how to love that death from this illusion rises to life in a far more lovely and more challenging grade of study. You are here to make choices, and you are here specifically to make one central choice—to honor and worship the Creator within you and you within the Creator by serving others, moving towards unity of self with all others, moving toward peace, concern and passionately held ideals, or controlling others for the good of the self, manipulating those about one and making choices which separate one from the loved ones, from the society.


Thank you for your sharing. May I use your thread to share some extracts from the Confederation that really moved me ? I don’t have the exact references, since I just copy-pasted on a note pad. Please tell me is this is inapropriate.

Wanderers, sorrow’s own folk, you have come here to serve. We call you all to service now. Take up your crown of thorns. Lift the burden of your humanity and walk forth unafraid. We encourage each to trust destiny. Your basic vocation is devotion. Work with your moments of conscious awareness in your own way, at your own speed, taking rest and comfort as you need that refreshment. Allow each morning’s light to form within you its own agenda for your day and your night; and study patience, for in addition to this great central vocation that even now regularizes your planet and its steadying light, you will come into, grow into those apparent and overt services that have been prepared for you.

To many, the service of devotion is the complete service required. If this is occurring within your life, come to an informed understanding of the value of being, for it is because your ground of being is remarkable that this lonely job of keeping the lighthouse burning has been given you. Tend, then, to this light within, hollowing the self through anguish, pain and initiation until you are transparent to the light. This may be your destiny: to act as radiator and regulator of the light of planet Earth. To others shall come ministries, as this instrument would call them. Those who begin to develop as channels of some form of healing, move along the path of your gifts. Look always to the true shape of the gifts within.

You have sacrificed much for this opportunity to serve. Take, seize, grasp this opportunity, not to rush forward with it but to sit embracing it, asking it: “Change me as I must alter to do the will of the infinite One. Humble me; comfort me; give me companions along my way. Give me persistence, stubbornness and courage. Let me love insult and misunderstanding. Let me embrace criticism and shame. Let me become empty.” These are the prayers of the brothers and sisters of sorrow. These are prayers of tears and joy beyond all knowing.


The wanderer moves into the incarnation, bringing with it potent tools to pierce the illusion. It is far less likely to be lost in forgetting. It is far more likely to feel a sense of frustration and confusion: “Who am I, and why am I here?”


And in that wondering, in that searching—first intrigued, then fascinated and finally transformed—the nascent seeker of truth arises from the peaceful condition of acceptance of consensus reality, shakes the dust of sleep from foot and eye and starts the journey, the wandering, the leaving of one home which is no longer home. Upon this dusty path lie, oh, so many marvelous and frightening events. Adventure is the companion of the wanderer. Joy and sorrow aplenty rest within its quiver.

What is the definition of wanderer? Beneath all specific details, the wanderer is one upon a journey without an ending, seeking a home in a land where there is no home, sailing upon a sea which has no port, no land, but only infinite voyaging. Upon this sea, this ocean, the rudder that stabilizes and steers the ship is the spirit within. Within this inner heart or spirit lies home. How to move through this vast ocean of sense experience skillfully is always hidden within the very air you breathe, within that which you hear and sense and think. To the seeker who pays attention come myriad clues and cues. Listen! Hark! The call has gone out.



Thanks for this post, Mirror. I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of imagination lately and what you’ve shared adds to my mental stew:)

Like I’ve been thinking about how imagination is more than just visualization or fantasy. It seems like faith is flavored with imagination. Not necessarily seeing a specific outcome, but trusting that other outcomes to the present moment or present understanding are possible.

I think you’re on to something big here, MM.

First, in order to rest within the imagination, we need to dial back our agitated mentation, and in so doing we allow our spirit guides to become more audible. This much in itself is valuable.

Second, our journey here is one of self discovery, self understanding through forgiveness and the growth which comes from processing catalyst. What are we growing into, would you say? In some sense we are growing into that which we imagine. Templates of expanded awareness come to our mind from our etheric and other subtle bodies and we fingerpaint with these, making them into new images which produce expanded vitality which allows us to grow further as we process the new catalyst. We grow into what we imagine, either consciously or subconsciously. Or, alternatively, we may simply spin our wheels in place and recycles the same old boring catalyst until we become able to accept and love it. Personally, I prefer to grow in an imaginal space, becoming ever slightly more coherently my true self.

Part of this idea reminds me of that paradox,
evolving superpowers may entail a disability,
or some disability enables evolving super power.

In some ways, women may have a spiritual
edge over men where men may have some
physical edge over women, generally speaking.

So it may be that an immensely loving man
is some degree more merciful in ways he
relinquishes severity. Or alternately, a very
decisive woman embraces severity in ways
she loses a sense of mercy.

To up-level some limitation, humanity confronts
trade-offs. These can be temporary, related
to circumstance or situation, where some
knack of state change can support response.

For example, maybe humanity stops writing,
they share pictures or videos instead.

I like this picture of Jim on the typewriter,
it lends a sense of peace and harmony.


I recognize this. I can say that I’ve gotten stuck in cycles of repeating catalyst/experience in my life. Songs on repeat. Boring is a good word for it once you see the patterns. (“I’m just tired and bored with myself…” Bruce Springsteen now playing in my head).

Acceptance and forgiveness seem like crucial steps in making room for new things to be imagined.

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Call me a childish idealist, but a crown of thorns is not what I wish to wear. We lead by example. I don’t wish to set an example of martyrdom any more than I wish to set an example of predation. I want to transmute sorrow to something better. Earth needs more lightness and less severity. The catalyst porridge is too damned hot for wanderers and these precious little human bears. It’s practically unpalatable.

A world in which all the good people are martyring themselves leaves only the bad to receive the fruits of those sacrifices. I wouldn’t beckon anyone to such ruin. Love is about seeking win-win solutions.

So here, I’ve hit a point of paradox that leads me to believe that promoting a sorrowful path of harsh sacrifice is decidedly not of such great service to others.

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