The Secrets of Sri Yantra

I am a psychic meditation expert whose humble work produced future timelines of full planetary ascension in the coming millennia. I was devoted to the cause, and spent night and day paving the way there. I was very famous in the heavens, having the honor of meeting heavenly figures such as Jesus, Shakyamuni Buddha, Ra, and Yahweh.

I had direct telepathic contact with Ra. Ra showed me the highest point for the first time. I am very thankful for Ra. What I learned led to later having the opportunity to learn Sri Yantra with heavenly figures. Sri Yantra is from the heavens. You don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself.

Sri Yantra utilizes sacred geometry and spatial relationships to pinpoint certain areas of our being. It is the most efficient and direct vehicle to enlightenment on the planet.

HI:) Geometry is for sure one of the ways I see the things I have not seen elsewhere. glad you are here:)

I learned meditation with celestial teachers.
They taught me sacred tantra and I was venerated.
I did good work for humanity and was famous in the heavenly realms.
However, I became an innocent victim of organized crime from another dimension.
Spiritual wickedness in high places
Now I am in need of assistance.

This is important for the future of the planet.
It’s important that Yahweh, the heavenly figure who worked with Jesus Christ thousands of years ago, does a review of my year.
Viewing exactly what it’s been like being me this year.
If this is accomplished successfully, it will change the world.

I will share with you his sacred call-sign, ask your spirit guides about it.