Archetypical Mind - Tarot Study

Hello everyone, I’m interested in finding resources about the study of the archetypical mind or tarot according to Ra. What are some of the sites, channels, or other studies people have done that you resonate with? Any references?

Thanks a bunch!

Now I’m not sure where I read or heard this. It could have been on the Law of One Podcast but I don’t know too much more than that. Anyways, they were discussing that they were working on a volume of research around all the Major Arcana and their associated Archetypes. This is basically just a continuation of Book 5 which only began discussion on the first 7.

Other than that I would love to hear what you all have seen on this topic. There may have been some discussions in the Bring4th Archive around this idea. Hope you find what your looking for because I’m interested as well :). I’ll keep my eye out!

Concur,other than book four and five theres not an coherent body of content regarding the tarot nor the major arcana from Ra.

I would check the Law of Ones website:Of all the channeling sessions theyve done over the decades surely there could be something within the transcripts. The site has an half way decent account of all of Quos sessions. (The principle of Quo is influenced,in part,by Ra)

Thanks @Usernamewho and @SpiritualRonin I would add that I came across this site a while ago, and it’s a pretty good study! But yes, I wanted to gather more sites/channels of study regarding this fascinating topic.

There is this section on the archived Bring4th site.

Hi, not sure if you’ve seen this stuff, or if it interests you.

If you have an Android phone I found this app helpful based on Ra’s concepts. Archetypist for Law of One - Apps on Google Play

This one is based on your birthday and shows your current cosmic cycles. It seems to be fairly accurate in my life when I check it, which isn’t often. Adepticadian for Law of One - Apps on Google Play

He doesn’t have an Apple version yet.

Here’s a couple other things I found, I’m a novice in this area, but have an interest in it like you. So many secrets to uncover in this creation.

A unified index of where to find Ra references to the archetypical mind and Tarot.

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One page in I can already tell this is gonna be goooood.

Hi, I appreciate this topic.
My wonder is… what are you looking for with in this … subject matter?
I know when I first heard the term density my mind lit up. And I looked very where until … one day it kind of clicked within, the answers I was looking for.
So it might help to know … like the reasons it’s curious to you to find the kinds of places, pools of thoughts and study, you are asking about?

You can search “JustLikeYou” in the old website of bring4th

Thanks all for the answers, Joseph Dartez does ring a bell in the archetypical mind study, I must have heard his name from Gary’s lips at some point. I’ve never checked his pdf on it, so I’ll start there for sure. Thanks again all of you!

Elizabeth Haich - Wisdom of the Tarot