Sharing the ways and means of pursuing our wanderer Mission

I believe that I am a wanderer, but if I’m not, it really doesn’t make that much difference. I’m immersed in pursuit of an all consuming mission that came about with the force of a thunder clap in my life about 10 years ago.

I’ll give you some details soon but right now I’m interested in finding some “fellow-travelers” on any path of mission of their personal calling who might like to “share the road” with others who are on parallel but differing paths.

Does anyone reading this feel that their “mission” is at the very top rank of their life’s overall priorities and seems to gnaw at them to move forward on a quest that may never have a total fulfillment in this lifetime but desperately needs to be pursued nonetheless?

My mission is to participate as much as I can in funneling intelligent energy of love into the “planetary nexi” for use by our solar Logos in the work of bringing about the planetary aspects of the 4th density here on earth.

I’ll have to continue later… My working life calls!

Blessings, peace and love to all!

I have a break for a few minutes.

A bit more about my mission. It came through in a reading from 10.12-16. Plus other similar passages relating to doing “intercessory” work in close connection with the Solar Logos of our system.

I use a South American traditional title and give this being a 'feminine" title of “Pachamama”, meaning “earth mother”. Of course, the Logos does not have “gender” but “she” is fine with this way of reference" as it turns out.

My main practical exemplar is from a book I read years ago called “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. It was written in the 1600’s and indeed shows signs of dualistic Christian divinity ideas, but the author has amazing lessons for putting my mission into practice in a Law of One universe.

He answers the question “Can we keep God in practical consciousness close to Always?” with a resounding YES. Within human limits of course.

I recommend this little (75 page) book highly and suggest you use the Marshall Davis translation to avoid the “wooden” and mechanical translations found in many versions into English.

Ra speaks of many forms of “mission”. But if you are one of the “lucky/unfortunate” (!!??) ones to be bitten by a truly overwhelming mission-drive, you may have many practical ideas to share that the rest of us can use.

Hope to hear from you if you find this of interest.