Scott Mandelker- a wonderful YT for wanderers

Scott Mandelker YOUTUBE

He has a great playlist for wanderers and teachings around the law of one (amongst other things). He has his websites and information linked in his “about” tab. Just wanted to share as this has helped me a great deal


Very interesting. Thank you!

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Scott is revisiting the Ra Material now. I never miss an episode. It is informative and interesting.

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I also have really been enjoying his latest series, very informative with an EXTENSIVE playlist. Love him

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I used to be into him (not romantically) but his channel was cool and helped with my initial study of the Ra Material. Then I really got into LL Research’s In The Now podcasts which serves as a nice complement for seekers who has been studying the Ra Material for a bit. The LL guys often talk about how they implement the Law Of One in their lives and other interesting things. The older episodes have the fearless channeler Carla in them as well.


Scott is the best. I have biweekly Skype sessions with him and it has been tremendously helpful. He has a very advanced mind.

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