The time lateral

In some respect this reminds me of people
making peace with their own sexuality and
sexual expressions. For example, in a fantasy
communing with their beloved is it as sex slave
and master or unison beyond delineation?
Such extremes might better indicate polarity,
for people who fantasize.

As people evolve and transform through
the pursuit of their desires, possibly their
Aura expands beyond skin levels which
seem a common delineation between
self and other selves.

But what if we’re
mostly open shared space overlapping
beyond common perceptions? In the realm
where such possibilities reside, I agree that
language generalizations may be limiting.
We might actually spiritually overlap beyond

A side tangent linking physics to metaphysics
may relate to how much free space is in an
atom? Google today reveals
99.9999999999996%. Whatever we think
we are, actually our atomic composition seems
mostly free open space.

Spiritual sexual energy transfers may be
quite beautiful, but evolving to a point of
experiencing them to our potential may
not occur without engaging with others,
however or whatever or whenever or
whoever or wherever.

Negative polarity can culminate to isolation
points where there is no engagement and
this may be the limitation of concern because
ability to evolve further becomes retarded.

This difficult to write about idea seems
example that might apply to how polarity
factors with generalized language use -
and how related misunderstandings may
spur catalyst for growth, or not.

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Interesting about atoms. I’ve heard the term “social atomization” related to the current stages of the cultural degeneration agenda. That ties in to the “you don’t need anyone else” indoctrination I’ve mentioned before. Gen Z has made huge progress when it comes to attitudes towards work and work-life balance, but they have largely let the system co-opt them with that.

Less socialization, more consumerism. Working at McDonalds and wearing a $700 name brand outfit just to post pictures of it online for people they don’t want authentic relationships with to see.


Tadeius I really like your idea that we can be ompletely on the lateral time and yet out of it . as… an observer.

Gracious, I hope I am not ‘transvesting’ your thought… :woman_facepalming:

Hi flofrog nice to hear from you! :green_heart:
Is there a special reason you write this now?

From the feelings (me and others) really strange things are going on.
It’s like a splitting of what we call “reality”.
One part is dying and the other part seems to be what will be transformed into 4th density.

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I jut had not visited the site for some time, seems I am busy a lot right now, so I was visiting and really was happy to read you again. So I was just happy to write my silly post.

yes, the o going and more transparent violence and hate is defintitely underlining the separation and transition. It is just so good to read what quiet people post on this web site. I definitely intend to return more, lol

Do take care :herb: :herb: :herb:


Dewey Larson was very much appreciated by Jim, Carla and Don, Oleksii, so no wonder you liked it… :grinning:

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  1. I consider black holes as beings more than mere objects.
  2. The information paradox of black holes may be analogous to a veil. The veil of incarnation enhances desire to take action in ways manifesting evolution.
  3. Black holes can grow by absorption of energy and mass.
    If the Cosmic Microwave Background is 2.73K and a black hole is close to 0K, the two alone will cause the black hole to grow until equilibrium of temperature. If the CMB cools colder than the black hole, the black hole will shrink by evaporation. This stage of the universes evolution might be in the trillions of years. Such long span - a time lateral.
  4. There may be analogy of CMB to Black hole in the STO to STS dichotomy.
  5. Colder temperature black holes vibrate less where lower vibration is like a dilation of time.
  6. There may be cases of Supermassive Black Holes that toggle behavior, i.e. STS to STO just short of unity.
  7. Studying black holes may be a form of self realization.

Searching for “black holes” it seems like this
idea may get resonate with some people.
From another thread is the idea of reaching
unity with such profundity that there’s some
cessation of incarnation. So consider some
mega-massive black hole, mega as on scale
with the energy-mass equivalence of the
universe, and let’s call it the one infinite
annihilator who is a being bored somehow
reaches such profundity and well, toggles
polarity effectively annihilating itself. In
that process, the singularity state of no time
and no temperature and no space, ceases
to exist and becomes what we have today,
the known universe of one infinite creation.
As we look to the edge of the universe we
cannot see the 0K state of the great annihilator
at the point of annihilation, it is veiled by say
the singularity within it’s event horizon of
some preceding universe. The CMB masks;
we may exist by karmic retribution as one
infinite creator by way of such annihilation.