The time lateral


Hello, folks. In this post, I’ll be taking a stab at presenting the concept of the time lateral.

First, a little background. I assume all readers here are reasonably familiar with the Ra Contact materials. Perhaps you carved out time to read them in their sizable entirety. Or perhaps you used the wonderful L/L Research-produced resources and guides to realize a more complete understanding of nature of The Law of One.

That said, I assume most people here are not familiar with the entirety (and entirety being the key word) of the conscious channeling sessions. The largest hurdle with the conscious channeling sessions is ingesting its sheer volume. Reading the entirety of The Ra Contact will take a good amount of time, but if my estimations are correct, the conscious channeling transcripts run approximately 4,886,000 words long. One online source suggested a regular human is capable of reading 250,000 words per day, so, assuming that rate, reading the entire conscious channeling transcript library would take one regular person approximately 20 days of continuous reading.

In my spare time, I have poked around the conscious channeling materials quite a bit. Eventually, I stumbled on a topic present in the conscious channeling materials which, to my knowledge, are neither directly discussed by Ra during the trance channeling sessions nor discussed in the L/L Research-produced resources and guides. One of those concepts is the time lateral, the “sidetrack” we as a people have been placed on to support our spiritual advancement. That concept is what I wish to explore today.

For this investigation, I primarily used the AntConc corpus analysis tool, while also leveraging the excellent query tool on

I sincerely hope this presentation of the time lateral helps other seekers on their journey. As always, please use your discernment when contemplating the words of both Q’uo’ and myself.

Part 1

1. Mentions of the time lateral

Before discussing the nature of the time lateral, let’s first examine how frequently time laterals are discussed in the conscious channeling transcripts. If this information does not interest you, feel free to move to the next major heading.

The time lateral is discussed in conscious channeling materials from 2003-2007. The term is mentioned in a total of eight channeling sessions. Unless explicitly mentioned, the quoted materials in this post are from one of these eight sessions. Those sessions are the following: 2003-0503, 2003-0511, 2003-0525, 2005-0716, 2005-1219, 2007-0211, 2007-0408, and 2007-0414.

In each of the first three sessions, the term “time lateral” is mentioned only once and only by Q’uo through Carla. These three sessions occurred within a three-week timespan. In the third session, Q’uo mentions that Carla’s “teacher” gave her this particular term.

Over two years pass before Q’uo mentions the time lateral once again in the fourth session. This time, its mention must have stimulated outside discussion, as the main question for the fifth session five months later concerned the time lateral. Of the eight total sessions, this session in December 2005 (specifically, 2005-1219) contains the most discussion of the time lateral.

Over a year later, the time lateral once again shows up in the sixth session when Q’uo mentions it as part of a longer answer. The individual known as R then asks question about the time lateral, which Q’uo answers.

The time lateral is discussed for the final time two months later in April 2007. In the seventh session, Q’uo mentions the term twice as part of a longer answer. Six days later, the channeling session begins with a multifaceted question from the individual known as T regarding the time lateral, to which Q’uo provides a comprehensive answer. This final session contains the second-most discussion of the time lateral.

After that eighth session on April 14th, 2007, the time lateral is not mentioned again either by Q’uo or by a member of the channeling circle.

Though only present in eight of the ~1500 conscious channeling session transcripts, the time lateral is discussed in a significant manner. The time lateral is the first focus of two conscious channeling sessions, and in both cases, detailed answers are provided by Q’uo. The term is never used by Ra in the trance channeling sessions, though, as we’ll see, Ra does provide conceptually-related information, especially with The Veil, Master and Major Cycles, Harvest, and Transition to Fourth Density. In the eyes of this author, the “time lateral” is a fundamental overarching concept provided by Q’uo which both unifies and clarifies certain information directly provided by Ra.

From an investigatory angle, open questions include the identity of Carla’s teacher, how that individual came to use the term, and what other sources discuss the existence of a time lateral, if not using that specific name.

With all this said, let’s now move to investigate the time lateral.

2. What is the time lateral?

Our experiences in this third-density incarnation occur on the time lateral. From Q’uo:

Indeed, you at this time, shall we say, are on a time lateral, a sidetrack, not even upon the main track of evolution…

The energies of your planet at this time are, as this instrument has heard it described by her teacher, off on a side track: a time lateral. The train of yellow-ray third-density Earth has been shunted into a lateral experience

…[the time lateral] is a kind of shunt

…a shunt or rail for an alternate track along space/time…

…a kind of track parallel to the main track of time and space as it is naturally developing in your physical environment.

The time lateral runs parallel to the regular course of third-density progression for those entities incarnating on Earth. According to Q’uo, the effect of the time lateral is a slower progression of time for our planet relative to the Universe:

Because of the fact that your Earth is on a time lateral, time has deliberately been slowed in order that there would be more opportunity for members of the tribe of humankind to reach graduation with a polarity that will enable them to move on to fourth density. And we may honestly say that many, many entities have literally moved heaven and earth in order to maximize this possibility. It is not only those from outside the planet or the planetary influence which have contributed to this effect of time dilation.

Since Q’uo mentions it, and it is a fundamental component of the time lateral, let’s take a moment to review time dilation.

2a. A brief overview of time dilation

Time dilation is a concept arising from the theory of relativity. A fundamental concept of relativity is that space and time are two sides of the same coin, and energy is their unifying factor. Simply, time dilation says that an observer experiences time in inverse proportion to their energy relative to another observer. The bold clause cannot be overemphasized. Due to the dual-aspect nature of space and time, a highly-energetic observer experiences “less” time and “more” space relative to another observer.

Time dilation occurs in two ways. The first is velocity-induced. Consider the existence of two observers, Alice and Bob, standing near each other, who each hold a synchronized clock that counts up. Alice then decides to move much faster than Bob. While she moves, due to time dilation, Alice will experience “less” time than Bob. If Alice then slows down, stops next to Bob, and compares their clocks, Alice’s clock will read lower than Bob’s. This experiment is portrayed well in the first “Back to the Future” movie with the stopwatch experiment and is a practical design issue with GPS satellites (a GPS satellite in geosynchronous orbit moves so fast relative to a person on Earth, time dilation effects must be taken into account). Note that, from the perspective of Bob, Alice will be seen moving quickly, whereas as Alice will see Bob moving slowly. Accordingly, Alice experiences “more” space and “less” time than Bob.

The second type of time dilation is gravity-induced. Ra characterizes the black hole as the “physical complex manifestation of [the]…metaphysical state” where a physical environment has achieved union with the Creator. From a scientific perspective, the black hole appears black because the force of gravity is so strong that light is constantly working to move but cannot escape the black hole’s pull. Anything within reach of the black hole will experience significant time dilation due to the extreme gravity, that is, energy. If Alice was in the black hole and Bob is not, she would again experience “more” space and “less” time than Bob.

2b. Connecting time dilation with the time lateral

Consider that Q’uo says “time has deliberately been slowed” for those in the time lateral to provide “more opportunity.” This statement fits with the idea of a higher-energy observer experiencing “less” time and “more” space. To connect everything together, we can say that light-bringing forces (particularly those of the Confederation) created a state of higher energy for the third-density beings incarnating on Earth, the effect of which increased the amount of space and thereby catalyst being experienced.

3. Goals of the time lateral

Next, let’s examine the goals of shunting the “energies of our planet” onto a parallel track. Q’uo says two primary goals exist:

The idea [for the time lateral] was simply to increase the harvest and to break some significant knots of fear that had occurred in unusual quantities within your fairly local area of space/time.

From these two goals, let’s examine the motivations for the time lateral.

4. Motivations for the time lateral

The first goal of increasing the harvest begs the question: how small was the previous harvest on Earth?

The second of three harvest-times upon your planet, 25,000 of your years ago approximately, had come and gone, with only approximately 150 of your planetary beings achieving the right to move through the harvesting procedure and enter fourth density for the lessons of love.

The Confederation strongly believed taking this gamble was the best bet for our solar system’s third-density beings to spiritually advance:

It was felt that there was a lot of risk involved with the experiment but it was felt that there was the possibility of bringing many, many entities into a configuration where true choice would become possible.

Given that the outcome of an experiment is not definite, the reward should justify any inherent risk. What was the risk of the experiment not succeeding?

There was a realization that entities would need to begin with an entirely new planetary and solar system if the experiment of Earth did not succeed. And so it was proposed that this time lateral be created and that what this instrument would call a kind of reform school be instituted upon the planet.

Note that the time lateral is an experiment, which has a definite form:

…like any experiment, [the time lateral] has a period: a beginning, a middle, and an ending. The beginning was before history began upon your planet. You have a fair view of the history of the middle. You gaze now at the end point of this experiment.

Q’uo mentions two events as foundational to the history of the time lateral:

…the introduction [to Earth] of entities from other planets, and further introduction of changes within some of the templates improving upon the human genome.

These changes, though likely made with good intentions, led to two unforeseen consequences. The first consequence is what I call obstinateness and Q’uo calls, “deepened…power of entities to use free will without the spiritual ability to see where that free will power was headed.” The second consequence is what Q’uo calls, “the enhanced ability to amuse and enchant the self by means of stories of power and empire.

As such, the time lateral is an outside attempt to mend the pernicious effects of these unforeseen consequences:

Your planet, in short, is undergoing repair and this not simply from one or two repetitions of empire but from, let us say, at least half a dozen majestic and substantial experiments in empire.

Let’s recap on the different planetary groups now incarnating on Earth.

4a. Cohabitation of planetary groups on Earth

During the trance channeling sessions, Ra discussed the existence of two groups of entities previously incarnating on planets other than Earth. These groups are those of Maldek and Mars. As both Ra and Q’uo mention, the entities of Maldek blew up their planet hundreds of thousands of years ago, while the entities of Mars essentially destroyed their planet’s atmosphere near the end of the last Major Cycle, or approximately 25,000 years ago, rendering the Martian surface uninhabitable.

In addition to the Earth natives, the planetary groups of Maldek and Mars are both incarnating here on Earth. We incarnating beings on Earth have collectively caused and experienced much destruction. Q’uo states:

For the most part and for the great majority, your planetary population [consists] of those who have been imported from other failed third-density planetary cycles. Many of those upon your planet, then, are those who have either destroyed their planet completely through acts of war using advanced technology or are those who have for one reason or another been unable to finish out their normal cycles upon their native earths.

The energy of solving problems by means of resorting to violence is an old one upon your planet. It indeed predates your particular planetary energy, for you have, in the course of the last 75,000 years, received entities from several planets which have been unable to complete their own third-density school or classroom because of creating changes in their planets by means of violence on a mass scale which rendered the planet uninhabitable or because of outright destroying it by blowing it up. All of these entities are here, now, and are working to break old habits.

Note that the cohabitation of different planetary groups upon Earth is a fundamental element to this Major Cycle:

…the entire gamble of Earth in third density was to see if such a polyglot group of entities could mold themselves into a tribe [with] all embracing planet Earth, all becoming aware of their true situation as regards the need to make a choice of service to others or service to self…

(This post is too long for a single topic, so see the next comment for the rest.)


(Part 2 of 2)

Part 2

Knowing the main motivations, let’s now examine the nature of this time lateral experiment by exploring its beginning, middle, and end.

5. The beginning of the time lateral

We start with the beginning.

The Confederation hopes for the largest possible harvest of positive entities. In the view of the Confederation, the spiritual conditions of the three planetary groups (Maldek, Mars, and Earth) were problematic. To help those entities graduate by close of the approximately 75,000-year Master Cycle, the time lateral was created approximately 25,000 years ago at the end of the second Major Cycle. Q’uo explains:

At the end of the second minor cycle of harvest in third density upon planet Earth, the Council of Saturn became concerned that the solar system as a whole had been able to bring to a normal graduation only one of the planets in this particular solar system that you call the Sun. It decided that it would be helpful to create a time lateral and to place the planet under strict quarantine^. It was further decided that all of those entities whose third densities had been interrupted be brought to Earth to join Earth’s cycle leading to harvest. (^: refer to The Ra Contact for discussion on the nature of the “quarantine.”)

Accordingly, the metaphysical or time/space portion of your third-density Earth was reconnected to the main track, shall we say, of the progression of time/space and space/time in such a way that it was as isolated and protected a hotbed or greenhouse for growing souls as could be devised. It is precisely as real as the main track of time/space. And indeed, it is equal to the main track in time/space. It is a carefully created alternative track which naturally feeds back into the main track of time/space and space/time progression.

Earth itself has been subject to prior experiments:

The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has indeed experimented repeatedly with the planet which you call Earth and which this instrument calls Gaia.

Note this statement does not imply an experiment such as the time lateral will affect Earth. Indeed, the time lateral does not affect the graduation of Earth into fourth-density existence:

It is not a time lateral that concerns the planet as a whole. The planet as a whole is unimpeded in its entry into fourth density.

The difference between the fourth-density progression of the planet and the time lateral is discussed in a later section.

6. The middle of the time lateral

Let us now consider the middle, the progression, of the time lateral.

6a. Overview of the time lateral experience

How has the experience of life been during the past Major Cycle? In a word, remedial.

You have never experienced life in your totally natural physical environment because you have been on a time lateral in quarantine for thousands of years.

It is humbling to know that our present lives on Earth occur in a grand experimental reform school designed to provide us with specialized assistance.

Q’uo mentions that our present experiment is more difficult than prior experiments due to the thick nature of our Veil:

The difference in planet Earth’s experiment is that the sub-Logos chose an experiment which was extremely rich in the full play and travel of free will, so that the veil was quite thick and almost impenetrable…In previous experiments, the veil was thinner because there was not so heavy a veiling and there was not so much free will.

While free will being maximized is virtuous, the thicker Veil has one key side effect:

The nature of third-density entities upon your planet is…somewhat more primitive or has a tendency to remain primitive longer than on planetary experiments…

The rise and fall of any civilization on Earth in the past 25,000 years have been part of this experiment. The risk inherent in the overall gamble of the time lateral first manifested itself approximately halfway through this Major Cycle with the Atlantean civilization:

The first and perhaps the most disastrous of the experiments of rebuilding the tribe of Earth and creating or recreating a level of technology which was well remembered by many entities from previous planetary experiences was that of Atlantis. In this pattern’s outworking, those within Atlantis came to power… [and] …embraced what can perhaps be called the path of conditional service…Because of these choices, eventually those who had previously created disasters on other planetary spheres created the first disaster upon the sphere of Earth, sinking the continent known as Atlantis.

The destruction of Atlantis highlights the experimental nature of the time lateral:

Such experiments [to improve the harvest] have occurred from time to time in the past and the results have been checkered. There is, perhaps, nearly an even division between those experiments in which the various groupings of entities upon the planet turned from strife to a more unified view of the planetary population as one tribe and those that were not able to achieve graduation in either polarity.

A key takeaway from this statement is that the outcome of intervention to improve the harvest is not predetermined. This fact, however, illustrates the nature of the service-to-others path. Actions taken to improve a harvest with guarantees of success will necessarily violate of free will of the incarnating entities to make The Choice, which defeats the primary purpose of the positive third-density existence.

6b. The present state in the time lateral

Obviously, far more has happened during the time lateral experiment than can be discussed here, but, at this point, let’s summarize what we know. The past 25,000 years-or-so of third-density existence on Earth was intentionally placed on a separate-yet-equal track from the normal progression of time, which is called the time lateral. It was designed as a protected environment to help third-density entities make The Choice by increasing the quantity of available catalyst during the final Major Cycle. At the same time, the protected Earth environment is juxtaposed with the cohabitation of two additional planetary groups with self-destructive tendencies as well as a thicker-than-normal veiling effect, both situations which make the experience of catalyst on the reform track more intense.

So, with all that said, one critical point remains: how is the experiment going?

…this time lateral has been very successful compared to experiments in the past.

It was felt that there was a lot of risk involved with the experiment but it was felt that there was the possibility of bringing many, many entities into a configuration where true choice would become possible. And, in terms of this basic intention, the experiment has been a roaring success. There has been a genuine, authentic time of choice that has been created out of the nothingness of previously impossible lack of time.

By “roaring success,” we infer Q’uo is saying the next harvest will be significantly higher than the 150 entities at the last harvest. What great news!

Having covered the beginning and middle of the time lateral experiment, let us now examine, as best as we can, its end.

7. The end of the time lateral

Before continuing, I must ask you to bear in mind the following: the time lateral was last discussed over fifteen years ago. From other channeled materials by Q’uo, I believe the time lateral is not yet over as of early-February 2023, and therefore the Choice may still be made.

To articulate this point, I wish to speak on the difference between the time lateral, the arrival of fourth-density Earth, and timeline modifications.

7a. The time lateral, the arrival of fourth-density Earth, and timeline modifications

A critical remark from Q’uo clearly shows the separation between the time lateral and the arrival of fourth-density earth:

The planet itself, minus the time lateral, will completely shift into fourth density…

I note this to show that two distinct events are simultaneously ongoing: the gradual shift of the planet into fourth density, and the gradual shift toward the end of the time lateral. With the difference between the two noted, let’s review a timeline of these two events.

For thousands of years, prophets and mystics foretold of the destruction of the Earth by natural forces:

There was in the planetary energy system an adjustment made at one point that would simply remove the planetary population through natural means because it was failing to come to harvest. This pole shift…

It was thought at one time to be probable that your Earth would, by the end of your twentieth century, have found it necessary, in order to express the heaviness of the vibration of Earth, to destroy the Earth once again in terms of it being habitable for human life, as you call your third-density species.

In addition to destruction by natural forces, the destructive end-of-times plan by higher-dimensional negative entities called Armageddon was still a distinct possibility for our timeline in the early 1960s:

You could say indeed that 2007 was the year of [planetary] shift and you could be right. You could have also been right in 1962 when this instrument first became aware of a channeled group that predicted Armageddon and the need to get to safe places, and every year since then.

Around 1960, the fourth-density Earth started to activate:

Two densities of Earth are existing simultaneously as they have always. However, up until approximately fifty years ago, by far the more powerful of the two densities that were shaping time/space was the third density, the density you now experience. At about that time, fifty years ago, the fourth-density planet Earth began to activate.

Since the awakening of fourth-density Earth, a considerable amount of positive work has been accomplished:

There is a growing knowledge that humankind is truly one…This basic breakthrough is recent and is indeed a product of many groups such as this one which have attempted to speak their truth with power throughout the last forty to fifty of your years.

The accumulation of awakening interest in altering the course of the vibration of planet Earth has been late in starting but has rapidly spread and gained strength in all parts of your globe, in all peoples, cultures and places. Your world is truly waking up…we cannot know the outcome of that which is completely at your free will. We can only tell you that the probability/possibility vortices have greatly opened in a favorable way within the past generation or half century of this planet’s history.

The culmination of these lightbringing efforts arrived when, in 1998, the timeline was altered, and the long-prophesied destruction was prevented:

This pole shift was averted in 1998 by…light bringers…

Additionally, by 2005, the destructive end-of-times plans of higher-dimensional negative entities were thwarted:

We rejoice to say that this final effort of those who are ruled by fear and who wish to create what this instrument would call Armageddon has failed.

The likelihood of the negative entities that this instrument has called the space pirates being successful is almost nil.

Instead of being destroyed, starting in 1998, the planet began to more completely begin its shift into fourth density:

[The] penumbra, shall we say, of the time of [planetary] shift began approximately in 1998. As we give this instrument dates, be aware that we are not particularly good with numbers.

Furthermore, though the time lateral will automatically end, it appears to have been extended after 1998 to a future date:

…there will be an automatic cessation of the time lateral, as we said, around the penumbra starting in 1998 and going well past the precise moment when the planet itself transits into a space/time position which is different in the emission of light it receives.

…the work of many groups such as this one has created the possibility of a strengthened and lengthened track in the time lateral so that the maximum number of entities may awaken and choose whether to serve others or to serve the self before the time of such choice has passed.

The benefits from the efforts of the lightbringers cannot be overstated:

This work has enabled this planet to have the added physical space/time for those entities within incarnation at this time to come to harvest on their own and also in order to give entities who graduated early the opportunity to come back into this planetary environment you call Earth and help accelerate the shift in consciousness.

Though not as conclusive as hoped, I hope this timeline is reinvigorating, that time to make The Choice still remains.

With that now said, let’s examine the cause of the end of the time lateral.

7b. Causing the end of the time lateral

What will cause the time lateral to come to an end? According to Q’uo, the answer is an informal vote by Earth entities:

The time is coming and indeed is nigh at hand when something you might call a tipping point is imminent. And indeed it stands before you at this time. What is that tipping point? That tipping point is a straw vote, shall we say, an informal poll, if you will, of the tribes of humankind, to see if the majority of entities want to separate themselves forever from any path except violence or if they want to progress into fourth density and beyond.

And what side does Q’uo believe will win in that vote? Said in February 2007:

If that last moment were this very day, the straw poll indicates that your planet will rejoin the typical, normal progression of space/time.

We confidently believe that your planet will rejoin that natural movement and progression of your planet into fourth-density space/time.

How truly wonderful to hear.

7c. Nature of the end of the time lateral

The changes which occur at the end of the time lateral will not be physical in nature. Q’uo heavily emphasizes this point:

Because this is not a physical alteration but a metaphysical alteration, there is no physical marker for the end of the time lateral…Again, because of the fact that such activities are primarily metaphysical rather than physical in nature, the effects of the improvement in the vibration of planet Earth are not physically obvious except for the fact that your Earth is still functioning without the need to experience a polar shift…Once again, there will be no physical change when this time has passed. There will only be a change in the core vibration of the atoms of your universe, atom by atom, cell by cell, being by being.

7d. Effects of the end of the time lateral

Q’uo says that once the time lateral does indeed come to an end, that’s it; no more entities may graduate in this Master Cycle:

At this point, the time allotted for such a time lateral is through within the next very few years. The opportunity for graduation to be a part of fourth-density, positive Gaia shall be over.

You are in fourth density, my friends. You are in third-density bodies and so are not able to see the incredibly beautiful infant fourth-density Earth that interpenetrates third density at this time. However, far below the level of conscious awareness, you are more and more aware of your power, your truth, and your beauty. The thinning of the veil has been occurring for some time, as these energies interpenetrate more and more. At this time there is virtually nothing of third-density energy left. There is just enough energy left for a few more of your years in which entities can make the choices that will place them in a position to be able to graduate from third density to the density of love that is your fourth density.

Should an individual not achieve graduation by the end of the time lateral, their journey will, of course, continue:

[Those who do not graduate] will be given every chance to consider their lives and what they wish to do next. They will go to a third-density planet somewhere that is not Earth and they will take up the third-density classroom once again, attempting to learn to make that choice and to set the intention not just for third density but for so many densities to come, all the way through the middle of sixth density.

That said, a darker possibility still remains.

7e. Continued workings of negative forces

Negative forces are, more than ever, unrelentingly exerting themselves across the globe:

There is a growing awareness among ordinary, everyday people that the leaders that have been given power have misused it and are not to be trusted.

You may see [the creation of an atmosphere of fear] in your governmental systems in your present culture.

This statement rings true in 2005 and especially so in 2023. (The continued intensification of the battle between positive and negative forces suggests to me that the time lateral still exists.) In 2020, Q’uo characterized the nature of the negative forces:

…look upon the various negatively oriented expressions of energy within the planetary consciousness that attempt to separate entities from each other and control them in a certain fashion that meets the prerequisites of certain negatively oriented entities which are operating within your planetary influence at this time. 2020-0111

This battle between good and evil is conceptually similar to the previously-predicted Armageddon:

This is what you may call a kind of representation of the battle of Armageddon where the positively and negatively oriented entities begin to interact in a fashion which has the purpose of allowing the population of this planet for the positively oriented entities to be free to make choices of their own freewill, whereas the negatively oriented entities seek to have domination and control of this planet and its population. 2020-0111

Victory by negative forces will mean their control of the time lateral:

There is in progress a desperate gamble on the part of negative entities, as we had mentioned before, to attempt to hijack the time lateral

There are entities from fifth density on the service-to-self path that are attempting a coup, shall we say, of this train of humankind running along this parallel time track. They would like it not to rejoin the main track.

Q’uo remains optimistic about the outcome of the battle:

We do not believe that the entities who attempted this coup will be able to convince the majority of entities upon planet Earth that a fear-based and violence-ridden solution is the correct solution to the ethical dilemmas of this time.

That said, the consequences of victory by the negative entities will bring the enslavement of any remaining third-density entities. Q’uo’s comments on this point are lengthy, but it is important to understand what is at stake:

For if entities such as your group are unable to clear the population of your planet from this lateral, there are ways in which the negatively-oriented entities have every hope of keeping the time lateral viable. It would no longer be attached to the main track. That opportunity shall soon be closed. Nevertheless, those that believe that they are in the appropriate place for themselves could choose to remain not polarized either positively or negatively but simply as those who would remain on third-density Earth as it reverts to late second density. These entities would no longer be enlivened by third-density entities who have the power of free will that could make the choice of service to self or service to others. They would be instinctual, great-ape-type beings who look like you do because that is the genetic pool that now exists upon planet Earth. However, these entities would simply be slaves of a kind…What the fifth-density entities, which you may call, as this instrument has jokingly done, “space pirates,” have in mind is simply to have a continuing harvest of food, that food being fear.

More than ever, what is needed is continued will to fight back against the desperate last-minute efforts of the negative forces to enslave humanity:

Getting information more globally available is the best means of creating a balance to the situation that makes it impossible for this gamble to work.

It is time to stop feeding fifth-density entities who feed on fear. The only way to move back onto the normal time track of this planet is to find ways to lose fear and to respond to all situations not with hesitation but with confidence, not with the feeling that something needs to be done but with the knowledge that something is being done.

Do not give up the battle.


This presentation of the time lateral is now complete. Understanding the time lateral is critically important to see the broadest forces shaping the course of human history. By reading this article, I hope you agree.

I’ll close with three Q’uotes. First, consider that many galactic civilizations across the Milky Way want are concerned and rooting for us:

Each of six civilizations that are relatively near you in space/time are the founding members of this Confederation, with many, many others moving into alliance with us as the plight of your planet has deepened.

Second, remember to acknowledge the magical work undertaken by countless beings to help us:

The guardians of this planet and those light givers within your planetary forces, both seen and unseen, have all moved heaven and Earth, literally, to create a slowing of the forces of time so that every possible instant may be given to the development of planet Earth’s human population…

Finally, if you haven’t, may your efforts to Choice here and now be reinvigorated, if only because these few, short, intense years are the best shot at graduating in the past 76,000:

What you are doing here is so important in terms of your extended work. You set here the benchmark of choice which you cannot do in fourth density, fifth density, or sixth density.

I offer appreciation and thanksgiving to all those light givers who have given us the opportunity to remediate ourselves and achieve graduation at the dusk of the cycle.


Corrections 1 and 2 to this post.

Correction 1: the statement:

the entities of Mars essentially destroyed their planet’s atmosphere near the end of the last Major Cycle, or approximately 25,000 years ago, rendering the Martian surface uninhabitable.

is corrected to:

the entities of Mars essentially destroyed their planet’s atmosphere before the start of the current Master Cycle approximately 75,000 years ago, rendering the Martian surface uninhabitable.

Correction 2: the statement:

In addition to the Earth natives, the planetary groups of Maldek and Mars are both incarnating here on Earth.

is amended to read:

In addition to the Earth natives, the planetary groups of Maldek and Mars are both incarnating here on Earth, the Martians joining us at the start of the current Master Cycle approximately 75,000 years ago with the help of Yahweh.

My apologies for the misstatements.


Thank you for sharing so much information
about this topic.

I think part of the challenge for most people
is the idea that the earliest human records
are 5000 years old, relatively young.

Here seems some witness testimony that
stems back much further. There may be
corroborating archeological evidence that
supports this but then with much of the
channeled material seems some degree
of free will safeguarding that let’s people
decide for themselves what they’d like to

Some suggest Ra is like 2.7 billion years
old and that 75,000 years seems relatively
recent on that scale. I’m not sure how old
the other witnesses are.

Another witness might be the Sun, it is
4.6 billion years old. If you consider that
the Sun is a living being - possibly there’s
some way to communicate with it.

When I ponder this idea, I consider it the
most formidable extraterrestrial that we
may contend with - careful not to upset it,
and ironic that terrestrial life depends on
extraterrestrial influences.

But I think for most people the Sun is
taken for granted, like nothing more
than a lightbulb in the sky.

The notion of past life regression on a
personal level might be somehow
analogous to past life regression on
some race level - however I think people
can hardly wrap their mind around the
personal exercise of doing that. A reason
might be to embody greater personal
integrity and avoid repeating past
mistakes and finding remedy for old
wounds and unfinished business.

Lateral time seems like something out
of a Spiderverse movie with parallel
universes and such. I’m reminded
of price traces that swing up and down
with sentiment. Maybe optimism can
expand lateral time and pessimism
contracts it.

Another thing it reminds me of is the
idea of proactive anticipation with
early adjustment to avoid latency.
For example a motorcycle sights
a half mile down the road and pre
visualizes the dance route that
makes his path look fast and reckless
compared to others who simply drive
by following the bumper ahead.

The reference frame of time differs
in how information is collected and
processed - some people more
actively anticipate and course correct
in ways they can dodge obstacles,
their time frame then differs from
those that don’t - you might say that
there’s a lateral time schism between
two styles of approach.


Thank you for the fundamental work. I’m still learning it.

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Here are the own spontaneous thoughts to your analysis:

Would you please give some comments how this tool has been used and maybe show up an example of the results?
The website does not give much informations about the possible results of this tool.

1. Mentions of the time lateral

That’s very interesting. The time lateral has occured for 5 years and then it disappeared. Why?

It seems Q’uo tried to draw attention to the theme of the time lateral. So it must be important.

Because there was not enough resonance by the channeling team asking for it.

The Ra channelings where in the 80’s a long time before.
Additional Ra always did have a focus on themes that are not relevant to the (actual) time.

To be continued …

… it is not easy to continue, because this forum is only accessible sometimes and most of the time intermitted here.

2. What is the time lateral?

This can indeed be felt by me and some other sensible individuals.

Some weeks ago it was possible to “superimpose” the tracks - it was very interesting.
But at least both exist in the same “physical layer” and I assume that the 4th density can only bloom when the time lateral will end.

I already have written that the subjective time is much slower than the surrounding time.
In the L/L forum I did agree with @flofrog that time is somehow “elastic”.
The described slowdown from Q’uo seems to be the opposite of it, but I assume it is just another form of description of this phenomena. When the time in the lateral is accelerated, the individuals in it have more time relative to the time outside of it, because they can make more progress in the same time. So from the point of view of individual progress there is no contradiction. It is only a subjective awareness of your own time.

Individuals from outside can profit from this because there is more possibility to harvest energy and loosh.

Yes - that’s it. But it has nothing to do with the theory of relativity from Einstein, that focus on relative speed and gravity.

3. Goals of the time lateral

It seems everything is done to increase the fear and avoid any harvest.
Additionally there have been given an organic explanation of the actual phenomena by Dr. Michael Nehls (german) regarding the index-neurons in the hippocampus.

4. Motivations for the time lateral

This would fit that the physical layer / illusion is being destroyed / harmed within the time lateral.

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You have done a great work with you analyze. :+1:

7. The end of the time lateral

Why do you believe the end of the time lateral is early this year?

I would date it some month later, because the physical reality becomes to be felt as an screenplay.

It makes no sense to prolong again and again and again …

That seems to be ongoing now, trying to extend the time lateral or to harvest as much energy / loosh with fear as possible alternatively now in the end. Converting humans into unconditional obeying slaves living in permanent fear.
Please forgive to notice the alternative end.

Yes - everyone can make the individual choice not to follow this hijacking endgame as slave.

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Thank you for the comments and questions, tadeus.

First, know that for basic queries, the L/L Research search tool will suffice. However, AntConc goes beyond basic search. For example, below is the concordance view from AntConc.

As you can see, I got 42 hits on the term “time lateral” in the channeling transcript corpus. If you click on the search term for a given hit, the file containing the hit is opened in AntConc. This view is similar to the website search tool but is more information-dense, which I prefer. Another useful AntConc view is the concordance plot:

This view visualizes the number and location of search term hits in each file. This view is helpful to identify at a glance which files are the most meaningful for the search term.

To use AntConc on a corpus, one first needs a corpus. To build a channeling transcript corpus, I wrote a software tool to download all channeling transcripts from the L/L Research website and convert them into text files suitable for AntConc. I’m happy to share the corpus; DM me if you’re interested.

This software tool is more than just web scraper, however. It’s a full CLI application written in Python with some custom analysis tools, such as a “query-document similarity” tool which gives the “most relevant” files for a given search term. Though the L/L Research search tool also has this capability and works decently, I find myself preferring the results of my own implementation. Also, having an offline analysis tool has its own separate merits.

Great question. I wonder if the good folks in the channeling circle could follow-up on the time lateral and Armageddon sometime soon.

Wow, that’s amazing. What was it like to experience that?

Do you believe that, at this very moment, subjective time is decelerating, relative to the surrounding time?

Well, I believe the existence of the time lateral is directly tied to whatever fundamentally causes relativistic effects. I can make a more comprehensive case for why the basic mechanics of general relativity does fit, but only if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Ah, perhaps my sentence should have been written clearer. I wasn’t saying that the end of the time lateral was the earlier this year. What I meant was that, at the time I wrote the post (back in February 2023), I believed the time lateral still existed, and I still think it does at this very moment (October 1st, 2023).

Exactly. Q’uo seems pretty optimistic that the negative higher-density entities will fail in their grand plan, though they certainly seem to be winning a lot these days.

Thanks, my friend. Glad to provide this resource for study and understanding.

It is what I would like to see at the L/L Research website: a way of downloading texts in reasonable format for offline reading, searching and analyzing. After all having another copy makes sense also.

To my feeling this process is individual. I don’t think it contradicts with Q’uo. Also, here is The Alchemist about Timelines:

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Thanks for the examples of AntConc!

Yes - that’s nice.
Is AntConc itself written in Python?
(There was only a very big download of the actual version, so it seems not only some scripting.)

So far I simply used the grep command in Linux to find documents containing one phrase.
This commands can be cascaded with pipes and so different searches are possible.
But this is not so nice and comfortable like an tool with frontend.

It seems there is no interest in the channeling circles, because this has been asked already before.
From my point of view this is a very important question in this time to understand what is happening now.
I assume that’s why the Q’uo have carefully brought this topic in again and again. But when a channeling circle does not ask, they will not answer to this topic. :unamused:

It was very subtle and afterwards when reflecting to special “details” that appeared and disappeared outside in the nature, I did invest more attention to this.
One of the indicators is, that we have nearly no insects and birds here anymore, but under special circumstances more of them can appear at some places out there. Additional the feeling of a direct contact to gaia can be established again, that have been lost for some month. This feeling of contact to gaia has moved more and more away and the feeling to the physical reality has changed to a screenplay.
At this time I am trying to keep this special contact to the 4th density, but it is very difficult and often impossible.

I will agree to this, but this time lateral seems really to end - it feels “moving away” more and more, without the impression that this is a transformation process. There are others with the same impression, but without referencing to the time lateral as described by the Q’uo.

My impression of your summary is, that the Q’uo where proud that the time lateral could bring more souls out of the sinkhole to be harvestable. This was the primary goal and not that this time lateral could be converted into a positive 4th density when it ends. But of course the thought is very daunting to the alternative end without an transformation. :wink:


You know about this thread?
When you need an backup of the “old format in HTML” from the L/L channeling texts, that could be much better analyzed and converted, please write an PN.

Yes - this are really interesting videos and I think that “The alchemist” knows the Ra material.
Her interpretation is not much away from my experiences.

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Thank you, I didn´t know it. :slight_smile:

She is indeed knows it and she finds this terminology outdated and does a lot more confusion and harm than good. Nevertheless five videos later Sarah used “service to self term”. Also she used the polarity term.

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When she makes to much confusion, then Ra did to less confusion with his terminology / model? :smiley:
She is presenting her own conclusions out of the knowledge of different sources.
It’s the same what I am doing. So this is varying with the time and knowledge to each point of time.

We only know and feel that there is not only one plotline and development on this planet …
Everyone can (only) pick an explanation that fits individually the best way.

That’s a grammatical mistake, I wanted to say terminology does confusion (not she). Here’s the whole quote of what she said:

Now a very common misconception about the service to self pathway is that we think that service to self means to be self-loving is harmful or negative or leads down that service to self pathway. When it’s the exact opposite a being who has gone down the service to self pathway has no self-love and in fact a being who does not begin to cultivate self-love will naturally start taking from others and will naturally start aligning with a service to self pathway. So what this means is is that the service to others pathway which is the higher vibrational pathway and the more aligned pathway out of these two is one that naturally comes from a state of self-love and this is the whole of self-love.

And this is the whole reason why I find this terminology to be outdated and do a lot more confusion and harm than actual good. It’s because people start to think that being self-loving is self-serving and is going to lead to negative thought forms and a negative expression of self, when in actuality it’s the complete opposite, to actually be service to others you would have to have enough self-love and fulfillment of self to start having and fulfillment of self to start having it over poor and see the connection with others to feel, so connected with the other that you see them as yourself.


The part that is often misunderstood is that Service-to-Others includes the self. STO does not mean serving others at the expense of the self. STO is service-to-all. While Service-to-Self really does mean serving the Self at the expense of others.


Sure, she is free to believe that, but in my experience, equating self-love with self-service is peculiar to the Western zeitgeist. “Self-love” and “self-care” is an industry in modern society, where greed tends to infiltrate. The actual issue she’s seeing is that Western society has cast self-care as an activity that should be avoided because some people believe it’s bad for you.

Perhaps this stems from wider confusion of self-care and self-harm, where a person, say, chooses lots of relaxation in the spirit of self-care but actually causes them to miss out on much catalyst because they’re not applying themselves in the world. Done on a long-enough time scale, the relaxation causes atrophy and some amount of depolarization, positive or negative, and therefore becomes self-harm. To my understanding, the Veil creates an artificial, illusory separation of self from the inherent Oneness of the universe to increase the presence of catalyst. Serving others ultimately serves yourself, but it’s not directly visible to us because of the Veil.

When she uses the word “outdated”, she’s calling to drop the STO/STS terminology and use something else. That old saying, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”, comes to mind here.

Couldn’t have said it better.

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I occasionally found a PDF downloaded some time ago, don’t know where I took it. It’s very interesting description, see the “Timelines” and “The Illusion of Reality” parts. I found a site with the text (pdf here):


This is fantastic, sorry I missed it when it first came out!

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Interesting. I was born in 1989, and I remember a distinct change that began around 1998 or so that indicates to me increased efforts by negative forces to hijack the timeline lateral. It was a rapid and distinct change in popular music, entertainment, and culture that was basically cultural degradation and blatant social engineering. Those people…they have plans and plans. What it looks like to me is that when they saw likely or imminent failure of their Armageddon plan(s), they initiated a cultural degradation plan which had already been in the works.

Pop music largely stopped having catchy melodies and tangible emotion, and started to become shallow, corporate slop.

Science fiction largely started transitioning from more utopian themes to dystopian ones. The idea of a cyberpunk style corporatocracy, neon lights, and technofascism became a highly popularized trope around that time, and such a future is a distinct possibility.

I see a lot of patterns, and I tend to find significant gateways to connect to the genuine, deep morphic field layers of humanity through human creative expression. In some ways, it even nourishes me as a wanderer, or at least used to when I still felt a spark of innocence, hope, and wonder. That is a big part of the way in which I was able to notice this negative transition that occurred around 1998 or so.