Tarot cards by Silvana Alasia


I obtained tarot cards made by Silvana Alasia & Lo Scarabeo. There is a description of it also (file Egyptian Gods). It’s maximum what I could find most related to the origin as there are so many different types of tarot cards. I find interesting that there are cards completely different from the ones in the book. I think it was made to get rid of Egyptian symbols that are not understandable by other cultures. If it’s interesting I will share more cards. Here’s the card XIII Transformation of the Body:

Please compare it the one from the book:

You can see Anubis in the picture. Instead of ankh he’s holding that I believe pointing to eternal life, and in another hand holding some scroll. In the fond there is a weigher weighing heart against a feather from Maat’s head.

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Arcanum number XX. Judgment. Transformation of the Spirit.

I don’t know who is next to Anubis. And there’s a description from Ra:

80.19 Questioner: Then for the twentieth archetype I’m guessing that this is the Transformation of the Spirit, possibly analogous to the sixth-density merging of the paths. Is this in any way correct?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

80.20 Questioner: Sorry about that. Can you tell me what the twentieth archetype would be?

Ra: I am Ra. That which you call the Sarcophagus in your system may be seen to be the material world, if you will. This material world is transformed by the spirit into that which is infinite and eternal. The infinity of the spirit is an even greater realization than the infinity of consciousness, for consciousness which has been disciplined by will and faith is that consciousness which may contact intelligent infinity directly. There are many things which fall away in the many, many steps of adepthood. We, of Ra, still walk these steps and praise the One Infinite Creator at each transformation.


Another different arcanum, number XII. The Hanged Man or Martyr. Significator of the Body.

I find significant that in classic version only hanged man is pictured, but not who is the cause of it.

The blue line in the bottom (I think it’s a road or river) should also have meaning, it’s displayed in the XV/The Devil/Matrix of the Spirit card:


Another (and the last) different card: arcanum Number XIX, The Sun, Significator of the Spirit.

Maybe it’s Maat here having two feathers, and Maat is a daughter of sun-god Ra. Instead of two persons in classical card only one is here, and again I think it’s better representation because saying about Spirit we’re saying about one person.

80.16 Questioner: I guess that the nineteenth archetype of the spirit would be the Significator of the Spirit. Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

80.17 Questioner: How would you describe the Significator of the Spirit?

Ra: I am Ra. In answer to the previous query we set about doing just this. The Significator of the Spirit is that living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.

80.18 Questioner: Then would this process of radiation or absorption, since we have what I would call a flux or flux rate, be the measure of the power of the adept?

Ra: I am Ra. This may be seen to be a reasonably adequate statement.

Looks like is arcanum is about service to others or service to self.


What tarot deck is this? The one with the dragon over the humans? It’s very riveting.


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It’s made by Silvana Alasia and issued by Lo Scarabeo. But looks there are several editions of the same Egyptian cards which might be slightly different, but no certain information about it.

Thank you so much :rose: they’re magnetic :purple_heart: grateful for you post :wind_face:⚘⚘⚘


Glad you liked 'em! I will add other cards which are not so different from the book’s ones.


That one actually is also on the original publication of the Law of One, book 5 I think, it also is on the latter pages of the newest books on Volume 2. I was looking for the tarot cards mentioned on the book and turns out it was actually on the latter pages of the book. From the book it also says the tarot deck used is not fully from the same deck set, really wanted to find a deck that is more consistent.
The one Oleksii posted seems very interesting!


It may be that the original form was simply
intuited by the adepts in some individually
interpreted way. Then from their intuitions,
images were made much later which may
or may not have captured the essence.

I think that each person might evolve their
adeptness and intuit their own version, that
this opportunity is considered lost but maybe
the opportunity simply awaits new arrivals.

For example, some indigo chakra work is
done to activate a shuttle to intelligent infinity,
then there’s like a download made for a version
custom tailored for experiential purpose.

It seems like an exercise of seeking where
relying on consensus versions may only
take one so far. As infinite creator, there
seems some possibility of infinite varieties.

It may be that such exercise of seeking
penetrates the teaching to greater depth
than culturally outdated graphics can do.

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Sorry for the delay with photos, I took Nikon camera for better quality but have to deal with macro photography.

Good information - that card hummed and stilled everything in me when I saw it - like an ‘Answer’ of some sort that presented itself. Haunting.

I’ll look in the books. Ty ⚘⚘⚘

Matrix of the Mind, The Magician

Potentiator of the Mind, The High Priestess

Catalyst of the Mind, The Empress

Experience of the Mind, The Emperor:

Significator of the Mind, The Heirophant

Transformation of the Mind, The Lovers or Two Paths

Great Way of the Mind, The Chariot

Matrix of the Body, Justice or Balance

Potentiator of the Body, Wisdom or the Sage

Catalyst of the Body, Wheel of Fortune:

Experience of the Body, The Enchantress

Significator of the Body, The Hanged Man or Martyr:

Transformation of the Body, Death:

Great Way of the Body, The Alchemist:

Matrix of the Spirit, The Devil:

Potentiator of the Spirit, Lightning Struck Tower

Catalyst of the Spirit, The Star or Hope:

Experience of the Spirit, The Moon:

Significator of the Spirit, The Sun:

Transformation of the Spirit, Judgment:

Great Way of the Spirit, The World

The Choice, The Fool


This thought is deeply inspiring to me. Inspiration and aspirational.

Thank you for organizing and sharing these Oleksii.

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97.9 We wish not to form that which may be considered by any mind/body/spirit complex to be a complete and infallible series of images. There is a substantial point to be made in this regard. We have been, with the questioner’s aid, investigating the concept complexes of the great architecture of the archetypical mind. To more clearly grasp the nature, the process, and the purpose of archetypes, Ra provided a series of concept complexes. In no way whatsoever should we, as humble messengers of the One Infinite Creator, wish to place before the consideration of any mind/body/spirit complex which seeks its evolution the palest tint of the idea that these images are anything but a resource for working in the area of the development of the faith and the will.

To put this into perspective we must gaze then at the stunning mystery of the One Infinite Creator. The archetypical mind does not resolve any paradox or bring all into unity. This is not the property of any resource which is of the third density. Therefore, may we ask the student to look up from inward working and behold the glory, the might, the majesty, the mystery, and the peace of oneness. Let no consideration of bird or beast, darkness or light, shape or shadow keep any which seeks from the central consideration of unity.

We are not messengers of the complex. We bring the message of unity. In this perspective only may we affirm the value to the seeker of adepthood of the grasping, articulating, and use of this resource of the deep mind exemplified by the concept complexes of the archetypes.

I find this a very curious use of words - it almost
implicates Ra as distinct from 99.8% of Tarot use
out there that promote things like psychic fortune

Paraphrasing to emphasize, the Tarot archetypes
seem best used as an evolutionary resource for
the development of faith and will in the areas
mind, body, and spirit…

which somehow includes a legitimate choice
to do psychic fortune telling if you happen to
disagree. I mean, if a psychic fortune teller
is earnestly helping others, is that a disservice?

This seems another instance where the
intent of the teaching goes awry and then
some unforeseen consequence comes up.
(Another instance as Pharos on a power trip.)

Ironically, 3d isn’t supposed to understand,
3d is intended to polarize, so confusion
may be some service in itself for 3d.

People seeking to commune with their
higher or future selves, might benefit from
using Tarot in a less confusing way -
a path of the adept as also a legit choice.

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It sounds like a reproach on Ra, but they are already attempting to take responsibility for service to others as much as they can. Of course disservice might happen, but let´s the one takes his part of responsibility on himself.

These are wonderful :hibiscus:

Thank you for putting them online ⚘⚘⚘

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