Tarot:Why Don chose that particular deck to ask Ra? (Archetypical Mind)

I’m studying Tarot on my own. I wonder why Don chose that particular deck to ask Ra.
I mean, there are so many tarot decks to choose from. The most popular (allow me to say) may be Waite (RWS) Deck.
Yet I really want to find evidence to support the Egypt Origin viewpoint, but find much difficulty along the way. For I briefly studied the tarot history. It’s quite a mess (allow me to say.) Really confusing.

I briefly read through the book, but haven’t got an answer.

BTW I’m Chinese, not so good at english.

Considering that Don was using the LBRP, which is an occult ritual related to the Golden Dawn, he may have used one of their decks, not the RWS.

yes but I think he used brotherhood of the light deck

I don’t know the original quote but at some point, Ra mentions that it’s important for the entity to find a deck whose images resonate with them on a cultural level. So…… I suppose Don maybe thought, in light of Ra having spent time in Egypt, that the brotherhood of light deck, with its Egyptian imagery, would be most appropriate.

It’s been a while since I’ve read the series though. Maybe they were already using the cards

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I think this is the Transformation of Spirit archetype. I’m pondering the white spaces between the sarcophagus shapes.

Below the lowest on the left, possibly the white space is 3rd density. There’s some harvest event which might get be symbolized by the smallest sarcophagus, going from 3rd to 4th density. So the white space to the right of the small sarcophagus, might symbolize 4th density.

Another harvest event might be symbolized by the medium sarcophagus, going from 4th to 5th density, the white space between the medium and large sarcophagus as symbolizing the realm of 5th density.

The large sarcophagus then might symbolize a harvest event going from 5th density to 6th density. The white space between the large sarcophagus and the solar fire, might represent the realm of 6th density.

However all these white spaces interlock in some way that suggests the realms of the densities overlap. This complements the idea that our reality is largely illusion depending upon wherever we are in our harvest progression.

Some people have near death experiences, and often these cause people to behave differently after compared to before. And I’m pondering that some change in behavior might be expected if one goes through say a harvest graduation.

Another thing I’m pondering is the idea of the dark night of the soul - which might be some form of a harvest event. These can be quite harrowing as the fear center gets reprogrammed. It might be some reconfiguration in how our brains are wired, might also complement a change in behavior.

Furthermore is the idea that wanderers harvest themselves.
I think many associate harvest with physical death, and it may not be totally wrong in that every day a portion of our cells die off and get shed. It may be every seven years most of the molecules in our body are replaced. I don’t think we have to be wrapped in a sarcophagus for official
harvest, that there’s other means benign going on.

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Because the images were the closest to the images that were painted on the egyptian temple walls for initiation in the land of Kem.
And no, the trio did not use the Brotherhood of Light deck though it is close, it is not the same images.
Also, they did not use the deck created by the Golden Dawn as that is much different than even the Rider Waite deck.
The ritual they used to clean and clear the magical space was used by the Golden Dawn but it has been use by many western mystics and occultists.

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