The Disconnect between Physical and Spiritual Reality

I believe in the Law of One. I believe that the One True Infinite Creator exists as a unification of all things finite, which has been and will be, made whole once again from all of its constituent parts. I have spent a great deal of time studying the Archetypes of Mind, Body, and Spirit, as detailed in the Ra Material, and trying to embody them in my own life. But I cannot see the current material existence, as it pertains to reality on this planet, being truly connected to God. It is not so much the existence of evil, injustice, and all things on the left hand path that makes me feel like this (these things of course are still a part of the whole regardless of our feelings about them). Rather, the fact that there is no clear mechanism for redemption of these things on a MATERIAL level.

Why does the notion of permanent physical distortion or harm exist? Should there not be a mechanism through which, when appropriately walking in discerned faith, these hindrances are outright removed and healed?

The way that I see it, the world should work in a way that might be considered miraculous, transmuting the physical in ways that are deemed impossible. To give a specific example, Jesus in the Bible is attested with reversing blindness, replacing lost body parts, even bringing the dead back to life - transforming the physical, the body, into something which echoes the infinite nature of the Spirit. And yet this does not happen.

It is not as though healing is a phenomenon meant to be exclusively spiritual/mental. As stated in the Ra Material, the body is the product of the configuration of the mind, and it (the body) is the subject of transformation by the spirit into something greater. The ultimate spiritual transformation is the transformation of the manifested reality, the Universe, the World, the Finite, into that which is infinite, the Creator.

So why in the current state of the world is the physical so separated from the spiritual? How can this be allowed to continue? Who or what is allowing this world to be so incomplete in its mechanisms for invoking the Law of One in this way?


ah, I read RA material and little bit channeling material with Q’uo.
As of now, I don’t think the physical is so separated from the spiritual.
RA material sometimes is vague. But Q’uo is quite specific on those things.
just my personal view.
First, Q’uo said everything happening in the world is due to love. So called bad guys did bad thing because they “love” someone or something and they did it out of love.
Second, to each individual, his path is actually kind of preset before the incarnation. The purpose of each incarnation is for the soul (person) to learn, to experience, to move forward in his spiritual growth pathway. So to some extent, the “physical” world events are not real. To achieve the purpose of growth, you may avoid one thing but similar things will keep coming to you until you properly handle it - this is the purpose of your soul journey.
Also, in this incarnation, you are in earth but in next one, you probably are in another place.
Q’uo keeps saying that you need to have simple faith to remember three words “all is well” or four words “all will be well”.
Third, about healing, I think lots of people think someone can heal other people because that person has the power. To me it just doesn’t make sense. Because the energy you need to heal/restore body parts is humongous. RA basically said if someone can do healing it’s because the person can harness the power from the infinite creator. I think that explanation makes more sense to me.


Well, the Confederation teachers say that you did not come here to be comforted, you came to give comfort. Lord knows, the awful things that happen here can be very hard to take in and accept, but this our directive: accept the unacceptable, love the unloveable. Doing so brings out a deep alignment with the Creator, something from which we benefit, ourselves, and it also a profound gift to the vibration of this planet.

Of course, there is no obligation on your part to do this, but if you feel an inkling of a need, you could try turning toward love when you might otherwise turn your head away. My own track record is quite mixed, but I find it a good direction to be heading towards. As a side feature, it has a nice self-unifying effect as one moves deeper into love.


Within the notion of “finite” within time domain, things which are “permanent” actually does not exist. Everything that is finite within time domain has a beginning and thus an end marked by specific time-stamp.
Everything including species, planet, star, galaxy or even the fabric of space time itself, each has it’s own life cycle; birth, growth, decay and destruction then repeat.
And according to Ra, consciousness unit or “entity” or “identity” follow the same lifecycle, from 1st density up to 7th density. From separation from the infinite and then merged back with the infinite.

And even the ‘reversed blindness’, the ‘replaced lost body parts’ and ‘the revival of lazarus’ is temporary. Thus the effect is not “infinite” but “finite” within the domain of time.
Including the physical body of an entity that was known as “Jesus” has discarnated, and the consciousness unit of entity known as Jesus continue to evolving onward.

I don’t understand this statement, what do you mean by “physical” or “spiritual”?
Is it “realm” or “dimension” ? (ie: physical realm and non physical realm?)

The ultimate journey of changes that happened within any manifested reality is eventually returning to the infinite. For anything that is finite to be infinite is to break / destroy the border which makes it finite. As infinite, by definition, has no border.

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I’ve wondered: what is the percentage of truth in these stories - we know that there are many similarities between the adventures of Jesus and John the Baptist and that of Cesar. We also know that most of the stories were written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus and many of the translations were done by Greek writers - so some of the details may have been embellished to further political or religious agenda at the time… perhaps this is why nothing has really changed in the last two thousands years - times change, cultures change, populations and religions change - but the spiritual lessons do not change for those who incarnate onto Earth. Ra explains, in book four I think, why the law of one has not gained traction since they brought it to the planet.
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I think first we would have to realize what the original purpose of Creation is and what its nature is.

Well, it is a way to know the Creator Himself. The way of it is to place oneself in darkness and suffering in order to strive back to the light, and in this way to open oneself to new experiences (that were before Creation impossible to experience) resulting in raise of self-knowledge.

Struggling in darkness and harsh conditions is also a way to create friction leading to soul growth, while revealing aspects of us/Creator that comfortable conditions cannot reveal.

Consequently, we have different experiences on different levels. Suppose we (as the Creator who manifests through us), want to know and strengthen the strength of our faith, faith in general and, for example, faith in life beyond the body and the faith in meaning of striving for love in mortal life.

In that case, if in our 3rd Density, spiritual reality of the higher levels of Densities would seep into our physical reality creating a real sense of life after death and the meaning of striving for love in our lives. It is thus that we would miss the opportunity to develop and strengthen our faith. It would be like someone working out at the gym and the weights would be taken away or someone would help lift those weights for him, the exercise would become very easy and his muscles would have no challenge.

Therefore, this disconnection between physical reality and spiritual reality, creates a unique environment for the development of such qualities that would otherwise be impossible. Of course, when talking about this “disconnection” I am talking about our perspective, because in absolute terms nothing is disconnected and everything is one.

I believe that we can talk about a principle: Balanced/average conditions of physical exsitence give an average chance of being overwhelmed by darkness and suffering, yet they also give an average chance of producing true and great, for example, faith or other inner, similiar, qualities.

In contrast, very severe conditions give a very high chance of being overwhelmed by darkness and suffering, although they also give a decidedly above-average chance of developing a strong faith, or other inner quality of the soul. Comparing it to the gym, it would be like lifting a really heavy weight, without help of others, however, acting on muscle growth.

I think we individually and our civilization is in the process of building the “muscles” of our souls. And at some point our reality will change and we will naturally move to a state where we realize the essence of love and being one. Since this is not currently the case, it means that we still have something to do, under the conditions in which we currently find ourselves.

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