Identical transcripts April 19, 1974 and April 25, 1974

Hello, y’all. I was so sad when the other forum was tabled. I didn’t realize until today that there was a new forum!

I have only known about the Ra Materials for about a year. It has transformed my belief system and my life.

After finishing the Ra Materials, I decided to start at the very beginning of the channeled Confederation materials and read them one at a time.

I discovered something odd and kind of troubling and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

You see, the channeled words on April 19th and April 25th (of 1974) are identical. And it makes no sense. On the 19th, there are interruptions from Gandalf the cat and there are some inaudible words (as there often are). On the 25th, there are no kitty interruptions, and the previously inaudible words are included clearly.

Now, I believe in the earnestness of the members of l/l research, and I believe the sources to be what they say they are for my own reasons, one of which is that I listened to their podcast and I know these people are earnest believers and followers in their daily lives as well as regular channelers, and that when they channel, they sound completely different in a way that they could not fake.

But if I were looking at this with a critical mind, I would say, here is proof that they are using a script and not channeling at all, maybe being fed the information in an earpiece? The words are the same, word for word, identical! And part of what is happening is a response to a spontaneous situation that comes up when a specific person is not able to channel. Honestly, it makes no sense.

What is going on here??

Here are links to the two days I am referencing:

It could very well just be a bug in the transcripts library. I will ask LLR’s webmaster. :slight_smile:

I checked the PDF copy and it is the same there as on the website.

Welocme here, UnicornPrincess,

This is indeed so odd, I wonder iif they in fact just copied the first channeling after listening intently again to the recording and then republished it by ‘good conscience’ lol not wanting to erase the first transcript, but indeed it’s odd…

I first read Ra back in I think 2013, in the first publication of the little books and I don’t remember seeing the double then… Perhaps they included it by wanting to respect what had been the initial process of publication ??

Thank you for the welcome, flofrog :slight_smile:

There is enough space between the days that most people might not notice. Also, this is not part of the Ra Materials, but the Confederation channeling that began before and continues until this day. I checked the PDF “hard copy” and the doubling is there also.

I think the only reason I noticed it was that the phrase about desire being the marrow of our eternal selves was so poignant and unique that it stood out to me that I had read it before. Certainly a lot of ideas are repeated in the Confederation channeling, like the need to meditate and the nature of reality being unified, but word for word exactness that goes on and on and on cannot easily be accounted for.

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Daniel told me he’s looking into it.

Thank you! I really appreciate this. :blush:

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I wanted to follow up and say I got a wonderful email in response and the mistake is being corrected. I am pleased and impressed at how quick the response was. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: