About the use of sexual energy to reach Infinity

Hello everyone,

I am aware that this forum is not very active, but here I go.

I want to talk about how to use the sexual energy to reach the One Infinite Creator.

RA and the Confederation have shared a lot about that topic, and I thanks Carla for her deep interest in this matter. I am aware of the theory. But I would like to hear about the « earthly » experiences of fellow seekers.

I guess that for a wanderer, it is relatively easy to reach the green-ray. But still, what does it feel for you to rise the sexual energy to the green ray ?

The blue-ray seems more difficult.

I intend this topic to be a platform for anyone who would be willing to share their experiences, advices, « tips », and overall understanding about such things.

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Hello « other ».

Thank you very much for your time and for such a thorough reply.

I feel that maybe I was not specific enough in my OP.

My purpose is not healing. My purpose is to use sexual union in a way that could improve my spiritual path or « intimacy with the Creator ».

I have had a few instances of spontaneous Kundalini rising in my early years (outside of sexual union). Well, I am not sure what it was, but I call it that, since I felt a lightning bolt rising along my spine, followed by a state of unity consciousness for a short while (short version). It happened 3 times. And never again. More than 20 years ago.

I am reticent to reproduce this experience through my own will. So I am not interested that much about advanced techniques to rise the Kundalini. Or rather, I am seeking a spontaneous Kundalini rising through sex.

I appreciated your deep ponderations about metaphysical matters, but my concern was more « down to earth » in this particular thread.

Basically, I want to stick to the sexual act, but make the most of it, in a spiritual sense.
I know a bit about Tantrism, although it has become very fashionable and a bit « cheap » nowadays in the west.

So my basics are : first and foremost, the intent. Intent to be loving, and to elevate the sexual union to another level of experience. Second, breath work. Breath is so basic but so fundamental from my experience. Third, deep eyes contact.

But I was curious about what fellow seekers could achieve through sexual union. A woman friend of mine has had some peak experiences through sex. As for me, I can feel the green-ray epiphany but I was not able to reach for more, yet.

Again I am very grateful for your reply. I hope that you are not too disappointed with my answer which may falls a bit short of your expectations.

P.S: I also studied the Yi-king and Nordic mythology. The seeker is oh-so avid :slight_smile:


In my experience there is no wrong in what is given. I only come to this forum when there is a calling in my mind. I give what I understand and then leave until the next calling. Sorry I was not of assistance.

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Oh, you were. You gave me food for thoughts and you actually listened and shared. I am thankful.


I believe it’s possible to know when a green- or blue-ray sexual energy transfer has taken place. To me, green-ray sexual energy transfer provides completeness and wholeness. Blue-ray sexual energy transfer provides spiritual focus and clarity.

My tips for sexual energy transfer? Choose a partner wisely. Make sure your partner is of sufficient polarity to generate a strong transfer. According to my understanding, sexual energy transfer is most efficient during intercourse with a member of the opposite sex. Consider meditating beforehand to balance your internal state. Given the uniqueness of each person, a long-term pairing is the best approach to develop understanding of your ability to both receive and transfer sexual energy.


Thanks for your reply Stephen.

Your description of what reaching the green-ray looks like is similar to my experience : a feeling of wholeness, of being full. When I was younger, I had one or two sexual intercourse without much love, the feeling was the opposite, feeling of emptiness, and meaninglessness. Then, I resolved to not do such experience again, even if I found that a girl was physically attractive, but not energy compatible.

The blue-ray experience still eludes me.

Good advice to do a meditation before having sex.


I think a key to understanding intimacy
is to understand a most intimate
relationship, as between a mother and
a child.

I conjecture some people can
introspect and regress in ways that
balances this within themselves.

The inner mom and inner child as
reconciled in ways enabling intimacy!
Recognizing these inner polarities
as important things can help.

I think the personal balance of these
might be a gateway stop gap - as if
imbalance limits progress.

Like being your own best friend,
you become a nurturing mom to
your tantrum baby spells.

I’m not sure an atune-ment
by a crystallized healer can fast track it,
such fast tracking can be dangerous.

For example a tantric master who has
1000 volt orgasms blows out the
circuits of a 1 volt noob; don’t do that.

I think it’s more of a disciplined character
trait that comes from years of seeking.

See another and see the infinite creator,
see yourself and see the infinite creator.

It’s maybe a baby step in this direction,
the universe as simply a big baby held
by your inner maternal nurturing side.

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I like this internal balancing technique very much- thank u. It’s like being a mediator- stepping outside of a disagreement to objectively see both sides. Time well spent

I have a question about the fast track kundalini voltage thing. Is this the same as piercing intelligent infinity the way Ra mentioned- in that after U can decide what density to go to etc bc u kind of took a back door? I perceived that as something negative to do- like black magic. But I am wholly unclear about this.

Obviously sexual energy transfers themselves are taught and discussed so that is kosher. But when does it become a negative or risky thing? Is the whole practice of kundalini kind of sidestepping work- or is it another tool to use for growth?? And while we’re on the subject, what is the consensus on DMT? Is it a useful substances that has been abused by some, or should anyone of positive polarity stay away?

Thank u❤️

I am curious about all this as well! I’ve felt green ray transfer. I’ve never felt anything in my spine. Anyways- keep me updated on ur findings and I will as well :+1::rainbow::heart:

This is really fascinating to me that u have met/seen/heard ur guides. I have never channeled or anything, but I do get intuitive flashes of answers at times. However I still have a nagging strong desire to connect more directly to my guides if possible. I think there has to be a way, probably several ways. Ways that r positive and spiritually safe.

Anyways- Im intrigued as well. Great research! :+1:

Well as for breath work, I find whatever individually releases endogenous dmt best works best… though I wouldn’t recommend the use of extreme cold in combination with sex.

I don’t know anything about using sex for anything besides intimacy and or pleasure. But there’s two very different types of sexual feeling for me.

If you’re looking for intimacy with the divine… try eight rounds of 30 breath wim hof, plenty of guides on YouTube. Regain regular breathing while stimulating yourself, do shorter breath holds while breathing deeply while masturbating. Focus on feeling connected to everything rather than normal visual or erotic fantasy. Take your time and while fully appreciating all sensation focus on your heart rather than your genitals, the seat of your sensory focus, don’t know how to explain it precisely. You can use imagery in your mind that’s evocative of universal love, normally it’s more meditative than focusing on real or imagined visuals. You can do the same thing with a partner, but the breathing can be challenging. With that you’d want to get off mainly on the intimacy itself rather than the places testosterone tends to focus my attention.

They aren’t normal for me, unless I really seek them out unfortunately as sex or masturbation while not taking a bunch of prep time or taking certain drugs that make that green easy to fully open, but, “heartgasms” are a thing. And are lightening, they make you feel light and floaty with a hint of a good nights sleep. Relaxing, but not tired. I’m male though supposedly it gives females vital rather than spiritual energy, I’d guess it might feel different for them and my partner’s reactions are different. But hard to disentangle because frankly male and female orgasms always seem… different. Energy aliens or not.

Hardest to do right, but works best with a physically incarnate partner. You have to actually love them, mutually though.

Sometimes though, I’ve had situations in which other-dimensioned partners have joined in. Those have been some good heartgasms… often though unaccompanied by physical ejaculation. Not all other dimensioned partners are good though… I was having a good meditation session and got heart energy going pretty good. Then I feel this cold presence but also this burning sensation below my heart centered on my genitals. Pleasurable in a selfish way. Then I had an auditory hallucination with a bunch of hallucinatory rather aggressive pornography, the voice said serve yourself. Bit on the nose, but it and my “diverse polarity” in terms of sexual fantasy, a liking for being (temporarily) possessed or coerced in this case, led me to go against what one should do and, you know, have sex with a disincarnate demon. After that I felt itchy, horrible, and drained. But not going to lie, for a pure lust orgasm, it was the strongest I’ve had. But there is a sharp divide between sex with love and sex with desire or power. I think succubi and incubi have some basis in reality now.

Sex without love or masturbation to shallow pornography, particularly that reliant on novelty such as most of the visual kind, is like hitting a nicotine vape or having a little bit of cocaine. Consuming in the moment, but done too often leaves you feeling drained. But paradoxically wanting to do it again, again, again.

Both sides of the divide allow you to know yourself. Though one side of that divide contains knowledge of myself I wouldn’t mind forgetting. Sex with love is affirming and life promoting, sex without love is not but sometimes it’s really hot like how sometimes I WANT the processed chocolate candy that will kill me and I want to eat the whole box and try all the flavors rather than mindfully eat the perfect fruit.

But if I can achieve heartgasms and connect sexually to the multiverse, then most likely you can. Because it isn’t power or control or luxury goods (besides food and drugs) that tempts me, it’s just hedonism. Very difficult to convince me that something that feels really good is wrong, I usually learn the hard way.

As for improving your spiritual path, doesn’t any true love given or received? I think unfortunately though an… extreme dedication to sex… helps more in polarizing negatively. Rasputin, Ghengis Khan, all the violence and competition for “possession” of women.

And that sucks because I want nothing to do with cruelty or slavery, but I also want stds and aging past a certain point to not exist and a weekly orgy or two to be mainstream while maintaining a favorite full love life partner/best friend with whom you have orgasms and heartgasms. Unfortunately while this human me would choose free love and pleasure over spiritual growth, it’s been repeatedly hammered into me by… more evolved fractals of the creator that I don’t really want to be involved more than oneness demands, with our usually reprehensible but sometimes sexy, negative er… friends. Sooooo, uh, heartgasms and only having physical sex with one human, at a time, and repeatedly getting slapped in the face by catalyst. Yay…

Like this kundalini thing mentioned in a Ra link in this thread. I moved that thing up before it was ready. It felt good, how could it be bad? And very recently had kundalini psychosis and learned a bit more about NOT being agreeable to certain things. It’s not fair though, those things can just read you and thus concoct the perfect temptation if said temptation is something other than unconditional love. I have finally learned that sexy demons are still demons. It was not fun. Besides the fun parts. Very unfun overall though! FYI if you ever get offered all the pleasure you want by disembodied entities, you should say no, as counterintuitive as that is.

Are energized more during the activity? If it’s… frantic, it’s probably not green.
Do you feel better and more whole rather than drained and suddenly a bit disgusted with yourself after? Probably green… or you really needed an orgasm.

I saw your response and needed a few days to sit with this. I have been helping others interpret their dreams on Reddit and see that everyone is connecting with the same information in their mind but they also see it differently depending on what they have accepted into their lives.

Here is something for you to consider when looking at your own thoughts and connect with what kind of information is coming through.

I wrote down all of my dreams from mid-2017 up until November of last year (2023). I stopped so that I could take more time with what is coming through instead of just using dream dictionaries or other forms of help to decipher the symbolism. In December 2019 I heard a doorbell in my mind along with seeing “gabbyaddictions.com.” The word doorbell can be seen as a call to attention. The website does not exist. However, we can break down what is seen. Gabby comes from the name Gabriel which means, “strong man or hero.” The word ‘addiction’ is self explanatory and then .com is a website or stands for commercial organization. While interpreting these things back in 2019 I saw the word “Aspartame” in my mind while I was awake. Why not dream of this word? Why did I have to be awake to connect with this information?

I looked up the word and saw what it was used for. Back then I was putting Crystal Lite powder into my water bottles to give it flavor. I researched the word further and found The Truth About Aspartame Side Effects

I connected with the word “methanol.” Which lead me to here Effects of methanol in blood pressure and heart rate in the rat - PMC where it said, “There are several treatments available to combat methanol poisoning, including early treatment with sodium bicarbonate to help prevent visual impairment.” Sodium bicarbonate is put into bottled water. So if you think about it I was drugging myself while drinking the cure. I now only drink bottled water without adding anything extra to it.

I still think about this experience from time to time. Are we to cleanse ourselves internally as well as externally. What would be the reason for this other than to promote a healthier lifestyle. What if we are working towards concepts that are beyond normal thinking. I wanted flavor in my water but it is becoming clear that I cannot have it all. I suggest to sit with your thoughts everyday and think about what you experienced. Write down anything that did not make sense and then come back to it to see if you can make other connections that were not clear before.

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I searched for “Kundalini” and found this thread.
This is a lyric improv for Law of One session 56.

Breaths Conceiving Away
(Song beat similar to
Jane Monheit,
Só Tinha De Ser Com Você)

umh,umh, umh, umh, umh, umh
umh,umh, umh, umh - uh, uh…
uh, uh…
uh,uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…

Free emboldened shapes.
Once before, a doorway.
Comes a light, to bestow,
Healing way.

Free are breaths conceiving away.
Revealing intimate displace.
Feel spirals open a door.
Feel spirals breaching a core.
A crystalline healing lends aid.
Over old patterns inlaid.
Over weakness restore.
Over blockage replace.
Old distortions clear way.

Free breaths in green and in blue.
Awaken life vibrantly new.
Awaken world beauty in place.
Held safe in balance of grace.
Begin renewal as nexus aligns.
Shapes collect spirals divine.
Held safe as beauty imbues.

Free breaths of green and of blue.
Heed warnings of danger astute.
Held safe in balance of grace.
Laid bare in prana’s embrace.
Okay am I, with you this way.
This way of breath a shared space.
This breath of yours in-being.

Okay are you, with me this way.
This way as breath of mine in-being.

Okay are we, with us this way.
This way as breath of ours in-being.

Oh, oh,oooh, oooh, ah, ah, yah…

Okay are we with all this way.
This way as breath of all in-being.

Okay are all with one this way.
This way as breath of one in-being.

Ah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, aha.
Oh, oh, oh, ooh, ooh, ooh…
Rah, rah, rah, yeah, yeah, aha.

Not recommended to beginners. I Believe this is for the Masters in which have Mastered the root. (?). If not…it can act as a backward catalyst.

Thanks for sharing about an unusual topic.
This mention reminds me of Taoist Qigong.
One of these teachers, talks about the
Sacrum at the base of the spine and the
idea of cranio sacral practice which promotes
circulation of spinal fluid up and down, not
so dissimilar from kundalini meditation.
I think Ra considers the chakras sacred,
and that may have factored into the naming
of the sacrum. One of the difficult skills
for guys might be the idea of sublimating
within the point of no return in a way that
experience can be extended, whereupon
there can be a sort of time warp effect
where some discipline of holding can
flush a person with abundance without
depletion. One of the greatest aids can
be help from dakini beings, spiritual
masters who can facilitate an experience
of immense beauty.