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In the past, such controversial posts have been always answered by @Patrick with quotes from Ra and the Q’uo. :smiley:
This always helped to enlarge the points of view. :+1:
Is my brother tired now? :zzz:

In the main statement Anna is saying about the “Galactic Federation”, but do you know what organization is meant here? I checked her site but didn’t understand. I think there are lots of different organizations and unions in general.

April 9, 1985

November 26, 2022


This question comes from Doug. In the disclosure field of study, the name Galactic Federation is often used. In what way is the Galactic Federation related to the Confederation for which Q’uo comes?


I’m Q’uo, and am aware of the query, my sister. This is a somewhat difficult question for us to respond to, for it involves some barriers to the Law of Confusion, as we understand it, and speaking to various bodies of work, such as channeling, and offering our evaluation through the instruments in this circle of other instrument’s work. We may say generally that the art and this dance of channeling through instruments is often imprecise and is better viewed as a sharing of concepts, particularly those of a spiritual nature. The language used to describe these concepts can vary from instrument to instrument.

This particular circle, now known as L/L Research, has a very well-established legacy of channeling the Confederation in Service to the One Infinite Creator, using particular protocols and particular language that has been crystallized through the various decades of this service of channeling. There may be some correlations and similarities to the terminologies used by this circle that are portrayed with different language through other channels. However, we cannot speak specifically to the name presented, for we find that it has been used both to indicate the same entity known as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, but also used in what might be called mixed contact. And we may not speak specifically to these instances, but rather encourage the seeker to evaluate such information not on the specifics of language, but on the resonance within the heart and through the lens of true discernment by the seeker.

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I don’t think that Anna has knowledge of the Ra or Q’uo material.
I llinked her article because it is addressing a “Galactic Federation” in a fundamental direct way, with the demand to take action. :innocent:

When I see the facts how the human race is enslaved and driven to STS in a very devious and subtle way, i agree to her that the free will is not respected in any way.
So when something like an “Galactic Federation” exists, it should intervene.
Her teachings about the commercial system that has been established and is part of this enslavement “by free will” is a different facet of knowledge.

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It may come out that this organization is service to self one. Anna’s comparing it with World Economic Forum and World Health Organization so I would abstain from appealing to it until it’s clear who they are.

I gave Q’uo’s reference because it’s at least some information about the Galactic Federation.

I would say Anna is not the best reference for such things like an “Galactic Federation”.

And I agree that the role of the “Galactic Federation” is not clear.

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I Google searched for a wiki page for
Judge Anna Von and got a Sovereign
Citizens Movement page. It seems
like she commonly uses pseudo
language tactics to bamboozle those
she opposes; in some way that might
attract others to her cause.

Languages built on word sounds
seem a subset of some much greater
superset of vibration. I understand
the Ra Materials is translated into
many languages and distributed
around the world.

I wonder if some of the languages
positively distort it in a way people
assimilate the insights easier.

By contrast, I wonder if Judge Anna
translated her works into various
languages - if they would likewise
positively distort in some way that
she could positively fortify her
collective influence on humanity.

However with so much pseudo
injections, it may become even
more nonsensical. Hence the
idea of contrast which may enable
degrees of appreciation that may
not have been considered before.

Her attitude has unfortunately taken an really sarcastic style lately.
However this does not change the fundamental commercial truth with which we are confronted in the world.
Specially outgoing from the USA as an pillar of executive power. But this is now in dissolution through the BRICS.

On her webpage you can see that she is already active since mid of 2014.

Edit: I initially spoke of this, telling how I had often felt similarly, but this might be necessary because of the inertia on our planet (i.e. so much selfishness, harm against others for a group, etc.).

However, on further consideration, it truly is interesting!

Yet another mystery for the history books!

First you have written about war and the massacres that has and is effecting to thousands of living beings.
I don’t agree that this is needed in any way.
To live on such a planet and to agree to such an “agenda” is by free will to live in STS.

But there are living beings that does not agree to it.

I believe this highlights quite a large difference in perspective from what the Confederation teaches. Personally, I have to wholeheartedly disagree with your statement.

Accepting what is, by free will, can never be STS. Acceptance is the very foundation of the positive path.

Of course, accepting what is does not mean one agrees. But that may not be easy to understand.

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I thought I might include some quotes along with my own insights to help elucidate our current situation and what we might expect moving forward

Remember who you are, remember your birthright and remember that you live in a spiritual democracy where each entity is precisely, mathematically equal. The differences within the illusion come from your use of will through faith.

Source: Sunday meditation

Remember always that the universe is an utter metaphysical democracy, as all entities are portions of the one infinite Creator in its active principle, that is, the Creator is made up partially of its active principle, which is each entity with consciousness, each planetary entity, each sun entity.

Source: Sunday meditation

As the times move on towards the beginning of fourth density upon your planet, and as that fourth density upon your planet is a positive fourth density, the vibrations of truth, understanding and love are interpenetrating your third-density world in ever greater waves and convergences of energy.

Source: Saturday meditation

Given the aforementioned, I am inclined to believe that the Universe will endeavor to create the right conditions for each individual, as it has always done, thereby indirectly effecting changes across the board.

This is further compounded by the hierarchy of individual choices, which is partitioned into the consciousness shared by the Logos, one’s individual higher self, and the choices made in the physical realm of the 3 Densities.

At the Logos level, it has been determined that the planet will transition to a positively polarized Earth in the 4th Density. At the higher self level, perceptions may vary; some may opt for physical death to be reborn elsewhere (especially if one has resolved at the soul level to continue existence on an STS planet), while others may choose survival and positive or moderate experiences that propel them towards evolution into the 4th Density STO. Yet others might seek a more potent catalyst, potentially enduring greater suffering, yet remain keen on maintaining their earthly existence on the journey to 4th STO Density.

What remains is the level of our daily operation, where we often remain oblivious to the choices we’ve made from the vantage of the higher self.

I envisage a hierarchy of free will, where at the pinnacle is the Logos (the cosmic blueprint for planet Earth). Positioned lower in the hierarchy are free will of our individual higher selves, followed by the sphere of free will at this level, which we navigate daily in this physical realm.

Certain outcomes may unfold not only based on individual choices but also contingent on one’s faith in the future. Does one harbor belief in positive transformation and humanity’s unity, or lean towards an armageddon scenario? At least, that’s one way to look at it, I presume.

The way I perceive all of it, it’s as though a cloud of positive energy from the 4 Densities is gradually descending, and although individuals can make varied moves and decisions, all actions are enveloped by this cloud, which will inexorably envelop them.

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That’s simply defining any accepting of an agenda as an positive path.
But in reality your individual decision and acting is the really choice between STS and STO.
Everything between is the sinkhole of indifference.

To defend any official Agenda that is supplying slavery, warmongering and suffering cannot be STO.
It is simply the choice to support such an agenda by free will.

Yes - this cannot be understand.

There are quotes too, showing that the real action has more relevance as only to remember something.

Yes - from incarnation to incarnation.

Yes - that’s the result of the choice…

There’s a difference - it is felt like moving away more and more now …

I agree.

Would you say that not fighting against STS is synonymous with defending what they do?

I interpret this as what I would term an “active mental attitude.” I don’t believe Q’uo would ever settle for anything less than utilizing their knowledge in one way or another, even if it’s merely to alter our thinking and attitude, as opposed to merely retaining information in our minds. Although I am not Q’uo, so this is just my opinion.

Here, my thoughts encompassed not only reincarnation but also the present influence of the 7th Density, which embodies Everything, and can impact our entire environment, thereby altering situations in our world uniquely for each individual. In doing so, it not only unveils new avenues for future incarnations, but also exemplifies an intelligent and responsive Universe interacting with individuals and the groups formed by these individuals, here and now.

Everyone harbors their own subjective feelings, and I am no exception. However, my perception is that this cloud is gradually densifying the metaphysical “atmosphere.” Among other manifestations, this is evident in the growing boldness of well-intentioned individuals who are advocating for unity and love, either globally or perhaps more locally within their own countries.

Conversely, those aligned with STS are becoming increasingly anxious about their survival and/or retaining power, thus resorting to bolder and more aggressive maneuvers. I anticipate that over the next few years from now, the distinctions between these two groups of people and their respective actions will become even more pronounced.

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